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Honda Accord Accessories



  • teknotekno Posts: 2
    my car is just a one owner 1995 EX 4 dr, 4 cyl, 5 sp in superb condition, the first 3 things I plan to do to it are a short ram intake, a short shifter, and moderately lowered springs (probably the .75" neuspeeds). being relatively new to building asian imports but feeling I have a superb platform to satrt from I am going to take the same approach I always did with my BMWs, basic breathing things and basic suspension things first, and then serious brake and suspension tweaking.
  • Any ideas for customization? Not performance but cosmetic. just want to look unique. $ don't matter. help please! factory is so boring. where do i begin to look?
  • I would like to upgrade the mufflers on a 2005 Accord Coupe 6-speed V6 with something that is louder and better sound. Addtiuonal horsepower would be a side benefit. I would like to keep the muffler tips about the same size. Greddy makes a nice muffler system for about $1049 but the tips are huge 115 mm ( about 4 1/2 inches).

    Has anyone rep\laced mufflers ?


  • how did the hook up go with the navi dvd stereo set up? I have an 05 and I wanted to put a dvd up to it and tvs in the headrest. as well as hook an aftermarket amp to replace the factory amp. What did you exactly have to do with the dvd and the radio. email me at
  • ktnrktnr Posts: 255
    There is no such thing as "louder and better sound" from a car. Trust me - nobody wants to hear you drive by, especially not at midnight.

    If you want greater attention as you drive, I'd suggest a neon lighting kit under you car. After all, what's the point of getting so many unseen people to notice you with noise if you can't see them cringing anyway?

    Alternatively, if it's not attention but a more pleasing engine sound that you're after, then why not try an audio CD of Ferrari V-12?
  • I wnat the louder better sound. Maybe you don't to each his own.

    Do you have any objective comments on mufflers and exhaust systems? Does the added horsepower affect the mpg. Is htere any effect besides maybe 5-10 Hp increase gained by reducing the backpressure ?

    I am not necessarly taling about a Apex or 5-Zigen exhaust that sets off car alarms but something with moderately pleasing sound to the driver if no one else.

    Don't like the neon lights or internal mood lights at all!

    Yes, a real Ferrari V-12 is awesome, but even its maintenance is out of my price range.

    Not everyone wants a milktoast exhaust sound. Maybe it reflects back to the cars I had in the miscle car heyday :)

    Have a great day,

  • Hi Guys,
    I just got my new Honda Accord 2004 today (Old stock clearing), and I found my self with a clean options free car, and no where to buy accessories, I need to buy all the available options for my car and willing to pay whatever,
    the problem is that I live in the gulf (UAE) and we don't have accessories for my car here.
    so my request is does anybody know of an online shopping website that can ship internationaly and accept international Credit Cards?
    Thanks in advance...
  • I'm realy surprised because even though there's huge traffic on this thread, nobody replied to my message! So what happened to you guys?
  • As far as the audio/video portion goes, a lot of information will follow. Try to keep up.

    The first thing that I did was to buy the video converter from When I bought it a year ago it cost $525. It has two a/v inputs and outputs. I also like it because it has a TV tuner, which I don't use. It's a plug-and-play video converter, and will allow you to hook up a DVD player so that you can watch videos on your navigation screen. As a warning, the unit won't power on by itself. You have to use the supplied remote control to turn on the unit. I also made a device that acts as a simple barrier so that I can't see the screen while my wife is watching a movie. This thing was a pain to install at first, but once I knew where all the bolts are and everything, then it was simple. I know how to take apart the back seat and can do it in 1 minute flat. The take apart the bottom cushion, there is a hexagonal shaped screw in between the back cushion and the bottom cushion, on the right hand side (looking torwards the rear), about a third of the way over. After you remove that screw, pull up on the seat. If it's stuck, then pull out on the seat retainers, which are about 1/4 of the way over from each door (there are two), where the bottom cushion meets the carpet. Take out the right side cushion (looking rear). You do that by taking out the hexagonal shaped screw torwards the bottom, near the side, facing the door. Just pull up on the cushion to find it. After you take that out, route your own a/v RCA cables (for future use), remote control eye, and FM modulator (for sound. If you don't want to use this, don't. I can tell you how to get better sound), and power wires.

    I had someone hook this thing up for me, but he hooked it up on the cigarette lighter that is in the center storage space console. Two wires are all that's needed. If you need more detail, then I can give it to you.

    I bought the Audiobahn AVDVD1P DVD player from Circuit City (or eBay) because it's the best one out there in my opinion. I mounted it underneath the navigation displayed (where the large pocket is). It also plays mp3s, which I like.

    I also bought the Blitzsafe/SNHOND3 adapter for sound. It works with the XM radion in our cars, and allows you to have an AUX input (red and white RCA inputs). I used the red and white outputs from my DVD player for the AUX input. Therefore, I can hear sound from either a DVD or an mp3 disc.

    I also have an amp and sub, but I did not install those myself.

    The last thing that I did was to add some blue neon lights underneath the light to light the feet of the driver and front passenger. I think it looks pretty good. I also got some blue LED lights on eBay to replace the door lights. They look cool at night!

    I plan on adding a rear-view camera in the future.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    Try the link at the top of the page for handa. Accepting international credit cards shouldn't be an issue - but shipping may be. It's a hassle to do the paperwork.

    There aren't any outlets for accessories in the Gulf region?
  • No man, they don't have any accessories here for a specific car, you only get the universal crap, and the dealer doesn't import accessories, they say it doesn't sell because people are happy with the cheap universal crap, and people here have lots of money that they always buy the full option cars, and if they need further modification they send the car to japan, get modified and bring it back, and if they're not happy with what's been done, they sell the car and buy a new one and start all over!
    I'll try that site but it looks so complicated because they sell the original parts so I need to know the exact part number I'm buying, when I looked for accessories it told me not available...
    Thanks for replying mate..

    Edited: Look what i found on the policy of that site:
    We are not able to export any of the items. Honda restricts the export of any US market parts and accessories.
    We are only able to ship to the 50 United States.

    this statment I always see on all the sites around...
  • yes i changed my exaust the day i got my 2005 V6 6 speed with borla exaust mufflers and i had the shop custom make a cat back exaust system and it came to $300 installed with stainless steel tips about the same size as the original ones and it sounds absolutely wonderful
  • tiger956,

    I am considering Borla also. I am trying to find out if the exhaust listed for the 2004 Honda Accord V6 will also apply to the 2005. Did you also look at Greddy and Comptech? If so what are your opinions of them and what made you choose Borla ?

    Did you also add a Cold Air Intake ?


  • I am buying a 2005 Accord LX this week.

    1. the dealer has asked me to buy the protection package. I saw a few post about this and some said it's a rip off. Any more opinions?

    2. the LX doesn't come with a ceiling cover for the trunk. Is this true? Is it worth it to buy from the dealer?

    3. I am interested in getting the metal trim kit, but I find it is too expensive buying from the dealer. Any ideas?

    4. How easy is it to get the outdoor temp. gauge installed?
    Thanks alot!
  • midnightcowboymidnightcowboy Posts: 1,978
    1. Don't get the protection package. Hondas have quality paint and protection already. I did not get the protection package or extended warranty.

    2. It is not easy to add if possible at all. It is a feature of EX and is not sold as an option. I would not worry about not having it.

    3. Don't buy from dealer. Buy from H and A Accessories search on "Handa" over the Internet total retail is about $420 including center trim you save about $110.

    4. That might be one for the dealer to do! You have to install control box , sensor unit and run wiring from engine to passenger compartment. It canot be installed if you also install fog lights. Installation instructions are online and you can judge for yourself. Handa has it for $91.20

    Good Luck,

  • 2004ha2004ha Posts: 1
    Hey gatrhumpy - I need some help installing the Blitzsafe part for the Accord w/ Navi. I'm installing it so that I can hook up my iPod to the car stereo. I just got the Blitzsafe piece in the mail, but once I got out the ash tray and the cubby box, I got stuck from there. I can't seem to figure out how to get to the back of the radio where the blitzsafe plugs in. Do you have any photos or suggestions on how to do this? Thanks for the help!
  • midnightcowboymidnightcowboy Posts: 1,978
    It is very nice the tips are only slightly larger than stock. There is a nice mellow rumble when you step on the gas and louder one at WOT. However, cruising on the highway is very quiet. All stainless steel very high quality.

    Borla part no 140080 fits all V6 generation 7 (2003-2005) Honda Accord Coupes (AT or MT).



  • johnnypicjohnnypic Posts: 11
    I just got a 2005 Accord EXL with nav and I was about to go up 2 sizes with my tires and rims. Looking at some 18 inch wheels. Do you know if you would also have to have new shocks and springs and or a camber adjsutment as well?

  • No need for new shocks, springs and camber adjustment kit if you're not lowering. If you are, in addition to the lowering springs it's advisable to install the matching dampers and camber kit to maximize what you'll pay for labor.

    Additional suggestion is to make sure wheel offset is between +48 to +55 (stock spec) to avoid fender rub or worse, increasing negative camber, a remedy for wrong offset wheels that results in greatly reduced tire life.

    Lastly, if you can manage it, get low-weight rims (17 lbs/rim or lighter) to minimize premature suspension wear and to keep the car's original handling characteristics.
  • mitkomitko Posts: 11
    My car is a silver Accord LX V6 2003 coupe. I instal on the car Honda alloy wheels, wheel locks, leather shift knob, rear view mirror with compass, cargo net, splash guards, door edge guards, body side molding, S/S license plate frame with logo "Accord", interior trim kit silver, back-up sensors, also I bought a custom made ultraguard car cover because I have no garage.
    I love my car:-)
  • midnightcowboymidnightcowboy Posts: 1,978

    You car sounds nice. Tell me more about the back-up sensors ?


  • mitkomitko Posts: 11
    I bougth the sensors from eBay for $99, you can check also It's working very well, expecialy if you live in big city
  • bamaflumbamaflum Posts: 39
    Hypothetically, could you install an 2004 Integra engine in an older model Accord (1990)? I was just curious. Don't ask me why, just one of those, "I wonder if you could do this" thoughts that popped in my head. The only reason I thought it was a viable question is that the 1990 Accord had a 2.2L rated at 125 HP while the Integra has a 2.0L at 160-210 HP. I guess you would have to modify the drive train to handle the added power. Okay, I'm rambling.
  • highrollerhighroller Posts: 351
    Does anyone know if using a different spark plug from the manual's recommendation would be okay? My manual recommends NGK or Denso, but i've been using the Bosch platinum spark plugs. Can someone please comment or have any response to this?
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    I doubt the use of Bosch would be an issue. Denso and NGK are probably OEM. As long as the Bosch meets operating specs, it should be fine.
  • highrollerhighroller Posts: 351
    Thanks for the tip robr2. Does anyone with experience or know a little about a 1997 accord SE 4-cylinder 2dr coupe, know where the fuel filter located? Thanks in advance.
  • hvan47hvan47 Posts: 1
    i have a 2005 honda accord with touch screen navigation system.
    I am looking for how to route DVD vedio player to the navigation screen. Any idea. Thanks
  • caser85caser85 Posts: 2
    I'm thinking about tinting the windows on my 2003 Accord EX Sedan. The color is charcoal gray. What do you guys recommend for the level of tint? In Florida, we can go up to 28% for the front windows, and 15% on the rest.

    Can somebody send me pictures or post some of their charcoal gray car with tint and what levels you used? Also, where did you have it done? My email is caseym "at"

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