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Hyundai Elantra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tb88tb88 Posts: 242
    > > I paid for this new car 2001
    $15,600 < <

    Is that pre-tax?
    Any Options?
    What State?
  • Live in New York city
    Options- no leather or abs or sunroof
    only cd player.

  • Tax here in NY is about 8.25% so plus the total price about 16700 i think.
  • tb88tb88 Posts: 242

    What was the sticker price? with the $495 Destination charge.
  • I just paid $15,242 + Virginia tax (3%) and DMV charges (about $60) for a black GT Automatic with package 6 (moonroof). I tried to get to the TMV price but they wouldn't budge on a $400 advertising fee. I got mats and mudguards thrown in for "free." Do you all think this was a decent deal?
  • Forget about it .... enjoy your new car...
    Gt really nice looking car.

  • joq867joq867 Posts: 3
    I purchased an '01 midnight grey 5 speed package #2 for $13,000.83 out the door tax, tag, everything but the finance charges. the car stickered for $14,300, I showed the dealer a price quote I got online and they promised to beat the price. I am very happy with the car, it drives and rides great( I came out of a pickup truck) so to me it rides like a Caddy.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,911
    Congratulations on your new Elantra! I have the same car (but champagne). Question: when you say it "stickered for $14,300", what sticker was that? I ask because the window sticker on my GLS was $13,412 with pkg 2, floor mats, and destination. Are you including tax etc. in the "sticker"?
  • steveb70steveb70 Posts: 15

    On Saturday, after a lot of shopping and a lot of thinking, I purchased a 2001 Elantra GLS in Champagne (base model, 5 spd) for $9,995, including the $500 rebate. There was slight hail damage, but the car is very nice. The purchase was made in Denver, Colorado.

    I really like it so far, although it only has 190 miles on it, so we'll see. No shimmy or other issues so far.

  • Well...after a lot of comparison shopping, I finally took the plunge. Signed the deal on a Champagne/Beige, 01 Elantra GLS 5 speed, with Pkg 4 (stereo upgrade, keyless entry & alarm, power moonroof), mud guards, floor mats, cargo net and wind deflector. I paid 12,800 + tax/title/tag. It's about $1000 under invoice so I think it was fair for both sides. I pick it up Saturday morning. It's going to make it a little easier to go to work on Tuesday after a 3 day Holiday weekend knowing that I will be driving my new Elantra.
  • erk3erk3 Posts: 4
    I bought a package 2 with auto for 11700 in central Ohio. This dealer is #1 in many things and trying to be same in Hyundai sales.
  • 2001 ELANTRA GT/auto with all options= $15,440.00
    extended warrenty at 5.9% FINANCING for $6,000.00
    Now whole warrenty is 10yr/100000 miles bumper to bumper,powertrain,road assistance,rust protection.
    Payments on $6,000.00 over 60 mnths at $159.00 a month (can pay it off anytime,non-penalty). Trade-in of 1996 GMC Sierra P/U (with 161,000 miles)= $4,300.00. I used AAA for buying NEW Cars...they got me the deal at fleet rates,no hassle at all.The whole experience was GREAT!
  • 2002 Elantra GT, Cobalt Blue, auto, ABS,alarm, everything....$15,300(includes dest. fee, and there was no advertising fee or any of that bull) + IL tax(6.75%) and $80 doc fee.

    About 25 miles north of Chicago.
    Just bought it on 10/20...loving it so far!
  • I bought new a 2002 gls automatic with the option 3 package. option 2 keyless remote, alarm and cruise. option 3 cd player. $13000.00 Could of gotten a new '02 gls automatic with option 2 package for $12675.00. West suburbs of chicago. Obsidian black in color.
  • Does anyone know if Hyundai is providing dealer cash to dealers on sales of 2002 Elantras? I have seen some advertisements by some Dealers that makes me think that there is $500 to $750 available beyond holdback to bargain with? For example a dealer in Aurora IL, advertises a 2002 Elantra (which I assume is bare bones) for $10,999
    and a dealer in National City, CA, advertises the same for 10,995. The invoice for a barebones 2002 Elantra minus 2% for Holdback is about $11,800? I have not found any website (including Edmunds)which mention a Hyundai Elantra 2002, manufacture to dealer incentive. I would like to know the bottom before I go negotiate. Thanks
  • Been looking for a 2002 elantra gls, got offer for 13200 - automatic, option 3 package, keyless remote, cruise and cd. Not include Tax Title & Licence, in Houston area, not much dealership as yet, is this a good price to pay? No rebate offer, should I wait. Thanks for feedback.
  • I have been looking for a GT Elantra with ABS in the Memphis area. I even tried as far as Atlanta through AAA. So far unable to find a single car. Does anyone have any suggestions.

  • Just picked up my 2002 GT (obsidian black, automatic w/ sunroof) last night. Paid $13,800 plus tax & lic. Came out to below the TMV, so I was pleased. Bought it in N. Plainfield, NJ. Got less for my trade-in (1997 Saturn SC2) than I would have liked, but with this price, it still wound up being a good deal for me.

  • I just bought an automatic 2002 GLS with package 2 (cruise control and keyless entry/alarm), mudguards, and floor mats for $11,899, not including tax and title. Color is pewter.

    I had a good experience with the dealer and so far have very much enjoyed the car. Granted, it's only been a week, but so far so good.
  • That sounds like a real good deal. did you have a trade in that may have influenced that low price?
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