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Infiniti G35 Sedan 2006 and earlier



  • <<Well, dealers and salespeople have to make a living and feed their families, too, don't they? >>

    Not my problem. They're middlemen who offer no value for my dollar.

    <<If they make nothing on every sale then they'd be out of business soon, won't they?>>

    They still make some profit...about 1-3k on holdback and a bit on warrantry claims. If they can sucker people in for after warranty service they make a flat out killing.

    << Then where would you get your G35 serviced?>>

    For the first 4 years it's covered by Nissan's warranty and thus Nissan pays them a bit.

    << Of course, they could also jack up the service rates to make money to stay in business.>>

    This is where all dealerships make their money anyway. Service. It's not in the sale but in extorting cash from knaves who use dealerships once the car is out of warranty.

    << Either way, it's ultimately going to come out of the customers' pockets.>>

    Personally, even if I kept the car past the warranty, I'd go to a trusted mechanic, not a dealership.

    << I'm not trying to defend the dealers in any way, but I also do understand that a business needs to make a profit in some way to stay in business.>>

    I'm quite aware of how a business operates. Their continued existence is not a concern of mine.

    <<In any case, paying $32K directly to Nissan would just mean the tops execs at Nissan get a $5 million bonus at the end of the year instead of a $2 million bonus.>>

    Fine by me. No dealing with bipedal snakes.

    << Do they really deserve the extra $3 million for getting customers to pay much more for a car than their production cost?>>

    Sure, they already do that. :) That's capitalism at its finest. Sell me a product you make for a price you think is fair...god bless ya, I'll sign the check if I agree with that price. Buy a product from someone else and tack on profit for yourself and then expect me to smile and pay that inflated price when all you did was hold the product? No way.

    <<Maybe so. At least their shareholders may think so. But is this really any better than giving more of the profit to the dealers?>>

    To me it's a better idea as the manufacturer took the risks, spent the money on R&D and now tests the market. The dealership holds the vehicle for a time, little more.

    << At least if my local Infiniti dealer gets some of this money, they may offer me free donuts the next time I bring my car in for service. Or maybe have more loaner cars with free gas, or add more service bays to shorten appointments, hire better mechanics, etc..>>

    I can do without donuts, loaner cars, etc. I'd rather never deal with a dealership. Or even better have factory supported repair centers that hucksters can't own or operate. Make them answerable to the parent company unlike the current franchise arrangement that screws over the customer.

    << If Nissan execs get the money, they'll just go buy a bigger house or send their kids to Harvard. I'll never see a dime of it. >>

    I won't see a dime of it if I pay 4k more to an Infiniti dealer either. Even without my extra 4k they have to honor my warranty. As I said before, I'll gladly pay the manufactuer what he feels the car is worth, but not some slick salesguy in a tacky Norsport button-down.

    I'm a capitalist through and through and I see no added value for paying 32k on a car that cost them probably 27k. Including holdback, the dealer probably sees a 6-7k profit on each G35 sold at MSRP. That's sickening. My 4-8 visits over the course of 4 years under warranty will not come close to matching that. Why give someone so much for so little in return? It doesn't make sense.
  • 68bullitt68bullitt Posts: 177
    QUOTE: "For the first 4 years it's covered by Nissan's warranty and thus Nissan pays them a bit." " I'm quite aware of how a business operates. Their continued existence is not a concern of mine."

    These two comments seem to contradict each other.

    If the dealers went out of business, where would you get your new G35 serviced even while it's under warranty? Never mind what happens after the warranty expires, what do you do for the first four years if your car has problems and there are no dealers to speak of because they all went under from not making a profit? Without a dealership network, Nissan could not offer you a warranty. Would probably negatively impact your resale value too if all the Infiniti dealers went out of existence. For example, would you buy a used Peugeot, Sterling, Alfa, Renault, Fiat, or Oldsmobile, for that matter?
  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    We ordered our initial allocation of G35's last night. Nav is a stand alone option. If you do not want it do not order it. Wood Pkg. is only available with non sport premium models. Sunroof is theoretically optional, but don't count on finding car with out it. Aero is optional but not required with sport pkg, but since it is a functional aero pkg not just gingerbread it may be worth considering.

    Discount HA HAHAHAHAHAHA, That is pretty darn funny. The cars are not even here yet. We just started discounting Q45's. I don't mean to be rude, but for $33,500 you will be getting a car that will easily out run and out handle anything within $40,000 of that price. Besides Infiniti only carries about 8% mark-up on its cars, so their is not a lot of room for discounting anyway.
  • hicairahicaira Posts: 276
    you forgot to mention the 1-3 k that blueguy thinks they are sneaking into your back pocket.

    Blueguy seems to have a serious hair up his backside regarding the role of dealers. I wonder where he buys his food, from farmers? I'm so mad I'm gonna go over to those bipedal snakes at Ralphs and take them to task for marking up my ribeye steak and beer. The gall! I should be able to buy a decent pilsner directly from the manufacturer and not pay the needless mark-up to some store. And IT won't even require any warranty work! Anyone know where I can find the holdback $$ on Pampers Diapers? I'm gonna save me a bundle on my next trip to the store...

  • <<If the dealers went out of business, where would you get your new G35 serviced even while it's under warranty?>>

    Actually, I mentioned that I'd prefer manufacturer operated repair shops. I would love to take my car in for repair work to a place that cares rather than a dealership.

    << Never mind what happens after the warranty expires, what do you do for the first four years if your car has problems and there are no dealers to speak of because they all went under from not making a profit?>>

    Dealers make a majority of their cash on warranty and repair work. Sales account for next to nothing in the scheme of a dealership's profits. Regardless, this was answered above. I'd prefer abolishing franchises.

    << Without a dealership network, Nissan could not offer you a warranty. Would probably negatively impact your resale value too if all the Infiniti dealers went out of existence. For example, would you buy a used Peugeot, Sterling, Alfa, Renault, Fiat, or Oldsmobile, for that matter? >>

    I have nothing against Nissan dealers alone. All dealerships to me are horrible bloodsuckers. To give them EXTRA profit by paying MSRP is a slap in the face. They get holdback money on each car sold, (if you're unfamiliar with the term, look it up at Edmunds) plus they get money back for warranty work and finally they make an outright killing doing repairs on out-of-warranty and non-warranty covered work.

    Do you believe your 6-8 trips to a dealer over a 4 year period are worth $8,000 profit? They're making a killing doing nothing.
  • Since these cars are made in Japan, having them at a dealer is FAR beneficial to the price, compared to buying directly.

    Think about how much it would cost to buy one(yes just for you) directly from the factory how you like it, wait 6 months for production, and then have it delivered as an individual car to your house.

    The benefit the dealers provide is that they are capable of buying multiple cars(The only way Nissan will sell them, which is not unreasonable since they cut down on the number of sales forms they have to worry about).

    These cars are optioned in popular ways, so that when you get to the dealer you do not have to wait six months to get your car.

    Plus, you only pay a very small destination charge compared to what it would cost to deliver a single car to your house, because they are shipped in mass quantities on large trucks and boats.
  • I wonder where your paycheck comes from. This board is for discussing the car,not beating up dealers. Judging by your attitude I would have to waste my "one a month" if you came in our store. Dealerships are businesses. They employ people who pay taxes and spend money in their communities. According to you, people must provide services for free. Are you from the US or Cuba?
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    Regardless of how we would like to buy cars and have them serviced, it won't matter for a long, long time. We are stuck with the auto-world as it currently is for quite some time. Yeah, maybe it is some sort of sick symbiotic-parasitic relationship, but somehow manufacturers, dealers, and buyers seem to survive and sometimes thrive in it. Being a buyer, all I know is knowledge is power and time is normally on my side if I don't fall in love with something. I pray there are lots of marks in the world (i.e., less knowledgeable buyers), so they get squeezed for profit and my sale is only marginally profitable to the manufacturer & dealer. Guessing most posters here are in a rather education group vis-a-vis the rest of the car buying public.
  • ligartligart Posts: 109 seems to me we'd be buying from factory-owned stores. And then the car companies would mark up their product to cover the new costs: land, buildings, salespeople, receptionists, donuts ;-).

    At least with independent dealerships, there's incentive for competition. I can't imagine one factory store giving you a better deal than another.
  • mica88mica88 Posts: 25
    Is it possible to order the G35 with cloth seats and navi in Canada? That is, no sunroof, no leather seats?
    Or, can a G35 (with cloth seats) be purchased, and the navi installed later by the dealer?
    Do you know if there is a digital clock which might be added later to replace the analog clock?
  • Leather is standard equipment in Canada. Our premium package has the sunroof, memory seats etc. Nav package is only available on the premium as an option.

    As far as the clock goes,my guess is that it will stay. The original Q45 had an analog clock until 1996(may have been the 1994 and up?). The 1997 model had digital and the Q45 now has gone back to analog in the 2002. I30 had it in 2000.
    Qx4 in 2001. Seems to be a trend to a Signature feature in all Infiniti's. Hope this helps.

    Nice to see discussion back to car.
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    The extra 2k in the 3er coupe pricing is due to more standard features, not just the privlege of haveing 2 less doors last i checked you get

    sport supension
    fold down rear seat
    on board computer
    and maybe more, not 2k worth but most of it.

  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    Ok so if you choose standard you cannot get any options at all ? huh ? ok whatever. Also i had to choose Aero to get Sport unlike some dealer here posted.I would just get the standard car and have leather put in, but with the sidechair airbags makes me nervous.
    Also for comparison a C class with 168hp weighs more and has less 3.2 inches of rear legroom WOW. And a top speed of 142!
    I did not see any premium for any exterior color ? guess ive bought German too long lol.

  • 68bullitt68bullitt Posts: 177
    I just got back from the San Jose auto show tonight and they had a gorgeous, black G35 on display. This car looks even better in person than in the photos! I think this is definitely going to be my next car as long as they don't jack up the price next year when the 6-speed manual comes out. (I also don't like to buy a first year production car). I'm also still torn between the sedan and the coupe. The Infiniti rep at the show said he's seen a photo of the actual coupe and it looks hot! Most people at Infiniti think it looks better than the sedan.

    Given what you get with this car and the price, I would venture to say that the G35 may be the most significant car introduction since the Ford Mustang, heck, maybe since the Model-T. It's like getting a Lexus GS300 or a BMW 530i with much more power but for $15K less. BMW must be sweating bullets right about now.

    It'll be tempting for the dealers to price gouge, but I do hope they refrain. I'm sure Infiniti doesn't look kindly on dealers that charge over MSRP. If my local dealer tries this, I'll be sure to ring the Infiniti corporate rep I met at the show (he happens to be in dealer management for my area).
  • ace10ace10 Posts: 137
    bmw dealers sweating? most significant car since the ole henry's T? i have owned a couple of infiniti's and realize what they are... generally competitve vehicles sold at significant discounts due to the buying public's perception that the vehicle is genrally inferior and has pathetic resale value. i buy them because they are cheaper than the competition, and i don't keep them long enough to see if they have any long-term reliability.

    yes, the g35 looks, on paper like a big fat winner, but it will still be sold and serviced by a pretty sorry dealership network and it won't have a slanted L or a blue and white spinning propeller on it. the q45 is an excellent vehicle for the "street price", certainly not at MSRP, the QX4 is a competitive vehicle at the hugely discounted going rate, while the I35 and G20 don't even deserve print here in cyberspace, although they get me from stoplight to stoplight as a service loaner.

    i hope the g35 is a huge bomb, in order for me to pick one up, well after the initial pent-up demand has subsided, at a modest discount.

    an aside... the corporate rep in your area works in the management at the local dealer? TALK ABOUT A CONFLICT OF INTEREST! i certainly wouldn't want to get help from Nissan/Infiniti if i had a dealership problem in your area.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Is that right, 4 years free maintenance? Pardon the newbie question.

  • Good grief, I didn't malign your name or toss out pejoratives. Regardless, you work in the industry so please don't deny that dealers get holdback, warranty money and make MOST of their profit in repair work.

    I'd think someone who works in that industry would at least have the deceny to admit that vehicle sales are not a major source of income for dealerships.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    It depends on the make, actually. Look at Saturn. A few luxury brands also sell near MSRP and bring profits to the dealers.

  • robertrrobertr Posts: 125
    Thanks for the input. It looked to me from the Infiniti website that if you wanted BOTH sport and premium packages with winter package that you had to take NAV. Would appreciate your posting if you hear when 6-speed is going to be available.

    Infinitiseller - I agree, good to have discussion back to the car. I hope all good Nissan and Infiniti dealers and salesmen earn decent profits and have a prosperous 2002.
  • As a former Infinity owner ('94 J30), put 65K miles on the car, no problems at all! Loved the car, trunk too small for growing family. Am back in market lease on 99 A4 lease up in May (no more Audi's, blast to drive, but too small and way too many problems) Like the look of the G35 (Also am looking at Volvo S60 2.4T and Acura TL type -s, or used GS300).

    As far a first year of G35, that is not necessarily true since it is the Skyline, correct?

    When will dealers receive the car?

    Also, if you have sat in one, how much rear legroom is there? Comparable with I35?
  • 68bullitt68bullitt Posts: 177
    No, the Infiniti corporate rep that I met doesn't work at my local dealership, he works for Infiniti and manages ALL the dealers in my geography. In essence, he's their boss. I bet he can probably control allocations based on the good or bad behavior of his dealers.

    BTW, I also have to vent a little any say that in my personal humble opinion, anyone that buys a car based solely on the badge on its hood is downright pathetic! As if they should be bragging that spending thousands of dollars than they need to for a car is some sort of personal achievement. That their friends should be somehow impressed by their total lack of understanding of cars and their shortage of brain cells. Winning a Nobel prize impresses me, buying a $90,000 Mercedes does not.

    I actually do hope that the general public's image of Infinitis continues to be negative because then it'll allow me to buy them at a much larger discount. I only care about what the car is and not what the image is. Does what other people think of your car change the way that it drives, its comfort, safety or reliability? Just like I bought an Audi in 1987 during the darkest days for Audi in the U.S. market (a year after 60 Minutes) when noboby would touch them with a ten foot pole and got a huge discount, I wouldn't mind if I got a huge discount on a G35 either. I probably wouldn't buy an Audi now because they've gotten too popular (and expensive). The bottom line is, IMHO, you're the only one that should be impressed by your car and not anybody else.
  • I dare you to try and buy a Nissan without a dealer then.

    You can't.
  • pmvipmvi Posts: 63
    First of all, you seem to contradict yourself when you malign the markup placed by the dealer, then say that they don't make any net profit from car sales.

    Secondly, do you not think that "bipedal snake" is not a pejorative?

    I can understand that you want to get the best price and make sure that you are not being taken to the cleaners, but settle down!
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    Did Infiniti allow you to sit inside the G35 at the auto show? They didn't allow us at the LA Auto Show.

    Please tell the Infiniti management rep that they need to improve on the trunk lid. It's looks BLAH! I like the license plate to be at the center of the trunk lid with chrome piece above it. Somewhat similar to BMW. :)

    If you have a chance to chat with the management rep, ask him if the coupe will be cheaper than the sedan. Somehow, I think it is because Honda/Acura coupes are $500 less than the sedan.
  • You can do so with BMW, MB and Porsche. People who have done it swear it's a great option.

    That'd be nice, pay invoice or so and fly out to Japan, view the factory and then head home with the G on the way.

    Regardless, do you know if the manual is gonna be a 5 or 6 speed?
  • I own a 00 Max SE, and am very interested in getting a manual I compared the 02 Max SE dimensions with the G35. I assume that the I35 dimensions are the same as the Max but didn't verify that. The cars are very similar.

    All measurements in inches.

    Headroom (F/R)
    G35 40.5/40.0
    Max 40.5/37.4

    Shoulder room (F/R)
    G35 56.4/56.2
    Max 56.9/56.2

    Hip Room (F/R)
    G35 54.3/53.0
    Max 55.3/53.7

    Leg Room (F/R)
    G35 43.9/36.2
    Max 44.8/36.2
  • 68bullitt68bullitt Posts: 177
    Yes, I was allowed to sit inside the G35. The woman who was presenting the car let me get on the platform and then sit in the driver's seat even though I don't think she was supposed to do that. I doubt she'll let other people do that again. I just got lucky (or maybe it was my charm?). The interior looks awesome! Really nice leather seats and a really wide center console and armrest. The rear seats are bucket-like as well. One thing that I didn't like was the lack of a hand parking brake. It has the foot pedal type. I hope when the manual version comes out they put a hand brake in or else driving on the hills of San Francisco is going to be scary (if not impossible) with four pedals to operate simultaneously with only two feet!

    The Infiniti rep believes that the coupe should cost around the same as the sedan (although I don't think he knew for sure), which is fine by me. I think that the Acura TL/CL is a little unusual in that the coupe is less expensive. I think the coupe tends to be more in most cases, e.g., Lexus ES300/SC300, BMW 325i/325Ci, etc. According to the website the coupe is suppose to have even more power so I'm going to take a leap of faith and assume that it'll get the exact same engine and transmission as the 350Z (i.e., 280+HP, and 6-speed manual trans.). Fine by me.

    BTW, I actually like the rear end of the G35. The handle/latch beneath the Infiniti nameplate is kind of nice. The trunk is also cavernous. The G35 actually has more passenger interior volume space than the I35 (which the rep didn't even know).
  • 68bullitt68bullitt Posts: 177
    The BMW, MB, etc. European Delivery programs actually work through your local dealer. You order the car through your dealer and then pick it up from them when you return from your trip. They are still responsible for prepping the car once it comes off the ship and is trucked to them. I believe the dealers still make some profit from these Euopean Delivery cars or else they wouldn't bother with the headaches of the paperwork and prepping the car (and customers calling every five days asking if their car has arrived back from Europe).
  • "Is it there yet?"

    "No, sir, you just called an hour ago."

    "Do you think it'll be in by lunch time? That'd be keen."

    "No, we received our weekly shipment yesterday."

    "So will it be in after lunch then?"
  • jjy1jjy1 Posts: 26
    If you dislike the rear like I do, write infiniti an email. You'll get a standard reply, but at least you've made your concerns know.
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