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2013 and earlier Nissan Maxima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I drive an 05 Max now...about to come off lease (4 mos).
    I'm torn between the Maxima and the C350 Benz sport for a few reasons.

    1. They're Not Budging Off List.... here are the lease deals I was quoted for 39 mos 12K mi per year:

    $1000 down, 747/mo
    2500 down, 699 mo
    5000 down, 643/mo (are u serious?)

    2. The seats on the SV I test drove were very uncomfortable. Felt like I was sitting on a pull out couch bed. Surprising compared to my current max.

    3. Price - At right around $41K, I'm wondering why I shouldn't look at a Benz or BMW with longer warranty.

    Another question....can you ask for an internet quote after you've already been out to the dealership? Just curious if I'd get a better deal.

    Appreciate any feedback you guys have. Thanks.
  • soplush - The Maxima is a great car with a nice engine, but I would highly recommend the BMW.

    I can't believe that they are not discounting the car. Where are you located?

    Also, I would not submit an internet quote to the same dealership. I would receive internet quotes from other local dealers and base your decision on the numbers you receive as well as the perceived customer service.

  • eights38: I'm in North Carolina. I've owned BMers before, never the sedan. I'll go out on the site here and compare to the benz 350. Good idea on the quotes, will try it out.

    I think its simply supply/demand on the pricing thing. Only had 7 in and several spoken for...
  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 271
    There are very good deals going on on E350 right now. If you are willing to spend $600-700s on a lease you can get a fully loaded E350 with AMG Sport package (MSRP $60K+) easily. I personally would rather get G35 for less than $500 per month.
  • nice car light blue or dark how is the interior color good luck nissans are grate cars and last a verry long time thans marco.
  • I am coming off a 06 Maxima lease and went today to possibly get the new 09's after seeing it in person and I fell in love. I went to staten island nissan in NYC and they wanted STICKER for the car.

    Than they were offering me a DEMO with 3,000 miles on it just because it happened to be the same exact model I wanted. The best part was that he tried to tell me having 3k miles is still new, so I countered and said than why not just give me a car with no mileage, he was dumbfounded. The manager was no smarter as I wasn't budging a bit.

    Sport package+Technology, I told them I was returning a lease early and I had already paid off the last two months, they did nothing for me. They said the best they could do was 2,500 down and 509 a month. As a returning customer that is a bit disrespectful, I don't really need the car seeing as how I still have 2 months left and I figured they would do something for me.

    I immediately wanted to walk away and my final offer was 1,000 out of pocket and 475 a month and they said NO.

    After reading about how many people are getting 3-4k below sticker and getting 450 a month leases on the same car I am seriously NEVER dealing with this dealership ever again. I quoted an 09 TL for 500 a month 1500 down, they tried to tell me the Maxima was more of a luxury car than an Acura and at these prices they aren't kidding. :mad:
  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 271
    Why not 2008 G35? A little bit smaller but otherwise better car or wait for 2009 G37 sedan coming soon?
  • soplushsoplush Posts: 29
    Vinny625 see my post #585 if it is any consolation to you. I got the same treatment here. The dealers are acting like they did when the new 350Z roadsters came out.
  • it is all dealer games I dont waste my time I just tell them I will go to a nother Nissan dealer and get a grate price then walk away. they then run after you and drop the price $500 and I still walk vinny go to copal Nissan in Jakson Hights queans. or look at a few mor dealers as whell around your aria. this dealer in statandisland is bad news. thanks for reading Hope I was able to help you out have a verry good day thanks Marco.
  • hey vinny did you everbye a 2009 max keep us updated on whats going on thanks for reading Marco have a verry good day
  • mchspd1mchspd1 Posts: 11
    Looking in Houston for a 09 Maxima SV with Sport Pkg, Summer Tires. Got an offer for one in New Orleans for $4085 off sticker! Waiting to find out if it is demo. Whats the going discounts now? Is the Navi worth it? or is it too outdated? I am thinking $3800 off of sticker would be a good enough to bite. What do you all think? Thanks for the feedback.
  • mchspd1mchspd1 Posts: 11
    Just got the hook on the $4085 off MSRP...the "window etching" costs $495 on the backside of the deal. No thanks. Down in Houston you can easily go to invoice on these cars. Dealers have stock. Now the story is how low will they go?
  • What dealer in NO is this
  • nice chunk off the price of that car keep us updated on if it is a demmo or a brand new one it is a grate car and nissan makes grate cars. thanks for reading my posting and have a verry good day Marco
  • 2009 MAX SV Premium Package Glick Nissan in Westboro, MA
    37005 MSRP
    32675 (IIRC) Selling Price
    39 Months
    586 OOP
    468 P/M including Tx
    Can I do better?
  • zman16zman16 Posts: 19
    What does (IIRC) mean?

    The money factor being offered by Nissan is very high. I have been shopping around in the central mass area and am hoping that Nissan reduces the MF to make leasing more attractive.

    That looks like a great selling price as it is over 1,000 under invoice and the 586 does not completely cover the typical acq. and doc fees.
    Could you add more details on what MF and residual they are giving you?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 72,943


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • off the top of my head i think the residual was 57 of 58 percent and the MF was .000270

    I dont have the deal sheet only the paper with the up front of 586 and the payment of 468.50 and the term of 39 months.

    For comparison the other dealer i called came in with 480 with similar up front fees.
    Less than 600 OOP Same exact car. They have told me that they will match the lower price only if I give them a deposit...shady.
  • Pulled the trigger.
    It's in my garage.
    It is hotness.
    In Central MA? Glick Nissan all the way.
  • nice congrads on the new 2009 Max. so what color is your car and what color is the interior of your max nice car so you got every option nice man might have to take a ride and get a max there haha lol good luck with it nissan makes grate cars you will love it thanks for reading have a verry grate day marco.
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