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  • Oh, lol, you'll find I'm skeptical (read not cynical) about most things.

    You could be right, since there is no bump, it might look worse and be awkward overall...yes, this is the first time I've ever seen this, I suppose, and it's been a gazillion years since I bought a new there's tons of things I'll likely be asking about from wiser folks like you who clearly have much more experience with cars in general...

    Thanks so much! :)
  • donsurdonsur Posts: 12
    That was out the door - no more no less
  • Hey mpls,
    I also live i mpls, and I am looking for a Civic Coupe, what can you do for me?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 122,608
    Sorry... he can't do anything for you... or, he'd be in violation of the member agreement.. which bans solicitiing..

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  • kyfdx is correct, I can not even tell you the area code I'm in. I suggest you email every dealer in the metro. Most of us have a decent selection of Civic coupes on-hand.

    I have shopped the competition here, my dealership is the highest.
  • Yeah, and I dont need any more flags - ONE IS ENOUGH :mad:
  • elena250elena250 Posts: 28
    I'm looking to buy a civic lx - seems they are inflexible with price. What is a realistic offer for OTD for one of these now? The one I looked at yesterday was about MSRP of $18,500 but then had additions on it to make it come to about $20,000 so they said out the door would be about $22,000. That seems steep. What price should I expect would be reasonable. Don't want to sound utterly out of the ballpark. I jokingly said $17,000 and they just laughed. Help! I really don't like these kinds of negotiations but do feel it's a lot of money for a civic! But it is a nice car.
  • Hi elena 250,

    Have you read through some recent posts here from the last week or two? You may find some help/clarity in doing so.

    What sort of additions are you referring to that tack on an additional $1,500? If they are additions you don't want, and they refuse to remove them or the extra $1,500, and this is too steep for you, than I'd advise you move on to another car/ dealer.

    There are still very good deals to be had on 08's as they want them off the lot for the '09's to come in.

    BTW, I wouldn't jokingly throw out a number, because they won't take you seriously. Your request to pay a certain amount needs to be well timed. I'm new to this myself, but it seems helpful to not talk numbers till the end, till you are clear and can speak with seriousness and confidence that your offer is fair and reasonable comes when you do the research. Some folks actually offer a few hundred lower in case the manager comes back with a negotiated new offer.
    Be clear how high you will go and be prepared to walk out if you think the deal is
    not fair. There are many dealers and many deals to be had elsewhere.

    Remember--they want to sell cars.

    Good luck!
  • xteticxtetic Posts: 1
    Elena - That definetely sounds like a rip off for a LX. I got a OTD offer for 18.7 in FL.
  • elena250elena250 Posts: 28
    Seems to me the MSRP was just about 18,500 (I believe that included destination charge) then the dealer had tacked on 295 for door bumper guards, 250 for pin stripes, and 695 for the "environmental protection package" and then I believe there was one other thing that brought it to 20,000. He said he might have some "wiggle" room on the add ons if he could get to it before he "brought it out front" - meaning that he might be able to get some of these extras not put on (since they add them there apparently). He also said he thought this would be his last shipment until he gets the 09s in and that they would be the same only 6% higher in price. I know that over the internet they quoted me 19,580 with an OTD price of 21,025. I saw a different person when I went to the dealership - so basically they're both saying the same thing. Seems like there are very few in this area. I can't really see how I can get it for much less than this. 18,700 OTD! I don't think they would touch that price either if what they're telling me is true and that they are having trouble keeping them in stock and there's virtually no discount. Really trying to consider whether I should just pay this - or look at some other car (American made? yikes!) that might be less.

    thanks for any comments.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,934
    Are you willing to travel a bit to get a better price? If so, you could search a wider area, including major cities near you, to get a better price. Even if you had to fly to pick up the car and drive 1000 miles back home, it could be worth it if you could save $1000-2000. But it's your time and money.

    If you haven't already checked on other highly-rated cars in this class, e.g. Corolla, Elantra, Impreza, Mazda3i, Rabbit, Sentra, then you might want to do that before paying such a high price for the Civic. Fit and Versa are worth checking out also if you could use something a little smaller than the Civic (although both are pretty roomy inside where it counts). You might find you like one of these other cars just as much as the Civic (if not better) and could save money to boot. You could also check on the U.S.-made cars, i.e. Cobalt and Focus, and maybe you would like them although IMO they are not nearly as good a car as the Civic and the others I listed.
  • nish_njnish_nj Posts: 9
    Hello all,
    I am planning to buy Honda Civic EX (EX or EX-L). I am in Central New Jersey. Recently I contacted one dealer in Central jersey and was told that Civic is very hot these days and the cars are sold above MSRP. Is this true? He gave me a quote of $21,700 OTD for EX.Is this a good deal? Please advise and thanks in advance.

    I personally feel $21,700 is a bit too steep for small Civic. Also, what are the loan deals that I may get on Civic? I plan to put about $3000 upfront.

    Again, thanks in advance.
  • gasmizrgasmizr Posts: 40
    I have been looking at the civic for 3 years. I am waiting to see if the handbrake is moved. It probably will not so it is going to come off my list. Plus the fact that I will not buy the civic at MSRP or over it just plain is not worth it. If you are looking at a small car I would look at the Elantra, Corolla or Sentra. I personally am looking at the Sonata SE auto. It is less expensive right now by a long way compared to the civic plus the difference in mpg is not that great and the price differential more then makes up for any difference in mpg over the life of the car. I really like the civic too but am more and more looking at the Sonata. Full size car with mid 30's gas mileage on the highway. You may want to take a look at other brands just to get a perspective. The small cars mentioned all get high marks in that famous consumer mags "dot" rating.
  • nish_njnish_nj Posts: 9
    Thanks for your response. Defiitely it makes a lot more sense to look at other options. With the current pricing of Civic, it makes more sense to jump up one level and even consider the base model of Accord. Sonata is again a very good option but how the car performs over a time hriozon of 5 years and whether it is able to last that long without major maintenance issues remains to be seen. But thanks for your helped.
  • bluetoothlessbluetoothless southeast floridaPosts: 15
    My suggestion to all. Spend a little bit of money and invest in the new car buying program at Consumer Reports. It will show you how much the dealer truly paid and what your starting point in the bargaining process should be. I originally involved a broker that was recommended by two co-workers claiming only to make $500 above invoice. I called him on Consumer Reports info and he never returned my calls after that. I emailed 27 dealers from Key Largo to Orlando, FL from American Honda's website and just kept changing my zip code (just hit browser's back button). Stick to your guns because a slow dealer will call you to get rid of their 2008 inventory and give them a number you don't mind getting harassed on. I specified email only, but they still filled the mailbox on the extra cell phone number I have for kids' needs.
    I got an honest offer of $22,000.00 including tax, and tag transfer for a 2008 Si Sedan M/T with summer tires. Another dealer that promised to beat any price changed their story when I showed up with email quotes. So typical. They allowed me to drive away, and I told them to hold onto their car that had been on the lot for 4 months over the $400 difference for the summer tires they gave as a reason not to match price. I was three miles into my 103 mile jaunt to the honest original dealer when the manager of the dealer I just left called me back. Don't play into their games! The $22k price was $1095.00 cheaper than the broker' s. Know your stuff before speaking to anyone in person
  • elena250elena250 Posts: 28
    Yes, I would be willing to travel further to get the car but seems like the 08's are thinning out and they say the 09s will be coming in in September and that they will be 6% higher - and essentially the same car. I have looked at the Mazda - drove it, it was alright, and was originally thinking of a corolla - have always had Toyotas and love them, but they didn't seem to be much more flexible on price (perhaps just a little, but the options to put on seem trickier). Don't know much about Nissan, though I do see that they are advertising that they will be offering a discount. Haven't seen much about the Sentra. I also did consider (for a few moments) the Cobalt and Focus - but the resale is going to be very different and I'm just very leary of American manufacturers - there's a reason Honda and Toyota are so much in demand. I did talk to the dealer yesterday and he still didn't seem to budge much - perhaps could get him down to 20,000 for an LX. Do you all think it's still way out of line for Texas? He does have me worried that there won't be many of these left soon.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,934
    It seems you have your sights set on a Civic LX. How much you are willing to pay for it, that's up to you. Personally, I wouldn't pay $20k for a Civic LX, as there are other cars I'd rather have for that kind of money. But this is your car, and your money, so get what you want. You just happen to be going after a car that is in high demand and short supply right now. You might have better luck waiting for the end of the year, if you can wait that long.

    Have you checked the biggest dealers in the big cities, Houston, DFW, and San Antonio? If you are in North Texas, you might also check the dealers in OK.

    Good luck!
  • nish_njnish_nj Posts: 9
    Great Suggestions! Thanks to you.
  • elena250elena250 Posts: 28
    thanks for the reply. A few questions - you say wait till the end of the year - do you mean September since the 09s are due out then? Also, which other cars do think are better for that kind of money? Drove the Mazda 3 - it was alright but I didn't feel as good as the Civic. I was just looking at the internet and wondering about the Ford Focus. Have generally always had toyotas and very nervous about American made cars - their MSRP is about the same, but I assume there might be more of a discount. Also Focus only seems to come in manual which I could do. By the way - do you know if Civics have stability control? Is that a drawback if not?

    thanks again -

    BTW I have checked in San Antonio and will try Austin - they don't seem to have very much either - plus they don't seem to want to lower the price at all - they also say they have these cars sold before they're in. Really don't know how much of this all is "hype" Also have been looking at Corollas but they are about the same as far as price and don't have as much style.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    From what I've seen in San Antonio I'd say $19,549.00 or so is the OTD on a basic LX model, which breaks out to be $18,189.00 plus TT&L.
  • Elena250,

    I've been watching your posts. I agree that the price you've been quoted seems very high. My wife and I bought a Civic LX in Dallas last December for around $17,500 OTD. That INCLUDED the "performance package" (mud guards, trunk tray, pin stripes, wheel locks, etc.). I wouldn't expect to get that price now, but it does provide a point of reference. As previously mentioned, you might be better off waiting until the end of the year (December). That way, you avoid the short supply of '08's and the rush on '09's.

    Good luck!
  • elena250elena250 Posts: 28
    thanks for the reply. But it also seems that if I wait until the end of the year that I get into the 09s which supposedly are going to be 6% higher in price and therefore might still cost more in the end - even with a good deal. Guess I'm sort of stuck if I want to get the car and that this is the "going price" right now - even if I were to go to Houston or Dallas. That said, I did look at other options - but each one seems to have drawbacks. For instance, was looking at the Elantra which seemed to be a pretty good little car (though not a Civic) and then started reading about the problem they're having with the fuel pump and that is worrisome. Not sure how Honda is about recalls, etc. I've had Toyotas and feel they're very good - just got a door replaced at about 96,000 miles for free that would have cost $1500 if I had had to pay. Is Honda good about follow up on their vehicles?

    From what I'm reading seems like $19,500 OTD might make a good starting offer - though it is about $1500 off what they've listed on their internet price. Do I stick to that price?
  • Like other posters, I'm trying to decide between buying an '08 (probably an LX a/t) and waiting for the '09s. I'm OK with the current '08 LX package, but the '09 LX-S interests me- I like the addition of alloy wheels without having to buy a sunroof with it.

    Seems like I could get an LX with a/t for a few hundred below MSRP, but if I wait for the '09s, I'd end up trying to buy when '09 prices are at their highest. Any thoughts?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,934
    First 6% is a very big price increase for one year. I am doubtful the price increase on the 2009 Civic will actually be that much, because if so it is getting very close to the Accord in pricing. You heard that from a sales rep, right?

    By the end of the year, supply of the 2009s will be good and there will be competition for the Civic from Honda's own all-new Fit. Plus there are usually year-end closeout sales at year's end--if not on the Civic than on other models.

    Re the Elantra, keep in mind that all brands have problems. The current gen Civic has had its share of problems (read the Civic Problems discussion here to get some background). Also Honda has had its share of safety issues, e.g. the recall a few years ago of 1 million Accords for a transmission defect, and of CR-Vs because they were catching fire in owner's garages (!). At least the problem on the Elantra is being worked on by the NHTSA and Hyundai, so there should be a resolution fairly soon. Buying a Honda will not guarantee that you won't have problems down the line. Overall, the Elantra is considered a very reliable car--e.g. it gets top marks for reliability from Consumer Reports.

    As for your question about which cars I think are better for $20k... that is really a personal question, and I probably have different buying criteria than you do. I've already mentioned other small cars that are well regarded, e.g. Mazda3i, Elantra, Corolla, Impreza, Rabbit, Jetta, and Sentra. But you might not like some of these (Impreza, Rabbit, Jetta) because they don't provide high fuel economy like the Civic. My advice is, before you plop down $20k on a car, check out all the alternatives that at least on paper fit your criteria. If you didn't like the Mazda3i, I doubt you'll like the Focus or the Cobalt for that matter. But it wouldn't hurt to drive them, if you have the time. (BTW, the Focus is available with an automatic.) For $20k or less OTD I would consider a fairly broad range of cars because I would also consider some in the mid-sized class, e.g. Optima and Sonata. Other mid-sizers such as Fusion, Milan, and 2008 Mazda6i are also available OTD for under $20k. But maybe you don't want a car that big.

    No 2008 Civic except the Si has stability control. ESC helps keep the car on the road in extreme conditions and IMO is a very important safety feature, so I want my next car to have it. Because of its safety benefits, it will be standard on all new cars sold in the U.S. by 2012. For 2009 the EX-L is supposed to get VSA also. But probably not the LX. Some small cars that offer ESC standard are the Elantra SE, and for 2009 the Impreza (all trims), Rabbit, and Jetta. It's an option on the Corolla, Mazda3s (with the 2.3L engine), SX4 and SX Sport, and maybe a few others I'm forgetting.
  • elena250elena250 Posts: 28
    thanks again for the reply. Seems like you really do believe that 20,000 is too much for the Civic. How much do you think would be the right price? Regarding the Elantra - think I will go test drive it. And regarding the stability control, it's something I never had so I don't see it as something I need - though I guess it is something I should look into. May try driving the Mazda 3i again and see what I think. I really don't like the "pressure" of having to decide on a car because there are only a few of them left and therefore pay whatever is asked. The VWs everyone has warned me against due to reliability issues (actually the Jetta was my daugther's favorite but everyone has said to stay away). I did look at the Impreza online yesterday, but it's not cheap and don't particular care for the styling. The Focus people have emailed me and their price is cheaper, but just by a couple of thousand and the reviews don't seem that good. So, guess I keep looking.
  • I just drove away in my new Civic--I decided against the Elantra, and I am so glad I did. I paid $16,501 plus $670 destination plus tag (no tax, I had a trade)for a total of $17230. I tried three different dealers, and I saved $3800 (one dealer offered $2000 less in trade and MSRP on 2008 Civic! ). Very happy with deal at Piazza Honda.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,934
    The price I would be willing to pay for a Civic LX is outside the realm of possibility in these times. I'll leave it at that. ;)

    Until a few years ago, I'd never owned a car with ABS. But now I won't do without it. And no car I own has side curtain airbags. But there again, I won't buy another car without them, since they are so valuable in protecting from head injuries. Safety technology has improved by leaps and bounds in the past ten years. What was unavailable or very rare 10 years ago is now commonplace even on inexpensive cars. As I mentioned, by 2012 ESC will be mandatory on all new cars sold in the U.S. I am just jumping in 3 years early by getting ESC on my next car. That car will, in a few years, be handed down to my daughter. You can bet I want all the safety features I can get on that car.

    The Civic has excellent crash safety for a small car (in fact it would be an IIHS "Top Pick" if VSA were more widely available on it), and has ABS standard on all trims, so it's no slouch in the safety department. And its crisp handling can help avoid some accidents too.

    FWIW, the Rabbit is rated "above average" in predicted reliability by CR, and the Jetta "average". They recommend both cars. It appears VW has improved some in reliability of late, at least with the Jetta and Rabbit.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,934
    Automatic or stick? If it was an AT, you got a really good deal for these times, about $350 over invoice. Congrats on your new car!
  • I have AT.

  • elena250elena250 Posts: 28
    decided to go back to square one (sort of where I started) and am looking at the corolla - and see I can add VSC to it for only $250. I know they say they are hard to get too but at least they're 2009 models so we're not dealing with the last of the bunch here. Is VSC even better than ESC? Don't know much about these things. The Corolla isn't as spiffy as the Civic but for someone who has two other toyotas I at least know what I'll be dealing with as far as maintenance (I presume). I know they say there's not much flexibility there either, but perhaps a bit more. Not sure how it compares in other respects to the civic.
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