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Nissan Altima



  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I don't find cheap plastic appealing, I find a well styled cockpit appealing. Like I said, I don't go around massaging the plastics! :o)

    It doesn't hurt to point it out, but frankly it's getting a little old, and some posts seem mean spirited IMO. Otherwise why would owners want to get their own topic?

    The Altima is to mainsteam sedans what your RX was to SUVs. It breaks the mold, with cutting edge styling. I'm sure you can appreciate the fact that they're striving to offer a little spice, something different than the Camry/Accord.

    I personally find the RX a little too "space truck" looking, and prefer the boxy and utilitarian Highlander, but I'll admit the bold design is appealing to consumers, kind of like the Altima is.

  • Funny you said that an RX is a little too "space truck". Someone in this forum earlier mentioned that his mother thought the Altima looks like a "spaceship". Guess where we know automobile design is headed.

    Owners SHOULD get their own topic - that much I agree with. Just means we get to rag on the Altima without interference here :-).
  • aftyafty Posts: 499
    I like the looks of both the Altima and the RX300. Does that make me a "space cadet"?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Looks like NASA is the major influence on design nowadays...

  • lsclsc Posts: 210
    we're slowly heading to the "Jetsons" era.
  • I read the Consumer Reports article and do not remember the comment about a "high quailty interior". However after having driven 4 new 3.5
    Altimas I note the following facts. The Dash is made of hard, cheap plastic. The panels that form the front and rear doors did not uniformly fit in any of the 4 models I tested. They are quite unsightly. The quality of cloth on the seats is extremely poor, what you would expect to find on rental furniture. Yet the 3.5 is responsive and quick. The brakes work well and stops are short. The trunk is large and the handling is good. But please don't tell me the interior is fine or a matter of opinion. Nissan had better get to work on an upgrade, beacuse once the new has owrn off this model they could be in real trouble if no upgade is made.
  • I read the consumers Report & remember reading

    positive comments about 2002 Altima's interior.

    Well if thats not good enough here is another

    2002 Altima review who seems to have no problem

    with its interior. So please don't tell others

    interior styling is not subjective. It definitely

    hasn't been unanimous about Altima's interior.

    All I am saying some people are so obsessed

    about bashing this new Altima.. they talk about

    it as if its a room that doesn't move & nothing

    about this car matters other than the interior.

    This car definitely stirs passions both negative

    and positive. When Nissan debuted this car they

    said its not for everybody, looks like its true.


    Nice Interior

    The quiet, nicely designed interior easily accommodates four tall adults. There are supportive front bucket seats, a tilt-telescoping steering wheel and recessed, backlit gauges that can be read quickly even when the sun is shining brightly.

    The large, smooth controls are within easy reach for most persons. Cupholders are big, but the rear windows don't slide all the way down; they should go all the way down in a family sedan because kids in the back seat will often reach for food and beverages in drive-through lanes at fast-food outlets.


  • I visit this forum often, but I don't post much. So rookie error. Sorry :-)
  • About your spacing ... what a newbie. :-) j/k

    That review was hardly a glowing one. C'mon, no one is bashing the Alty. It's a discussion about the car's merits. Where has anyone NOT acknowledged the car's speed and roominess? We're just here to bash ..uhm, critique its shortcomings as well as its merits.
  • aftyafty Posts: 499
    While I was over at Carpoint checking out that review, I wandered over to the User Reviews section for some laughs. There are some very well thought out reviews there. Take this little nugget of wisdom, for example:

    This car looks like a diseased maggot.
    Overall Review:
    People will laugh at you for owning such a horrible car!"

    Or this one:

    Overall Review:

    Makes you appreciate the old Town Hall a bit more, doesn't it?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Jetsons, yes!

    The comment about the interior that I quoted came from their introduction. They once again mention the vast improvement from the last generation in the quick review of the car.

    The one I drove had no noticeable misalignments or other quality glitches. Compare it to the Buick-like flat dash on the Camry and the Altima has more appealing cockpit for the driver. That's my opinion, and I'm sticking to it! ;-)

    I agree that reviews from the press that I have read have been unanimous about praising the interior. Consumer Reports, Car & Driver, and Car Point all gave it a thumbs up.

    I challenge you to provide photos of 4 different cars where the front and rear door panels do not line up. Sorry but I don't believe that for a second.

  • Four Japanese adults, perhaps. Certainly not anyone over 6 feet. My line of vision was obstructed even with the front seat fully lowered -- and my head was only about an inch or so from touching the roof, fully lowered. The sunroof certainly doesn't help... but then, there don't seem to be any SE's without one.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Really? The dealer I visited had moonroofs on less than half their Altys.

    Maybe they should make the ones like the old CRX had, that went up and out, spoiler style. They were cool.

  • The dealers seem to have non-SE models w/o sunroofs. However, from my experience, the only 5 speed manual SE's available are loaded with every possible option that there is, except maybe for leather.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Now that I think about it, I do think both their 5 speeds had moonroofs. But I want both so that was fine with me.

  • I know a woman who was getting a Mazda 929, but she wanted the car for $100 less, but the dealer wouldn't budge. So her husband said that the would spilt the $100 with the salesman and if they would come down $50 then they would buy the car. The dealer refused, so they went across the street and bought a Mercedes-Benz in about an hours time, so when they left the lot they were blowing the horn and waving at the Mazda salesman. Goodluck on the Camry!! Did you get an LE?
  • Looks like some fair, accurate and even-handed reviews to me! ;-)

    I checked them out yesterday from home, where I have plain old 56K, and quit after 3 reviews. Carpoint absolutely flounders on slower connections, with its endless array of pics and banners. That's why I like Edmunds - simplicity at its best, with highly intelligent posters like myself.

    BTW buyers may want to get an Altima with a moonroof - the solid roof sags like a sheet of tin ... hehe
  • Someone on this board said they are 6'4" and had little headroom in the Altima. I too and 6'4" and had on Nike Shox the day I went to testdrive the car. I'm not sure if you ever seen the shoes, but they increase your height by about an inch. Anyway, when i got in i adjusted the seed cushion down in the back and up in the front as i do in my own car, and i was able to turn my fist vertically above my head w/o hitting the roof of the car. Neither of the 3.5's i drove had a sunroof, in fact none of the cars had a sunroof. So when they get one with a sunroof i'll see about the headroom.
  • "... i was able to turn my fist vertically above my head .... "

    People sure do funny things testing out cars .. hehe j/k
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I did the same with my Forester. A MD dealer said he could not match the ad price a VA dealer published (I had wanted to buy in-state), and said he doubted I could really get it for that. As a courtesy, I drove by to show him my new Subie!

    I didn't notice the sheet metal, but I'd be much more concered about IIHS and NHTSA crash tests than the slightly less scientific thumb-on-the-roof test. ;-)

  • aftyafty Posts: 499
    The sunroof does cut into headroom quite a bit. I'm only 5'10" so I have a decent amount of room even with the sunroof, but I don't have as much as I would have expected from such a large car. However, without the sunroof there's a heck of a lot of headroom.

    I've seen a few SE's close to base. I had the opportunity to purchase one with a 5-speed, sunroof, and spoiler, but the price was too high and the car lacked ABS.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I'm 5'11' with a 30' inseam and had no problem at all getting comfy. The rear seat in particular seemed quite spacious, more so in leg room than head room, but even that was OK.

  • Does anyone have pictures or experience with aftermarket upgrades on the Alty interior? Kits are out there that are supposed to let you improve the interior, and one poster a long time ago said he was going to have carbon fiber put over the cheap plastic. Do these kits actally produce a nice looking car? Or is this like putting makeup on a hard-looking streetwalker?

    Juice: I'm with you. An Altima owner's board makes sense.

    Everyone: Carpoint gives insights not available here, although I confess I haven't seen the owner boards, but Edmunds is clearly a class act compared to Carpoint, especially the contributions of the hosts. As for Carpoint's boards, think of a hockey game with no referees.
  • canadianclcanadiancl Posts: 1,078
    I'm 6'8" and I can sit in the Alty and turn my foot above my head. But then again I have a 50" inseam.

    I'm sorry, I'm neither of those. I just couldn't help myself after reading everyone posting the measurements of their various body parts, and doing weird gymnastics in the car, and I'm all alone in the office, and...

    Anyways..., did I say I'm sorry? Carry on people.
  • ahossaahossa Posts: 152
    I saw at Star Nissan In Queens Ny a light burlwood installed by the dealer in a 2.5S. They charged $599.00 to do this. It seemed to be over 20 pieces(front and back) and it looked great. It was better that the factory installed wood in the 3.5Se.This was a velvet beige 2.5s with blonde interior. As a matter of fact if i buy an Alty I will install the burlwood.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    You know what they say about long legs...

    long pants!

    That was probably real burlwood. I'm sure it does look better than the plood Altima has (thankfully optional).

  • that nissan has FINALLY produced a good looking car. What was the last one? The original 240z or maybe the 240sx? Their designs have been consistently homely, clumsy, silly, or uninspired. It's a wonder they have survived this long, although nissans have been relatively good cars in other ways. I only hope they keep whoever designed the new altima busy on future designs.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The 1989 4DSC Maxima was attractive for its class. The first Altima was a poor man's J30 and was popular. The hatch back 240SX and the last 300ZX were nice looking. And the original XTerra was rugged looking, though the new grille makes it look like it's a geek wearing glasses.

    So there were a few in there, but indeed most were pretty dull.

  • currently I have a leased 99 Maxima SE with 0 problem. It is going back to the dealer for a 2002 6 speed, 7 months before end of the lease.
    Tested the 3.5SE Altima and it was quick, and looks decent. The front IMO does look like a civic, but the rest of the body is nice. I don't care for the clear taillights. I would have given more consideration into the Altima but I didn't like:

    - the instrument panel. Didn't like the color,
    and not keen on the motorcycle design.
    - hood doesn't hold itself up
    - side mirrors don't fold
    - seats felt narrow, and I am not big (5'8, 195)

    had the above 4 issues didn't exist, I would considered the Altima at $5,000 Cdn less than the Maxima. Nevertheless, the car is eye catching, but where I am at I don't think too many got sold, partly due to the MSRP price and little bargaining room.

    They say this is a cure for the common car. I think they should have made it less common, meaning more out rageours interior instead of 'cheap'. The IS300 interior is outrageous and not so common. May be it would work out better if they pick either end of the spectrum (eg. more family vs more trend/tacky) than to be somewhat in the middle, and not pleasing either extremes?

    I like the car, but I like the Maxima more, even though it might be slower?!?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The interior on the IS300 is gimmicky. It's hard to read those tiny markings.

    The rest of the car is fantastic, but it's not an example of a high quality interior, IMO. It's also about two sizes down in interior space compared to the Altima, though it is RWD.

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