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Infiniti G35 Sedan 2006 and earlier



  • Well, I don't seem to have gotten a reply to my previous query about this, so I'll try once more. Why does this car apparently get such lousy gas mileage? The Acura 3.2 TL-S gets close to 30 mpg on the highway with 260 hp, so why does the G35 have a rating of only 24? Sounds like the I30/35 deal where they go up on the hp and down on the mileage. What does Honda know that Nissan doesn't?
  • For sure it's not the drag coeffecient since it has class leading 0.27-0.28, nor the weight. It has something to do with the overall drive ratio which makes it so sweet and intense. The engine is also undersquare which loves to stay at high revs.
  • crankstercrankster Posts: 20
    I think Infiniti has already botched the introduction of the G35. I had placed a deposit on an allotted car my dealer had ordered in January, and was supposed to take delivery March 11. The dealer called today pushing my delivery to at least April 10. They have 18 cars coming in next week, basically only with the leather package-no winter package. Earth to Infiniti: IT GETS COLD HERE IN THE NORTHEAST, WE LIKE HEATED SEATS IN OUR PSUEDO-LUXURY CARS. Of the 18, only 1 is loaded the way I wanted, but not in the color I want. I need to park the car I'm driving ASAP, and I'm not thrilled with the idea of getting a color I don't really want, or waiting another month. The whole thing is turning me off to the idea of getting an Infiniti. If they can't do better with the launch, it doesn't paint a pretty picture for the future, considering how important it seems this car is to the brand. Infiniti needs to hire a brand management company, they obviously "just don't get it."

    I seriously considered an LS430 and also a Q45 before deciding on the G35, and am starting to think the LS is the better deal in the long run, despite it's lack of sportiness. But it is fast.
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    1) Do your rear seats fold down?
    2) What kind of fuel mileage does G35 have for city and highway?
    3) Is there a hump on the front passenger floor?

  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    Then we maybe we wouldn't know the Red Baron because his plane woulda had an inferior engine. Look into it. ;)
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    Make it chop suey,

    Intro: I got a email from Infinti today saying the G35 is out and available and to scammper on over to my local dealer for a look in person..... hope its there or they can reinburse me $5 for gas.

  • jdbtensaijdbtensai Posts: 122
    some people, plenty maybe, buy bmw for the "name". same for audi and mb.
    however, for others, plenty, that is not the case.
    i drive an audi s4. not because it is "cool" or is a yuppie car. (is it?)
    but because i really like it. it is comfortable. drives fast. i like sitting in it. i like driving it. etc.
    those who badmouth bmw, audi, whoever, make no sense to me.

    on another note. i am really looking forward to seeing and hearing more about the g35 as it starts rolling out. as the coupe comes. as the 6 speed comes. etc.
  • 68bullitt68bullitt Posts: 177
    In the interest of full disclosure, I have owned both an Audi and a BMW. Neither of which I bought for status. I am not trying to be a BMW or Audi basher. I have nothing against people who buy these cars for the performance. I just have a hard time respecting people who buy these cars for nothing else but status, especially when there are cheaper alternatives.

    BTW, I got the Audi in 1987 because I got an incredible deal at a time when Audi dealers in the U.S. couldn't give cars away (the public's perception was that they were possessed thanks to "60 Minutes"). I bought the BMW in 1993 used so I only paid $20K for it and I bought it because I loved the way it handled. In both cases I thought the cars looked really cool, drove great, were built well, and the price was right. Status had absolutely nothing to do with those purchase decisions. Of course this was all before the G35. Now the G35 wins hands down.
  • gabmangabman Posts: 284
    I have been on this site for a little over a month. Anyone that has read my postings will know that my lease on my 1999 Isuzu Trooper ended on Feb 11/02. I decided after having owned an suv for the last four years to go back to a car.I had a price for a new car in my mind and I wanted to stay within a range of $40,000.00 to $45,000.00, and I wanted the most luxuries that I could get in this range. I had been hearing rumblings about the new Cadillac CTS and started doing some reading on it. From what I read I thought that this would be the perfect car for me. As the intro of this car was around the same time as my lease was up I really didn't look at to much else. When the Caddy din't live up to expectations, and my lease was a week or two from being up I kind of panicked and had to do some quick shopping. I came across the Acura 3.2TL Type S, it had everything I wanted in a car so I ordered one. While I was awaiting it and having started to get hooked on these car forums I started to read some of your postings about the G35.

    I also read every review that there was on the net about the 3 cars. One thing that struck me was all these reviews were giving glowing reports about all three cars. I was kind of getting sickened by all the great reports and came to the conclusion that all these car writers are on someone payroll.

    I am 45 years old and have been very fortunate to have always had a new car as part of my package in work. So in the 29 years that I have been driving I have had 13 brand new cars.This works out to a new car every 2.23 years. i have always been a bit offbeat in my choices. As the years went by and my income rose so did my taste in cars. I got a new 1991 Q45 when no one was buying Infiniti. I then got a Saab 9000, when saab was not the flavour of the week. My Trooper Limited brought a few snickers from my Buddies when there were alot more luxurious and prestigous SUV's out there.

    I am by no means a car nut. I love to drive them, love to look at them and sometimes read about them

    Ask me about 0-60 , suspension, body roll and I fall asleep. Am just not interested, if it looks good , feels good, then you have my attention.

    This brings me to my G35 which as you know I took delivery of yesterday.

    I am sorry to say that this is no CAD $42,000.00 entry level luxury Sedan. This is far far more than this. This vehicle is worth THOUSANDS more than the price they are asking.It is truly an amazing machine and I cannot understand why Infiniti is not doing more to get people into their showrooms to try this car. There is so much talk about comparing it to BMW. I am telling you that people should start comparing other cars to the G35. This car is a sleeper and anyone out there that has one on order, you will in no way be dissapointed, rather you will feel like me, you will feel that you just scored the best deal of your life.

    Gota run, my work has been piling up this week. I will post some usefull details later today if I get the chance.
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    Horsepower and torque don't mean a whole lot. That's why Edmunds' reports the Acura Type-S with it's 260HP and 3.2 engine only beats the 330i by .1 second on the 0-60. (Although Consumers Reports acknowledges the BIMMER is best in class except for 45-65). I would also like to point out there are many cars for $35,000 that can trounce the BIMMER and the G35. Although none of them has the panache of the BMW.

    Again the G35 sounds like a great car, I will test drive one eventually, but a BIMMER is a BIMMER, a PORSCHE is a PORSCHE an INFINITI is an INFINTI. You should thank BMW for providing a standard that other manufactures strive to beat. Without that high standard there would be no incentive to produce a luxury vehicle such as the G35.
  • gabmangabman Posts: 284
    Right out of Infiniti's warranty book

    A) "Warranty Start and Appliability":

    This warranty applies to infiniti vehciles registered in Canada and operated in Canada
    or the Continental United States of America
    (watch out for the word Registered)

    B) "Relocation Warranty Service"
    In the event a vehicle distibuted by Infiniti, A division of Nissan Canada Inc is relocated and registered in the continental USA, or Hawaii,guam,puerto rico, virgin islands. Saipan or America Samoa(Where?) the warranty aplicable to that country will apply to the relocated vehicle,rather than the warranty isssued to the vehicle at time of delivery"

    my Comments:
    Cased closed , I will be taking orders for anyone that needs my help, I am in the freight forwarding business and handle many exotic car manufacturers
  • gabmangabman Posts: 284
    You all know how amazing the exterior lighting is on this vehicle, I got stopped by people 3 times last night.

    Well so does Infiniti, get this, the warranty on light bulbs is only 12 months or 12,000 miles.I guess the car is so good that they dont expect to make their money on repairs but rather on light bulb sales , am on the floor laughing.
  • gabmangabman Posts: 284
    Back seats do not fold down, but recline very nicely. To early to post any gas mile consumption, I just woke up a sleeping monster, let it get used to my foot please.

    And about the bulge, sorry same answer as before, only bulge in the car is in my pants.

    Emergency brake, how come no one asked?

    Pedal type , to release it you have to press on the normal brake pedal (Interesting). one thing my left foot did scrape against the emergency brake a couple of times when I exited the car but this was more being lazy getting out than the pedal being in the wrong place.

    Body roll etc.... (Stayed awake for this one, but don't press your luck) You are glued to the drivers seat, no movement what so ever, and the seats are amazingly comfortable ( I am no midgit).

    P.S. my buddy who has a BMW roadster was blown away by this car (but he is a midgit).
  • gabmangabman Posts: 284
    has everyone figured out I can't spell.
  • gabmangabman Posts: 284
    Be carefull because the wording does not say who relocates the car. Do they mean if Infiniti Canada relocates the car or the consumer?

    Any lawyers out there that wish to comment on a Pro Bono basis?
  • gerapaugerapau Posts: 211
    You may have the first one purchased where you live but I did see two of them on the drive home last night (in Ottawa) so you are not alone. Both of them appeared to be following the break in period better then you (they were both driving in the slow lane).
  • gabmangabman Posts: 284
    The last line of the warranty quote states "rather than the warranty issued at time of delivery."

    So they obviously mean if the consumer relocated the car. Hence, we are back in business

    Now you know why my name is GABMAN.
  • g35whizg35whiz Posts: 10
    The issue is "registration". US Infiniti acknowledges that they are now holding up registration requests for vehicles coming from Canada. If the car isn't registered in the US, then it's not in the US computer system and dealers can't charge Infiniti for warranty work. Thus, they'll look to the owner to pay up-front.

    The guy I talked to in US Infiniti Customer Service says it'll take at least 6 months and he got very vague about whether it was simply a matter of stalling or that Infiniti intends to delay indefinitely. He gave as an example a couple of QX4 buyers whose files he's going through now. They'll be refused registration because they can't show they moved from Canada for job-related reasons. They're already threatening to bring a lawsuit against Infiniti, but Infiniti doesn't care. In the end the company can buckle, knowing that the owners have gone through a lot of hassle and legal fees. The point is to discourage others from trying to do the same thing.

    Personally, I find this to be outrageous corporate behavior. This will affect legit Canadian purchases as well as gray market purchases. On the one hand we have NAFTA and strong government support for free trade. On the other hand we have car companies trying to sustain artificial barriers between the borders - barriers that ultimately punish all consumers.
  • dafreakdafreak Posts: 154
    screw the warranty issue...the bigger issue i have is taxes...i figure i could still buy the car in Canada if i got a PO box set issue would be can i get the taxes back...i am not sure how this would be accomplished since i bought the car under a canadian address...any thoughts...???...even if i couldnt i would still save close to 5K and i would basically own a car without a warranty...also, would infiniti send me a letter stating that the car meets the EPA standards of the United States...??? the meantime im hoping the car i put a deposit on is in next week...ill probably not want to wait and end up buying it here...
  • gabmangabman Posts: 284
    You are right. This is not unique to Infiniti, due to the huge difference in exchange, americans are comming to Canada to purchase all sorts of things, you guys get about cad $160.00 for every US $100.00, so your buying power is incredible. Alot of Americans are snapping up all our real estate, and will get an excellent return on their investment, until they have to turn those Canadian dollars back into American ones.

    In defense of Infinti ( and I have no love for corporate America) this is a very real and serious problem for them. Their dealer networks have invested millions into thei operations and it is hard enough to sell cars today under normal circumstances. If the US dealers were only to make $500.00 on a car they could never stay alive, not to mention the return on investment in their business. So they MUST protect their investment. After all, the guy that owns the dealership is employing people and these people rely on the owner for their livelyhood.

    Now with this being said, they are trying to make it as hard as possible for you guys to source your vehicles in a foreign market. YOU CAN'T BLAME THEM

    However, for anyone the is adimate about doing this, it is possible but there are inherited risks. And that is the warranty isssue. Last car I had was a '99 Isuzu Trooper Ltd. I drove out of the dealer and never had to return. I changed the oil religiously when I was supposed to and never even had to go back for a loose screw.

    If you have read my previous post you will see that in my opinion the G35 is more than fairely priced in the USA, I think they should be charging more for the car.

    For the majority of buyers, the price won't be an isssue, we aren't talking about a KIA or a Hyundai here, the people that are looking at this car should be buying what they can afford to buy.

    There are however, some people that buy more than they can afford and perhaps these people should be looking North to do a deal that under normal circumstances they wouldn't be able to do. All I can say is good for them and the more power to them. If the $$ are that important go for it , but do it with your eyes opened and know that you may have issues to deal with. In the end based on Infiniti's own warranty book they say you get a warranty, as long as you are up for the fight go for it.
  • dafreakdafreak Posts: 154
    according to the dealership I spoke to they do not require a drivers license to be shown to them in order to purchase a car...i do like your idea better however...and its not that i cant afford the extra it costs to buy it here its the fact that i can save 6K by buying it far as buying it used through you or whomever...dont you have to own the car at least a year before you ould be able to sell it to me...??..i thought i read this somewhere...
  • gabmangabman Posts: 284
    i was not insinuating that you cant afford the car was just offering some general observations.
    If you purchase the car and pay the taxes I am not certain that the Canadian Government will refund the taxes to you. You would have to call them first and make sure, as the taxes will amount to over $6,000.00 depending on which province you buy the car. And no the six months you are talking about is if you were a temporary resident in canda for say work pusposes and u bought a car you would have to have owned and used it for 6 months before you can bring it back tot he USA without having to pay the duty.
  • ambullambull Posts: 255
    Gabman & Dafreak, would leasing through a Canadian company solve the warranty problem? You would probably still have to pay the taxes however, right?
  • gabmangabman Posts: 284
    Nope, sorry , canadian leasing companies are not allowed to lease to Americans, also, leasing companies are not supposed to sale cars only lease them. If the dealers get wind of the fact that they are selling them they will cut them off.rememeber that the leasing company's buy th cars wholesale and then make money on the spread leasing them. Dealers do not want to compete with leasing companies/
  • gerapaugerapau Posts: 211
    I hope that you are not actually charging anyone the 15.56% that you mentioned in your post. That is what it was when Quebec charged 8% pst but now that they charge 7.5% the total (GST + PST) is now just over 15% (15.025%). The lowest sales tax rates in Canada can be found in Alberta and the three territories where the combined tax rates are 7%. The highest is in PEI where the combined sales tax rate is 17.7%.

    ambull: I doubt that you will find a Canadian leasing company that will lease to anyone outside of Canada.
  • dafreakdafreak Posts: 154
    ok, i just hung up the phone with an import broker...this is what he told order to get the car in Canada legally i would have to have someone who lives there buy it and then re-sell it to me...he told me that when this occurs the company (although he wasnt familiar with nissan/infiniti's position) blacklists that person...furthermore, i just spoke with infiniti of canada and i specifically asker her..."what ifa canadian citizen buys it and registers it in canada and then sells it to me the next day..?"...she put me on hold and said infiniti didnt have an answer for that but that the legal department was working on it and it might be that the warranty wouldnt be valid..she suggested i fax in writing my request...i also talked to infiniti USA who had no clue that infiniti had put a policy in place to stop sales of their canadian cars to US citizens...sooo, anyone want to sell me a car...???...1K is in it for you...
  • norcalmike2norcalmike2 Posts: 133
    How is the ride quality in the G35? I am very curious about the road noise, wind noise, and how stiff the suspension is. Thanks.
  • dafreakdafreak Posts: 154
    this says it all:

    B) "Relocation Warranty Service"
    In the event a vehicle distibuted by Infiniti, A division of Nissan Canada Inc is relocated and registered in the continental USA, or Hawaii,guam,puerto rico, virgin islands. Saipan or America Samoa(Where?) the warranty aplicable to that country will apply to the relocated vehicle,rather than the warranty isssued to the vehicle at time of delivery"

    this clearly says that if a car is relocated from canada to the US that the warranty will be applicable to that doesnt say that the owner is being relocated to the USA but is saying only that if the car is relocated...shut case...Infiniti cant stop it legally...
  • gabmangabman Posts: 284
    Ride quality - superb
    Wind noise - so far none
    Suspension - As stiff as the bulge this guy around here keeps asking me about.

    Seriously , only had the car one day, and you all know new cars always feel good in the beginning, lets wait and see in a few months if it loosens up and rattles start happening, but for now am still in heaven
  • maybeg35maybeg35 Posts: 186
    in Canada first then it can be relocated legally. One way around this is a used one that maybe someone could not keep up the payments on or some other emergency, that was registered up there first then you can do what you wish.
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