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Land Rover Freelander



  • From the moment we bought our 02 Freelander, we have had nothing but one expense after another with the dealer more than happy to charge us 100.00 an hour to service it, just for hoses it can cost 450.00 in repairs we have 2 loans just to pay for the new engine, transmission, sunroof, various other things we've had to pay for no sympathy or slack from the dealer at all you'd think they would roll out the red carpet since they are aware they have these problems, but instead they are barely civil and ready to charge whatever they can for servicing this lemon I'm thinking of getting a big lemon sign for the sign of mine and drive it around town and into the dealer the next time I forgot to mention the month it took me last year to pass the emissions testing and now again I have a service engine light on and need 450.00 for hoses before I can get my tags renewed and now I'm running on expired tags somebody please let's get this class action lawsuit started
  • msouthwmsouthw Posts: 14
    Lora! I am so glad to find that I am not nuts, although I am sorry to know that there are soooo many others suffering like I have. I JUST found out that I may be out of car b/c the engine is done from SOMETHING that caused an overheating. I am out of the dealers warranty but bought an extended warranty that is now giving me a hard time. That is more than 20k loss & I only had the car for 2 years! I also had problems with windows, sunroof,the battery, and goodness knows what else was preparing to fail. It is a 2002 HSE Freelander. I am MORE than willing to assist with a class action suit. I can reach out to Attorney friends to seek help. How can I be in contact with you?
  • msouthwmsouthw Posts: 14
    Hey Chris, I wonder if I was the poor soul! I bought my black 2002 HSE Freelander from a NJ dealership and had the same problem with the passenger back window...and then some. You might notice I have posted a few responses since my engine is now done. If you might be able to reach out to me with the info of the attorney you used, I would appreciate it. I am beside myself with aggravation for the situation I am now in. PLEASE contact me.
    Hope all is well with your Honda!
  • msouthwmsouthw Posts: 14
    I know you posted this a while ago, but I am looking for people to get a class action suit going. I know there are a whole BUNCH of us. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact me! My engine is done & my extended warranty company is fighting me on it. My car is now wrapped up in my mortgage so this will probably be a $50k loss or worse! I can't have that. Not to mention numerous other issues with my 2002 HSE Freelander. Look forward to hearing from you!
  • I just found out that I need to replace 2 "celenoids" in the '02 Frelander transmission, about $750.00. Anyone else? (85,000 miles)
  • I just found out that i need to replace 2 celanoids on the transmission, $750.00. Anyone else? (85,000.00 miles)
  • dandrews1dandrews1 Posts: 184
    I think you mean solenoid... yes, that sounds like normal wear and tear maintenance for that amount of mileage - not certain if that is a good price though.. is it still under warranty?

  • zducerzducer Posts: 3
    A lot of problems. Now I have 36,000 miles on it. Right now I put it back to service at Rosenthal Jaguar Land Rover in Tysons Corner because of coolant problems. I just notice that the coolant is always empty every 600 miles. They just repaired it last spring @ 29K miles when I got overheating problem. Before that they did a lot of repairs already like my rear seat does not fold back, change sunroof, change left headlight because of the moisture, all ac knobs always got chips (4x), front suspension makes some squicky noise and now again cold weather just arrived there's noise again. :mad:!!! Hey LAND ROVER WE PAID A LOT OF MONEY FOR YOUR JUNKY ENGINEERING!!! :sick:
  • zducerzducer Posts: 3
    You are much luckier for 9K miles. My cousin changed the transmission at her own cost too. Just 1,000 miles more from the 50,000 miles warranty. The Land Rover said it's not on the warranty anymore. :sick: I'm going to sell my 04 HSE Freelander after winter. Just to avoid more headache.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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  • I bought a used 2002 Freelander and the Idler Pullies for the timming belt broke and it jumped time. I was just told that the engine is gone now. It has 64k miles so I am screwed. I don't think I will buy another land rover. :mad:
  • Freelanders have to have a belt service done at around 63k-67k or the belts will break and the engine will self destruct. This is true of any motor that is an interference design, which most hondas and toyotas are as well.

    Did you buy it from a Land Rover dealer they should have told you about the big service at around 60,000 miles?
  • My friend kelly experienced transmission failure at 60,000 miles- just outside the warranty-
    is there any info on service bulletins on tranny failure?
    anything that can be done??
  • I just bouth 5 months ago a Freelander 2002 with 56,000 miles. In November at 62,000 miles the transmission died. It would cost $3400 to replace it with a rebuilt. How can a transmission died on a 4 year old vehicule, especialy on a car with such a good reputation? I called Land Rover America and they basicaly do not give a dam about our problems. If you buy a Rover, please get the extra warranty.
  • samething happened to us. at around the same mileage the transmission had to be replaced. at around 82,000 miles the entire engine had to be replaced a timing belt broke and killed the entire engine. luckily we had the extended warranty and it covered the transmission but not the engine. the dealers said if the 72000 mile check up had been done then at that time they replace the timing belts and other things at a cost of about 1200.00 dollars. the engine was 3,741 dollars not counting the labor at 94.00 dollars an hour. and the dealers know about the problems with that particular land rover. the company no longer makes freelanders due to the bad experiences with the vehicle. but they dont offer to claim they are lemon vehicles.
  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CALL 1-800-LEMON-LAW OR GO TO WWW.LEMONLAW.COM. It is worth the time and effort for your troubles with the LR FL.
  • THANK YOU!!! My vehicle is no longer covered under the manufacturers warranty. Car was bought in NJ. Had to call the NJ Atty Generals office. They are forwarding a package to me. I am also filing with Better Business Bureau Auto Line 800-955-5100. Land Rover can and SHOULD do better... LETS GET'EM!!!!!
  • AGAIN, it is worth the call to the Lemon Law Attorneys... regardless of the expired warrenty. c.
  • I bought my 2002 freelander used from about a year and half ago and i've had the transmission replaced six months ago under the extended warranty and this morning when i was going to work the check engine light came on. I have a few more years of payments and I'm stuck. Please count me in I wish I could just get rid of this thing!!
  • I bought an 04 freelander hse back in aug of this year. Today 12-08-2006 an aluminum bracket underneath the passenger side that holds the trailer arm or I beam "which ever they call it " broke off and cause my truckt to pull to the left and across lanes and t- boned another car. I called Land Rover and awaiting there response lord knows they will say it is my fault some how. I called a lemon law place they said my truck isn't concidered to be a lemon due to the fact I bought it this year and it is an 04. This is bs :mad: :mad: :mad: :lemon: :lemon:
    [email protected]
  • Anyone has an extended warranty that they could give me a name or contact info. I have an 04 Freelander with is amlost out of its factory warranty.
    [email protected]
    :confuse: :confuse:
  • ummm spamming the forum with your blog is not going to win people over... one post would have sufficed.
  • I am in the same boat as your friend Kelly.
    I am looking for help to. Has she had any luck ?
    My truck is in the shop... not being worked on until I can get back to them. PLEASE HELP!!
  • jimnyjimny Posts: 4
    I bought the Freelander in 6/03
    In '05 the engine sucked a valve (is what they call it) needed to be rebuilt - approx 5.5K - I was over warranty by 3K miles but they covered it. I had to pay 1K for timing belt and other parts - quote since it's apart lets do the maintenance. Rear window motor went last month - another common problem.

    Started to hear other clunking noises in the front end when turning - not sure what that is.

    Last week - Transmission started slipping - dealer quotes it 5400 - like 4600 hundred for the trany and 1000 for some leak plenum leak above the tranny. Car has 68K miles and I do not have the extended warranty. I still owe 6100 on it

    Dealer said they;d give me 3K for the car - Joy - can you guys screw me any more please?

    I will be contaced the lemon law site hopefully something happens with this piece of junk car.
  • Need input - I need help too - I purchased a used 2002 FREELANDER and its been in the shop more than can stand it. It was in for the following reasons-
    brakes, brakes, brakes, fuel pump, defective fuel pump, etc.., pattern on this - don't know what to do.

    Does anyone have experience with changing the tire with that pidly tire jack.... I had a blowout on a tire and the thing broke while trying to fix.....

    I can't get rid of my car either - upside down on the loan and - still owe

    if anyone needs info on the used vehicle they purchased:
    There is a recall on these 02-04 vehicles for --
    1. interior door handle where the occupant can open the door when the CHILD SAFETY LEVER is in the ON position and can FALL out into the traffic.. The recall began 9/05 and you should call this number 800-637-6837
    2. The A-Pillar trim failed to comply with requirements "Occupant Protection in Interior Impact during testing... recalled 12/05
  • Same EXACT thing happened to me on Friday...Is there a class action suit??? Land Rover KNOWS there is a poroblem with these cars (my local dealership even admitted it)!

    If there is not a class action suit i think we should start one, this is RIDICULOUS.
  • :lemon: I agree... where can we go to start a CLASS ACTION- this is beyond rediculous.... Land Rover should be ASHAMED of their company....
  • DO NOT GO WITH WYNNS!!!! Wynns is expensive and they will NEVER cover repairs!
  • tpeeltpeel Posts: 17
    I am in deep s... at 48,500 miles my Freelander 2004 overheated. I took it to my local mechanic who was stumped on where the coolant went. None on the engine or road. I towed it to Land Rover New Rochelle where they diagnosed the problem as a crack in the reservoir and the the fan had stopped working. 4,500 miles ( out of warranty)later I overheated again, this time it was the thermostat. My local mechanic replaced it with a Land Rover thermostat. 10 days later I overheated again. Went back to Land Rover- they informed me that I need a new engine $6,800 . Land Rover North America won't help nor the dealership. I know of 2 other Freelanders that met the same fate. Coolant in the engine. Is there any legal actions I can take? How this happened to anyone else?
  • tpeeltpeel Posts: 17
    Get rid of it
  • tpeeltpeel Posts: 17
    The bastards have pinned against the wall.I don't know if it's too late, but I'll jump aboard.
    I purchased a new 2004 Freelander in February 2004. I have serviced my vehicle at the required intervals with Land Rover. At 48,500 miles, my truck started to overheat. I took it to my local mechanic who looked it over and was puzzled. He couldn't see where the coolant had gone and suggested I bring the car to my local Land Rover dealer in New Rochelle. I had the car towed to Land Rover and the technicians there fixed the so-called ‘problems’. The technicians informed me that a cracked reservoir and a malfunctioning fan were found. 5,000 miles later (now that the warranty had expired) the car begins to overheat. I went ahead and had the thermostat replaced by my local mechanic with a Land Rover Thermostat (where was I to tow my car at 9 PM?) , 2 weeks later it overheated again. I took it the dealership once again. They told me that coolant had leaked into the engine and that I needed a new engine. 6,800 dollars. A 3 year old car needs a new engine?
    I’ve been notified by Carolyn at Land Rover North America that they will not compensate any of the money because the car is out of warranty. I also spoke with Jeff Brown at Land Rover New Rochelle and he also said there’s nothing he can do( he was at his limit with “Goodwill” money. He also stated that I was offered an extended warranty which I declined. I would have never imagined an engine would be compromised so early.
    This is not the first time this has happened with the Freelander. A business associate of mine leased a 2003 Freelander from Land Rover Paramus and at 48,000 miles the same exact thing happened. There’s an apparent problem with the head gasket with the Freelander.
    I believe I should not be held responsible for a defective engine and that the manufacturer should be totally responsible
  • tpeeltpeel Posts: 17
    Why do they continue to manufacture and export a car who's engine is constantly prone to head gasket failures and their mechanics can never find the problem until it's too late.
  • It is off the market and has been for two years now.
  • wcf1wcf1 Posts: 1
    Has anyone taken any steps to file suit against Land Rover for the defective Freelander engine? Mine is in the shop now as I thought I had an exhaust leak. Dealer tells me no exhaust leak but oil is getting into the coolant. They don't know why! They are still doing diagnostics. This has led me to this site.
  • Freelander is worse vehicle I've ever owned!! I bought it on the internet in 2002, one of the 1st suckers in NJ to buy this thing...problems..transmission, water pump, rear window motor, coolant problems, engine problems. NJ dealer basically told me that it was leaking coolant, but they couldn't figure out were it was leaking... after 1 week in the shop they couldn't figure it out. A technician at this dealership said he has replaced over 100 transmissions, and 30 engines in the past 4 years... this car is a :lemon: LEMON!!! I just paid $1K to replace the top part of the engine to get the engine lite off. Just traded it in to a dealer, and bought a non Land Rover vehicle. Please everyone spread the word, these vehicles are crap, and the company should be sued for fraud! :mad:
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    Had the same with a 2002. $8000 for the engine. Reach out to the attorney general office or BBB. I was in contact with someone who got reimbursed with the help of BBB (Better Business Bureau). I hate land rover.
  • I just got my 02 Land Rover Freelander back and now I'm afraid to drive it for fear that something else will go wrong with it while away from home. I want to get rid of it, but need help. Anyone with ideas please let me know - URGENT REQUEST... I need to feel comfortable driving my car/any car and this should not be an issue.

    Thanks all
  • This is the exact story as mine! Purchased my freelander in 03, serviced at required intervals with Land Rover. The overheating problem started about six months ago. Today, the car's in the shop needing an engine replacement. They claim that the "timing jumped" but I know that this is not the case. $8400. Your quote for $6800 sounds like a deal.

    LR North America and the dealership both said that they can't do anything since it's out of warranty. This is unreal. I'm thinking of taking it straight to the junkyard where it belongs. I highly doubt that I could get anything on the trade in since it seems the dealerships all know what a lemon the car is.

    I agree, if anyone finds a lawyer I'm in. I know that the FL owners in Europe already started one against Ford. Maybe that's why the FL will be discontinued.
  • tpeeltpeel Posts: 17
    Is that for a new engine or rebuilt? and if it's a rebuilt one it can't be a Freelander because it's not made anymore.
  • tpeeltpeel Posts: 17
    Any word from those "certified Land Rover mechanics"?
  • Up for any lawsuit. I babied my Freelander for 55000 miles. Not a scratch. Never replaced Rotors & replaced pads only once. Loved the handling & snow traction (800 miles from TN to DC & back in 8 inches). No problems until transmission started slipping at 45000. It was replaced under warranty. Engine made noise when I picked it up at Dealer. Noise continued in cold weather at startup. Dealer said "not to worry". In August noise started & engine disintegrated
  • h2oleoh2oleo Posts: 6
    Whoa! Can't believe it's taken me this long to find this forum! My 02 Freebie has been in the shop for over a month with a coolant leak. And this is after I had the same reservoir leak fixed mentioned before that was fixed several months ago. They have no idea where the leak is.

    Worst part is that I DID buy the so-called "Land Rover Assured" warranty, and they are still refusing to cover the new engine because the technicians can't show where it's leaking from! Initially they told me that I just needed to keep driving the vehicle until it "broke more" so they could prove it to the warranty people. I told them that was unsafe and ridiculous. Now I'm in the process of trying to get them to give me a good trade-in value for the freelander and a great deal on a new LR3. I definitely feel stuck, though, because I don't think any dealer will give me much for trade-in value. At least with this Land Rover dealer, I can try to appeal to their sense of guilt (if they even have one).

    I'd be interested to hear if anyone has been able to get much for their freelander on as a trade-in after this coolant leak problem.
  • tpeeltpeel Posts: 17

    It's a long shot-

    Have your Radiator checked. It could be as simple as that. (by a REAL mechanic)- maybe some one that works on Mercedes, Porsche etc. If they (Land Rover)can't find where the coolant has leaked, then they are not qualified technicians. News to follow.
  • tpeeltpeel Posts: 17
    Have your radiator checked- by a technician other than Land Rover
  • My first Freelander engine was like yours. Replaced at 48K miles, loosing coolant. Your mechanic can find the coolant ..... it's in the oil pan. My Second engine is being relpaced right now at 66K miles for $6000. (20 days after the one year parts warranty from Land Rover expired) This time loosing oil into the coolant. Both failures due to the same defect. Iron cylinder sleeves break seal with the aluminum block and pass fluids. I'm up for class action lawsuit if anyone else is.
  • tpeeltpeel Posts: 17
    well here's one.

    I had a "seasoned" mechanic who rebuilds and works exclusively on Mercedes, Porsche and best of all Range Rover engines take a look at my engine. He was disgusted, and appalled that the dealership said I needed a new engine. Mmm. All he did was replace the radiator, because it was warm on top and quite cold on the bottom-and that restricted the flow of coolant! oh and he replaced the oil filter- it hadn't been been changed in quite a while and it was thick. Let's see, I took it in for the "scheduled" Land Rover
    maintenence, aren't they suppose to change the oil and filter? I guess for $104.00 an hour isn't enough. My mechanic has driven the car for 5 days and it hasn't lost any pressure, it hasn't overheated and the engine is sound.
    This is not the end..............
  • My 2003 Freelander is about to go out of warranty, only 24,000 miles on the clock, and everywhere I look there are reports of pre-mature engine and tranny failures due to cooling issues related to failed head gaskets. (btw, A clogged radiator sounds like oil sludge from a failed head gasket leaking oil into the coolent). The transmission is cooled by the same system as the engine, and will fail quickly if it gets too hot. Has anyone received compensation from LRNA for extended warranties or buy back offers? Had to leave my car at the dealership today, because, you guessed it, :sick: leaking coolant! :sick: (found oil/coolent foam under the oil cap this AM)

    Very sorry this car has the reputation it does, really enjoy driving it!
  • glowieglowie Posts: 1
    I purchased a 02 LR Freelander in Jan 2006 and by August of 2006 it went into the shop for the first time for overheating. 2 weeks later I got it back after they replaced a couple of hoses. November was the second time I had it towed in for overheating. After 2 days in the shop they told me they couldn't find anything wrong with it. I monitored the coolant levels and filled it with the coolant that landrover recommends in there owners manual. In December 2006 I took it back into the shop and told them that I had to fill the coolant every three days. It was in the shop for three weeks. They replaced the heater core and put in a new transmission pan and seals since there seemed to be a small leak. 4 days after having my LR Freelander back I get into and try to start it and it won't start. Once again towed to the dealership and I am still waiting to hear the sh**** news back from the warranty co. I purchased the vehicle used from a NON LR dealership with the Dealerships extended warranty so we will see how this turns out....This car is the biggest joke landrover ever made and they need to take responsibility for the sh** they made. I'm up for a lawsuit. I have also been to the LEMONLAW.COM site and filled out the paper work. I will be in contact with the BBB this week. Something has to be done to fix this. A car that only has 60,000 miles shouldn't have to have the engine replaced!!!!! :mad:
  • msouthwmsouthw Posts: 14
    I just dropped mine off AGAIN after replacing the engine ($8000) a few months ago. Leaking coolant...or oil leaking INTO the coolant...some bull...I read someone elses complaint about a similar situation and checked under the hood after smelling coolant but not seeing any leaks. Sure enough, the coolant looked a whole OTHER color. They are fixing the problem now, but gave me a bull reason for the problem... UP FOR A CLASS ACTION SUIT??? I'm trying to get this attorney's help, but its hard cuz my car is 2002 & 67k miles so it doesn't not fall under lemon law criteria anymore.
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