New Passat A/C

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I find that the A/C never gets cold enough, except at night or on overcast days. It seems to dehumidify fairly well. I have the Climatron system in the GLX V6. Temp at the vents usually 40 degrees which is about right; but system doesn't seem to have the capacity to chill the interior volume. It's a mid-size car, maybe just has too small a compressor or peripherals. I've recently driven a new 300M out West in greater heat; car got REAL cold in 5 minutes. Also, a rented Tauras in NY, A/C worked very well. Anyone having a similiar problem? My car goes back to the dealer end of this week for thorough A/C check-up.


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    Well, I drope a Passat wagon through the desert last year and it was plenty chilly. Perhaps your fan motor is not blowing the cold air forcefully enough. It may be cold at the vents but if the fan is very weak or not operating at the higher speeds you won't cool the entire car.
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    Checked your bio. Thanks for your response about my a/c. When do find time to participate and answer these questions? I'll remind the dealer to doublecheck the fan motor when I bring it in on Friday.
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