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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sparklandsparkland Posts: 119
    For the extended warranty look up either Saccucci Honda or Bernardi Honda - the first being the least expensive but the next right in line. Great to deal with. The same OEM Honda extended warranty that the dealers sell. You have a choice of plans to choose from.

    Good luck.

  • e163e163 Posts: 11
    jdunnisher, did you find the saleswoman at Riverside? Send me an email if you need her name.
  • mdan1mdan1 Posts: 9
    Just got an internet quote for a 2008 Civic LX with an MSRP of $18,395 for $15,914 from Commonwealth Motors in Lawrence, MA. Price is for car only and does not include taxes, registration or dealer fees. What are people paying in the Massachusetts area for similar car?
    I need a good, inexpensive automobile with little or no problems that gets excellent gas mileage. I think this car fits very well.
  • stickyx2stickyx2 Posts: 11
    Sounds like a great price as long as they don't charge exuberant fee's. I paid 16400 in RI - before taxes and the 100.00 doc/reg fee.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,373
    It's not the exuberant fees that get you... It's the exorbitant ones... ;)


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • sparklandsparkland Posts: 119
    Are there any financing deals on Civics for the month of May? Accords seem to have decent rates -- 0.9 for up to 36 month and 2.9 for 48-72 months.

    Also is the highway noise on the Civic tolerable. That is probably the only thing bothering us about purchasing a Civic at this time.

  • jjandersjjanders Posts: 18
    My local Honda dealer called me this morning and said there is 1.9%/36 mo and 2.9%/up to 60 mo on the Civic for the month of May.

    I had told him I was waiting to buy until Honda offered a low APR, he called me first thing this morning on May 1st, pretty damn good service.

    I am located in CT, not sure if this is a Northeast region only deal or what.
  • stickyx2stickyx2 Posts: 11
    My bad! Thanks for the quick fix. :)
  • e163e163 Posts: 11
    I would say that the road noise is tolerable. It's not as quiet as a 2007 Accord EX-L. Overall, I'd say that the cabin is pretty quiet. I did notice some wind noise (caused by the mirrors?) over 65 mph. You could have a conversation at normal volume at 65 mph. Tell your salesperson your concern. There should be no problem test driving on the freeway. Might be a good time to get really good financing too! Good luck. :)
  • sparklandsparkland Posts: 119
    Thank you for the help on the wind noise. I am going to take them up on the offer of 1.9 or 2.9% financing.

    I went to Go Honda here in Westminster, CO and they are nice. I was shopping the LX model but will probably get the EX model for $1600 more. The only problem I am having is that the price of the LX seems to have jumped up about $500 from a couple of weeks ago when I checked. Might be because it is the beginning of the month, not sure. When I last checked I could get one for around $16,800, now it is more in the range of $17,300. The price is $100 over invoice.

    We have to pull the trigger this weekend but the pricing does not seem to be working in my favor :shades:

    Thanks, Brad
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Never has been an issue...don't even notice it actually. Car is pretty quiet...just like my old Corolla.

    The Sandman :)
  • I didn't know where to ask this question, so here it goes, does anybody knows if they are any 2008 honda civic ex sedan sold in United States that are completely made in Japan not just partically?
  • sparklandsparkland Posts: 119
    We narrowed our choices and shopped pricing. The winner by a nose was the Civic EX sedan automatic. We went to the dealer, Fisher Honda in Boulder, to purchase the car today and had a really pleasant experience with the sales staff and finance department.

    My wife loves the beautiful Royal Blue Pearl. It has been terrible spring weather in the Rockies so our car was not in pristine condition when we took the test drive. After deciding to purchase the car it was sent to the body shop to get the final sales detail.

    When we finished up the paperwork our salesman brought us out to again look at the car and told us the person doing the detail noticed something amiss. There was one small, 1/8 of an inch, dent on the roof line near the driver's side door. It was on top of the roof near the grooved portion just a little away from the rubber molding. My wife was really disappointed since our auto shopping experience has been less than stellar during the whole process at several dealers. Not sure how it happened since the car only had two miles on it.

    We were thankful the salesman was upfront with us and told us about the small dent and that their body shop would be able to repair it with little difficulty on Monday or Tuesday. He could have just let us take the car and hope we never noticed.

    I would highly recommend Fisher Honda for their sales staff and their body shop and their competitive pricing.

    Looking forward to bringing "home" our new Civic early next week. :shades:

  • lealwailealwai Posts: 1
    Hey, sorry to bother you, I'd like to know the name of the dealer that sold you the civic coupe at invoice. Lansdale is within reasonable driving distance, and it sounds like you got a great price. Please email me back at thanks a lot!
  • brendanm14brendanm14 Posts: 16
    Internet Quotes from Dealers-

    Quote #1-
    $17,997 plus tax, title, doc

    Quote #2-
    $17,555 plus tax, title, doc
  • fcharbfcharb Posts: 1
    Hi brendanm14, thats below invoice. What city and state are you in, as I am in New Orleans, LA.
  • johnbobodyjohnbobody Posts: 9
    Hi - I've only seen a couple other posts recently on EX-L Navi models (no detail on manual vs auto though). I'm reading about some instances of folks getting their cars for a couple hundred under invoice. To that end- does $20k even -total before tax (includes the $635 dest fee and any other fees) seem doable? I'm in the midwest. Can I do better?
  • brendanm14brendanm14 Posts: 16
    northern 'burbs of Chicago
  • tmk3tmk3 Posts: 7
    slove, what additional fees and/or out the door price did you have? i'm in MN but thinking of taking a road trip to chicago even with high gas prices! :-)
  • hey brendan I am also located in Chicago. which dealerships gave you these quotes? The lowest quote I have is 200 under invoice for an Auto EX.
  • gi2indkinggi2indking Posts: 9
    I just bought an Black 08' Sedan EX Manual on Long Island for 17500 even. I feel its a pretty good deal (~600 below invoice according to online sources)

    1.9% financing too
  • chuckworldchuckworld Posts: 2
    Salesman in Memphis (Dobbs Honda Mendenhall) offering 17,0000 plus sales tax and some other fee (I think its an extra 375) for a 2008 Civic LX 4dr auto..


    I am not a Costco member but I have seen references to that, do you think joining will get me a better deal?

    Is it worth plunging in now, or would I save a lot more by waiting til later in the summer when the 09 models are announced?

    Worth shopping at nearby cities like Nashville (200 miles away) or Little Rock (150)?

    The financing thing expires at the end of the month and we will probably put down bet 8-10 grand and finance the rest. Got a 1996 manual Passport that will bring me (at most) a grand in trade.

    Loved the idea of getting a Civic Hybrid but can't seem to get the price below 23,500 so that's out. If I could get it down to 21 I'd probably bite but I guess they're just too popular. Only one dealer in Memphis seems to have one and he acts very firm at 23,773 (love that odd number, I guess that smells more 'official')

    If you were me, what would you do? I'm fairly new to internet shopping tactics
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Invoice is $17,064 so $17,000 even is not bad, but "that other fee" is probably their dealer fee which makes your price $250 or so over invoice.

    I would not think any Nashville dealer would price a Civic that low, most of the dealers around here would not know a low price if it bit them. If you want to drive to Louisville or Atlanta I could probably find you a better price. The GA price might be $500 less, but I would have to ask. Either place might not be worth the drive to save just a little.

    If you drive your new LX in a frugal manner you will return mileage pretty close to the Hybrid in most driving situations - but you will have several thousand more in the bank to buy gas with. If you drive it stop and go and stop and crawl traffic every day then the Hybrid would return much better MPGs than even a carefully driven LX.

  • chuckworldchuckworld Posts: 2
    would waiting until the 09s are announced bring about a significant price reduction?

    Or am I risking dealing with none left?
  • mplshondadlrmplshondadlr Posts: 409
    Here's the thing: With gas prices expected to hit $4.00 per gallon in the next month ( 05/09) you'll see a surge in sales for fuel efficient cars skyrocket. It has already begun here in the twin cities - high demand is causing a strain on an already low supply (this may be the region, not country wide). Based on current sales numbers there is only about a 27 day supply of Civic's left in the metro area and once they're gone every store in the metro will be out of them for 40 days or so.

    Long story short, my dealership has told me MSRP only - no discounts. I don't know what the other five stores in my area are doing, but I haven't sold one yet this month (pretty good indication that there are still deals to be found here).

    Just my .02 Good luck digging for the right deal ;)
  • brendanm14brendanm14 Posts: 16
    Castle Honda in Morton Grove, IL ($17,555) and O'Hare Honda in Des Plaines, IL
  • spetrosispetrosi Posts: 1
    Any one know what is a good Price for a 2008 Honda Civic EXL Sedan, manual transmission, spoilers (front under, lid deck), chrome exhaust, interior gauge trim kit, floor mats, & interior illumination? says $22,118 for these accessories. We were offered 21,300 by the dealer... an $800 discount. Is this reasonable?
  • I am in the market for an EX sedan, and just wondering what would be a reasonable price. Of what I have been reading, It seems 17.5-18k quotes are the norm, which seems like a fair price. I am buying for the first time, I am knowledgeable about the car and what to expect from the dealer, but I don't want to be taken advantage of :mad: . I am in Ohio, BTW. I have not asked for any quotes yet b/c it will be at least a few weeks before I purchase, and don't want to seem too antsy to get my new car. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, above and beyond all the great advice I've gotten from ya'll posting about your buying experiences ;) .
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    One bit of advice is that you can have a better chance of getting the best price if you make it clear you are ready to buy today if you get a price you want. If you tell the dealer it will be several weeks before you buy, they may not be able to give you the best possible price, since who knows what conditions will be in a few weeks? Personally, I never negotiate with a dealer for their best price until I am ready to buy.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Agree with Backy 100% on this. At this time with gas prices spiking every few days, dealers know the economy cars are in great demand and many are bought just as they come off the truck. Best to get your best quotes when you are ready to buy, as most dealers want to make a deal TODAY and have the car off the lot. I've only driven off in a new car once as I like all things done and my insurance in order before I drive off. 90% of the time they have no problem with me coming back to pick the car up in a day or two.
    Best to get lowest quotes when you are ready to buy at that moment if the price is in your target range.

    The Sandman :)
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