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Buick Rendezvous Accessories and Modifications



  • wallylwallyl Posts: 4
    I will keep you informed.
  • lane2lane2 Posts: 28
    Where did you get the wood trim pkg and did you do the work yourself? It really looks nice. Might just have to change mine if it isn't too hard to do. Could do it at the same time I replace the radio with a navigation system/radio. Probably will have to get someone like Crutchfield to do it. Guess I will be keeping mine for a while yet since I have the extended warranty and the new SUV doesn't promise any better gas mileage.
  • I got my wood dash around the cluser off ebay for 100 its the factory piece which retails for 350 so i figured i got a good deal the rest of the wood i found also on ebay buy it now for 45 i dont know why it was so cheap but i snagged it before the page finished loading LOL so all together 145 it made a BIG difference The vous is jsut too monochramatic and needs some colorimage"
  • lane2lane2 Posts: 28
    It all looks great. Does the factory installed pieces come off easily? Screws, clips, snap-off ?? I haven't tried to do anything to mine because I don't want to crack something. When you were on ebay, did you search for Rendezvous wood dash, or ??
  • the pice that goes around the radio, cluster and healdight switch is all one piece so it can be a pain. but you take two screws off in the driver footell that holds the black panel where the light is then pull the knee panel under the column off its helpd with clips and then you can pull all around the dash trim and it pops out. you do gotta move the shifter too 1 and tilt the column down to get it all off. otherwise it pulls off with clips. then as you pull it away you need to unplug if you have the DIC or HUD.unplug it before you tug on the wires to much. you can pop that control panel its attached to off but i find its a pain to do. now outting it on can be a pain esp around the cluster you gotta flex it and bend pieces to get it to fit ive doen mine 4 times and havent broke anyhitng or damaged anything so it can be done. i got the factory wood part cause the wood look is molded around the edges compared to the stick on that just sticks on. yeah on ebay i jsut type in Rendezvous Wood and it pops up. but there are tones of sites that sale wood dashes so shop around. i also got the 06 wood steering wheel that matches but i cant get the airbag off GRRRR
  • lane2lane2 Posts: 28
    Appreciate the info.
  • barneyeabarneyea Posts: 20
    I installed a Westin Safari light bar on my 2005 Ultra and it did not fit. After talking to Westin, we determined that Buick had put a different engine cradle in the 3.6 cars, with different mounting holes. Westin offered to take the bar back but I made an adaptor to make it fit. They had no intention to modify their mounting kit for 3.6 Rendezvous. Now that more Rendezvous are equipped with the 3.6 they may have changed their minds. If anyone is interested I can share my modifications.

    Second item...I made a rear storage shelf that clips on the tie down in the rear. I made my shelf 16" deep x the width of the car, about 42". It can be made larger and comes out quite easily. The advantage of the shelf is that smaller, light items can be placed on it the heavier, bulkier bags and boxes can be removed without moving the light stuff. Again I can share the plan/pictures.
  • vernoneavernonea Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2005 Rendezvous. I see that in 2006, Buick introduced the Nv system as an option.

    Could i get this system to work on my 2005?

    Also, I really like the HUD feature. Anyone know where I could pick up this feature, without going to the dealer?

  • achopraachopra Posts: 4
    Can someone give me the color codes on the radio wiring harness on 2003 RDV CX with the basic single CD Changer.

    I do not have Onstar or premium bose system.

    I have managed to hook up another aftermarket in-dash GPS/DVD player. I am having troubles finding the wires to hook up to the illumination of the aftermarket deck as well using the steering controls with it. The new deck has two wires to connect to the steering wheel controls, I don't seem to figure out, which ones on the factory harness are used for steering wheel controls.

    Also, I have got an input for the reverse camera on the aftermarket deck that requires one wire to be hooked on to the reverse switch. Can anyone please shed some light on that as well.

    Thanks :sick:
  • rgraberrgraber Posts: 2
    Did you ever post plans for your storage shelf for the Rendezvous? I'd love to see them. I have '02 REN and I think it is a great idea....
  • My wife has a 2006 RDV and I have a 2006 F150 5.4. We're just a little surprised that they are getting very similar gas mileage.

    Does anyone make a cold air intake and/or a tuner for the RDV?

  • spike99spike99 Posts: 239
    My wife allowed me to buy her a 2003 FWD RDV approx 2 years ago. Even since the day we bought it, I always felt it needed more rear lights. Mostly because the rear of this vehicle has high mounted lights. Today, I installed a simple ID Bar (which has 3 little lights) under its rear bumper using a simple 90 degree piece of steel. If wondering, these 3 little lights are connected to its running/clearance lights (brown wire).

    For some pictures, surf:
    ID Bar: - - 1.jpg - - 2.jpg

    If you are thinking of adding more rear lights to your non-trailer hitch RDV unit, this modification can be `cloned` on your RDV as well...

    Hope this helps others...

  • Spike...

    Hey awhile back you were on edmunds and published a picture to help another person who was trying to figure out what all the plugs were in the back of his rendezvous.

    He wanted to know what different ones did. Specifically so he could install a wiring harness and/or brake controller. YOu posted a nice picture... no longer hosted by photobucket...

    And explained what each one did.

    Its gone now and I need that info....

    Can you help by sending me the picture and the info?

    Here is a link to show you what I was talking about...

    pauls02, "Buick Rendezvous Accessories and Modifications" #233, 11 Feb 2006 7:04 am

    YOur info was down at message 252 and 254.

    Can you do the same for me and email me with that info?

    email to replace the AT with an @. Thanks
  • spike99spike99 Posts: 239

    I can't seem to find my previous post / reply. Thus, here's the same info about installing a Class III hitch and its wiring for onboard Brake Controller.

    For video - to install the Class III hitch:

    For factory 4 pin Wire connector on RDV vehicle, puchase:
    Note: Factory V92 plug under the rear right bumper area. Simply remove its blue plug and "plug in" the new V92 trailer wiring adaptor cable. Surf above URL for a picture. If wondering, I connected the "brown - running / clearance" and "white - ground" wires from this bundle to my customized rear ID bar (3 lights).

    For a trailer with onboard electric brakes, puchase a 7-pin connector and mount this connector under the vehicle's rear bumper. Many need to buy its galvanized steel mounting plate as well. For a picture of this 7-pin connector, surf:
    Note: Double check the "connector" on your existing trailer (that has its own onboard brakes). It may have a 6 pin connector or a 7-pin connector with round holes. Thus, a slightly different rear connector may have to be bought. For now, let's assume your trailer needs a 7-pin connector with blade contacts (that's shown in the above URL).

    Using the 4 pin leads from your factory V92 "pig tail" and installed 7-pin connector (mounted under rear bumper area), connect the available wires together. Use a scratch pad and 12V tester to ensure each wire (and ground) is properly connected. For picture of what wire into 7-pin plug, surf:

    The next steps should be done by a 12V auto specialist. For me (on my other vehicle - which is our tow vehicle with Brake Controller), I "pulled in" the 10 guage wiring but got my auto mechanic to connect their ends. Using 2 x 10 guage 12V wiring (one blue and one red - for example), connect to your 7-pin connector and pull these wires to the front of your vehicle. For my other vehicle, I pulled / fastened these wires on the outside (under the vehicle). If you like removing interior panels and such, run these thick 10 guage wires on the inside. If wondering, 1 wire (for example, RED wire) goes from the vehicle's "accessory" fuse to your 7-pin connector - pin #4. When your vehicle's ignition key is ON, this pin #4 is live. If wondering, pin #4 is often used to "trickle charge" a 12V battery inside the attached trailer (assuming the attached trailer has on onboard 12V battery). When the vehicle's key if OFF, there's NO current down this #4 wire. The other 10 guage wire (re: blue wire) that was installed goes from 7-pin connector Pin #2 (electric brakes) to the vehicle's onboard brake controller. For pin assignments within 7 pin connector, surf:

    For more brake controller wiring details, surf 1/3 page down:

    Fully test all signals, running / clearance lights, brake controller pin #2 and 12V live pin #4. If necessary, do replace the vehicle's factory default load "flasher unit" with a HD (Heavy Duty) Flasher unit as well. Thus, stopping your flasher from flashing too fast (when towing a trailer). One of those "try it and see how fast it flashes for you" things.

    Note: After wiring is fully tested, use "plastic cable loom" to protect the rear wires and use galvanized strapping to secure the wire loom bundle. External silicone the back of the 7-pin connector as well. Thus, keeping crud and rust out of this critical connector. Also... Mount the 7-pin connector on the vehicle's rear bumper. Do NOT drill holes within the installed trailer hitch. Extra holes weaken a hitch.

    BTW: To connect a standard 4-pin trailer to your newly installed 7-pin connector (say a small utility trailer without brakes), simply install a 7-4 pin connector. For a picture, surf: 336745

    Hope this helps...

  • spike99spike99 Posts: 239
    At times, I don't know my left from my right. LOL!!!!

    The V92 plug (for trailer wiring harness) is located under the "left" rear bumper area. For more pictures of how I installed the ID bar, its V92 location, plastic loom and PL Premium (for water protection) coating, surf contents of:

    Note: To enlarge each thumbnail picture, simply click on it.

    Hope this correction and more pictures helps as well....

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    You can also put photos on your CarSpace page and they'll be easier for new folks to find in the future.
  • spike99spike99 Posts: 239
    Good idea. Didn't realize a photo storage feature existed on this forum.

    Testing URL...

    Hope this works... Good. It works. Thanks for sharing this trick. LOL...

  • Instead of "left or right" which is always confusing to everyone.

    Perhaps you could tell us more clearly if you used the following... DRIVERSIDE or PASSENGERSIDE.

    I've looked at the photos and they appear to be passengerside rear bumper area if the tire placement and laying under the car are taken into account.

    However, looking under MY rendezvous I see a pigtail just hanging loose under the DRIVER side back of the wheel well area. The other part of this continues up into the back and I assume eventually the rear driverside light.

    Please help us to konw what we are looking at in the photos... were they driver or passenger side shots?

    I also am unable to tell exactly what you did with the four wire plug that you purchased.

    Let me restate it, I'm looking ofr a simple way to plug in and have lights to a four pin camper plug. I'd rather just connect one plug if thats possible.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Works perfectly - thanks!
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