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Honda CR-V Maintenance and Repair



  • gwingeegwingee Posts: 54
    Well, I have had my 2007 CRV since Oct 29th and the light for the passenger airbag was always illuminated OFF when I drove if no one was in that all of a sudden it is not still lights up when I start the car however...why would it after almost 5 months do this??????
  • crvme3crvme3 Posts: 140
    Ours has never come on with exception of initial start-up. If I am to understand the owners manual correctly it states: "the indicator comes on to alert you that weight sensors have detected weight of 65lbs or less (approx. weight of a small child) it does not mean there is a problem with the airbag". Another statement in the manual "if no weight is detected on the r/front seat the air bag will automatically shut off. However the indicator will not come on". If the indicator comes on with no r/front seat passenger & no objects on seat or with an adult sitting there, something may be interfering with the weight sensors... Look for & remove any items under the front seat, any objects hanging on the seat or in seat back pocket son on & so forth... If again I understand this correctly for the 1st 5 months of you driving the system may have thougt something was up, & now may have corrected itself??? best reccomendation have SRS system checked out.
  • m1042m1042 Posts: 3
    Update on my 2002 CRV, 76K miles, engine light on, no symptons.

    Brought car in to dealer. Honda dealer diagnosed engine light on as a need to replace:

    throttle body
    02 sensor,
    fuel filler neck and cap
    Total: just under $2,000 with tax!!!!!!

    Dealer would not tell me/give me any info. about a service bulletin. Dealer called Honda and Honda said they would give me 25% off if I did the job in 4 days!!!!

    Went home, called Honda and they gave me a case number and case manager (did not return calls for a week). Finally got a hold of him and he said the 25% discount was reasonable. I mentioned if this could be a defect/safety issue. After several more calls the result was: $500 total!!!!! Figure this?????
  • gwingeegwingee Posts: 54
    Thank you...I will check it out. My husband has a new Ford F150 and his light stays on when no one is in the seat. Maybe it should be off and mine was wrong staying on. I usually have my purse on the seat only..which weighs 1 lb if that. I will go have this checked out anyway just to be sure. thanks again..
  • crvme3crvme3 Posts: 140
    Glad to be of help... All automotive warning lites/indicators work about the same. In KOEO (key on engine off) all dash & system lites should be on. (this is a system/bulb check). KOER (key on engine running) all dash system lites (after system check) should go out. The purpose of this is that if a malfunction should occur while driving a warning lite/indicator should illuminate to warn you of a potential problem in that system. I think had Honda chosen to use the term "airbag malfunction" instead of "airbag off" this would have been less confusing to people. Generally speaking if a warning lite is on of any kind while vehicle is running... SOMTING WONG!!! Good luck to you. :)
  • I used to slide my front window shade between the center floor console and the passenger side seat to store it, and it would intermittantly trigger the passenger side airbag light to illuminate, indicating that the airbag had been switched off. Relocating the shade, resolved the issue.
  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    Wasn't some of that covered under the extended emission warranty? What was wrong with the fuel filler neck? Is there a filter in the neck?

    Anyway, it pays to complain. Did they actually repair/replace everything on the list? Your story reads like the dealer may have been piling on things to fix.
  • gwingeegwingee Posts: 54
    thanks again...
  • m1042m1042 Posts: 3
    I did not have any extended warranty. Just the basic which I think was 3 years/36K.

    All the work was done. My local repair shop came up with other information from ALLDATA that mentions a failed fuel filter pipe and gas cap that binds for the 2002-2004 crv. defect code: 03214; symptom code: 03203.
  • gwingeegwingee Posts: 54
    Oh man, now when I just went out..the light is back lit saying OFF...should I have it checked out or just forget about it...
  • crvme3crvme3 Posts: 140
    I would, when the lite is "on" saying "off" (boy does that sound confusing) passenger front air bag for all intensive purposes is not going to operate. Now if someone sits in the seat & lite goes out then in therory it should deploy if needed. But will you ever really know. Be safe have it looked at,hell it's under warranty !!! Let me know how it turns out :mad:
  • gwingeegwingee Posts: 54
    I will have it checked...when I went just now to pick up my mom and she sat in the seat..the OFF light went IS confusing..will let you know when I go what they tell me. You are right, it is under warranty so I may as well get them to check it out. What a riot. :shades:
  • crvme3crvme3 Posts: 140
    If I had to give you an educated guess gwingee, I think they will find that one of the weight sensors under r/front seat is acting up... It appears from what you have said that with no one in the seat "off lite is on", that indicates to me that weight sensors think something is on seat but not heavy enough to meet the sensors weight parameters thus illuminating lite to tell you r/front air bag has been turned off (disabled). Isn't technology fun!!! :confuse: keep me updated.
  • crvme3crvme3 Posts: 140

    Found this on another forum, thought you might find it helpful. If nothing else you can say your not alone.

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    Feb 4, 2007

    i just bought a 2007 cr-v ex-l and i'm having an issue with it. the air bag light has been coming on since the day i bought it. i have had it looked at and the service guy said that the computer code it came up with wasn't in the service manual so they called honda. honda said that they only had like 2 other vr-vs come up with the same code and they said it was the srs unit, and no signal to the passenger airbag. so they replaced the srs unit and told me that the light wouldn't come back on again. today the light came on again.... haven't talked to honda again cause its sunday. i was just wondering if anyone else on here has had the same problem??????

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    Feb 5, 2007

    The sensor for the passenger side airbags needs to be replaced as well to rectify the problem. This was most likely the cause in the first place.
  • garywigarywi Posts: 54
    Anyone figure out how to stop the irritating seat belt chime? My Toyota could be programed to shut off.

    Please Help!
  • Other than by wearing the seat belt? :P If it chimes when there is no one in the seat, my guess would be a bad sensor. Usually the chimes go off by themselves after awhile and leave the light on the dash?
  • Anyone have a loud clunk from behind the front wheels? Most noticeable when making a sharp turn or a hard stop, sometimes also when going over rough pavement. Brakes have the new pad hardware to reduce noise.
  • stick25stick25 Posts: 6
    Looks like I may have the same problem. I took it to the dealer yesterday. They reset the computer and suggested that I wait and see if the malfunction light comes on again. It did after about 20 miles. Just wondering, since the problem is supposedly caused by a "contaminated sensor", has anybody tried using a can of fuel system cleaner?
  • stick25stick25 Posts: 6
    Could it be a CV joint? How old/many miles on it?
  • mpzichmpzich Posts: 4
    I had an engine light that indicated a failed throttle position sensor. I solved the problem by using "total fuel system" cleaner. There are several companies that make it. I used "Gumout". I had to do it twice (two tank fulls of gas). The sensor would turn on and off while the cleaner was working, but it did the job and have not had another problem for 6 months. I plan to use total fuel system cleaner every oil change (about 6 months), to prevent this from happening again. Caution: do not use "fuel injector" cleaner. It is cheaper, but will not work.
  • I have an '02 with 40,000 miles. It seems to have always been noisy. The last time at the dealership, they said one of the boots was leaking. I think the leak was in my wallet because the grease was left on from a previous repair. I agreed to have boot replaced and the joint cleaned since already apart. What about ball joints or strut noise? :confuse:
  • I tend to use Techron in the tank about 3 times a year when I drive extensive highway miles. I do notice a temporary drop in mileage. Normal highway I get about 22MPG and goes down to around 20MPG. Would it pay to remove the air scoop and spray directly into the opening as well?
  • stick25stick25 Posts: 6
    Thanks! Sounds like my situation is very similar. In fact, my light is turning on and off (and I haven't put the Gumout in yet). As luck would have it, I happened to fill the tank yesterday right before the light turned on the second time - so I need to use some gas before I put the Gumout in and refill. Hopefully, it will work in my case, too. It's a whole lot cheaper than a new throttle body, so it's worth the try, even if it doesn't help.
  • stick25stick25 Posts: 6
    I suggested CV joints because you said the clanking occurred when turning and that's a classic CV joint symptom. But, my 2002 EX w/55K hasn't had any problems with CV joints, struts or suspension - so I can't help anymore.

    BTW: Thanks for your response regarding the throttle body sensor and fuel system cleaner.
  • garywigarywi Posts: 54
    Tell me if I am imagining this. With the A/C on, if I accelerate moderatly hard, the compressor seems to shut off to allow the acceleration. I notice warm air coming out. As soon as the trasmission shifts into 4th or 5th and RPMS are stable, cold air starts to come out again.

  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    I don't have a CRV but tracking this forum as anticipating might buy one in the future, but I had this on a VW Golf Diesel I had 15 or so years ago. It would purposely turn off the heavy compressor load, diverting all of the torque and HP to accelerate.

    I would think if this is how the CRV is built, it would call this out in the owners manual.
  • garywigarywi Posts: 54
    I will look again in owners manual.
  • Just bought a 1999 CRV a few days ago. The accessory power socket is loose and hanging out of it's place in front of the dash, along with the plastic dash piece. I can feel through a little hole along the side if I take out the ash tray, and reach the nut that I suppose is to hold all of this in place on the wires from the back, but I can't grab a hold of it to screw it back onto the back of the socket. How do you get to the nut and grab hold of it, and is this really what I am feeling? (Can't see a thing, all by feel).
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    congrats on the purchase. two sites you need to know about if not already:
    specifically: - cgry1=CR-V&catcgry2=1999&catcgry3=5DR+LX+2WD&catcgry4=KA4AT&catcgry5=INSTRUMENT+- - GARNISH


    question: does the socket have threads? i suspect it doesn't but not seeing it. what i would expect would hold it in is some form of metal clip.

    now imagine, if it's to be attached with a screw or clip with a hole, then somehow you'd have to be able to unplug the accessory outlet and feed the wires through it.

    another possibility (and i admit the exploded diagram above isn't that great for your inquiry, but those diagrams in general is really great), is that the socket itself is supposed to have plastic or metal collar with fingers that compress going into the hole that allow insertion and then hold the socket in the hole when they open up.

    what i'd do is bring the vehicle down to the dealer and strike up a conversation with the parts counter person. tell him your accessory power socket is hanging out and ask if he'd take a look.

    another idea is for you to go to a pull it place and look how it's supposed to be attached.

    ok, it might help if you move the seats back and incline them back. then "fly upside down". ;) but seriously, you got to get in there and see what you're dealing with, right?... i suggest a small mirror and a good flashlight. sometimes an extra pair of hands from the other side of the car help. good luck. :shades:
  • Thanks for reply...I had to take some of the dash off to get to it (hassle) and even that didn't completely expose it for easy handling. The power socket does have a thread in the back and a nut-like cup in back of dash peice to screw onto socket, holding it all together and in place. Had to unplug electrical connection, screw socket and nut, and then connect electric components back together behind dash, and all within the space for two fingers. But it's now in place and works. Thanks again, I appreciate your help. And the websites will come in handy. I really like the car, so far.
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