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VW Cabriolet engine light--other owners comments?

blairhillmallblairhillmall Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Volkswagen
I have had my Cabrio since Nov. 1999. Since then the check engine light has come on 6 times (twice in 2000 and four times in 2001). Volkswagen has changed the fuel pump relay at least 3 times. I was just wondering if this problem has happened to other Cabrio owner.


  • krisc23krisc23 Posts: 7
    I got my 01 Cabrio in January. The check engine light came on a couple months later at about 2500 miles. They did the same - replaced the fuel pump relay and sensor. I hope i do not have more of these trips to the dealer to look forward to.
  • irbrendairbrenda Posts: 1
    Same thing here. 2001 Cabrio GLX. They replaced it twice but there are other electrical problems, plus the transmission went up in smoke at 2800 miles. I have 7000 miles on the car since last June and VW is now replacing the car. There is supposed to be a newly designed fuel pump relay sensor within the next 2 or 3 months, from what I'm told. That has been a problem with this car.
  • skydive22skydive22 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Cabrio manual transmission GLX that I purchased in May 2001. At 2200 miles my check engine light came on... the dealership said that the computer found 9 different electrical error messages and that the entire fuse box needed to be replaced because of improper grounding (or something like that).

    It's still at the dealership right now... will pick it up in a few days. I'm worried that this might be the beginning of lot's of trouble....!

    Unfortunately for me, I'm not really very technical... Since the car is in the shop for the next few days is there anything else that I should have them look into while it's sitting around waiting for me to pick it up?
  • I have a '98 Cabrio GL, Automatic. Unfortunately, it appears my engine light comes on for every problem I've had lately. When my car stalled on the highway...the engine light came on. When it wouldn't start...the engine light came on. When it wouldn't accelerate through the mountains of Colorado (pure hell, I might add)...the engine light came on. This last time, they replaced my catalytic converter (under manufacturer's warranty) and the mass air flow (MAF) sensor (under extended warranty). This was the first time that the dealer replaced electrical parts when the engine light came on, so maybe this will be the last of my troubles.

    BTW, this year is the first time I've ever had trouble with my Cabrio. I've taken it to the shop for mechanical repairs at least 4 times since January. Prior to that, I only had to take it in once (aside from regular maintenance), and that was for an accident. I hit an SUV that ran a red light....I was going injuries...witnesses were SHOCKED I was able to walk away, uninjured. Needless to say, I owe my LIFE to this car!!! I don't think I would have faired as well in my previous car (1995 Plymouth Neon).

    I would highly recommend getting the extended warranty. Car manufacturer's design their vehicles to "die" after the warranty expires. You'll save money in the long-run. Since January, the only thing I've had to pay for was new tires and brakes, items that are rarely under any warranty.
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