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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz E-Class Prices Paid

harleybobharleybob Posts: 2
edited May 2015 in Mercedes-Benz
I own a new 2001 E320 (it happens to be a wagon) that has had a strange, intermittent noise coming from the front of the car since the day I got it. This noise occurs only during modest acceleration ..... slow acceleration or hard acceleration makes it go away. I would describe it as a high frequency "rattle" that is coming from in front of the driver. It's probably in the dash or the engine compartment. It might be engine knock (I'm using Moil premium fuel), but it doesn't sound like any engine knock I've heard before in other cars. Sometimes it occurs when the engine is cold and sometimes when it's hot. On some days, it doesn't happen at all. The dealer is mystified. Help!!


  • footiefootie Posts: 636
    My sister went to the Mercedes/BMW dealership in Savannah last week. She was told that the 3-Series BMW's had been discontinued and given really terrible lease quotes at 10% plus on a 525i and E320, so it was a poor buying experience. The leases she was quoted featured paying for extra miles that would cost her extra plus they ran the residual down by the same amount, offering her a chance to pay for the miles twice!
    Really odd and hard to understand! Has anyone else run into this? Of course, she went to the Acura dealer and got an equivalent vehicle to the E or 5xx series for about 15 - 20K less under a great lease deal they have on 2002 RL's.
    My experience shopping for an E class 18mos ago in New England was much nicer and I feel more honest.
  • tgotgo Posts: 2
    I just purchased a 1998 E-320 with only !3,000 miles on it. I love it but the wiper after getting wet sounds like it is hitting the car on each side and is quite noisy. The service tech looked at it and said being one blade it is sensitive. He supposedly adjusted it but it still makes noise when wet. Is this normal? It is quiet when I first turn it on and it is only misty outside. Also I have a Bose system with cassette, no CD. Has anyone had any luck with installation of another CD changer in the truck or do I really have to go to the dealer and pay $1000. to have one installed. Thanks.
  • pcasinopcasino Posts: 14
    I too have a 1998 E320. It has 46,000 miles and I never had a problem with my wiper and the dealer always changes the blade per their schedule. If any I think the rain sensor is too sensitive and the wiper runs even with slight rain, but I can live with that. I would just suggest that you should always clean your windshield and wiper blades. One blade is not being too sensitive.

    About your CD player... I have a Bose system and installed the CD player myself. Make sure you get the model number 002 820 5989. The 1998 E class was the last year that did not use the fiber optic wires (fiber optics started with the 1999 models) and the 5989 models are non-fiber optics. After the dealer quoted me $850 for an original MB 6-disc CD player, I bought the same exact and new model from ebay for less than $400 and I plugged it in myself. I used the same brackets behind the bose amplifier. It took me two minutes to look for the wire and two minutes to install it in the bracket. It was only after I used the CD player did I trully appreciate the beauty of the bose system. I can never figure out how the dealers can get away with chargin double for items you can buy in the Internet. Good luck.
  • beepabeepa Posts: 12
    My dealer, Lewbar Imports in West Springfield MA not only charged me $10 + gas, they gave me a Buick Park Ave.!!!! When I dropped off my car and asked for a loaner, the service guy (a real condesending S.O.B.) said that I have to ask when making the appointment. Uh, isn't it HIS job to ask the customer or am I misconstruing the term 'Customer Service'? He said they only had 4 loaners (all Buick's) and they have to be reserved ahead of time.
    While on the subject, I went to the same dealer to purchase those ever popular H6W parking (standing) light bulbs. At first the parts guy hands me a 12 watt amber bulb. When I told him that was the wrong one,it was a 6 volt H6W, he says "We use different part numbers." He then started to look on the computer for the part.............unfortunatley he was looking at the BACK END of the car. After pointing him in the right direction, he says "Well, I have some bad news for you. You have to replace the entire housing." After restraining myself from jumping over the counter, I offered to go out and remove the bulb in question. He then called another person over who, at first, agreed with the first person. Upon seeing the color of my face change from white to red to purple, the second guy say's "Wait a minute", checks the computer and finally produces the correct bulb.
    My problem with this experience is if this had happened to a person who did not know any better, would they have installed a new housing for who know's how much, when all they needed was a $5 bulb?
    I think I just might drive an extra 25 minutes to another dealer in Hartford and hope that this attitude doesn't prevail!
  • benzownerbenzowner Posts: 20
    I have a 1996 C-220 and a 2000 e-430 the C-class wiper has that noise but the E-430 does not i just ignor it.
  • jacarljacarl Posts: 4
    In October of 1994 we (my wife and I) purchased a new E320 from the local Mercedes dealer in Pompano Beach, Florida. We still own the car and have racked up 89,000 miles to date. Mechanically the car is sound and it still runs like new. However, based on our experience with the dealer and MB USA regarding a problem with the cars finish (the clear coat peeling) and separate incidents with the dealership we would never purchase another Mercedes automobile.

    In October of 1999 the car’s clear coat started to bubble and peel. Although the car was no longer under warranty we felt that this was a factory defect. The dealer refused to do anything and we were forced to contact MB USA. The MB USA rep as a show “of good faith” authorized the repair of the peeling areas with a shared cost. The work was performed at the dealer’s body shop. Prior to leaving the car we were given an estimate of our share of cost and we signed the necessary paper work. It took the body shop two weeks to complete the car. On completion, while at the body shop, we discovered that our share of cost had risen by $300 due to “extra work”. We were not informed of this prior to picking up the car and the body shop management refused to release the car until the extra funds were paid. We had the local police department intervene and the car was released after we paid the original share of cost. Right now the entire car’s exterior is peeling, including the areas previously repaired.

    There are other incidents with the dealership but I will not get into it. We plan to park the car, peeling paint and all, in the daytime in the Wal-Mart parking lot next to the dealership with a conspicuous sign.
    We will be purchasing another new vehicle soon and guess what? It will not be another Mercedes.
  • benzownerbenzowner Posts: 20
    That is very unusual about the paint. Do you live where there is a lot snow and they salt the roads? Now our dealer in Athens, GA is awful. So we started to going to RBM of Atlanta and it may be 100 Miles out. But it is Absolutely worth it. They are the nicest people and they treat you with respect.
  • jacarljacarl Posts: 4
    In response to benzowner. We live in South Florida, close to Ft. Lauderdale. No snow or salt used on the roads. We do not live that close to the ocean for the sea spray to be a factor.
  • bigrabbitbigrabbit Posts: 2
    I read in anther website that it's possible to get a new E-class $3000 below invoice in Southern California, is it true?
  • stlnglsstlngls Posts: 1

    Check with Beverly Hills MB or Downtown MB. Work with the internet sales manager. You will find financing in the low 4's and prices $3,000 below invoice. Apparently their allotment of CL and S cars depends on their ability to unload tens to hundreds of C and E cars every month. Other dealers in So Cal will try to match their prices, but why not work with them--they are the lowest I have found in five months of shopping.
  • martye320martye320 Posts: 45
    So after waiting years, I finally have an opportunity to lease one. The one I'm looking at has E2 package and CD Changer. Any tips for a good lease on this? Can I possibly get $3000 off with a lease? or is that only for finance. So far, I've been told that I have to pay 47k for this car in the lease, $1500 drive off, and $650 for 48 months. ONLY 10k miles a year too. Sounds to be kind of a rip off?
  • drew37drew37 Posts: 62
    I'm trying to get a feel for what I can expect to pay for a new E320 relative to invoice or MSRP in the West Palm Beach, Boca Raton area of southern Florida. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Is there any way you can post some pictures of your car? What you're describing is very unusual for any car, much less a Mercedes-Benz. Was your car garaged?

  • coo1coo1 Posts: 5
    What was the best deal anybody got in the DC area on a 2003 E320? Does any dealer sell $3000 below invoice as mentioned in the post about the California dealer?
  • Any advice on European Delivery for an E 320? Is there any real cost saving for ED as the MSRP is the same according to the MBUSA website? I live in Chicago where the local sales tax is 8.5%. When will the 2004 models be available?
  • mb1raymb1ray Posts: 3
    The dealership that I work with in Michigan has
    very aggressive prices on all '03 Mercedes-Benz. I know that some have not budged on '03, now is the time to buy!
  • Am I dreaming? Can anyone advise me on how to negotiate to get a 2003 E500 or E320 at 3k - 5k below invoice? I hear that this is the end of the model year so the dealers are crazy to get rid of the cars but those I talk to are not wanting to come to the price point below the invoice...

    Does anyone really sell below invoice? I have the $$$ and ready to go....
  • Have an opportunity to purchase a Starmark 2000 E320 with 41000 miles, Moon roof, Bose Stereo, and heated seats for 36400. Is this a good price? Trying to get into the luxury market and do not like the new BMW 5 series. Seems high for a 4 year old car with only 1 month left on the original 4/50 warranty. Very clean car, but if purchased what should I expect to go wrong? Scott
  • samvegsamveg Posts: 1
  • buster6buster6 Posts: 132
    I understand the 04's are starting to roll in and was wondering what people have been paying to get one.

  • 330iii330iii Posts: 71
    Does anyone know where I can find the invoice prices on Euro delivery for the 03/04 E Class? Has anyone gotten xxx amount over the Euro delivery invoice or do dealers stick to Euro delivery MSRP? Thanks!
  • vicvvicv Posts: 41
    We just took delivery of an E-320 for my wife. We'd ordered it back in July, before the 04 prices had been announced. However, we negotiated $700 over invoice. What hacks me off is a $600 charge for advertising that, I assume, MBUSA tacked on and that wasn't revealed to me in May. Further, we wanted European delivery for 6 Oct, but were told it wasn't possible before 16 Oct. My wife is a teacher and the week of the 6th was the only one we could get off. So, we cancelled our reservations. Get this: the car was built on 11 Sep!!!!! Germans build great machinery, but they're too damned regimented. No wonder they lost the war.
  • 330iii330iii Posts: 71
    Would you please email me the price figures.I could only find a price of 45,078 on the website which is the Euro Delivery MSRP not the invoice! Got the above title from an old Bugs Bunny episode! Thanks in advance,I would be forever in your debt! Conrgrats on your choice over the 04 530i it must have been a tough decision.
  • boiler1boiler1 Posts: 56
    vicv - I believe the advertising fee on your invoice is a real cost to the dealer which they receive no part of. It's determined by the manufacturer and pretty standard.

    330iii - As for European Delivery you think you can negotiate below the 5% MSRP reduction? I'm just not sure how a dealer is compensated for the EDP. A flat fee? Same as as any other inventoried or ordered car but with a lowered invoice?
  • 330iii330iii Posts: 71
    As a comparison BMW has a Euro Delivery confidential wholesale price and then a Euro Delivery MSRP check out MSRP whether it is for Euro Delivery or delivery at a US dealer to me does not cut it!For the dealer I believe all they do is the paperwork,they don't have to lay out cash,you must have the car financed or paid in full 30 days prior to Germany pickup,The dealer does not take it out of their dealer allotment or allocation.BMW does Euro Delivery deals for a negotiated profit that is added to the confidential wholesale price,The dealer may disagree and not budge from Euro Delivery MSRP but then you can always shop around for a dealer willing to give you a better deal.
  • 330iii330iii Posts: 71
    Did you really pay 700 over Euro delivery invoice?If so I would compensate you if you emailed me your dealer and price info.Sorry beggars such as myself can't be choosey!
  • 330iii330iii Posts: 71
    I love to drive a hard bargain!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Heh, it's okay to post prices and dealer names here. It's just not okay to post specific salesfolks names or specific contact information.

    No need to "compensate" anyone - LOL!
  • vicvvicv Posts: 41
    No, I paid $700 above invoice for U.S. delivery. MBUSA, through the dealer, said they couldn't have the car ready for Euro delivery on 6 Oct and that I'd have to wait until the 16th. I couldn't postpone the trip ten days because my wife is a teacher, so took delivery in Huntsville, AL on 24 Oct. But the car was built on 9 Sep. Seems like they could have had it over there on the date I'd wanted. BTW, BMW will negotiate for Euro delivery. MB ought to also. Good luck.
  • 330iii330iii Posts: 71
    Oh I see,you paid 700 over 44,129 or 43,664 before ttl which is the US invoice price.Sounds like the dealer inconvenienced you for their own convenience on the dates for pickup in Germany!
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