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Pontiac Bonneville Owners: Meet the Members



  • h101h101 Posts: 62
    Thanks for the bumper infor...

    I guess the body shop (partially) updated my SSEi to a 2001 model, perhaps I should take it back and tell 'em to change the wheel centers also, huh?

    Again thanks,

  • jakec1jakec1 Posts: 10
    Hellow fellow Bonneville aficionnados
    The Bonneville goes in at four pm today for its estimate. State Farm is doing 1200 estimates a day and are booked solid until next Sunday.

    my other car a 1991 Grand Prix STE had $4600 damage and they totaled it!! I can have the cash or buy it back for $1500 and take $3100 cash. That is top dollar for the car but I bought it new for $20000, and it(was) in great shape. I hate to drive it dimpled. What to do??

    My old Elcamino goes in Next Monday.

    My Bonneville has Pontiac imbossed into the rear bumper. I took the SLE tags off the side with a hair dryer and it has the "Stealth" look.

    Later... Jake
  • Hi,

    My Bonneville is a 2001 SLE, Maple Red, Sunroof, heated leather, 17" 3-spoke wheels, OnStar, Traction Assist, and other upgrade toys. 5 months old now, and I love everything about it.

    Picture over in the Bonneville photos after a fresh spring coat of Zainos.

  • jakec1jakec1 Posts: 10
    WOW the estimate came to $4555 on my Bonneville. They want to cut the roof off and replace it along with the hood and trunk, and repaint the whole car!! I just can't picture taking the roof off (with sunroof) and ever having it back together right. I am thinking of letting the long hot summer work on the dimples and seeing what it looks like next fall. Maybe replace the hood and trunk and use paintless dent removal on the rest.
    has anyone done the paintless dent removal?? How good was it??

  • jakec1jakec1 Posts: 10
    The Adjusters at State Farm OOOHED AND AAAAHED over the Bonneville dispite the zits..
  • boosted1boosted1 Posts: 90

    I know someone (fellow car nut) who went the paintless dent removal route. He was very pleased with the work. He only had a couple of dings removed. There has to be good access to the back side of the panel so that they can work their magic.

    Good Luck


    P.S. I would let them replace the panels and paint the car. It just sounds worse than it really is.
  • mfahey1mfahey1 Posts: 419
    I, too, have heard nothing but good things about paintless dent removal. However, I would be suspicious that the total repair costs, given the magnitude of the work, seems very low. You could easily spend $3-4,000 to have a quality paint job done, let alone all of the repair work that is also included. Also, since the paintless dent removal process is designed to avoid a repaint so unless they can get them all out and avoid a repaint, you may not gain much if there is still a repaint involved.
    I will say that in restoring my 1970 Camaro, I learned the hard way that you never sandblast sheetmetal. The car had had a vinyl roof and when I removed it, there was lots of adhesive stuck to the roof. Well, when I was done, there were more bumps and warped areas than a Maine road in spring. I realized my body work limitations and took it to an excellent body shop. I still don't know how they did it but I swear you can't tell that the roof was reworked. I think if I were you, particularly on the roof, I would let Mother Nature work her magic over the summer and take it from there. By the fall, you should have many fewer dents and the pressure should be off the body shops by then from all of the other people who also were hit.
  • smfransmfran Posts: 432
    mfahey's point about waiting until the local body shops have slowed down is a good one.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Is the Maine roads in Spring! Actually they are finally leveling out again now but it is snowing like crazy here - looks like a blizzard outside although not sticking to the roads (yet). I drove the old Grand Marquis to work today and gave the wife instructions to NOT drive my car. I can just picture having some fool slide into it 3 days before driving to NJ for the Bonneville meet! Weather looks promising for Sunday - Can't wait.

  • smfransmfran Posts: 432
    It's a "blizzard" here south of Boston too. And I'm off to an appointment in town. Any thoughts of a local meet for our New England Bonnie, etc. owners?
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Stephen - I think we should plan one for a weekend early this summer. It gets pretty hectic once the kids are out of school so maybe in June?

  • xena16xena16 Posts: 10
    Hi, folks! They call me Xena and I became the owner of a '96 Bonneville SE 6 days ago and let me say this...I'm in love. She's my first Bonneville...actually she's my first Pontiac. I test drove her last Tuesday when I took her her to my mechanic by way of I-95 (I'm from Philly), had her up to 75 MPH in a heartbeat...way impressed with the 3.8 V6. My mechanic O.K.'ed her and told me where to start with the buying negotiations. Get back to the seller, told him what my mechanic said (a few dings and scratches, tiny oil leak), he tells me someone else just called and offered him his full asking price (yeah, right). So, I get up to leave and he offers me a '97 Lumina to take overnight and test drive. What the hey, I take it...should've turned around a mile waste of time...after driving the Bonneville, the Lumina felt like a Chevette! My '89 Beretta (which I'm giving to my niece) could bury that car.

    Anyhow, to try to shorten this up...I take the Lumina back, tactfully say "No Way, I gonna keep looking for a Bonneville" and he says his other deal fell through...would I still be interested? "Woo-Hoo...I mean, for the right price", I say. The rest is history and I have myself a beautiful dark teal Bonneville, rear spoiler, power everything and my daughter says I'm the coolest Mom around.

    So, I was thrilled to see this Town Hall this morning, never noticed it before when I was in Edmunds doing tons of research for the last 2 months...BTW, Thanks, Edmunds :) Anyhow, looking forward to being in the World of the Bonnevilles...I'm sure it will be a happy, happy place!
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Welcome to the Bonneville fold!

    Best wishes for a great ownership and driving experience with your Bonneville. Sounds like you have a real nice one. What color interior do you have and is it cloth or leather? Sunroof?

    I'm not sure where you live - but if near Philly you might be interested in attending our Bonneville (and more) gathering on Sunday anytime after noon at the Rockaway Mall off Rt 80 at exit 35 in NJ. There will be 4 of us plus a few Auroras and whomever else decides to join us. Let us know if you are interested in attending.

  • smfransmfran Posts: 432
    Congrats on your new wheels. I wish you the best of luck. Post more specific info about your Bonnie as tpken is keeping a record of all of us.
    Hope to see you often in the Town Hall.
  • smfransmfran Posts: 432
    Ken - Right now any weekend in June should be fine with me. After you experience the NJ meet we should start making plans.
  • bdreggorsbdreggors Posts: 143
    Congrats on your new-to-you Bonnie! I know exactly what you mean about the Lumina. I had one as a rental back in ’98, and it drove like a shopping cart. I know why it’s a fleet car now…imagine if they gave Bonnevilles to government employees!

    Once again, welcome to the board!
  • mfahey1mfahey1 Posts: 419
    Was wondering if this was going to be a car show where they have burnout contests, loudest stereo, coolest paint, etc? We'll definitely be looking for pictures posted here.
  • xena16xena16 Posts: 10
    to feel so welcomed...thanks! Thanks also for the Bonneville Meet invite, but I already have some family stuff planned for Sunday...but I'll get to show off my car to them, so that's cool.

    More about my Bonne...I think I already said, she's dark teal, rear spoiler, power locks, power windows and power driver's seat. The interior is cloth, charcoal gray, very comfy...alloy wheels...keyless sunroof. I think that covers everything.

    One thing I don't like is that the original owner set up a cell phone holder connected to a speaker on the floor under the dash...hate's coming out. Number one, MY cell phone doesn't fit in it, hence I haven't been able to figure out how it works. Number two, when I get in my car, the LAST thing I want to do is talk on the phone...I hate phones (strange coming from a woman, eh? Then again, I'm a strange woman). Cars are for driving and listening to music real loud, aren't they? The cell phone is in the glove compartment for emergencies only. What really stinks is this stuff is drilled into the floor, But it's still coming out and I'll find a nice console or something to cover up the holes it's gonna leave.

    One more thing...bdreggors, you cracked me up...I AM a government employee...Dept. of the Navy, but thankfully, they don't give us cars...not the civilians, anyway.

    Have a day! Xena
  • jakec1jakec1 Posts: 10
    Thankyou for the advise on the Hail repair. It gets hot in Nebraska in the Summer and I'm going to try Mother Natures dent removal first. I really hate to cut the top off!!

    I took the $$ for my 91 Grand prix and traded it for a 99 Pontiac Sunfire for my daughter. Gotta keep in the Pontiac fold. She fell for the "Cute" Sunfire,..I wasn't nuts over it, I wanted a little bigger car, like a Grandam..I hope it's a good ride.
    I think the hail dents are getting better on my Elcamino, but the Bonne still looks nasty. I am getting more attention now with all the dents than before, People tell me what a beautiful car, and give me lots of sympathy. Its not easy driving it with the dimples though!!

  • Hi All,
    My name is Frog. I have a 2000 SSEi with 6k miles on her now. The stereo has been upgraded a little with two 15's and an amp pushing them. A custom designed pinstripe and orange underbody and wheel well neons. 20% window tint. She is black, and the ravages of winter already have me looking at other Bonnie's with color envy. Black is a very hard color to maintain and keep looking good . I call that color of paint a five footer. Any closer than five feet and you can see every scratch. I decided I really wanted paint with metallic in it. I guess I might have her repainted in a couple of years. I bought it new for 34,000 from the dealer's lot. They gave me 0% financing. Whenever I see another Bonnie on the road I have to turn my head and break my neck, because I am always in mine, so I don't get a chance to see her from afar very often. Since I am the only one who is allowed to drive her alone. Minor mods to come include Cold Air Intake, 3.4 pulley, and possibly different mufflers. Eventually plan on replacing the entire stereo system. Maybe when the after market catches up and can support her. Oh well, I am rambling. Oh yeah, I am from Dayton, OH. I really enjoy the discussins that go on here and look forward to new posts each day.


    Neo - 6500 Songs, 400 CD's - Like having a jukebox in your car,home, where ever you go.
  • ricks2ricks2 Posts: 17

    Well, it is a gold '94 that can be seen driving along I-40 through RTP every day. It is an SSE with most options (except a power window lock!).
  • homer2000sseihomer2000ssei Posts: 159
    Hey There.

    Nov 3- 1999 my dealer pulled the most beautiful car built in North America in front of my office window - and we signed the papers.

    Obviously - a 2000 , the rest ? SSEi , chrome 6-spoke wheels, sunroof , heated seats (it's Canada), everything. On star want available then. I told it was one of the first into Canada, and was destined for a local M exes - but the dealer owed a favor (he, who knew they dint haggle on Vette pricing ) to my boss - and voila. It is my second Bonne, the previous being a '94 SE. I have loved the Bonne's since the early 80 models with the monotone coloring.

    it now has 35,000M (50,000KM) - I LOVE to drive it. As of tonight - it has about 50 coats of Zaino polish on it - and you cant tell it was brushed at the car wash for 2 winters - it glows.

    All i've done is dropped in a K&N filter - but im off to a dragstrip with some friends this weekend to get a base time - then Ill likely start with a 3.5 or 3.5 pulley and go from there.

    problems - yea ive had the normal brake hassles, squeaks and rattles - and sure the service guys know my voice on the phone and they all know my name when i drop by - -but thats a different thread.

    One complaint - the aftermarket for accessories is a bugger up here to get info. Im sure you guys can help. I also hang out at, cause Grand Prix is my second fav. car.

    Thats enough for now.

  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Congrats to you, Dennis! Glad you came in to say Hi here and join the club. Now please let us know - what color is your SSEi? And what interior color? Any pin striping? If you can post a pic over in the Bonneville Owners' Photo Gallery we'd love to see that great Zaino shine!

    Again - welcome

  • homer2000sseihomer2000ssei Posts: 159
    Geez, can you believe that ? I didn't mention the color scheme. As I like to call it - black, shiny black, very shiny black. Tan Interior - I think they call it taupe? Exterior is as they made it - I have dark tinted the windows to Ontario limits. Changed all 4 headlight bulbs over to the rite/white replacement bulbs - and now I seek replacement driving lamp bulbs to match. One personal touch I contemplating is getting one of those "supercharger" badges they used to put on Riviera's - and sticking it on the lower lip of the trunk.
  • homer2000sseihomer2000ssei Posts: 159
    Im still somewhat of a rookie in the world of digital photos, uploading etc. I presently have a bunch sitting around on a Photopoint page. Im not going to pay their fee, so in a week or so - they wont be there, and this leads to my question.

    Photo's loaded to the gallery - are they just links leading somewhere else - or are they loaded and then permanently on the gallery, even if I dump the photopoint stuff later?
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Dennis - I've got pics there too and am going to have to reestablish them elsewhere as well. They are linked and our host can give the definitive word here but I think they will all disappear when we lose the photopoint archive.

  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    I think they're still offering up to 30MB of photo posting - for free.
  • bdreggorsbdreggors Posts: 143
    Welcome aboard! Your car sounds fabulous. I too own the SSEi--great car. I'm thinking of dropping a K&N in soon, too. Right now, I'm just waiting until my factory one gets a little dirty; it'll make me feel better about spending money on a new one!

    Once again, welcome!

    Best wishes
  • boosted1boosted1 Posts: 90
    I too have been thinking of adding something to the back of the car. I was thinking of getting an SSEi badge for the trunk, or the decal that has for sale.

    Earlier model SSei's had a badge on the trunk, I guess they wanted to save a little $$.

    We now have 750 miles on our 2001 SSEi.

    Love it!!!!!!

  • mlm4mlm4 Posts: 401
    It is true that pre-production 2000 SSEi's had a badge on the trunk deck in the same location where the SE models have the "Bonneville" badge, but I also assumed that this was deleted to save money. I kind of like the anonymity my SSEi has without too many badges - it keeps people guessing. Someone on this forum even removed the badges from the doors to make it even less identifiable. To each his own...

    I would like to get a couple of small decals for the rear door windows (fixed panels) that have the classic Pontiac Indian Head logo and maybe also the contemporary dart logo as well. I think this is something I'll have to make for myself, since I have had no luck finding such decals on the Internet. But first I'll need to get a hold of a good quality bitmap of the Indian Head logo. Any ideas where I could find it?
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