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Hyundai Elantra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Ouch!! Why'd you pay that much? You could have picked up a Sonata or Tibby for what you paid for your elantra! Research next time, my man...they took you to town, thats for sure. I paid about $5k less than you did for my '02 Elantra GLS!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,924
    Chalk it up to one of those valuable "life lessons." Next time, you can use the tips from, Consumer Reports etc. to negotiate a better deal, or if you don't think that's your game, bring someone along who can do it for you (or use a buying service, which may not get you the absolute best deal but will still save you a lot).
  • Hi guys!
    Just purchased 2002 Elantra GT/hatchback
    5-spd trans, ABS/TCS, Pewter. Car pretty much maxed out. Package 11.
    Sticker price was $16,200 here in VA.
    I paid $14,500.

    I think I made out fairly decent. They gave me just a tad under the KBB value on my trade in, which was a pleasant surprise!


    Any feedback re: price?

    Happy Driving to ya'
  • kentavoskentavos Posts: 34
    My advice is to sell it yourself. A dealer is always going to rob you on the trade in. It's a hassle (the dealer will emphasize this to get you to trade) but you'll come out a couple thousand ahead. Use Edmunds to judge a fair value for your car. Print it out and hand each potential buyer a copy. Advertise the car in Auto trader. I'm in Souther Cal too. The Auto Trader has a 'run till it sells' deal. I did this about two months ago and got exactly what I asked for. It was a little more leg work, but worth the money.
  • mmppttmmpptt Posts: 7
    2002 GLS..... 13,800...out the door....including tax, tags, option package. # 4 (automatic transmission, electric sunroof with wind deflector, 100 watt stereo with c.d. and 6 speakers, cruise, keyless entry, mudguards, floor mats, alarm)

    The past reliability.....scares me. (nearest dealer is 60 miles away......if it need's a lot of service.)

    Have it in writing.....should i go for it?
  • Has anyone had any positive/negative experiences with Denver area Hyundai dealers? I'm ready to hit the bricks and I'd rather just bypass the problems.

  • I'm happy to report that over the weekend I have joined Driving Is Believing group and picked up a new, pewter Elantra GT w/auto over the weekend. I paid $13,725.00 plus tax and title at Amato Hyundai and can say that I was fairly please with the experience. They were fair on my trade (1998 Cav sedan) and I was treated well by my salesperson, Chad Larson. The only problem was they had to locate the car in Chicago and when I picked it up the previous dealer lost one of the keys and key fobs and the cigarette lighter was missing but both are being replaced this week.

    So far the car has been great, especially compared to my previous conveyance! : ) I'm looking to many years of smooth cruising.

    Happy motoring!

  • 2002 ELANTRA GLS Automatic, Floor mats, mud guards, California emission, trunk cargo net

    $11,600 on road ($10,500 for car +$1100 for tax,dmv,fee etc.)

  • Pewter Elantra GT / manual / sunroof / ABS and Traction Control / mud guards / cargo net / floormats for 14,175. Opinions?
  • kentavoskentavos Posts: 34
    sounds like a really good deal. I'm assuming that doesn't include taxes and trip charge. probably best to do a tmv value on Edwards. also is this in california? I'm looking for a good dealer in southern california
  • bought one last night...fully loaded 5-speed in pewter.. abs, moonroof, plus cargo net and mats

    $14435 in chicago..

  • th003gth003g Posts: 149
    stupid question but did any of you consider the cavalier?
    im on the C&D boards debating the value of the elantra over the cavalier, any competitor and some guys just dont seem to get my point so im gonn ask you...try and be unbiased... its gonna be hard...the only comeback they can muster... : but hyundai reliability and resale value sucks...
  • spamletspamlet Posts: 22
    The Elantra blows the Cavalier out of the water. I don't know anyone that has one now, but a couple of years ago I knew a bunch of people that had them. They were POS.

    I bought an Elantra after considering the Focus and the Sentra. I never considered the Cavalier knowing it's reliability record.

    I would definitely choose the Elantra over the Cavalier due to the warranty, the standard equipment, and the lower price.
  • th003g -

    I can relate from past experience that the Elantra is a much more refined car than the current Cavalier. I have just recently switched from a 1998 Cav sedan to an Elantra GT and the differnce is very noticeable. The Elantra seems to be tighter and more responsive than the Cav and the interior design and materials are much better as well. Even comparing between my sister's 2002 Cav and the Elantra there is still a big gap.

    On the other hand I must say that my Cav was completely reliable and didn't have any major problems with it. I'm expecting my Elantra GT to be even better. I think that the Cav's main problem is that it's such an old design compared to other cars in it's class.

    As far as resale, I really got hurt on my trade by all the incentives that are currently being offered by GM. Why would someone want to by a 4-yr old car when you can by new with 0% financing or big cash incentives?

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,924
    Let's see... Elantra has more comfortable seats, more interior room, much quieter, more standard power, more standard features, lower price (when comparably equipped), better warranty, smoother ride, choice of sedan or hatchback, smoother-shifting stick shift, more ergonomic and smoother switchgear, better crash-test scores, standard side air bags.

    Cavalier has standard ABS, choice of 2 or 4 doors, much larger dealer network, available 150 hp.
  • It's a wonder that so many people are still buying that car, and it's twin the sunfire. The technology in those cars is ancient compared to the rest of the compact car segment, and they offer very little true value for the dollar. The Elantra beats the cavalier/sunfire hands down in every department. Now maybe when GM puts out the next model version of these two there can be a true comparison, I think that's slated for 2004 if I'm not mistaken. Until then I don't even think there's any point discussing comparison's between the two cars.
  • andil1andil1 Posts: 97
    Rally Red. Paid $15305 for Auto, Pkg 11 plus mud guards and floor mats (Edmunds invoice price $15,227). Traded in a pearl white 1999 Hyundai Sonata GLS, 18,250 miles. Got $8,054 for it, after an original offer of $7,770. Blue Book was $8,250, but dealer does not use Blue Book--rather, a wholesaler's program of some type--based on the price at which they can actually expect to resell the car. Out the door--$7,802.44 w/taxes & license transfer. There was nothing wrong with my old car--I had been eyeing the rally red hatch and reading the Edmunds boards for the past year, plus I turned 50 this year, so I decided to go for it! I continue to be a Hyundai Believer.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    This discussion is for new Elantra owners to post about their purchase experience. Comparison discussions belong on the Sedans vs. Sedans board.

    Thanks for your cooperation!

  • mljoha2mljoha2 Posts: 2
    After two weeks of searching for the right price, I am happy to say that as of last Saturday, I am a proud owner of a black 5 speed Elantra GT w/moonroof!! It has other options, such as a rear spoiler, mudguards, wind deflector, and cargo net that were not necessarily on my list of essentials, but since they were already added to the car I thought what the hell... The final price came to 14,200! If the car lives up to the warranty I will definitely stay a happy Hyundai customer.
  • How are some people getting their GT's for soooo far below invoice?? I got my GT, obsidian black for $15,000+8%tax+$83 for plates and reg. That includes auto, sunroof, ABS and all the little things except sunroof defector. Sticker Price was 16,745. That is already 300 below invoice. Some people seem to be reporting getting cars for thousands below invoice, are you guys paying 13% interest on a 5 year loan or something?? I am very curious, thanx for any help you can give.
  • mljoha2mljoha2 Posts: 2
    First...find the car you my case it was the hyundai gt w/sunroof. Then send emails to various dealers who specialize in internet purchasing. I have found that right from the bat dealers will go as low as 1% over invoice when dealing with an internet customer. Right off the bat I got price quotes varying from 15,100 down to 14,200. If you have more than one dealer with a low price...negotiate. I got my gt w/all the trimmings for 14,200 after destination fee but before 6.9% interest for a 5 year loan. My best advice (this was my first new car purchase) is to not pay for anything that you don't want and know exactly what you want to spend at what interst. Also, I was willing to drive to Indianapolis from louisville for the car I wanted at the price I was willing to pay.
  • That is basically what I did. I was lucky enough to live near about 5 dealerships that I checked out myself, and my parents live near another 4 that I also looked at when visiting for the weekend. The 15k was the best I got by far for the auto, ABS and moonroof. I got offers of 14k for stick with ABS and Moonroof. But I have read messages where people are writing that they got their cars for high 13's and low to mid 14's for there auto with ABS-moonroof. Just seems impossible to me that a dealer would ever go THAT far below invoice. Thanks for your post.
  • I own Automatic GLS, which i baught on 19th Aug.

    What i did was took a advertise paper which they did for $9777 for Stickshift GLS. I knew everything which i want comes as default in GLS but automatic. So i made a offer of 10,500 which is $9777 + $750 for automatic. I have to go to three different dealers with that offer. Finally one of them accepted it and gave me the car.

    I also got woodgrain trim, mudgaurds, california emmission, carpeted floormates and trunck cargo net included in this price.

    Be firm with your amount. Don't fell in love with car which you test drive(this will tend you to pay more). I decided that if i don't get the car for $10,500 that weekend i will not buy and rather wait dealers to call me back.

    They were trying to sell theory that Advertise price does not work that way. Advertise price are just to attract the buyers. But it worked for me.

    Also see and to get awarness about the price of the car with options which you want.

    Hope this helps.
  • The GLS can go very far below invoice, because dealers buy in such huge quantity and also get a rebate on them. But I was referring to how the GT's are going so far below invoice. I got mine 300 below invoice, and that was by far the lowest a dealer would go. Some people are stating they got fully loaded GT's with a 15,300 invoice for below, 14k, it just doesn't seem possible to me. Maybe they are mixing up whether they have the GLS or the GT. Maybe somebody who wrote before that they got the GT with auto, abs, and moonroof in the 14's can write back?? Thanx for the posts.
  • ronmcqronmcq Posts: 16
    While I didn't get the moonroof or ABS, I just got the '02 GT Automatic, CA emissions, trunk cargo net, mud guards and floor mats for $13,711 which according to this site invoiced at $14,711 and is $600 below invoice. I emailed several San Diego dealers requesting their best deal and purchased this way. I don't think I could have gotten a more loaded vehicle below $14k. I think anyone who got a better deal is very fortunate indeed. Regards,
  • Good job with that deal. A dealer I was talking to had a auto, no abs or moonroof and I offered him 13,700, and he said he would never be able to get that low. I told him, then I guess we won't be doing any business. I wanted to pay 14,800 for the one I got, but 15,000 was close enough for me to get it. I just picked my GT yesterday and it is great so far. I just read how they are having the GT in sedan form in 2003, seems cool.
  • Just got my 2002 Elantra GT, pale gold (just can't call it Prime Beige), 5 speed, no moon roof, no leather, no ABS, but loaded with everything else. Came out of the showroom at 19,600 or thereabouts before the frikkin' taxes.

    I adore my new baby!
  • I thought the GT always came standard with leather?? Maybe not in Canada, ehh? I also thought the GT didn't come in the Prime Beige color?? You sure you don't have a GLS??

    p.s. I thought you got completely ripped on your deal before I realized you were talking Canadian money!!
  • desgdesg Posts: 52
    The Hatch comes in various trim levels in different countries. In Australia it comes in GL and a GLS trim level - although the GLS level here is different again to the GLS stateside, it is somewhere between the GLS sedan and GT hatch that you have, but does have cloth interior not leather, though it is not the cloth you see on US cars, this one is actually quite nice and suits the car (black with white dots is the best description I can give). Here as well the same colours are available on both sedans and hatches in either spec level.

    I would not have minded leather and standard cruise control, but it is not obtainable here.

    Prime Beige is one the biggest sellers here along with Silver.
  • The GT in Canada is not nearly as good of a deal as you get in the states. For the extra $1500 you have to pay to move up from teh VE (your GLS) you get the sportier suspension, purple gauge lighting, 2 tweeters, better tires, and aluminum rims. That's all you get, however it does then give you the option of adding other options not available on the VE. These options include ABS, Moonroof, Leather interior and traction control. I know there are at least a couple colors available on the GT that are not available on the VE, these include Carbon Blue (my personal fav color for the car) and a brighter red. Anyways I hope this helps clear up a little of the difference between models here and in the states. Personally I find the VE(GLS) to be a better value here, and the GT to be a better value in the states. I own a 2002 arctic silver VE and I love it!
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