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Hyundai Elantra Maintenance and Repair



  • jimbeaumijimbeaumi Posts: 620
    Thanks, all, for the good tips. I'm learning new things on these threads all the time!

    I posted on the Elantra Sedan section about my cabin filter (it's in) and K&N air filter (it's on order). A very happy 46K miles now on an '01 GLS 5-speed.
  • I wonder what the probability is that a dealer would notice that a rotor weight had fallen off or balance a new one when it is being installed?
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    zero. You have to look really close at a new rotor to determine if the weight fell out
  • jimbeaumijimbeaumi Posts: 620
    Once again, for those wishing to order a cabin filter, the part number is 97133-2D000. And it does trap quite a bit of dirt.

    Also, any good comments about K&N Filters? Mine will arrive Friday. I am curious too about the re-oiling process.
  • 5port5port Posts: 395
    "Once again, for those wishing to order a cabin filter, the part number is 97133-2D000. And it does trap quite a bit of dirt."


       Someone made one from an electrostatic furnace filter. I like that idea. You dont have to pay $50. I know a parts manager that sells them for $35 shipped.

    "Also, any good comments about K&N Filters? Mine will arrive Friday. I am curious too about the re-oiling process."


       You might consider removing the air horn from the airbox when installing the K&N. Its in the top of the box and it pushes out from the inside. Here is a picture:


     The opening to the airbox is bigger afterwards and the sound is a tad more aggressive.

      Cleaning the K&N is easy. Buy the reoiling/cleaning kit for $9.95. The oil in the kit is tinted red. when reoiling the filter (red oil) makes it easy to see:

    1) with filter in hand remove large debree by hand or a VERY SOFT brush.

    2) Spray cleaner solution on filter (saturate)

    3) let sit for 5min

    4) with hose nozzle removed for low pressure rinse filter in reverse flow (from clean to dirty side).

    5) let sit in sun until dried

    6) reoil filter using only K&N oil. Spray in long stripes until whole filter looks red (it will turn white after washing). Do not over oil.

      Your done.
  • crsher2002crsher2002 Posts: 21
    Anyone experiencing this? I have 40K on a 2002GT and I'm starting to hear that telltale sound toward the rear engine area of air escaping...haven't gotten under the car yet, but it is a familiar noise - started on my Civic around 75K
  • 5port5port Posts: 395
    The exhaust manifold on the Beta engine has been known to split. However if you are hearing the sound from the rear it cant be the manifold as thats located in front of the engine.

       Could be your exhaust has either separated or rotted out. If you do a lot of short trips the latter could be the case.

       For reference my 2001 GT has 22k miles on it. Most of it is 2.5 miles to and from work. My exhaust is still intact.

    BTW: some of the exhaust system components are covered under warranty. Check with your dealer.
  • nickimomnickimom Posts: 11
    Hello! I'm a new Elantra GT owner. I purchased it June 14, I have about 1500 miles on it, and that light comes on when hubby driving and I am passenger, or when hubby in seat and I'm driving, or when others in the seat. I sit in the seat normally, and light can go on and off.
          Hyundai service manager says it's ok...the airbag will still deploy. Not for nothing - when I see a car with that passenger airbag off sign illuminated crash, and the airbag deploys, then I'll believe them. Any suggestions for me? Thank you
  • 5port5port Posts: 395
    There is a Technical Service bulletin relating to the airbags on the 2004 your dealer

     Technical Service Bulletin Group
    90 - Electrical
    2004 Elantra Supplemental Restraint System
    Elantra 2004


    This bulletin provides general information for the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) that is installed in 2004 MY Elantra vehicles produced beginning in July 2003.

    The dual-stage front airbags provide two levels of inflation. A first stage inflation is provided for moderate impacts, while a second stage inflation is provided for more severe impacts.

    In order to determine whether a first or second stage deployment should occur, the SRS uses several sensors to obtain information regarding the impact speed, seat belt usage and front seat position.

    See the 2004 Elantra Shop Manual Restraints Section and the Owner's Manual for further information about supplemental restraint systems.


    Driver Airbag (DAB):

    The driver airbag is a dual output type. Airbag inflation is determined by the impact speed, seat belt usage and driver seat position.

    Since the dual-stage front airbag system has two (2) circuits, the DAB has two (2) connectors for the circuits. The two connectors are of a different style and are not interchangeable.


    Passenger Airbag (PAB):

    The passenger airbag is also a dual output type. Airbag inflation is determined by the impact speed, seat belt usage and front passenger seat position.

    Although the PAB is a dual-stage airbag (like the DAB), it has one connector (4 pins) for the two circuits.


    The PAB connector is located behind the dash panel, directly above the HVAC blower motor.


    Occupant Classification System (OCS):

    The Occupant Classification System detects the presence of a passenger in the front passenger's seat and will turn off the front passenger's airbag under certain conditions. The driver's airbag and the driver's side impact airbag are not affected by the OCS.

    The OCS is designed to detect the presence of a properly seated occupant (sitting upright with the seat in an upright position, centered on the seat cushion, with legs comfortably extended) and determine if the passenger's airbag and the passenger's side impact airbag should be enabled (may inflate) or not.

    Located at the center of the instrument panel, the "PASSENGER AIRBAG OFF" warning lamp provides the passenger airbag status. If the front passenger seat is unoccupied or occupied by someone lighter than approximately 55 pounds (24.9 kg), the indicator "PASSENGER AIRBAG OFF" will be displayed and the front passenger's airbag and side impact airbag will be turned off and will not deploy in frontal or side impacts.


    The OCS's force sensor resistor (FSR) cells are located in the front passenger seat. The FSR's resistance values decrease with increasing weight. When a person sits in the passenger seat, the resistance in each FSR cell will decrease relative to the load. When a predetermined number of these cells have been detected, the PAB circuitry is activated and the "PASSENGER AIRBAG OFF" lamp is turned off.

    Weight Sensing Detector:

    Even if a vehicle is equipped with an OCS, do not install a child restraint system in the front passenger's seat.

    Refer to the 2004 Elantra Owner's Manual section "Occupant Classification System" (Section 1 - pages 36-37) for more details.

    Seat Track Position Sensor (STPS):

    The Seat Track Position Sensor is located on the inside seat rail of both front seats. The STPS resistance changes depending on its location relative to a vane mounted on the seat rail. When the STPS is positioned over the vane (9 latching positions or more rearward of the forward-most position), its resistance is approximately 900 ohms. When it is positioned off of the vane (within 8 latching positions from the forward-most position), the sensor's resistance is approximately 300 ohms. (The STPS resistance values are measured without requiring power to the circuit).

    In the event of a frontal impact severe enough to deploy the airbags, if one of the front seats is placed within 8 latching positions from the forward-most position (STPS off of the vane), only the first stage circuit will be activated for that airbag. If the front seat is placed 9 latching positions or more rearward of the forward-most position (STPS over the vane), then the SRS Control Module will deploy the bag with either the first or second circuit (depending on seat belt usage and the severity of the impact).


    If an STPS condition prevents the SRSCM from determining the position of the seat, a Seat Track Sensor Fault Code is generated and the SRS warning light will illuminate until erased from the SRSCM memory by using a Hi-Scan Pro (the fault code will remain even if the condition has been corrected).

    Front Impact Sensor (FIS):

    The front impact sensor is mounted under the radiator support panel. The FIS aids in the airbag deployment decision.


    Side Impact Airbag (SAB):

    The side impact airbags (installed in both driver and passenger front seats) are the single output type. Side airbag equipped vehicles have "SRS AIRBAG" imprinted on the side of the front seats. The two satellite sensors are located at the bottom of the B-pillar, behind the seat belt pretensioner assembly.

    Any modification(s) of the seats may prevent proper operation of the side impact airbags when they are intended to deploy in a collision and can result in serious injury or death. See TSB# 01-90-012 ("Side Impact Airbags") for more details.


    See 2004 Elantra Shop Manual, Restraints Section, page RT-6 for complete dual stage airbag SST information.

    SSTs are available through SPX/Kent-Moore at 1-800-345-2233.

    Review the safety rules noted in the shop manual before working on vehicles equipped with an airbag system.


    In a moderate-severity impact requiring deployment of only the first stage of the dualstage airbag, after the first stage of the dual-stage airbag has been deployed, the second stage will be deployed by the SRSCM after the collision event has been completed. Therefore, the airbag second stage does not need to be deployed intentionally for disposal after deployment of the first stage.

    In a severe impact, both stages are deployed at the same time.

    When scrapping a car or intentionally deploying airbag modules that are to be replaced, deploy each stage individually.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    Take it back to the dealer, show them in the owner's manual the part about how the passenger airbag sensor works, demonstrate how the airbag off light stays on when you or your husband sit in the seat and tell them you want the car fixed NOW, or they can give you another car (check the airbags first of course). If they balk, take it to the dealer's customer service rep (if they have one), if not directly to Hyundai. Also tell them you will be filing a safety complaint with the NHTSA (which can trigger a recall if they get enough of them)--then do it.
  • gogophers1gogophers1 Posts: 218
    There is an article on smart airbags today on, and not surprisingly, it mentions Hyundai among others manufacturers in describing the problems owners are experiencing with them. What is surprising, however, is how Hyundai has apparently instructed owners with the problem to resolve it: sit in the back or trade it in!

    from autoweek:
    "About 50 owners of the 2004 Hyundai Elantra have complained to the company that the passenger-side airbag system won't turn on when the passenger is seated.

    Hyundai engineers in Korea have been studying the problem since February but don't know how to repair it. Hyundai Motor America recommends that owners of the affected cars tell passengers to sit in the back seat or else trade in their car and purchase a different model.

    Hyundai would not identify its airbag supplier."

    TELL PASSENGERS TO SIT IN THE BACK OR TRADE IT IN?!?!?!?!! What a brilliant suggestion.

    Hmmmmmm...I wonder how many of these owners will trade their cars in for another Hyundai...

    Fortunately for me, I drove an '02, so I don't have this particular issue to grapple with, but I do have a shimmy that seems unrepairable, a turn signal that sometimes sticks (will not self-cancel), two front speakers that are all but gone and an AC compressor that screams like a banshee every time it engages.

    I've given up on fixing the shimmy - and I know at 46K, the dealer will be no help here. But I've tried on several visits to get the front speakers replaced under warranty - no luck. How difficult is this to do? Still, Metro Hyundai in Bloomington refuses to replace them because they still produce some sound - granted it's only at a very high volume (the remaining speakers are on the verge of blowing while these produce nary a garbled whisper). And, of course, they cannot reproduce the turn signal issue. Either that, or they have no idea how to fix it and that's the line they're giving me.

    Do I hate my Elantra? Not at all. But what could be a fine ownership experience is all but ruined by horrible dealer service and complete lack of warranty support. Seriously, what good does a 60K bumper-to-bumper warranty do if the dealer/company is incapable or unwilling to fix anything under it?

    The Elantra is one of the best compact cars out there in terms of design, I know firsthand because I drove them all before I bought mine. And value-wise, it's the best deal going.

    But I can't imagine myself going back to Hyundai for my next car when the company tells its customers that the "fix" for their problems is buying a different car. Unbelievable.

    the link for anyone interested: arnews&loc_code=index&content_code=09310365
  • jimijamesjimijames Posts: 41
    yeah, I went off on Hyundai for the same thing in the regular Elantra forum. It seems Hyundai's track record for dealing with the odd problems that don't affect all cars (shimmy, the 04 airbag thing) is horrible. It doesn't help that their dealer/service network is, for the most part, incompetent. And before someone gets all bent out of shape... I'm not saying there are no good Hyundai dealers out there, but personal experience and various comments I've seen indicate otherwise.

    I like my Elantra's. Good, cheap (inexpensive) transportation. But with the lousy service and Hyundai's mind-numbingly dumb comments like buy a different car or sit in the back seat, I can't see myself returning for another Hyundai when time to replace them.
  • dhazen1dhazen1 Posts: 1
    From the day I took it home from the dealer, whenever I hit the brakes at 60mph or above I had one heck of a shimmy. Took it to the dealer - they REPLACED both rotors. *Under Warranty*
    Other than that, she is running like a champ with almost 10K miles (since April).
  • 5port5port Posts: 395
    When an article is a negative and one-sided as Autoweek's I discount and call it a negative spike in the otherwise good average. It happens.


    Fortunately for me, I drove an '02, so I don't have this particular issue to grapple with, but I do have a shimmy that seems unrepairable, a turn signal that sometimes sticks (will not self-cancel), two front speakers that are all but gone and an AC compressor that screams like a banshee every time it engages.

    1) A shimmy thats seems unrepairable is a real problem and shame on Hyundai for not taking a more aggressive approach to this problem.

    2) A turn signal that sometimes does not cancel is not enough to right a car off IMO. I've had that issue on countless cars.

    3) I cant under stand why BOTH front speakers would destroy themselves. POWER maybe?

    4) The screaming AC compressor is not the compressor at all. Its the sound of gas making its way thru a valve in the AC system. Some dealers have changed the valve with success. Some have had no success in fixing it. I have the "problem" and I ignore it.

       Its very important to investigate the Hyundai dealership before the sale. The dealer can make or break the Hyundai experience.
  • biikmanbiikman Posts: 5
    Just purchased a 2003 Elantra GLS. Drives great, looks nice. While washing it I noticed a small dime size bubble on the drivers side roof, but it wasn't cracked. Still had clearcoat on it. So I took it to the dealer and he looked at it and said it looked like to him there was something underneath when it was clearcoated, meaning at some point it was painted. The door, the frame around the door, everything looks ok, no overspray, no signs if it being painted. original stickers on the windows etc...Autocheck was run and it came up ok for everything. The only weird thing is, there are 3 stickers on the bottom part of the inside door just the VIN, one showing tire inflation info, and the 3rd showing manufactering date and weight and all that. He said the third sticker should be on the door itself. Can anyone give me any ideas on what could be going on? man my stumach is in knots right now.
  • biikmanbiikman Posts: 5
    well, after calling and talking to a very nice customer service rep at Hyundai, he stated that the sticker on hid 2002 is in the same place, so I feel much better now. Would be curious as to others here, is yours on the door or the center post inside the door, near where you'd step.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    are all three in the opening, not on the door. The one with the tire info is at the bottom, near the threshold molding.
  • firemanjackfiremanjack Posts: 123
    Well biikman, looks like you have been talking to Mr. Dealer Desperado. He's trying to tell you that the bubble in the paint on the roof of your car was caused by some slob painting over a large lump? Hmmmm. And an inspection of the paint job shows no signs of it being a repaint job; ergo: either it is the original paintjob, or this slob who repainted the roof over a lump of stuff did a magnificent job of matching color and not overpsraying...But, why then would such a meticulous fellow spray over a lump on the roof...A conundrum that defies rational answer, eh what?
     Which brings us back to the only answer to this question...It IS the original paintjob and Senor Slob at your dealership is obligated to fix it, free.
     Man, the questioning of the placement of the stickers on the door was a real straw clutch..
     Have him fix it, then go to another dealership for future business.
  • biikmanbiikman Posts: 5
    I've an appointment for them to look at it thursday, to determine cause and whether it's warrantied or not and how to repair it. Now as to warranty, they may try to say it was caused by environmental conditions. Bird poop etc. so, how best to state my case so that I have the best chance of it being covered. Argue it was a flaw in the original paint job?
    thanks again, hope I'm not coming across lookin like an idiot :)
  • smith20smith20 Posts: 256
    Well after two days of the driver door being rattle-less, I am going to declare it gone. :) It turned out the interior of the door was slightly sticking to the metal of the door right below the top screw on the end of the door. Just took out the screw, pried the interior slightly apart from the metal door frame with a spatula, and then sprayed some WD40 in there and now it makes no more noise. :) I'm very pleased. Car hits the 90 day mark in 6 days and that was only problem so far other than the airbag triggering at about 110-115 pounds instead of 55.
  • bikerpabikerpa Posts: 68
    ...might I suggest trying out a different dealer service department? Just a thought. I'm sorta hosed here in central SC, there's one Hyundai dealer within two hours of my home, but any reasonably well-developed urban area oughta have more than that.
  • gogophers1gogophers1 Posts: 218
    I wandered over to Inver Grove Heights after work yesterday to drive an '04 Elantra GT (I had one of those test-drive promo certificates I needed to have a salesman sign). All went well and it seemed like a very nice car, though I found a few noteworthy items:

    1. The leather wrapped steering wheel in the GT (at least the '04) is thinner than the vinyl one in my '02 GLS - which struck me as odd.

    2. The dash lighting on the new GT seemed a bit disjointed and made an otherwise tasteful interior look a bit low-rent. The gauges were purple, the trip and clock were different shades of green (like my '02) and the display for the receiver continually changed its color like a chameleon, which I found to be more annoying than cool.

    3. The receiver, though I'm sure it's of much higher quality than the OEM Hyundai unit, is about as user-unfriendly as they come. I asked the salesman how to adjust the balance and he spent the entire drive trying to figure it out only to give up two blocks before we arrrived back at the store.

    4. The dang thing had the did the Elantra Shimmy! Granted it didn't shake to the degree my '02 does, but it was definitely there. It had about the same level of shimmy mine had when it was brand new - which is to say slight, but still noticeable. I imagine it, like mine, would worsen over time.

    Hyundai may think this shimmy thing is not a serious issue, but they're sorely mistaken. At least for me, it's going to take more than $2K on the hood for me to go back for seconds. As good a deal as the Elantra is (and as wonderful a little car it is when it isn't shaking on down the road), I think I'll probably pony up the extra $3K and spring for the Mazda the next go 'round.
  • 5port5port Posts: 395
    I'm sorry to hear that you found shimmy in an 04 Hyundai. This in itself does not mean Hyundai is not listening. If anything this means Hyundai is continuing to sell cars while coming up with a fix.

       Before I buy any car I look at that cars Problem and Solutions board (thanks Edmunds). Each car has its own set of problems.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    I thought the wheel could be a little thicker also. But the leather has a nice feel to it I think.

    Re the radio, the backlight can be easily adjusted to match the color of the gauges--and not switch colors continuously. And setting balance is not a big deal--just need to take a few minutes to read the manual. The buttons on the radio are small, but it has lots of great features also, including a five (I think) band equalizer, pre-set equalizer settings for various kinds of music, remote control, MP3 playback etc.

    If you go for a Mazda3, be sure to check out the A/C performance on a hot day.
  • Is it possible that body flex could be causing the shimmy, I just put new rubber on my 02 and tightened the lugs in accordance with the tsb.
    Still doin the jig. What a frustrating little assemblage of junk.
    I haven't read the autoweek article yet, but I'd like to have an expert look at my car. The door seals are almost gone in an area located on the unhinged side near the latch mechanism. its gone on both front doors and the door panels seem to be rubbing on the pillar trim . The areas don't contact each other when the car is not moving. but seem to be in contact at times when the car is in motion. Is this really a design flaw?
    I noticed when I was vacation that a few dealers don't advertise the elantra in print advertising, at least not in some places in Ohio and others in florida. Is this because hyundai wants to cut their losses. actually, they arent incurring any losses when they dont fix their cars. they sure could have handled things differently.
    I guess since they wont fix it and I am not spending thousands to chase down a mystery problem, i'm just going to run it till it falls apart. I guess about another two years and it will be ready to part out to hyundai mechanics!!
    good luck and shimmy-shammy to ya!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    Unlikely that body flex is causing the shimmy. The Elantra's structure is quite stiff.

    I've never heard of a door seal problem on ANY car as you have described, including the Elantra. The seals on my almost four-year-old Elantra are still perfect. Do you live or drive in any unusual conditions? Is the car still under warranty? What has the dealer said about the door seals?

    I just saw some print ads for the Elantra in my local papers over the weekend. I see them on TV occasionally too.

    Maybe you should get rid of the car now and get something else rather than put up with a "frustrating little assemblage of junk" for two more years.
  • I have also had this problem. My brakes started thumping/ pulsating at 104 miles, took to dealership - determined rear shoes were binding on the backing plates. They removed and resurfaced and lubed backing plates. Noise again at 1587 - again performed as above. ~9000 miles, returned with same complaint - service could not hear. At 10,251 again - this time determined rear drums out of round, and replaced. This corrected the problem till 32000 miles later at 42,500 both the front brake rotors and the rear brake drums were resurfaced. I still have not have to replace either the pads or shoes, so I don't understand how the drums and rotors get warped. I feel it has to be a design defect. Anyone else with these similiar problems?
  • Yes Sasha, I've had problems with the rotors on my 02 warping..At about 11,000 miles I decided I'd had enough of the terminal steering wheel shimmy and was told the first step was to cut my rotors as they were warped, but I would have to pay 150 bucks to have this done as brakes are not covered after 10,000 miles..even if they are causing the front end shimmy..
     Anyhow..I had them cut and of course it made no difference with the shimmy..Just cost me 150 bucks..They are starting to pulse again, I suppose they will have to be cut..and then when the pads do go and need replacement, I will have to buy new rotors as they will have been cut to the maximum allowed already.. I've seen other posts regarding premature rotor warping..
     Anyhow...good luck..Otherwise a great little car. Jack
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    Rotor warpage can be caused by many factors. Four lug hubs can easily warp the rotors if the wheels are not torqued down correctly. Rotors will also warp when going from a high heat condition such as braking hard coming off a freeway ramp and splashing into water. The rapid heating/cooling cycle is very hard on a rotor. This being said, it is not a problem soley attributed to Hyundai, but to all makes and models of autos. Just some are more sensitive to the problem. The Elantra actually has a rather substantial rotor for the weight of the auto. If you are only getting one cut off the rotor to correct a pulsing issue, somebody is not doing the job correctly. It only takes a very light cut to true the rotor. Deeper cuts are only used when the rotor is scarred from a "too late" brake job. Mine developed a slight pulse at 10K, but has not worsened in the 25K miles I have driven since. Speaking as one who has seen a lot of different disk brake systems, the Elantra is actually one of the better ones.
    Ask someone who has seen both to compare it to a Dodge Caravan system.

  • Body flex. responding to the person who doubted that there may be a body flex problem. I am keeping an open mind about this until a credited professional can tell me with no doubt that there is no body flex. there has to be a reason for this vibration problem. perhaps there are some design flaws with this car, maybe there aren't. hyundai should step up to the plate and get these cars off the road until they find the problem.
    Until that day comes Hyundai can stuff this car.
    I have never had to deal with a company like this before and I hope to never have to deal with them again. I am sorry for the negative attitude, but I have been dealing with these clowns for two years and have heard some facinating stories from
    their dealer and their factory rep.
    so, hyundai gets no sympathy, no respect and no positive reviews of any of their products.
    I can only hope that a hyundai employee would read these postings an realize what a bunch of non-stand-up people they work with. cowards, liers and theives.
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