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Audi A4 Maintenance and Repair



  • I had problems with the flasher unit/switch working intermittently. I took the switch out and stripped off the casing to look for broken circuit or anything obvious, and found that the unit worked if held at a certain position whilst still connected. I bent the terminals at the back just slightly and applied WD40 and it cured the problem. Cheaper that a switch! Could be worth a try.
  • amandamand Posts: 5
    any progress on your issue. Mine did that and fianlly went out. checked the nossels and then the motor - everything seems to be fine. I believe it is the switch.. but have not opened this up yet.

  • amandamand Posts: 5
    AUDI A4 - 02 Wiper slowed down then went out. Checked motor which is fine. Suspect switch - anyone with similar experience - pls help. AD
  • asaidiasaidi Posts: 1
    i also have a audia4-02 with a similar problem...
    my blades we not stopped completely, they were stuck and went back and forth a slight bit , they would stop and flicker a little again ...thought maybe it was the fuse but it wasn't...we put some wd40 in the wiper connection bolt(unsure of the technical name) and it started to works again
    i went to the dealer and they said it is a common problem and the part would need replacement at about $ 450
    hope this helps
  • brokencarbrokencar Posts: 1
    I have an A4 convertible (3.0) Qt

    i have had it for 4.5 years and have only done 21K miles.

    the other day, the coolant was leaking. the garage have concluded that it is a crack in the short engine block. This is surely not down to wear and tear. Audi customer services are offering £1K towards a £7k bill. They do NOT accept it is a manufacturing fault, but will not tell me what caused it. Engine blocks do not just crack after 21K miles?

    help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    Depends on whether you allowed the car to overheat or not. If the crack (I assume in the cylinder bore) was due to a severe overheat, you'll have a hard time getting Audi to step up for that. If you can swear on ten holy books that the temp gauge never went into the red and that the overheat alarm didn't go off, then I'd raise hell with them. You might ask that a factory representative examine the block. These field engineers travel from dealer to dealer.
  • eddie650eddie650 Posts: 26
    My dealer just sent me an offer for an extended warranty on my 2005 Audi A4 convertible and it was about $4,600 for an extra 4 years or up to 100,000 miles. Though it seems like a lot to pay out at one time, I almost expect to pay out about $1,200 or more per year anyway once I'm out of the regular warranty and the car is over 4 years old. I expect to buy it, but don't know if there are competitive offers around.
    It's offered bt Total Protection and is called "Supreme Coverage".

    I'm generally satisfied with my car, though I just had a coolant leak at 36,000 miles and also had aaan ignition coil replaced after the 35,000 service.
  • 604doc604doc Posts: 182
    It's probably negotiable. If you really want the warranty, offer him quite a bit less, and see what he says.
  • jbird2412jbird2412 Posts: 1
    Did you ever figure out a fix for that rattling coming from the drivers side door/under the dash area?? I just bought a 06 a4 and it has a rattle when going over rough pavement
  • hauschildhauschild Posts: 62

    2005.5 A4 - 35k miles - 2.0 Turbo Quattro

    While on vacation this last week, I noticed the brake lights illuminating on the A4 as I walked out the door in the morning to take a ride. I found this severely odd - no light switches were turned on inside the vehicle and the car started, but barely. That day came and went without event.

    However, a few days later as I attempted to take another drive, the battery was completely dead. I had my pops jump it and it started. The following evening, the battery was completely dead again. Had my pops jump again and the following morning it was completely dead once again.

    So, I looked up the nearest Audi dealership in Wausau, Wisconsin and headed out for the nice 120 mile jaunt. Arrived mid-morning and explained the situation with the service manager. They couldn't find a problem after an hour messing around. I then let the manager know about the brakes lights being on that one morning. That was deal-sealer as the tech quickly found a faulty brake light switch.

    My first question is why in the hell does a faulty brake light switch not cause some type of fault code??? I really found it odd that something as drastic as a piece of faulty circuitry that completely disables an engine can go unnoticed by the computer???

    Anyhow, maybe this will help anybody that goes thru something like this in the future.

    There was another thing I'd like some comments on. As I was talking with the service manager with the engine idling, he told me there is something wrong with my engine because it idles too loudly. I've never listened to an A4 engine, so I thought mine was normal. I was in a hurry that day to resume my vacation, so I told him I'd hold off until I return to Chicago, but he told me to definitely get it checked out because something's not right. Other than that, it runs good and I am getting around 34mpg's on my highway drives which is real good. Anybody have any concrete information on the engine that I can use before I make an appointment? I'm not sure a service manager would do much if I came in and said my engine was loud, ya know? Something specific would be appreciated.

  • robin25robin25 Posts: 1
    My son's 2004 Audi A4 has Bose speakers and the front driver's side speaker seems to have blown. Can anyone tell me how I can go about getting it replaced other than to take it to the Audi dealer?
  • huntzingerhuntzinger Posts: 356
    For a starting point, you might want to check out the website for Crutchfield, or find a hardcopy of their catalog. They offer aftermarket stereos and speakers for nearly all cars sold in the USA and as such, they have the info for "drop in" types of replacements.

    Their website is

    They used to have an affiliation with Discover Credit Card, which you might be able to save another 20% if you use part of your 'Cashback Bonus' for a gift card or whatever.

  • a6vosa6vos Posts: 1
    the motor may still be fuctional, but i would suggest to open up the motor and look at the gears inside, they may be worn.
  • glenn15glenn15 Posts: 1
    Hi, This is my first question,any input welcome.I have a 1993 Audi 100 Avant,and
    have a problem with the electric windows.when i first start the car the windows
    do not operate,then after about 5mins they work ok,thie same thing happens every time i start the car,it also stops me closing the windows via the door lock.
    Could the problem be the master switch?
  • pug3pug3 Posts: 2
    Check Engine light stays on. What could be the problem?
  • eddie650eddie650 Posts: 26
    No way to know for sure without taking your car in to be checked out.

    I'm aware that if the oxygen sensor goes bad for some reason, the check engine light comes on. At work this happens on the Malibu's in our fleet when the rodents chew on a wire when the car is parked in the lot overnight in the same space for a few days. For some reason, they go after the Malibu's and ignore the Stratus vehicles we have.
  • mdstoloffmdstoloff Posts: 2

    I had the same issue with my 06 A4 Avant. Traction light would come on an over-ride the engine. The dealer tried to fix the car several times but failed. Finally they said they placed an order for a new PC board that controlled the engine. They needed to get this direct from Audi in Germany and was made for my spacific vin number.... Worked like a charm. I have not had any issue since then.
    Good Luck...
  • deepstardeepstar Posts: 15
    I have the same "problem" with my new 2008 Audi A4 2.0T Quattro. Lots of Slimey Black Soot in the exhaust. Makes a big mess trying to wipe down the tips. When it's splatters all over the back of the car. Why is this happening? This can't be good for my Catalytic's. Is anyone at Audi aware of this? I Went to the dealer...they told me I had "Bad Gas" and to refill with "Shell" Brand gas instead of the premium "BP" gas that I was currently using. I have never heard of this. This has to be a joke. I seem to be getting a lot of "Bad Gas" these days and it 's nothing Beano can fix!
  • ilrndudeilrndude Posts: 14

    They weren't joking about the "bad gas." Some brands have additives which will help prevent the very problem you describe. Brands such as Shell, Texaco, Chevron, and Conoco are good. Avoid Mobil/Exxon and BP. Google this issue about gas. It's not just Audis which are affected.

    There should have been information provided when you bought your car. With the other owner material was included a list of good gas brands. I already knew about it and have been careful about the gas we put in our other car--a Saab.
  • I recently took my Audi to the dealer for the 40K scheduled maintenance. I have maintained this car regularly & have had no problems with the vehicle until AFTER the 40K maintenance.

    Earlier this year, Audi sent me notice of a fuel pump recall. The dealer inspected the fuel pump & said it did not need replacing. They charged me $689 for the 40K & sent me off warning me that all the brakes had to be replaced within 3 months.

    Then, two days later I had to return the car to the dealer when all the gas leaked out of the car as I was filling it up. The dealer ended up replacing the fuel pump after all even though they supposedly had just inspected it & found nothing wrong. But, even then, they tried to argue that they were not at fault! I argued my case & ended up with free rental car for the 4 days it took to order the pump & fix the problem that supposedly wasn't a problem.

    Now, one week later, the engine light suddenly came on & the car abruptly started running rough - VERY rough. I managed to get the car back to my house although I was nervous driving it. Once again I called the dealer who then cited numerous possibilities (along with the cost for each possibility) such as a failed catalytic converter (cost = approx.$1,500). Of course the dealer failed to mention how the recent poor maintenance (incident #1 & #2) might be a factor.

    I had no problems with this car until after this 40K scheduled maintenance. Then a host of problems cropped up. I have two questions based on the above: (1) Can I drive this car back to the dealer without worrying about engine damage or should I opt for getting it towed?; (2) What are the probable causes of ENGINE LIGHT ON + ROUGH ENGINE following a "heavy" maintenance?

    Thanks so much for any help you can give to me.
  • rowlandjrowlandj Posts: 254
    It sounds like a bad coil-pack on your car. Typically on Audi's when they go bad it results in the behavior your seeing. This can be checked by a relatively simple scan tool at most auto parts stores. If the code shows a bad coil pack it may not show what cylinder but there are ways to determine which relativaly easily.

    If you do a searc on the web for "audi coil pack diy" you'll likely find the best method.

    Your car is just about the right age and mileage for this to happen and it's not uncommon at all. Just poor timing.

    PS - that dealer sounds like a nightmare, you may do better finding a good independent shop in the area that specializes in German vehicles VW/Audi in particular. There are lots of them out there.
  • eddie650eddie650 Posts: 26
    It was a rough engine after replacing the spark plugs in my case. It ended up that they needed to replace an engine coil - probably same as mentioned in another reply. they told me this sometimes happens after replacing a spark plug. Driving the car should be OK if it's just a small distance to the dealer.
  • tyler13tyler13 Posts: 1
    I just bought a 1999 A4 quattro this morning and the power windows quit working for me! They worked on my way to lunch but when i got back into the car they didn't work at all. the sunroof doesn't work now either. It still works to open and close them with the key in the door lock but thats it. Any idea's as to what the cause of this might be?
  • can anyone tell me if my release bearing and lever are bad do i need to replace the whole clutch kit
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    This is a duplicate question which has been addressed already in the "Transmission Traumas" topic.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    Hard to say. First thing I'd do is see if a scanner will pick up a trouble code to help with the diagnosis. Of course, I'd also get out your owner's manual and check any fuse related to these operations.

    ALSO - in your "8-way Relay Carrier" there is a module that we must hold under suspicion, given its function:

    Relay # 4 Power Window / Sunroof Control Module
  • hello, how you doing?

    i have an audi a4 2.8 v6 quattro 1998 automatic triptronic.

    the problem is when i go like in 3 or 4 gear, the car start to shake a little bit (no matter if the car is in automatic or with the triptronic).

    The slippage occurs in either of two situations: 1) during slight acceleration (feathering-in the gas pedal) on upward inclines without initiating a downshift (which I consider an engine lugging situation), and 2) during slight acceleration immediately after deceleration at 50-60 mph range. The slippage does not occur hard acceleration. No fault lights (red or yellow) are lit and VAG-COM scanning shows no DTC faults in any controller.

    Someone told me that it was a faulty torque convertor, i want to know where i can buy that part over the internet. Or if someone can tell me how i can fix this problem.

  • sfaudisfaudi Posts: 1
    Hey there, I've got a 1998 A4 Quatro, and the right rear window is stuck all the way down. I know it's probably the motor, but is there a way to manually roll up the window before I can get it serviced? Please reply asap!!! Thanx!
  • 10sfan10sfan Posts: 136
    Looking to purchase a used 2007 A4 Quattro with 6,000 miles, not Certified. Concerned with difference in gas milage and if certification. current warranty expires in four years and will never exceed that 50,000K. Appreciate any comments.
  • lizzie6lizzie6 Posts: 1
    can any one tell me how 2 access relay indicator
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