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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Here's the link to several "How to Buy a Used Car" articles.

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  • lpcjlpcj Posts: 1
    Has anyone else had the problem with the Jeep lights coming on and going off without you doing anything? Dealer says, "Its the "auto on switch", we ordered one for someone three months ago and it still has not arrived. You need to leave the Jeep with us for an entire day so that we can confirm that is the problem." "If you just turn off the "Auto On Switch" the problem will go away." Jeep has 23K miles, 2 years old. This problem comes and goes. Last night someone saw the lights on at 11pm. We saw it at 3:30am.
  • What year is your Jeep
    Mine is a 2000 V8 GCL Canadian model with the daylight driving lights that flashes in the day time but never happens when the headlights come on at night.
    I had this problem since day one but I can live with it until it gives me real problem. The rest of the vehicle is perfect (except the rotors)
    Mine will flash at low rpm when idling at stops or red light , A/C off ( because rpm is higher when A/C is on) AND auto headlight switch at on or off makes no difference .
    To avoid the embarassment, I pull the hand brakes to turn it off when this happens at the red light or long stops.
    Please let me know how to fix it.
  • pa13pa13 Posts: 2
    We have owned the 2000 less then a year and while coming home on vacation we broke down when the jeep stalled out while going 70 miles on the interstate in the middle of the mountains....Our vehicle was towed to the nearest dealer....but we could not wait for the repair because the part would not come in for another 3 days.....we rented a vehilce to come home. We are totally disgusted with this vehicle ...would we qualify for the lemon law.....I am afraid to take this vehicle on the interstate again....its totally unreliable....what recourse do we have?
  • broesebroese Posts: 2
    Had my evaporator replaced at 50k miles. Shortly after that developed a leaking problem on the front passenger side. Found out the water from the drain hose was blowing back in. They fixed that problem, but now it is wet on the driver's side. Has anyone had similar problems?
  • My 96 JGC has 101,000 miles and slips when trying to shift from 2nd to 3rd gear. It will lunge into 3rd after a few tries. We've ignored the problem for 9 months but it's getting worse so we're thinking about putting a new transmission in. How much should I expect to pay and is it normal to put in a new transmission for a car with 100K?
  • hotcoffeehotcoffee Posts: 218
    Are you sure we don't have the same vehicle??

    Actually, mine's a '96

    Front rotors, rear wiper motor, sway bar links, leaking transfer case, new evaporator, complete transmission overhaul...

    This is a vehicle that an extended warranty pays off big- I took it in for every little thing, because I wanted the truck to be just right- and when I fixed everything- it was great- perfect in fact.

    I think the nagging problems will end soon for you- but it is annoying.

    It's a 4x4 limmo and you hear every little thing.
  • Just had the air conditioner replaced on our Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd after 43,000 miles. Cost $1,200!

    Did anyone here buy an extended warranty? Thinking of buying a 5 year/100,000 mile warranty from Warrantech (Repairmasters).

    What is your experience with extended warrantees?

  • I am also looking into an extended warranty. I have 34700 miles and I am worried that I will start seeing some of the problems that the people here are talking about. I looked at this board 18 months ago when I planned to buy my Jeep and I think I made a good decision despite the problems that show up here. At least I know what to look out for. Does anyone have an extended warranty or service contract that they would like to brag about? I am looking for one before I hit 36000 miles.

  • I just purchased a new Grand Cherokee Laredo with the 4.0 L. six engine. Does this model year have the brake rotor problems and other various problems associated with other years or have they been all resolved with the 2001 models. Need to hear from others with the same year and model as mine. Thanks.Ed
  • I have a 93 Grand Cherokee with the quadratrac 4wd system. When turning sharply to the left or right (like in/out of a parking stall) I'm getting a growling sound and the vehicle lurches and lunges similar to a 4wd vehicle with the front hubs locked in. The Jeep garage says its the viscacoupler (spelling?)and wants a fortune to replace it. Has anyone had a similar experience?
  • suverssuvers Posts: 2
    I recommend folks buying the extended warranty to give yourself a peace of mind. We've a 97 Laredo w/the Quadra-Trac and almost 76K on it. All the problems that I've read on the 99 sounds familiar on our 97: fuel pump (stalled around 30 mph luckily on a small road but once replaced, have not had the problem again), rotor (never ending story), rear wiper motor, low clunking noise when applying the brake to shift from park to drive, definite pull to the right as the front passenger tire's wear is more pronounce on the outside of the tire, etc. The extended warranty will save you headaches and worries once the original warranty expires. BTW, our warranty was from DC so that our dealer can't say what's covered and what's not. If you can, get the max warranty, i.e., the "gold" I believe is what it's called.

    I'm shopping around now since my warranty will expire soon and I was hoping the newer model had fewer problems. Even with an extended warranty, I will not get a JGC again since all these problems still exist.
  • while searching this site I had to post our situation. We were just approved from the board to have our 2000 Grand Cherokee apply under the lemon law. After almost 2 years we finally did it. All of the problems I've just scanned here apply, rotors replaced two times! lights going off while driving, you name it, we had it. With the determination of my husband we received word today that the decision was made in our favor, the settlement process begins. once our contact finally pulled our service records there was no question, out of service for over 30 days in less than 2 years. It can be done, and thankfully I will be looking for a new SUV, it won't be a Jeep that's for sure. Just my 2 cents!
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 867
    Well, specifically EXCLUDED from even the best warranty are "Wear items such as manual clutch assembly, brake pads, shoes, rotors, drums and belts." The 'Best' warranty runs $2500 w/$50 deduct for 5yr/100,000 mile. About 10% of what I paid for the POS in the first place. So, if your rotors warp every 5,000 miles, after the 12,000 mile original warranty, you will still have to pay unless DC agrees to extend your coverage. If I had added that extra to the cost of buying one when I was trying to decide, that would have priced it out of range of what I was willing to pay!
  • hutchwhutchw Posts: 1
    how long is the warrants on brake and rotors for the grand cherokee. I have 6000 mile but 18mo old.
  • 99gc99gc Posts: 2
    I have a 1999 Limited with 20K miles.
    When I stop at 30 - 50 mph the steering wheel shakes.... I am far from a mechanic and curious if this is similar the the brake issue everyone talks about. Does anyone know if the 1999 had a recall on the brakes and also what rotors and pad replacement would cost from the Jeep Dealers...

    I had a 98 GC 26Z and replaced the rotors on a recall... That problem seemed different....

    Thanks in advance for your response...
  • '94 Laredo, 5.2L, 166k miles now, bought new.

    Leaking transfer case: This "new process" TC runs with the same ATF as the transmission. After replacing the O-ring twice, and carefully inspecting for a grooved housing (finding none), I learned that it is *highly unusual* for the fluid level in the TC to be high enough to leak at the speed sensor, which is near the TOP of the TC.

    RUN, do not walk, to your local AAMCO or service guy and have them pull the TC and REPLACE the seal between the OD section and the TC. The tranny's fluid is leaking into the TC, causing overfill and leakage at the sensor.

    Mine RAN DRY and resulted in a transmission rebuild at about 130k miles. I was watching the tranny level and topping off maybe 1 qt. every 2 months, but towards the end the leakage rate must have grown substantially and it ran dry. Lots of blue-steel ground parts were the result.

    You others with shifting problems: Check for this leakage also! Other than the fluid level, that is how this problem first manifested.

    Viscous Coupling: The "lurch" or "hard bumping" you feel when turning all the way is this device in the transfer case that allows the drivetrain to slip when the wheels are thus turning at different rates.

    I had mine replaced at the dealer for $950 after learning from two private service guys that this and later TCs or couplings were NOT available as aftermarket parts. This also occurred at about 130k miles.

    Good Luck!
  • jggcjggc Posts: 1
    I'm a longtime fan of this website and, unusualy enough, often check it for reviews of other vehicles than the '97 jgc I own myself.
    Almost every problem discussed here is one I have had myself: Fuel pump, front rotors, rear wiper motor, sway bar links, leaking transfer case, and the ever annoying pull to the right because the front passenger tire's wear is greater on the outside of the tire. I thought I was going mad on the last one, taking my car to different places for alignments in the hope that it would correct the problem. I love my jeep when it works, but that is rarely the case and it spends more time in service than it does on the road. It's bad when a tech. asks you wait patiently while he pores through the service log because 'this vehicle has had so much done to it.'
    But enough griping from me, and although I will never buy a jeep again because I'm tired of donating money to service depts., I do have it paid off and plan to keep it for a little while longer. All right, now no more griping. Just needed to vent a little.
    Mine has over 100,000 and I'm thinking about getting the radiator and timing belt replaced as preventative maintenance. I called three places, including the dealership for quotes. The dealership, funnily enough, has not returned my call. One gave me a quote for both the radiator and the timing belt. The third informed me my car has no timing belt, and relies on some equivalent part (I couldn't quite make it out on my voicemail) that won't need replacement until 150,000 miles. I should just check the owner's manual, but does anyone know whether or not the jgc's have a timing belt or not? Thanks for entertaining my question.
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    I had a 1990 Cherokee and a 1993 Grand Cherokee V8 and had nothing but Trouble with both vehicles. I would never buy another Chysler product again. They make the Best Looking vehicles on the road, but their quality is pretty poor.
    However, Rotor warpage is a common problem with disc brakes and happens on all vehicles regardless of make. If u have a "Nice, cooperative dealer" u might get him to absorb part of the cost the first time around.
    Good Luck
  • Most vehicles do have poor brake pads and rotors, and the dealer replacements are not much better than the originals.

    A less expensive and better solution is aftermarket parts. For example, you can buy better quality brake rotors and pads at your local NAPA store (or equivalent) for about the same prices as OEM, and doing the work yourself can save a ton of money. If you want to really do it up right, get a set of Stillen cross-drilled brake rotors for all four corners and use the Stillen Metal Matrix (rear) and Performance Friction (front) pads. These things throw less brake dust, and will last a lot longer, while providing smoother/quicker stops. They are not that much more expensive. These puppies work; I have installed and used them and have no complaints with them.
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