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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    What was the total OTD of the car from Coral Springs Honda? How much was the doc fee? Have test driven some cars there but they were always to high on the OTD prices.

    The Sandman :)
  • e419e419 Posts: 8
    I asked a dealer to requote me based on this $1000 dealer cash today, however, he said that it is still $750.
    Any explanations? It's the same everywhere, right? How can I prove that the dealer cash is $1000?
  • I will try to post an image of the email I got from Bloomington Honda in Minneapolis. Basically the sales rep says "the incentives did change to $1000 dealer cash..."
  • Hi, I got this from a dealer through email:

    Hersons Honda
    15525 Frederick Road
    Rockville MD 2088

    Honda just released the following incentives
    good 01/06/09 - 02/02/09.

    2009 Civic $500 incentive

    2009 Accord 4cyl $750 incentive

    2009 Accord V6 $1,000 incentive

    2009 Odyssey $1,250 incentive

    2009 CR-V $500 incentive

    2009 Pilot $1,500 incentive

    2009 Ridgeline $2,500 incentive

    2009 Element $1,000 incentive

    2008 Accord V6 $1,500 incentive

    2008 CR-V $1,000 incentive

    2008 Element $1,500 incentive
  • Blueriver

    Thanks - this is great! I have heard there is a dealer hold back as well - have you?

    Seems to me you should be able to get the cars for invoice less the above cash since the dealer has additional incentives.
  • It's $1000.00 on V6's and $750.00 on 4cyl's. The guy at RB Honda is both right and wrong.
  • Just pulled the trigger on the following:

    2009 Accord Coupe V6 EX-L
    6 Speed Manual
    Navigation System
    Belize Blue
    Black Interior

    Got it for $27.k + TTL. or $1200 under invoice. Very happy with the deal.

    Car should arrive in 4-8 weeks from Marysville Ohio plant.
  • If I wanted to take advantage of the 2008 incentive can I expect to also get a dealer to lower the cost by the 3-4K that a year old model has already depreciated?
  • A car really dosen't depreciate until someone purchases it. In other words, the dealer still owns it for the same value it paid for it a year ago.

    However, it never hurts to ask. :)
  • honda00honda00 Posts: 29
    That is not true. A car will depreciate on a dealers lot whether someone buys it or not. A 2008 is worth less now than it was when it arrived on the dealer lot many months ago, therefore it has depreciated.

    Nobody would buy a 2008 now unless it was significantly less expensive than a 2009.
  • Not really. A cars value to a dealership dosen't change. They still own it for the same in 2009 then they did in 2008. The depreciation is in the eye of the customer. Afterall, if they depreciated while on the lot then a dealer would expect the manufacturer to cut them a check for the loss - which (in Honda's case) does not happen.

    Just pointing out the dealers side. And as I said, it never hurts to ask.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    Thinking logically, I totally agree with you. But as the other poster has said and dealers have said the same to me, it still cost the dealer the same, so his book value hasn't changed and they don't easily mark it down. I couldn't get a dealer to discount even one dollar a demo with 6K miles on it.

    But "almost" no one in their right mind would pay "new car" prices for a one year old "new" car. However, as soon as a buyer drives it off the lot it's a low mileage one year old used car.
  • I couldn't get a dealer to discount even one dollar a demo with 6K miles on it.

    Wow, are you serious? I've often heard that a demo was the worst deal on the lot but your example takes the prize.

    What kind of car was this? You've stated before that the FL market was rough but this amazing.

    I've learned a lot from these forums but the whole demo/lot queen thing I don't think I will ever understand from the dealer's perspective.
  • Are you in NJ/NY area?
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    A "fair" deal on a demo would be to be it for the same price as a new car, then deduct the standard "IRS" rate for miles driven for business purposes.

    for example. New Car Price $20,000.00

    IRS Rate.50 (Not sure what it is running currently) .50 x 6,000.00=$3,000.00

    $20,000.00 less $3,000.00 = $17,000.00.. Or, they (Honda Dealer) may want to use their lease rate for miles driven over the standard two or three year allotment.
  • nexofanexofa Posts: 31
    All this talk about incentives, holdbacks, dealer invoice, etc. has got me thinking:

    Isn't it all just a bunch of marketing mumbo-jumbo hokus-pokus to make you feel like you're getting a good deal and to distract you? And that's the dealers' game, right? the game they want us to play, because it's on their terms ("we're losing money on this deal!" ...and so I'm supposed to feel bad for you?), and because we as consumers don't have very good information (no matter how much we find online) about how much money they're actually making or not making on each car. It's a distraction from your goal as a buyer, which is to get the best deal possible. Similar to playing the monthly payment game.

    In other words, all that matters is the bottom line number, so if one dealer tells you that they're applying one rebate, versus another one with a coupon and fairy dust, or that they're losing money on a deal, it's all irrelevant, except for the bottom line number. So you just need to be methodical about comparing bids from different dealers (I created a spreadsheet in Excel with line items for absolutely every conceivable charge, every item in the dealer appearance package) so I could compare apples to apples). Make sure they understand that you need them to quote you absolutely every number that will appear on the final order form: the base price for the car, all applicable taxes, tags/registration, destination/freight, processing/document fee, dealer appearance package, additional accessories, dealer boat payment fee, etc. And let them know that you'll walk away from the deal the instant you see a line item that you were not told about. And be prepared to walk out! And when you sit down to go over the numbers in the finance manager's office, take out your spreadsheet and/or your calculator and make sure you understand every single number they put in front of you. Don't feel bad about asking them to explain the math if it's not exactly what you were told.

    And another thing (which I believe saved me about $1000 on my recent Accord purchase; see message # 22565): Once you know exactly what you want, including the model, color, trim, accessories, extended warranty, etc. call around to nearby dealers and ask for an Internet Salesperson. At the dealer where I bought my car, the Internet Salesperson gets a flat fee per car sold (according to another Salesman who used to work there) rather than a commission based on the final price negotiated with the showroom floor sales staff. So her incentive was to quickly get to the lowest price that the dealer could live with, and to close the deal based on a low price instead of the "buy today and I'll take an extra $x off the price of the car.

    Rant over. I hope this helped someone... Happy Hunting!
  • Minneapolis - got it from Hopkins Honda
  • Any chance you can post your spreadsheet? "I created a spreadsheet in Excel with line items for absolutely every conceivable charge"

    Anyone know of an online resource that is simliar?

  • Is this a good deal?

    Accord coupe

    V 6 with navigation.

    26995 plus destination fee plus TTL

  • What trim? EX-L?

    I just got my Accord Coupe V6 EX-L w/navigation for $27.7k including destination (i.e. about $1200 under invoice).
  • L731L731 Posts: 4
    The dealership I have been working with offered me 1000.00 below invoice on December 30. I'm still holding out for a bit lower. Seems with the new incentives it's possible.I'm trying to work a deal for 20,000.00 OTD for a 2009 Accord LX-P. They are showing a sticker of 25,000.00
  • I think I am getting same deal here in NJ. It is a V6 EX-L with navi. They are throwing remote start with that. ( about 1200 below invoice)
  • sarav01sarav01 Posts: 10
    Where in NJ are you? I am looking at getting the same trim...but the sedan model. Any help with regards to the dealer u r getting u r quotes from is much appreciated...

  • reechzreechz Posts: 50
    If you are referring to a Honda LX-P, I got one right before the end of the year for $20,000 flat in New York (before taxes). But I fail to see how your dealer could have had a sticker of $25,000 as the msrp is only about $23000.
  • L731L731 Posts: 4
    There were add ons to the car, tint, mud flaps etc.
  • jitendra1

    That is a great deal - the remote starter is worth another $300 or so. Good negotiating.

    What color did you get?
  • honda00honda00 Posts: 29
    Actually a cars value to a dealership does change. If a dealer was stuck with a car long enough they would evenutally have to write down the value of that inventory on their books.

    When the car community talks about depreciation they are referring to a decline in market value of the car. A 2008 Accord that is still sitting on a dealer lot has clearly had a decline in market value and therefore has depreciated in the most common sense of the word.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    Wow, are you serious? I've often heard that a demo was the worst deal on the lot but your example takes the prize.

    What kind of car was this? You've stated before that the FL market was rough but this amazing.

    This happened to me back in January 2007 when I bought my 2006 Toyota Tundra. The new redesigned Tundra was just about ready to hit the showroom floor and Tundras were in short supply. The dealer I went to had 2 Tundras left, almost identical, same color, body style, engine, trim, etc. One was a demo with 6K miles amd the other had about 15 or 20 miles. I asked the dealer how much of a discount was the demo and his answer was zero, as they both have the same floor plan. Needless to say, I bought and drove the other one home.
  • I am getting it from DCH Academy Honda - Old Bridge. If you do not want remote they will take it off for $200 credit.

    And I think sedan prices were even cheaper.
  • Thanks for you help rickwjenn . I will be getting it in silver with dark interior.
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