Good Volvo mechanic in ST Louis?

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I am thinking of buying a 94' 960 and need the help of an experienced Volvo mechanic for prepurchase inspection and for follow up care. anyone have any rec's? Many thanks.


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    From what I've read on-line, actually the dealer, Brentwood Volvo, has a really good reputation. Or is that where you're buying the car from? :-)

    There's a great section on the brickboard (kind of like an Edmunds for Volvos) about 700 and 900 series Volvos and what you should look for when buying a used one. I used it when I recently purchased an '89 740.
  • dado1dado1 Member Posts: 3
    Second rec I have gotten for them(buying the car from another dealer hopefully). Where did you see them mentioned online? Thanks.
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    Actually, from several of the Volvo ewnthusiasts' websites around, the Brickboard included. I think you'll really enjoy your car. My Volvo is the oldest car (in terms of age at time of purchase) I've ever owned, and it's quickly becomming my favorite among the many cars I've had. Can't wait to be able to buy a new(er) one...
  • imtoadimtoad Member Posts: 2 of radio show fame has a search engine of mechanics that their listeners recommend. I just used a shop from their list that had 4 recommendations and I'm very happy. They didn't charge me to check out any of the several problems I reported('88 Toyota pick-up) and didn't "fix" a problem that I thought I had but didn't. They give you a list according to your zip code.
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