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Chevrolet TrailBlazer Accessories and Modifications



  • drhsmithdrhsmith Posts: 1
    My Trailblazer is nearing trading and the DVD has died. The dealer wants $1079 to replace it. Help! Where can I go, what can I do that won't cost so much? I can't find them anywhere. Thanks for any advice.
  • mrbobamrboba Posts: 5
    My 2005 Trailblazer LS was not equipped with a remote door unlocker. However, the OnStar operator can remotely unlock my doors.
    Anyone know if there is a retrofit remote door unlocker that's cheaper than the $550 the dealer wants? I only want to unlock the driver's door, not all 4.
  • I have a 2005 Trailblazer with a manual drivers seat. It's ok comfortable but I'm quite tall and would like more headroom. Can the seat be lowered to get an inch or two more headroom? I was also thinking about modifying it into the OEM power seat or replacing it with one. Is the necessary wiring for a power seat already in place under the seat? I suspect this may be crazy expensive. Any advice would be appreciated.
  • Dear Rocky27: You posed 2 questions. 1) Can the drivers seat be lowered? 2) Can a motorized seat be installed at reasonable cost?

    You must be VERY TALL because on my 2005TB with a manual seat I have adequate head room. I'm 6'1". Unless you modify the seat (not recommended)I doubt if it can be lowered. Have an engineering friend go over it with you. I doubt if you'll get help from a dealer.
    2) You should be able to tell if wiring for the motorized seat is present. With a flashlight, look under the seat and carpet for a cable harness with connectors (unused)present. If they are there, then it's likely the cable harness for motorized seat is there.
    To find a seat, go on line to "Used Autro Parts" on the internet search window. Usually the parts yards ask what you are looking for. (I found a motorized rear view mirror for $150 when GM wanted $550 for a new one.) Ask for a Chevy Trailblazer motorized driver's seat and you'll probably find one from a wrecked TB. Call the yard and they will discuss condition, color and any other factors.

    Good luck
  • Dear MrBobby: Thanks! Your advice is helpful.
  • HI, I own an '06 TB LS and Dealer says I need to replace the bumper to have fog lights.
    In message #170, the owner made a support to install the fog lights. This idea is great. Can you give me dimensions? We have a friend who can weld and make things.Which lights were used?

    PS: My '05 EQUINOX engine blew at less than 43K mi after coolant leaked into it. We also had smelled the antifreeze odor just before it blew! Our local dealer was great and took it at full Bluebook value as tradein on this TB. We have had no problems with the TB.
  • Hi, Is There Any Way You Could Make Me Some Of Theses Brackets? Please Let Me Know, And How Much.I Really Need These, I Have Wiring And The Lights Already But I Can't Figure Out How To Mount Them And I Don't Have A Way Of Making These Brackets Myself
  • Has anyone changed out their stock speakers? I had the door panel off and was a not sure I could do it myself. It's not just the typical unplug one speaker and plug another. There are 2 connections on the stock speaker & there would only be one on the new speaker. Any help would be appreatiated
  • wapwapwapwap Posts: 11
    I was wondering if anyone knows of any aftermarket seat belt extenders that are available for GM - specifically fitting a 02 TrailBlazer. I came across a post that listed a GM part #12533459 9in extender but I was unable to find a pict or description to verifiy, if this is a m/f component to extend the recieving f end from the bench. This extender would be helpful when there is a car seat in the center position, allowing anyone sitting in the side seats easier access to buckle the seat belt. I have found some on ebay but nothing GM specific. Thanks for any help.
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