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Hyundai Sonata Owners Meet the Members



  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Welcome to CarSpace - congrats on your new ride!
  • kimweigelkimweigel Posts: 43
    My wife just took her new '07 Sonata LTD to the dealer for an oil change, and to have the TSB's attended to. First they pulled the tried and true classic "What's a TSB?", then they told her "Oh, you shouldn't look at those, they'll only confuse you".
    I guess they really do treat "the little ladies" different from the menfolk.
    I also have an '06 LX Sonata. I can't wait to hit them with the timing chain tensioner TSB and a picture of the part I downloaded.
    Despite the concilliatory service writers, the Sonatas are still great cars.
  • craigbrookscraigbrooks Posts: 420
    Don't show them the TSB until they make fools out of themselves, then pull your arrow out of the quiver.

    I'd like to be there to see their faces.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I think you mean condescending and if the service writer is going to dishonestly say "what's a TSB?" then how can you/your wife trust him to be honest about anything else? :confuse:
  • hotrod54hotrod54 Posts: 82
    I'm in Northern Va....tell us about your car...trim level, equipment etc. Did you buy from dealer or private...Fairfax Hyundai has very good service dept. Plenty of info in these posts to help you out. :)
  • It is a 2000 GL, V6, 87K bought it from a used car dealer.It has most of the standard equipment and an after market cd player. i think the dealer gave me a sweet deal, Though i made the mistake of buying additional insurance(powertrain plus) for 6 months 7500K ( was like- used cars you never know) :confuse: I think.
    Would like to find a place where I can go to for repairs in the future and not get ripped off. Preferably a place that deals with hyundai's. I live in Burke and ply along Fairfax Hyundai regularly. I however am a lil skeptical of the stealerships(dealerships) basedon my past experience with mitsubishi dealership.
  • vjyvjy Posts: 27
    Hi hotrod54,

    I am talking with Fairfax Hyundai to get a Sonata GLS 2007. But the price they quote is bit high. If you got one from them, can you say how much you paid OTD.

  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    check with they're in NJ, so it might be worth spending a day. check their internet prices. they were a few hundred bucks beter than fitzmall and are closer to CT than fitzmall.

    townehyundai is very easy to deal with. the price is the price, but it's rock bottom. currently $1500 below invoice less rebates plus $189 doc fee.
  • hotrod54hotrod54 Posts: 82
    sorry for the late reply...I've been in Indy the last week, just got back tonight. I bought my 07 in pennsylvania...that was where my 03(332,000) gave up the ghost. Fairfax is a high volume dealer, I would have bought from them if my car had not broken down so far away; thats where I got my 03...surprised you can't seem to get the deal you are looking for. :confuse:
  • vjyvjy Posts: 27
    Thanks for your reply mate.

    Actually I was quoted $17124.00 - OTD with premium sports package.
    Is this a good deal? Or should I bargain for more. I have not started the bargain process yet.

    The car price quoted was 15,640.00. Let me know

    Thanks again.
  • Yesterday I bought a 2004 Hyunda Sonata XL with everything. Alas, it does not have everything. Signal strength of radio was weak with volume control requiring much turning to get small changes and AVC not up to par. Would really like dual sun visors ala Lincoln and Buick. Automatic headlights and oncoming car dimmers not available. Are these features available for my Sonata anywhere? In so many ways this car is superior to others I have owned, yet you get to missing certain things when you have to give them up.

    Also outside temperature indicator, mpg calculator display,
  • rick2456rick2456 Posts: 320
    Bought a 2007 white Sonata SE (prefered package)last week. Paid 23K OTD but had 5k neg equity. Thus with the 2k rebate, minus tax/title, I paid about 19k real world. Not great but not bad either.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    The 2004 Sonata has a standard-size radio box, so replacing the radio with a good aftermarket unit should be pretty easy, and not too expensive (plus you can upgrade to satellite, aux input etc.). Not sure what you mean by automatic headlights, but I thought the 2004 Sonata had auto on/off headlights (i.e. leave the switch On, and the lights turn off when you shut down the engine and take the key out, and turn on when you start the car). Auto dimmers? Not a common option in family sedans, Sonata included.

    Most new Sonatas (except the base model with no packages) have a trip computer with mpg readout. I am surprised your Sonata LX, which was the top of the line in 2004, doesn't have a trip computer. Hyundai doesn't put outside temperature gauges in their cars for the U.S. for some reason. You can get one aftermarket (e.g. integrated into the rear view mirror) if you really need one.
  • hotrod54hotrod54 Posts: 82
    My 03 LX did'nt have a trip computer but it did have outside temp reading in climate control panel.
  • Only a couples months late !My 04 GLS ,has a Trip computer but no MPG read out, just avg reading ,also outside temp in Climate Control
  • Hey everyone!!!

    My name is Marie-Pier and I live In montreal, Quebec in Canada :)

    I've an Hyundai Accent 2000 but I'll buy a 2008 sonata in spring.
    I am the admin of the clubsonataquebec and team hyundaituning.

    I start the clubsonataquebec the october 27th 2007 so its really new for everyone..
    There's a temporary forum :
    but it's all in french... If there's some of u that wants to go take a look... We are not a lot but i hope maybe one day we will be a lot more ...

    Thank u :P
  • Just thought I would register and say Hi all. Bought my Sonata in late march of this year. Was previously a rental I guess but it was a beautiful silver car with only 20,050 miles and in perfect shape. Bought it from Matthews Chrysler-Jeep-Subaru in Vestal NY for around $14,800 OTD.
    I guess the only prob I had was the Timing Chain Tensioner was bad ( made a noise I didn't like). To make a long story short my local Hyundai dealership Royal Hyundai of Ithaca (NY) ( gave me a feeling of dealing with a slippery snake) apparently didnt want to fix it, saying that Hyundai knew of the problem but that there was nothing they could do about it. :mad:
    Funny how there is a TSB and a new replacement part for it eh. Needless to say I got it fixed under warranty by Miller Dodge Hyundai in Vestal NY. They are fantastic and very professional. :)
    Sorry for the long post, Still a bit miffed about my local Hyundai dealership.
  • Welcome to the forums! You're going to enjoy the Sonata for many years to come.

    If you have any questions, there is a lot of info and answers buried in this forum.
  • What a change, Hi to all the lay out looks great and a lot easier to move around top marks!! :surprise: :surprise:
  • Just picked up my third Hyundai (two Santa Fe so far all good...) the 07 Sonata SE is really outstanding but has a couple of things that I'd change if I could. Why was the car designed for people shorter than 6'? I have the drivers seat all the way back, and still could use an inch or two more. If there is no easy solution, I'm planning on fabricating some mounting extenders to give me the extra space that I'm looking for. Also I'm planning on adding a subwoofer to the rear deck, but I'd like to get the factory speaker cover, anyone know where I could locate one of these? :D
  • I also managed 17100 OTD taxes and licence ran it up a bit, but it's a lot of car for the money, premium sports package? I did not ever see that option, the car could use some thicker sway bars to improve handling, but the motor rocks! :shades:
  • Hi,

    Do you know where I can find an Owners manual for Hyundai Sonata 1997, better if the manual is in PDF Format.

    Thank you
  • Not PDF but I bet you can find it on Ebay.
  • Sorry craigbrooks but you loose the bet. The Owners manual is not in Ebay.
  • I'm tried to download the Owners Manual from, but there is not a manual for Sonata 1997.
  • Ok ok so where do I send the check? :cry:
  • Hi, my name is Chris and I just purchased a 2006 Sonata GLS V6 with about 20K on the odometer. I think it was an Enterprise rental car as the dealer (Gartner Hyundai in Aurora, IL) had quite a few in different colors. Mine has a moon roof, premium sound system, etc. and I got it for $14,200 plus tax..seemed like a pretty good deal. I like the way it runs so smooth and is comfortable and has many great features (I like the auto headlights as my battery on my last car conked out one night and my Dad then decided to get rid of my 1994 Nissan Altima GXE with 106K miles on it). Hope to correspond with many of you in the future. :)
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    Good luck with you new car.

    I have the previous generation ('05) bought in April '05 and now have a little over 18,000 miles. Not one problem with the car, just routine maintenance.

    My small business bought an '07 SE for my brother last February. Again, no problems. I don't know how many miles on that car, but nothing had been done except oil changes.

    If your experience is like ours, I'm sure you will be pleased for a long time.
  • Chris,
    Welcome to the club. First thing you should do is ask your Hyundai service dept to pull the VIN and tell you what if anything has been done to your car. I purchased a Hertz rental unit last year and I love it.
  • The dealer gave me a copy of the Carfax report on my car and there was not mention of any accident or other problem.
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