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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gasmizrgasmizr Posts: 40
    I have watched this for years with Honda and I have always had to purchase the LX version of a car to get headroom. Does anyone know of a contact at American Honda that I can talk to? I am tired of buying the bottom end of the line and would really like a better equipped vehicle.

    I have looked around/test drove and of all the Coup's available the Honda is by far the best and most refined in my price range. I just want an EX-L without the sunroof. I am just to tall to fit. Leg room is fine. :confuse:

    Thanks for any assistance. I want to purchase this week. Yes, I thought about having the sunroof removed but am concerned of what that may do to the car and the added cost. If I had the money to get the headroom I would purchase the A5 or E350 coups. I do not like the E350 interior and I am sure both are a maintenance black hole from a cost perspective. So, even if I had the money I do not believe they are up to Honda quality from maintenance/longevity perspective. This is based on personal experience with Honda's over the last 25 years and friends who drive the German brands. They all lease because of the maintenance/longevity issues.
  • player98player98 Posts: 54
    the LX is the only trim that does not have the sunroof. I just purchased an EX last month and test drove both the LX and EX trims and i dont think the sunroof makes that much of a difference. if you buy any other trim other than the LX you are paying for the sunroof in the cost of the vehicle. You kind of mentioned money being a factor so if there was some way to remove the sunroof which i am not sure if you can do that that would have to be done in a shop. I am sure there would be some painting involved and you cannot be assured 100% paint match they can get as as close as possible but they no one can assure anything. All this i am sure would actually affect you resale value because who wants an EX-l without a sunroof and that has been painted without factory paint.
    i think if it was possible to remove it you would end up paying more money that way. try test driving it again i am sure that headroom is not affected that much
  • gasmizrgasmizr Posts: 40
    I understand what you are saying. It is just enough difference to make a difference for me. LX - 39.1" headroom vs EX-L 37.4. That 1.5" makes all the difference between having a little space above my head and being right at the roof line. If the sunroof went "edge to edge" then it would be fine too since I could leave the shade open. This is just one of those things Honda does that drives folks like me crazy. I am still driving my 1996 Civic LX, headroom 39.7, for the same reason and my '89 Accord LX before that. And need I mention my '84 Prelude that had headroom too. Skipped next gen Civic and Accord, to ugly. I went to purchase new Civic SI for 2006 MY, no headroom and they put the handbrake at my knee. So, OK try again with new MY Accord coup and no headroom on EX +, go figure. :mad:
  • ttt8ttt8 Posts: 2
    Got a lot of info from this forum. Just want to share my experience here to show my appreciation. Just bought a Accord 09 EX coupe for $22700 OTD. I am in the northern NJ. I paid cash and the price will be different if I want to get the 2.99 APR. Feels like that I might be able to get around $300 cheaper if do more bargains with a few more dealers. But I don't really have the extra time and energy. One lesson I learned is that after you think that you got a deal with the dealer over the phone, make sure that he/she send you an email with detailed price and APR if you are getting financing. The tricks I experienced if that so called "financial manager" deny the APR that sales promised me over the phone and if I want to get the good APR, I have to pay $1500 more. I have no proof of the promised APR over the phone. Since I want the car and have no extra time to go somewhere else, and I can also pay cash, I finally decided to get the car there even though I don't like that dealer at all. The other thing is give it more time for shopping a car. I got a quote today from an dealer which the price is about $400 or $500 better. Maybe that dealer has its own "tricks" waiting for me. Anyway, comparing more dealers and do more bargains if you have the time and energy. Good luck! By the way, I do like the car a lot.
  • abbie_dabbie_d Posts: 1

    I am planning to buy a new accord EX L V6 Coupe without navigation from Houston. Can anybody suggest any price quote or range that I should keep in mind while I negotiate with the dealers, and name of any specific dealer in Houston that offered a good price.

    Kindly let me know as this is the first time I will be buying a car.

  • player98player98 Posts: 54
    Sales people do not have to do anything with giving you an APR that is the finance managers job. it is true that most will tell you that you qualify for the good APR offer just to get you in but they do not decide on what interest rate to give you. i am sure that in the email you got in the fine print it must mention WAC (with approved credit) note this does not mean any credit score (this was noted in all my email quotes)

    it is wise to look at your credit score before you go in to be aware of what apr you might qualify for and to ask for a loan from your bank. if the dealers interest is higher you know they are trying to take advantage. also to qualify for the best offers you will usually need credit scores above 700 so if you do not have this type of score you will not get them.

    also if you are buying this month you can NO longer combine the marketing support ($1500) with any special interest rate. You could have done this last month i got both. so not to be in defense of the finance manager but he was right when he told you that. Look at the incentives for honda in edmunds and it will state that you cannot get combine special apr and marketing support.

    also what was your sales price alone as well as your break down of TTL and any other options or fees. is this auto or manual
  • ttt8ttt8 Posts: 2
    It is an auto. Tax rate in NJ is 7%. Base is $20738. Doc fee is $249. Tire fee $7.50 and Registration is $254. That is it.
  • dude135dude135 Posts: 8
    Have been seeing the posts that the APR financing and the Casback offers cannot be combined this month. If so does anyone know any banks or credit unions giving a decent rate on Auto Loans.
    Any help is appreciated. Planning to take the cashback and take the loan somewhere else.
  • action378action378 Posts: 7
    Not sure of where your located, but National City has some very nice rates for new cars. You might be able to get a loan of as little as 4.22% for 60 or 72 months, as aways, these rates are based on your credit score.
  • ppmmppmm Posts: 12
    Hi oliverjia,
    Could you please send me the contact information of the dealer ?
    My email is [email protected]

  • basil5basil5 Posts: 1
    2009 Accord LX Auto:

    Base: $17,980
    Dest: $670,
    Tax: $1,119.00
    TTR: $148.50

    Total: $19,917.50.
  • jswiftyjswifty Posts: 19
    That's a pretty good deal.
  • acurapriceacuraprice Posts: 91
    April 16th 2009 - albinh11 said:
    "I purchased a 09 4-dr Accord EX-L V6 w/ Navi + mud guards, wheel locks, and door guards for $26,900 +TTL "
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------


    What color combination did you buy for $26,900. I'm trying to buy the White Diamond Pearl car or Black w beige (ivory) leather and they won"t do the deal for $26,900. Some on this site have bought other colors (polished metal) for as low as $25,900 EXL V6 w NAV. Also, what was your MSRP? I'm guessing $31,615. Thx, Dave
  • dave4242dave4242 Posts: 8
    Hi All,
    Just picked up my 09 Accord EX-L 5 speed sedan last night at Schaller Honda in New Britain CT.

    Price paid:

    Car: $22016, including $710 destination (MSRP 26315)
    Conveyance fee: $299
    Ct State sales tax: $1338.90
    CT reg: $160

    Grand total: $23,813.90

    They also threw in wheel locks. No hard sell. Overal, was a great buying experience. What do you think about price?
  • Action378,
    Can I ask where is the location? That sounds like a great deal.
    I am getting $25300 drive out price for a 09 ex-l4 with no nav.

    thanks in advance,
  • Is it auto or manual?

    I am getting a 2010 model @ invoice price + 399 dealership fee and it's suppose to be roughly 24.9k. It's a 2010 EX-L 2.4L manual (no nav)...
  • bjfromsdbjfromsd Posts: 5
    Deal all,

    I have such a quote at CA

    2009 Honda Accord LX-P 4dr Sedan (2.4L 4cyl 5A)
    MSRP Price $23,375.00
    Price about $19,000

    OTD about @21,000

    I want to know if this is a fair price. I am ready to pull the trigger.

  • jason50jason50 Posts: 55
    I still haven't decided whether to get the Camry or Accord, but wanted to know if anyone in Houston, Texas bought an Accord LX 09' for invoice? Thanks.
  • jason50jason50 Posts: 55
    How much is your sales tax in CA? $2,000 for drive out price seems alot, but i live in Texas where sales tax is 6.25% and fees,registration,title, etc should be around 300 bucks, so maybe CA tax is much more?
  • gasmizrgasmizr Posts: 40
    I just closed the deal on the above car. I drove both the auto and manual many times and came to the conclusion that the performance is much better with the manual plus the gas mileage is better. The manual shifts very smoothly and the clutch is light and fast. There is to much delay between pressing the gas and getting moving on the auto. The I4+5Spd is much better then the V6+6Spd from a smooth shifting perspective. If you want pure power then get the V6 but you really do not need it.

    $23,115 - MSRP + Destination

    $19,831 - Purchase price including destination
    $45 - Doc fee NYS max fee
    $172 - Title and tags with refund if it is less
    $1636 - NYS and local sales tax

    $21684 - OTD

    I really wanted the EX-L but the sunroof was just a non starter. The one thing I really want is heated mirrors but I have a few months to figure out how to make that work on the LX-S. If any one knows how to do this "upgrade" I would appreciate it since it is a nice feature in this cold region in the winter months.
  • bjfromsdbjfromsd Posts: 5

    8.75% for most of Southern Ca. the fees are about $300-350.
  • ppmmppmm Posts: 12
    Hi Chikki,

    Did you get the information from oliverjia ? I am looking for the same info.
    Please let me know if you have the contact information of the dealer.


  • jswiftyjswifty Posts: 19
    The base price for the car is a very good deal.
  • 2004mdx12004mdx1 Posts: 1
    It is a very good deal. Would you please share with me the contact information of the dealer. Thank very much.
  • mazda6dudemazda6dude Posts: 283
    Buy the LX-P. This is a excellent deal!
  • dengludenglu Posts: 12
    This is an excellent price. I also live in Philadelphia area and would appreciate if you could share the name and location of the dealership. My email is [email protected]
  • bjfromsdbjfromsd Posts: 5
    Dear all,

    Thank you very much for your response. I will talk to the dealer in a couple of days. I will share you my transaction then.
  • ppmmppmm Posts: 12
    Hi guys,

    I just moved to MD a few days ago from MA. I plan to pick up a new car soon. But my insurance is still from MA. Do I need to change my insurance to MD in order to buy and register my car in MD ? Do I need to buy full coverage ? When should I change my driver license ?


  • mike_smithmike_smith Posts: 11
    I am hearing a lot of problems with the new ACCORD's re: Rear Brakes. has anyone been experiencing the problem to the extent that we should be staying away from buying an Accord until the time Honda has a fix for this ??

    Consumer Complaint Sites are filled with issues for atleast last 6 months and honda has not done anything to fix the issue till date with no fixed timeline on when it might be solved.
  • action378action378 Posts: 7
    Not a problem.

    I purchased the car at Valley Honda in Aurora, IL.

    A few days before I went to Valley Honda, I recieved 2 (from different dealers) on-line quotes. I took these quotes in with me and told Valley that I'd buy the car from them if they beat these prices.

    They were very easy to work with.

    Let me know if you need anything else
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