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Nissan Altima



  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    Replacing a rubber gasket in 10 years is not a big deal.
  • Well then three other points about not wanting a sunroof. No.1 I don't want to pay for something I will not use. No.2 There is more headroom without it. and No. 3. Why should I not have the choice??
  • afty: I did pay MSRP on the S version with ABS/side air bags, total = $20,178 including delivery. They gave me 500.00 over Kelly Blue Book for my trade, this was the only moderate concession (and $900.00 more than their original offer based on how much they would pay if they were at an Altima auction and there was 500 used Altima's and 10 buyers, or whatever the heck logic they use when they parade awful trade-in prices!)

    Don't know what the deal on the ABS is, there was no car available at all the dealer could find to trade for even though I was willing to take any of four colors. Does adding this option slow down production too much when they are trying to get a lot to the dealers this fall, or is ABS simply not that popular of an option? Beats me, I was surprised none were available...
  • lsclsc Posts: 210
    Does anyone know whether the Altimas are selling well at the sticker price that it's going for?

    I would think that this wouldn't last too long, especially given the disappointing (by most people) interior.
  • I bought my Altima 2.5S at MSRP. The price I saw when I was looking at it was 21,300 but when my wife and I sat down and started filling out the paper work the price had jumped to 21,900. I didnt remember seeing this price and I asked the dealer about it and apparently I had not looked at THEIR price. So after I saw this I told the salesman to forget it, and that I was not going to pay 600 more but I was willing to pay MSRP. It only took them a few minutes to resolve this issue and we continued on with the deal. They would not go under MSRP at all!
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    Please see

    Please understand that I do not mean any disrespect to the WTC tragedy at all as I am appalled by the entire event. However, I believe that the event, though tragic, has realistically affected consumer confidence and automobile sales will continue to stagnate. Thus, anyone buying a new car, such as the Altima, should not pay MSRP because soon, dealerships will have a glut of these cars on their lots and will need to liquidate them.

  • Bama99 - The Altima S MSRP is $19,438 (or thereabouts) - are you adding sales tax, license, title to get to your 21,300 figure, or did you have other options added like the convenience package?
  • Finally saw the car I have been waiting for, the Altima SE, in my favorite color also, Seascape. The car had the auto trans., moonroof and Bose I believe for about 25K and some change. I did sit inside the cabin, and I do like the seats of the
    SE, and the material seemed pretty nice in THIS model, but the adjustable armrest was a bit wobbly and felt oh so CHEAP!!! I still want one. They also had a 2002 Maxima GLE sitting right beside it. Majestic Blue with Frost interior. I LOVE that car, the interior was TOP NOTCH, and the gauges looked so cool with the retro chrome rings. I might just get it over the Altima. The salesmen tried his best to sell me the Altima over the Maxima, it was like he just knew I need the Alty over the Max, needless to say, I didn't buy anything.
  • I went to a dealer over the weekend to go over the new Altima, before I did that, I slid into a new Maxima that was nearby. plenty of room, comfy seats, front and back, good materials and textures. Then the Altima...the insied was great, then I started to notice the much worse materials, and then the center console - has anyone noticed how loose it is? I could move it laterally about an inch either way, sliding right around under the plate for the gear selector (auto model) I sat in another,and noticed the same thing. Then the seats felt much worse, the back seat felt like I was sitting on the floor. ( I know the Altima is designed to compete in a different price bracket, but come on- how many Camcords have these type of interior problems?)
    I figured out that to option out both cars like I wanted, the difference would only be about 1700 more for the Maxima, which seemed to be screwed together much better, plus I get more power and an extra cog in the manual box. So my mind is made up...for now.
  • I too am deeply saddened by the recent events - I once worked in the WTC. I was on the verge of buying a Maxima or Altima (was probably going to flip a coin) but have decided, as many people will, to postpone my purchase. When I told the dealer why I wasn' buying, he didn't understand my logic - these scumbags are too much. As far as the car, the dealers really need their heads examined. I had a firm deal on a Max SE w/ everything except nav for 28,500 (sticker was 30,512. A fully loaded (everything) Altima SE stickers for 29,500, and the dealer would not move off of the sticker. This of course led me to the Max. I don't think you'll see too many loaded Altimas so they don't get near the Max. Again, though, with all due respect to the victims of the attack that brought on the uncertainty in an already unshaky economy, let's hold out on these dealers for a few weeks, and see how fast they are willing to deal on any car, and will be backed up by Nissan with some great cash back or financing offers. Good luck.
  • mney6mney6 Posts: 116
    Take a look at my side. I have received a total of 4 Altima's since labor day.3 out of the four have sold at MSRP because of supply versus demand.My next 2 Altima's will arrive in late Oct or early November.Why would I discount something that I can't get?As far as the Max is concered,How many do you want?
    They sell cheaper because the supply is on every dealers lot.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    maybe you should discount because the interior has been reported as not so good?
  • aftyafty Posts: 499
    Interior quality doesn't matter right now. People are wiling to pay MSRP because supply is so limited right now; therefore dealers aren't going to offer any deals until they can't sell them at MSRP anymore. Simple supply and demand.

    What would you do as a dealer? Sell a car that's in short supply and high demand at a discount because some people don't like the interior? Heck no! Point those people to the Maxima and let others pay MSRP for the Altima.
  • lsclsc Posts: 210
    the market determines the price. not complaining. i'm waiting patiently until the market price for this car is around invoice...but if that doesn't happen in a reasonable time period, i'll just buy the 2002 Camry at $400 over invoice at Carmax in Kenosha, WI.
  • Sorry for the confusion. The price I listed included the convenience package. All they had at the dealership was the 2.5S model with convenience package.
  • Anyone seen any advertising for the 2002 Altima (other than billboards)?

    I thought Nissan was going to do an all-out advertising blitz? I've seen lots of 2002 Camry ads.
  • aftyafty Posts: 499
    I saw an ad on Fox the other night. It had Jerry Hirshberg talking about the new Altima intermixed with shots of a silver Altima whizzing around. It ended with the Altima doing a 180 turn to face the camera and the tagline "The Cure for the Common Car."

    I've only seen the ad once, though. I'm guessing they'll start ramping up the ads soon.
  • Thanks for the clarification on the price, are you happy with the car so far? Any other comments from those who have taken delivery already would be appreciated, thanks!
  • ahossaahossa Posts: 152
    I was really interested in this car but when i test drove it I was a bit disappointed. The V4 is great but the engine is noisey. I could hear it loudly in the car in Drive and Park. I"m a stickler for quite cars.I also heard little noises here and there.I drove 2 of them and they were oth the same. The Camry is much Quieter. I did not have the oppertunity to drive the V6 but I turned on the engine and let it idle and it was much quieter than the V4. Here in NYC they are selling at about $1,000 below Sticker cause of the WTC horrific tragedy.Also the interior is a bit cheap. Everything felt as though they were going to fall off.
  • BTW...the 4 cylinder engine in the Altima is inline not in "V" (I don't think you can have a 4 cyl engine in "V", mechanics?). So the proper terminology would be "I4", not V4.
  • Has anyone seen the 2002 Nissan Altima brochure?
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    While I'm really interested in the upcoming '03 Infiniti G35, thought I'd look at an '02 Altima to see what Nissan up to. Local dealer only had a moderately loaded 2.5 SL with leather, sunroof, and some more. Didn't have 3.5L SE. Nor did he have any brochures. None for new Altima or even '02 Maxima. His lot was loaded with '02 Maximas! Not sure why everyone is complaining about interior materials. Only thing I didn't like were the plastic interior door handles/lock. Rest of it looked nice, including the leather seats. Was quite roomy inside and in trunk. I'm almost 6 ft 3 inches and I had no problem getting comfortable with the sunroof. The mechanical telescoping steering wheel is a nice touch!

    After looking at this Altima we swung by a Toyota dealer to see a loaded 3.0 Camry SE. Stickered over $27,000. Nice and maybe a bit nicer materials but not as roomy. At least the formerly completely boring styling is now a bit more exciting. Know I'd rather have a 3.5 SE over the Camry!
  • oac3oac3 Posts: 373
    I just cruised around and found this topic. Nice topic, indeed. I have not been able to read through the 1,000+ posts, but I'd like to contribute a bit to it. Apologies if my findings have been reported here before.

    I went to a local Nissan dealer to check out the new Altimas. I was told there are 4 trim levels - 2.5 (base), 2.5S, 2.5SL and 3.5SE. I saw the S (with cloth), SL (with leather) and SE (with cloth) models. Nice, very cool looking design from the outside. The SL stickered at 25K, with leather, 6CD changer and moonroof. The price, though on the high side, kinda fitted the car, somehow. The 3.5SE had a sticker of $25,127, without leather but with curtain airbags, and the Bose with 6CD changer. I had to drive this one. The dual exhaust did it for me over the SL model. I just loved the 3.5SE.

    Quick points I noticed right away: The cloth interior of the SL looked cheap and on the thin side. Reminded me very much of my 1996 Altima I sold earlier this year. I can see that this would wear out real quick. There was some plastic cladding around the door which looked cheap as well. I didn't particularly like the dash with the oval-shaped tach, but I can live with it. Otherwise, everything else looked good. OTOH, the cloth interior in the SE is of much better quality than the one in the SL. Much much better, imo. Otherwise there was no noticeable interior difference bwteen the 2.5 and the 3.5. The exterior dual exhaust of the 3.5 was a deal breaker for me. I simply loved it, mated to the sleek 17" wheels and sport-tuned suspension on the 3.5. Uhmmmm... sweet...

    I took the SE out for a test drive. Came with 5-speed, my kinda car. The engine was very peppy, alive and very very quick. By now you all can tell I like this car. On the highway, I went up to 80 and it simply soaked the speed up. I took it off O/D and watched the rpm climb and the car take off.... Oh my... wished the CHP were on strike so that I can take this car for a real long spin as fast as I could go..... This engine would win you over, I don't care how cheap the interior looks and/or feels. It sure did it for me.

    One negative note: Maybe it is my imagination here, but i feel the doors didn't close with a real thunk. They kinda felt light. On the Camry, you can feel the solidity of the doors; they close with a thunk that inspires confidence. Not on the Alty, though.

    I will like to close on a positive note: The sales guy demo-ed the remote keyless entry on the 3.5 for me. It was nice to see you can not only open all the doors with a click, but also lower the two front windows with a push of a button. Similar to the rear trunk door on my '01 Seqouia, where you can lower the rear window by holding down a button on the key fob. I thought the design of the Alty fob was very nicely done, as well.

    Finally (geez, too long already, but please bear with me for a tad longer), I decided to compare the performance with a '01 Maxima SE Anniversary Edition (fully loaded with everything). The Max looked every bit a solid and very refined car. This car felt very familiar in my hands. Though peppy, the 3.0 is no match for the 3.5L engine. Clearly, Nissan outdid themselves with the new 3.5L engine, and I can only say that they have a winner, once again, with this engine.

    To close: Just MHO, the Maxima is a more solidly built car than the Alty, but the latter is a far better-looking car. And, for looks and engine only, I'd buy the Alty at sticker, and enjoy it for a long time.

    Good luck to you all, especially those who are undecided. To current owners, I'd say you have a nice gem in your hands and do not feel bad you paid sticker price.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    should have compared it against a 2002 Max SE.
  • the 2.5S has cloth, not the 2.5SL, it comes with leather only.
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    When I looked at the Altima the salesperson tried to push the huge row of '02 Maximas on his lot. Took a quick look under the rear suspension of one. Same old non-independent beam axle found in basic minivans. Why would anyone want a serious sport sedan that has such a cheap, space-saving, utilitarian rear suspension? New Altima fixes that problem as will the next generation Maxima. I remember the early 90s Maximas that had the right engine, transmission, and fully independent suspensions. Car mags raved. Then Nissan went cheap and the Maxima just became another powerful FWD car without all the right stuff to be a real sport sedan. Too bad. But Altima shows Nissan learned from that mistake!!!

    Infiniti did the same thing when they switched to next generation G20 in 1999. The '89-'96 G20 had the fully independent suspension and the later platform went cheap beam axle. Where the first generation got FWD handling raves, no one mentioned favorably the 2nd generation G20s handling. Infiniti isn't making this mistake with the upcoming G35. RWD, serious power, and fully independent suspension.
  • I am interested in trading my boring Camry and getting a cure, so I was interested in the 2002 or 2003 Altima.

    Can anyone tell me about the road noise of this car? I am not really serious right now, so I dont want to test drive it, yet..

    Can anyone compare the road noise of the 2002 Camry and 2002 Altima? Thanks!
  • I'm currently shoping fo a car and I will probably take the Max over the Altima. Why?
    Because of the quality in the Max. I don't realy car about the rear suspension. The test drive in the Max was good and comfy. It's a minor fault compared to the carpet AND built quality of the Altima.
    I test drove one (altima 3.5SE) yesterday. I was impressed with the road handling BUT was not with the wind noise. Upon further inspection, I noticed that a seal around the windshield was STICKING OUT!!! Very unimpresive in a car that price. It makes me wonder what else they scr@!# UP. :)

    Max= Built in Japan.
    Altima= Built in USA.
  • aftyafty Posts: 499
    I definitely agree with you about the beam axle of the Maxima being a huge turn-off. I would buy a Maxima right now if it weren't for the rear suspension, since it's difficult to get an Altima at a reasonable price and Maximas are selling at or below invoice.

    Everything I've read says that the Altima outhandles the Maxima by a large amount. That combined with the looks of the Altima has convinced me to wait until dealers are willing to deal on the new Altimas. Hopefully, it won't take too long.

    Incidently, I think the reason Altimas aren't moving from some dealer lots is because they won't sell below sticker. The 2002 Camry can be had for close to invoice already!
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