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Kia Sedona (2005 and Earlier)



  • alxndrsalxndrs Posts: 28
    One more question....On the Sedona EX we drove, the split 3rd row seat was very uncomfortable for the middle passenger. In the brochure it shows the "split" as a smooth, flush line. In the EX we drove, the split had a hard plastic cover on each seat right where your lower back would hit the seat. Not only was it uncomfortable, but how safe would that be in a crash? What type of 3rd row seats are in your EX's?
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Are you located in the northern lower peninsula? We're in the Detroit area and bought our Sedona EX (loaded, except for the rear spoiler - yuck!) from a dealer down here in Canton. I spoke by phone with Keller Kia in Grand Rapids and was impressed with their openness and professionalism. Kia Towne was less reachable by phone, and their response to my online quote request was not very specific.

    Some friends of ours also were impressed with the treatment they received from Keller Kia during their minivan search (they ended up using the GM supplier discount and leased a loaded Olds Silhouette).

    Even though Kia Towne is the biggest Kia dealer in the U.S. (according to them), my sense is that Keller Kia is a better place for sales and service.

    I'll have to take a look at our 3rd row seat to see what the middle looks like. We don't have people back there very often.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Welcome to Town Hall. Interesting that the Villagers are still pricy since they are going to stop making them soon. Remember that it also had "foreign" content in it (engine & drive train), so don't let that be the only factor in your shopping. Good luck!

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  • alxndrsalxndrs Posts: 28
    We went to Keller and were very impressed. Big place, very nice. Stopped at Kia Towne also. They were closed (5:00 Friday.) Most of their Sedonas were unlocked! I couldn't believe they would leave them unlocked over the weekend in GR. They have not responded to my internet quote request after 4 days. I just sent a request to Keller today. Thanks, in advance, for checking out the rear seat.
  • dolfannatdolfannat Posts: 5
    We live in Kennesaw.I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has noticed how metro Atl is overcome by Odysseys.I liked them too,but I didn't want to pay the extra $$$.Now I want a Sedona even more since they're hardly any here.For the price,warranty,saftey etc...Plus I just think its such a nice looking van.

    I'm driving up north this week.Anxious to see how many I see on the way up.

  • ringlordringlord Posts: 3
    The Villager was one of the products we considered during our search. One dealer I spoke with in Fort Worth, TX was offering Villagers for about $2,000 less than dealer invoice. At the time, $2K was the amount of the manufacturer's rebate. You can observe similar pricing models on
  • mfbonomfbono Posts: 48
    Hi all.... I received a survey in the mail from the "Kia Technical Center" over the weekend, has everyone gotten one of these ??
  • hoyahenryhoyahenry Posts: 399
    Survey: got it over the weekend ----> circular file in less than 6 seconds. I have to say that I found the arrival of the survey a bit presumptuous seeing as they didn't choose to acknowledge the value of our time in any meaningful way.

    My time is a bit more valuable than 0. Call me what you will, but I have gotten to the point where I am "paid" for my time on lengthy surveys. Amounts through $100 are not unusual. In this case, a free oil change probably would have produced a response.
  • hoyahenryhoyahenry Posts: 399
    Had my first glitch today on the Sedona, and it was an electrical one. Specifically, the door open interior lights, key in ignition chime, ignition key light, power windows (front, both sides), door locks, and keyless remote all stopped working. The map lights near the trip computer and the rear lights would all come on if selected manually, but would not activate when a door was opened as is the norm (yes, I know the rear light switch settings to make that work normally.)

    Anyway, I reset (by pulling and re-installing) the pw(r), pw(l), memory, and BTS3 fuses in the engine compartment, and all is well. My humble guess is that I violated an operating rule over the weekend when I closed up the windows with the ignition in the on position, but never actually starting the engine. The driver door was open when I did that....

    Anyway, 3700 miles and six months - nothing major to report, though I do need to get it into the dealer to obtain the cold start, engine hesitation adjustment.
  • 3carseats13carseats1 Posts: 16
    We also have the 3rd row split seats. For now we have 2 of our 3 carseats in the back. It does look a little uncomfortable. Maybe you could put a towel or somthing thin and soft on it to keep it from digging into someone's back.

    Don't let that stop you from buying the Sedona. It's a fantastic value!

    Good Luck!
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Just checked out the 3rd row seat in our Sedona. Ours is a 2002 Sedona EX with tan leather. The 3rd row seat is split 50/50, as I believe is the case in all Sedonas.

    Our 3rd row seat DOES have a plastic cover on the inside lower portion of each half of the seat. This seems fairly standard on seats, as it is probably covering some of the mechanical parts. There is a gap of about 1/2" between the left and right sides of the seat, both on the seat cushion and the seatback. I.e. the two halves aren't totally flush.

    I don't see the hard plastic cover as a safety concern. The middle position in the 3rd row seat does not feel very comfortable, based on 30 seconds back there just now. I'm sure it would get worse on a longer trip. I blame this not on the plastic covers, but on the shape of the seat. As with most bench seats, the center position seems to sit further forward than the 2 outboard positions. This is usually a function of the outboard seats being scooped or sculpted, to add comfort for the outboard passengers.

    The Sedona 3rd row seat isn't really big enough to accommodate 3 adults comfortably. 3 can fit, but they had better be pretty skinny. With 2 car seats back there, I imagine there would not be enough room for even a small child.

    I'd call the Sedona a 7-seater, but only if 1 or 2 passengers is a child or a very small adult.
  • yoloyolo Posts: 57
    I have received 2 surveys so far. Both from JD Power. One had a free oil change coupon and the other had a one dollar bill in it. I seem to recall my salesman telling me that if you send the Kia survey in, they will give you a free oil change coupon. I have yet to get the Kia survey but I didn't check my mail yesterday. Maybe it is already in my mailbox? I plan to fill it out even if I get nothing for my time. Favorable responses get the salesman extra bonuses from Kia and I was so impressed with my whole Kia buying experience that I feel obligated to send it in and voice my praise. The salesman and the dealership deserve it.
  • jcrider2jcrider2 Posts: 46
    I have recieved two surveys so far. One was from Kia surveying the sound system. My only complant that I noted was about the system display which is almost imposable to read in bright sunlight.I suggested they change to a different color such as green for the display lighting.
    The other survey came from the dealer asking about the service I recieved when I visit them. For that one I did receive a free oil change.
  • sound4himsound4him Posts: 6
    To 3carseats1:

    I have 3 kids: 4, 20 months and 2 1/2 weeks. We also use 3 car seats with 2 in the back, but find it very difficult to get the kids in and buckle them. Doe you have a trick???
  • alxndrsalxndrs Posts: 28
    Thank you for checking out your 3rd row seats for me. I wonder why it shows such a nice seat in the brochure. I feel better knowing that there isn't another option that I'm not being offered. Getting very anxious to go back to the dealer after reading your posts. This is a great place! Have to put the reading and car shopping aside for awhile. Off to Toronto to see Lion King and go shopping!! Maybe now I'll see some Sedonas on the road. I've only seen one in Michigan.
  • hokumhokum Posts: 26
    Sedona milage at nearly 17.5 k miles.

    For the fifth time, the check engine light has come on. Previous 4 times, dealer technician said "loose gas cap"......code name is "EVAC system".

    This is the 3rd time in the last 6 weeks

    I just called the dealer, had some of his backside for breakfast (politely and assertively, of course), and will deliver the van this afternoon for a quick look.

    I am starting to wonder if there is a good KIA dealer in Denver.....

    Oh well, at least I will get to drive that Optima loaner I had last week.

    Anybody else seeing this issue?

  • jlngwrjlngwr Posts: 51
    Hokum, I've not had the pleasure of the check engine light with our Sedona, but more than enough experience with it in our previous Caravan. It was always the oxygen sensor and required replacing almost monthly by the end. The light would go off for a while after the car was re-started, sometimes for days it would not come back on. Of course it can be any of the sensors that set the light off though. Have they run the diagnostics? FWIW
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Just had this problem in our Isuzu Trooper. Hopefully it was a one-time occurrence-- this is the first time for it, and the vehicle has almost 66,000 miles. The code from the ECM sounded like a loose gas cap problem. After clearing the code, the problem went away (it's been 3 days now).

    This problem has not occurred in our Sedona (we're just over 5,000 miles). Usually when I gas up the van, I tighten the gas cap so tight that I can hardly remove it when it's time to remove it.

    hokum, what do you think of the Optima?
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202
    Just a hunch, but modern fuel systems do need to be pressurized to run. Got the $115 explaination from an embarassed SVC manager at Ford when they cleared my check engine light. Plastic gas cap seal failed at 38 months (just out of warrentee). Mgr apologized all over the place, but couldn't (didn't) waive the connection fee for the computer, as technician got 1/2 of the $ to diagnose it. (union shop). So, it COULD be a loose gas cap, or one of about 85 other things...on a + note, cleared one on my Aerostar by changing the 02 sensor for $20 and 10 minutes on a lift. (Inserts into your exhaust). Perhaps germain to this discussion.

    Looking forward to the '03's so I can start my purchase.

    Stay cool, everyone. JC
  • 3carseats13carseats1 Posts: 16
    To sound4him,

    We are lucky enough to have a very self sufficient big brother. He can get in and out without help and will help out his little sister. It is not easy when he is not around. She is mastering her carseat now. Maybe move the 20 month old up a row until he can do up the seat. Have the four year old help out as an important "job" - they love to be in charge! Good luck!
  • I bought a Sephia in 1995. After I had it a couple of years, the check engine light came on. I took it in and they turned it off. A few months later it came back on. I took it back in and they turned it off again. A few months later it came on a third time. I drove it like this for almost 5 years before trading the Sephia--I even passed emissions with the light on. I'm not saying don't get it checked out, I'm just saying Kia apparently has a history of check engine light problems. The really funny thing, though, was when the light first came on. I kid you not, but about three days after the light came on (and before I could get to the dealer) I received a brochure in the mail from Kia letting me know that I will need to make sure I get my Sephia to the dealership in the event the check engine light comes on. Coincidence? Maybe.
  • codypupcodypup Posts: 2
    How is the sales tax computed on a vehicle with a rebate? For example, Kia is offering a $1000 rebate on the Sedona - is the rebate subtracted first and then sales tax is computed, or do you take the "pre-rebate" sales price, compute the tax, and then subtract the rebate?
  • codypupcodypup Posts: 2
    Looking for opinions on the price I've been offered for an EX. This is a red EX with homelink, MSRP of 21,715. The dealer offer is 18,500 (+ tax), which includes a $1000 rebate. Based on edmunds pricing this seems to be a good deal. Any comments?
  • They take the selling price of the car and add tax to that. Your rebate is subtracted off that bottom line with any other money you put down. It's like cash on your paperwork.

    Remember, the rebate is YOURS, not the dealer's. You assign your rebate to the selling dealer in the F&I office when you sign the paper doing so. You are free to have the $1000 mailed to you if you wish to do it that way. Kia is giving you $1000 and you are giving it to the dealer. Therefore, it comes off the bottom line (out the door) price as if it were cash out of your pocket.

    Codypup, the dealer's offer is really $19,500 because the other $1000 is yours--they want you to give it to them to make the price $18,500. Dealers like to include your rebate in their offer ecause it makes their offer look better than it is. I'm not saying $19,500 is a bad offer--people just need to make sure they understand what is included in those final prices. Good luck to all!
  • alxndrsalxndrs Posts: 28
    Has anybody had any experience with Kia Towne in Grand Rapids, Michigan? Have a quote from Kia Towne for EX, TT with ABS & leather for $21,310. Keller Ford in GR quotes $21,783. (+TTL) Keller offered $1000 rebate from Kia and 0% financing for 24 months. Keller has a state of the art service department, but haven't seen Kia Towne's service department. (Hopefully won't need to visit either very often!) Thanks!
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    I haven't dealt with Kia Towne except via email once, but here's my 2 cents anyway...

    Why don't you see how close Keller will come to the Kia Towne price. In my phone call to Keller, the gentlemen I spoke with (Todd Kerkstra, if I remember correctly) was very professional. I explained we had spoken with a couple dealers local to my area (southeast Mich.) as well as a dealer in Columbus that was highly recommended. I got the impression that they were willing to negotiate and either match or come close to a legit quote from another dealer.

    If you're talking a couple hundred bucks difference, personally I'd feel better about giving the business to a) the dealer that treats you better; b) the dealer whose service department you plan to use; or c) both. I'd say 'c' for me personally. I'd explain to Keller that you'd rather give them the business and give them a figure that would make you do the deal.

    Right now the gap is $473. That's enough to make me go with 'the other guy' but at $273 I'd willingly go with the higher-priced dealer if I liked them better.

    Of course, if Kia Towne is a more convenient location for service than Keller, that might tip the scales. What have you heard about Keller's Kia service department? I hope to be living in G.R. before our Sedona's warranty runs out. Those Detroit to GR round trips are piling on the miles - almost 6,000 since February.

    Is Sedona available with the $1,000 rebate AND the 0% 24-month financing? I assumed it was one or the other.
  • Friday I noticed a spot on the front bumper where the paint was peeling. It may have started as a rock chip, but the spot was about 3 inches wide. The paint around the spot was turning up and you could easily peel it off the bumper. I've also noticed a couple of door dings on the lower half plastic body cladding of the two-tone and each one had scratched off the paint. I took it in today and Kia said they would repaint the front bumper, but I told them that I was worried about the entire lower half especially if every little door bump was going to remove the paint. They said they would have their body shop inspect the entire van, but I think that was probably just a line. Has anyone else noticed any "flaky" paint.
  • akwilliamsakwilliams Posts: 40
    I received a three page letter from Kia's General Counsel about the airbag deployment issue. I wrote them several months back. They called and left a message saying someone would contact me. I did not expect a personalized letter from the Chief Legal Officer of the Company. Nice touch.

    Anyway, the long and short of it is this: They still claim that the IIHS results are not real world. They say they tested their vehicles and could not duplicate what happened. But, rather than fight a battle with IIHS, they have instituted a programing "fix" that will be available shortly.

    I don't know about the rest of you, but that is all I ever wanted. Just a little more peace of mind that it won't happen if my wife gets in a minor fender bender.

    The letter had a number to call regarding the fix, but I left it at work. I will post the number later.
  • alxndrsalxndrs Posts: 28
    You're right about the rebate OR the 0% financing, my mistake.

    Kia Towne was not open when we visited them, so I have only corresponded through email. I am comfortable with Keller. They say their service department is "award winning." (Aren't they all?) Very nice place, though. Keller is also a bit closer, as we are coming from the west. I'll heed your advice and see if Keller can come down any. They are willing to search for what I want. They have the EX with the options I want, but not the color I'd like.

    Thanks for your thoughts!
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    It seems good that the dealer is even willing to repaint the front bumper. Some dealers would say, 'this is from a rock chip. We can't repair that under warranty.'

    I have not noticed any paint peeling on our Sedona, but since it's less than 5 months old I haven't expected to see any so I haven't looked very closely.
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