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Infiniti G35 Sedan 2006 and earlier



  • i006129i006129 Posts: 71
    It appears all of the Infiniti Sales Reps are going through G35 sales training over the next couple of weeks. I'm in Atl and the local guy is being sent to Florida for a day of training later this week. Maybe we'll start getting more standard responses after that.

    Also, I'm curious on allocations to various dealers. Just looking at the Grubbs Infiniti site, it looks like they are getting G35's in only 3 different trim levels. Allocation for each trim level is 27 cars (total of 71 cars in the initial allocation). Seems like a lot of cars for the first shot. I've heard a similar story from Roswell Infiniti here in Atl. They claim to be the highest volume Infiniti dealer in the country. Just wondering if allocations are the same for each dealer or is it decided by sales volume. The latter would make more sense.
  • maybeg35maybeg35 Posts: 186
    and driving tomorrow at Pomona Raceway. What a blast that would be, huh?

    baron.........., do you know if the traction control can be turned off completely?

    7 more days
  • cncarlsoncncarlson Posts: 26
    Troncolli Infiniti here in Atlanta just called me and said they are getting the car on the 11th and have sold half of their initial allotment and they claim to be getting the largest allotment of G35's on the East Coast! She said all but 20 are sold! All this talk, and now we are going to have to pay!!
  • gandhim3gandhim3 Posts: 191
    Just came across this editorial on Forbes. Thought it might of interest to some folks.


  • gabmangabman Posts: 284
    Thanks for posting the article, I always root for the underdog, at least if they keep trying, and that is what infiniti is doing with the G35, Guess time will tell. Thanks again.
  • Baron, As a car writer, you must have plenty of cockpit time with the Bimmers. You think G35 really poses a credible threat to the throng of 330 or 530? You were very subtle about it in your newspaper write-up.

    BTW, I guess you own a Beech Baron, don't you?
  • 35fan35fan Posts: 40
    there's only a small passthrough. You'll have to take up skiing, instead. It would have been nice if they did.
  • gandhim3gandhim3 Posts: 191
    I too was disappointed with the rear seats not folding down. The other disappointment was that the steering wheel only tilts, but not telescopes (note to Riez - if you want to complain, this would be a good one to pick).

    But getting back to the rear seats not folding, I also would like to be able to transport my mountain bike. Since they don't fold down, I just hope the bike will be able to fit in the relatively larger 14.5 cu.ft trunk.
  • gandhim3gandhim3 Posts: 191
    The Toronto Star has a G35 p/review up. the link is too long and Edmunds will not allow me to post it.

    Just go to - - and do a search for "Infiniti G35"

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That's common right before a new model. People know, so they wait.

  • ambullambull Posts: 255
    "Indeed, the G35 rides far better, and far more quietly, than Infiniti's own supposed luxury leader, the Q45. Ride quality is even more remarkable when you consider the huge (17-inch) low-profile (55-series) tires."

    That's a suprise - he liked the G35's ride better than the Q45's!
  • gabmangabman Posts: 284
    He also concludes as follows

    "While Infiniti hopes BMW and Mercedes buyers will be drawn to the G35, on - going brand prejudice will probably mean that the Lexus IS 300 and Acura 3.2TL will be the G35's main competitors. As good as the Acura is, it probably stacks up closer to Infiniti's own front drive I35.

    Which leaves the Lexus. With the possible exception of ultimate handling sharpness, the G35 clobbers the IS 300 , in power,space,features,interior trim quality and price.

    I can't see Infiniti having any troubles turning the G35 into a major success."

    I guess those soon to be full page adds in the Toronto Star can work wonders.
  • maybeg35maybeg35 Posts: 186
    in the Star with a warning that it "May not be suitable for people of all ages, parental supervision advised before reading"
  • gabmangabman Posts: 284
    lol, you can see I am going crazy awaiting my G35, my fingers moved towards the telephone 4 times today, wanting to check with dealer on which day this week I can pick it up, don't be surprised if you guys don't hear from me for a few days once I get it.
  • baron58tcbaron58tc Posts: 14
    Stooge2000, I do have plenty of time in Bimmers and they are wonderful automobiles, but they have tried to make the car more appealing with easier steering which has created some real complaints among die-hard blue and white propeller fans. BMW is working on changing steering effort back to where it was. Emperically, the G35 should blow away the Bimmer. In comparison to a 5 series, they are almost identical in size with the G have significantly more interior and trunk space and the G costs about 10 large less. Ride and handling in a blind fold test would defy most people's ability to tell which car they are in or driving (engine sound would be the biggest clue). The Bimmer with 35 less horses however performs pretty close to the G. The 3 series five speed manual that I tested about a year ago could do 0-60 in about 6.1 seconds, the 5 series should be a few tenths slower because of weight. The problem for Infiniti is to get people in the showrooms to sample the G and then get them over the fact that it doesn't have a blue and white propeller on the hood and trunk.. BMW has spent billions creating that image. If it were my money, the G would be in my garage in a nano second. And yes at one time before this second career, one of the cars that I owned was a 93 Q45 for five years (it was their best year as it started in first gear instead of second and it was the last year before the softening to compete with Lexus). I bought it new and it was the best car I ever owned and it still competes with cars of today in performance and handling. (0-60 in 6.7 seconds and averaged about 20 mpg, but where it really shined was nailing the throttle at about 60 when it would grab second and run to about 95-100 before shifting at 6,900 rpm making better music than Pavoratti). When I see my Q today,( my next door neighbor's mom bought it from me. Did you ever see a 74 year old grandma smile when she drives?) it is still a very handsome automobile. It was Jade green with tan and I put BBS wheels on it but kept the tires stock for ride quality. Yes the G is more than a threat to BMW. I think Infiniti used or still does have a tag line that goes something like "Drive one and you will understand." or "ask the man (person) who owns one" This really applies to the G. About the only thing I have trouble with is the lower half roll on the dash (but you get two glove boxes and what's with those cubbies on the vertical stack? I can live with the door paneling being an 1/8th inch too thin on the upper portion. As to the comment about the in and out steering wheel adjustment, I remember when BMWs didn't adjust at all with the excuse, that the steering wheel is perfect, you need to adjust the seat to fit the wheel. The G may be the best car to come out of Japan in ten years considering all factors, including price. I do own and fly a Baron 58tc, now that has some real speed, but it climbs like a stuffed pig at cruise climb power settings.
  • gabmangabman Posts: 284
    I know what you are talking about when it comes to the Q45. Back in ' 91 I leased a 1991 for 3 years, I loved it so much I extended the lease for a 4th year. Only problem I had with that model were the brakes, I was always changing pads, almost every time I brought it in for service either the front or rear pads were gone. I know that they corrected that problem in later years. That car was so enjoyable to drive.

    As far as G35/BMW, did I read you correctly that the G35 has more interior room than a 5 series?
    I really don't follow BMW to closely however are your sure you didn't mean the 3 series?

    Someone told me the new 5 series was much larger.
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    My sister has a 1994 or 95 Q45. Same green color as baron58tc. She loves it very much. Still rides like a champ. Although, I believe my 2000 Impala LS rides beter than my sister's Q45. IMO Her boyfriend just bought a brand new 2001 Q45 with a BIG discount.

    I'm not too crazy about the new 2002 Q45 design. It's too large! The original design of the Q45 is much nicer and very comtemporary looking. Too bad Lexus killed Infiniti Q45 back in the early 90's.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Nice as they are, Bimmers are really cramped. The in-line six engines eat up leg room, so the 3 series is compact and even the 5 series is still sort of a small mid-sizer.

    I saw a list where the EPA (IIRC) put the Ford Focus wagon in a size class above the 5 series wagon, FWIW.

  • bjrichbjrich Posts: 125
    This forum has been outstanding except for you know who and has made me want to run out to see and drive that new G Ship!
    I have driven the BMW 540I sport and was amazed. At $56,000 it should be.
    BMW makes nice and good cars, but they are marketing gurus..They have done a great job.
    I for one hope this new G ship takes them to the cleaners.
  • toyotas1toyotas1 Posts: 134
    Better OWN the near-lux class, along with the ES300, TL and 3-series. Infiniti is basically betting the farm on it (and it's coupe sis ater this fall). Replacing the I35 (too be killed in 2 years, or to be re-invented into a Aalon/ES300 competitor with a softer, family edge), if it doesn't get between 3-5k units a month, Infiniti is dead within 5 years. You heard it here first!!! I think it is kinda ugly, but that's nothing new for Infiniti. It sounds great on paper.......better hurry up with that stick (this fall)......
  • gandhim3gandhim3 Posts: 191
    Though they may take up space, those inline sixes are so smooooooth. No V6, no matter how much you try to balance it with countershafts, cannot be made as smooth as a V6.

    Unfortunately, I think market demand is winning out over engineering excellence. I read in a car mag (can't remember which one - C&D or R&T) that BMW is considering dropping the inline 6 in favor of a V6.

    Mainly because BMW is finding it hard to meet space requirements against competitors smiliar V6-equipped products, and also difficulties with meeting crash requirements - since those inline 6 are so long, they are more likely to be damaged in a gead on collision compared to a V6 placed well back in the engine bay. IIRC, Car and Driver did a longterm test of a 328i (E46 model), where they were involved in a collision in the winter and the car slid into a fallen tree trunk or something. Total repair bill was more than $20k - more than 2/3 the price of the car - YIKES!!!
  • bjrichbjrich Posts: 125
    The stock has started to move up and with the advent of the G35,plus the Z350, plus the Altima, plus the great truck,(know nothing about truck,but I know they make a good truck,) Plus the yet to come coupe, and the better Suv and the Sentra has been doing well., I rather think it's a good buy at $13.....
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    True, the in-line sixes are superbly smooth. Nissan's VQ isn't far behind, though, and definitely one of the best V6s around.

    It's odd to see a car with such a long wheelbase and so little rear leg room (3 series).

  • drod2045drod2045 Posts: 39
    THe I35 will not go softer or go against the avalon. No one is really sure about its future from my sources. it may go AWD only or RWD and AWD as Infiniti has no plans for ANY FWD cars in their lineup.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Leave the Maxima as FWD, and give the I35 AWD so it becomes a distinct model.

  • gandhim3gandhim3 Posts: 191
    I suspect that this is what Nissan is planning to do with the revamped Maxima. Rumors on the FreshAlloy forum suggest that the next Maxima will go head to head with the Passat/Audi A4 segment, while an AWD will come under Infiniti guise.

    Who knows, may be both will have the AWD option, not just the Infiniti. Heck, if Lexus can get away by selling a glorified Camry as a Lexus ES, I am sure there are plenty customers willing to do the same with the I35/Maxima. Afterall, the I35 has been the best-selling model that last couple of years. Nissan won't kill off the I35.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I don't think they should, but AWD would be a pretty good way to distinguish the two. But then how do they distinguish the Maxima from the Altima it'll be based on?

    Hard to say. Nissan may have too much overlap, all 4 of these sedans will be about the same size. They're going to have some cannibalized sales.

  • Nissan is now run by a Frenchman Carlos Ghosn. He has reached legendary hero status in Japan. His biography is now a comic book series. Under him, many key positions are now held by American or European nationals.

    Under his helm, we have already seen changes. Now, if only their advertisements could have more charisma, but not to become too weird.
  • baron58tcbaron58tc Posts: 14
    The five series BMW has about 93 cubic feet of interior and 11 cf of trunk. The G has 98 cf (Ive seen it also listed at 101 cf) of interior and almost 15 cf of trunk. A 330 BMW is listed at 91/11 cf. The 3 BMW weighs about 24 pounds less than the G, so that prop rod is important otherwise it might be 34-40 pounds more (that's tongue in cheek)

    I never replaced my Infiniti pads in 46,000 miles and five and a half years of driving. Maybe I don't use my brakes enough. I have noticed that my cars always seem to have a shortened front end. Maybe I should stop driving by braille.
  • baron58tcbaron58tc Posts: 14
    The term Q ship ( a term I started using about 12 years ago) relates well to the orginal Q45. A Q ship was a delapidated looking merchant vessel with big guns used to lure enemy subs into a surface battle during WWII sort of like the original Q45 a different looking car that had massive firepower under the hood.

    The reason for the proliferation of V-6 is their compact nature and easy transverse installation for FWD. Inline sixes are the smoothest engine going with perfect primary and secondary balance. V-6s have a "rocking couple" and dynamically not well balanced, hence the need for balance shafts. But of all V-6s, the VQ is the smoooothest and best one going although Toyota, Audi and VWs have some pretty smooth V-6 powerplants. It is so well balanced, that when having fun, I use the rev limiter for shift points.
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