95 Windstar Power Steering Noise?

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My 95 Windstar recently started making a noise when you turn the steering wheel to the left or right. Going straight, no noise. I am 99% positive the noise is coming from the pump.

I replaced the pump, the noise is still there, now even a little louder. Any thoughts on what it could be? Is something wrong with the rack?


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    My '96 Windstar had almost the identical problem develop with the power steering. I replaced the pump also, and while doing so, flushed out the system. I discovered the fluid was much thicker than it was supposed to be and also some clumps had formed (coagulated). I followed the installation instructions carefully with respect to bleeding air out of the system. The replacement pump was much louder than the one I replaced. I soon discovered the following:

    -the auto parts shop where I had purchased the replacement pump also provided me with dexron/mercon III transmission fluid for use in the system. They told me this is what Ford uses in all their power steering systems. THIS IS WRONG. Ford uses Type F transmission fluid in their power steering systems.

    If normal power steering fluid, mercon/dexron III fluid, or any power steering conditioners are added to a Ford power steering system the following may/will occur:

    - the fluids will clump (coagulate)
    - the system seals and gaskets will begin to break down
    - the pump will squeal and whine very loudly

    I flushed all the mercon/dexron fluid out of my system (a messy job) and replaced with the Type F fluid. The pump immediately started to quiet down and the noises when turning (even on hard turns) disappeared. After approx 1 week, the pump was as close to the normal operating noise level as I could attain. Slightly louder than the original but not a nuisance.
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