2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1/2 & 3/4 Ton Pickups



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    $15 says "delrick" is "bama" in disguise
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    My dad just bought a new Chevy Z71. Looks like a pretty nice truck, Ive only driven it once. Can't believe he went for the 4 tire pull. Ive always loved those trucks (second only to my taco). Take it EZ fellas!
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    Does anyone have the ZX3 Ride Control on their pickup. I would like to know if the shock absorber damping setting (smooth/firm) is for all 4 shocks or just the 2 in the back ?

    ralph c
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    I have a 2001 Sierra. 4x4. I have never owned a four wheel drive vehicle. When I place it in 4 wheel it seems like the truck is fighting the front end. The dealer said this is normal.
    I do this on dirt not the pavement.
    Does anyone else feel a big diff in 4 wheel drive?
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    I finally got a digital camera. I posted some pics of my truck with the 285's (www.picturetrails.com/whatsachevy).
  • whatsachevywhatsachevy Member Posts: 136
    I'm not sure what you mean by "it seems like the truck is fighting the front end". If you are turning in 4wd, and it seems like the truck is somewhat in a bind and doesn't want to turn very sharp, this is normal. Unlike the rear differential, the front differential does not "slip" in the same way. Therefore, when you turn in 4wd, the outside tire is trying to travel farther than the inside tire. This creates a binding in the drivetrain. That is the main reason that 4wd is not supposed to be used on hard surfaces where traction is good. In the mud or snow, both wheels can spin which reduces this binding effect. Even when driving straight, you will get a little more noise and vibration from the front drive components being engaged. Other than that, I have not really ever experienced anything different between 2wd and 4wd (other than the additional traction and reduced gas mileage).
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    ...then chances are the traction conditions are not poor enough for you to need to be in 4wd. It's normal like whatsachevy says, but if it happens while you are driving in a straight line I would guess something is wrong.

    Find some sand or loose rocks or mud to play in-that way you can play with the 4wd system and have fun without fear of tearing up your drivetrain! :D
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    infamous Jimmy 270. Not only a truck engine but used in a lot of race (stocks back when they were Jalopies) cars and hot rods. Huh, how do you spell Jalopy? Looks funny. Not too familiar with the new I6 but the old ones had lots of torque.
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    What you guys are saying is exaclty whats going on. Its good to know this is normal. I love my truck!
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    ...to add to your list of websites to visit:


    It's brand new and was just opened in the past few days. Check it out when you get a chance.

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    If it's Autotrac, the binding shouldn't be that noticeable. Mine's vrtually transparent; that's why I like it. If it's part time 4x4 or auto hubs it will feel like it's binding or will crow hop; depending on the tightness of the turn and the hardness of the surface.
    -- Don
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    I am away for 27 hours and come back to find....nothing??

    What happened?
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