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Hyundai Sonata Maintenance and Repair



  • pekelopdpekelopd Posts: 139
    Problem could be as simple as getting the tires balanced, also the least costly. Other possiblities could be or a combination of bad tires, bent rims, bad tie rods, ball joints, wheel bearings, steering rack, motor mounts.... Find a good tire shop/repair shop to investigate it. Most likely just need the tires balanced which is a few bucks a tire.
  • derekjderekj Posts: 3
    After start the car I feel the engine noise was so loud when the car was cold,but when the car becomes warm, the noise will become small. Does anyone can help me?

    I checked it with dealer, they asked me to change the air flow sensor, it will cost $400. What if it dose not work? Should I change the O2 sensor too? Or change the car.
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    Just had rountine 12,000 mi service today.

    I took a shot on the nitrogen (nitrofill brand) in my tires, cost $35 for 4 tires. Supposed to be good for 18 months. Supposedly maintains tire pressure better, increasing mpg and tire life. A tire filled with compressed air loses 1 to 3 pounds per month due to "permeation" they claim. In the event of a flat tire, like caused by a nail, they will refill at no charge.

    Does anyone have experience with nitrogen filled tires? If so, what was the experience; good, bad or no difference. Would you do it again? I thought I'd give it a try for only $35, plus there is a 90 day money-back guarantee if not satisfied.
  • Because of the molecular structure of nitrogen (so I've heard and read) they will not lose pressure like regular air (especcially as it gets colder outside). Race teams use nitrogen in their race tires; also there is no moisture in the the nitrogen. I want to switch myself. Hope this helps :)
  • I buy my tires at Costco--they include nitrogen inflation in the price (along with road hazard, mounting and balance, and lifetime free rotation). Just FYI. I do know that some tire stores around here are charging $20 per tire for nitrogen, believe it or not.
  • dncbdncb Posts: 70
    On my 2007 Sonata LTD
    Re:creaking seat. Both my seat backs creaked: driver's seat worse. Dealer took off seat back and greased rubber guides for headrests. It fixed the reproduceable portion of the creaking. Now creaking (much less of it) only occurs randomly in start-up or stop. Can't make it creak by moving weight. Frustrating, but minor.
    Re: sunroof creaking/squeaking. Dealer fixed mine by lubing the weather stripping. I'm guessing this will be temporary, but am hopeful I'm wrong.
    Re: transmission lag. Seems just to be a slow engaging trans since all I've talked to have same. Anticipate the shift or drink less coffee. ;)
    Glad to say I haven't experienced your other problems.
  • I purchased a new 2005 Camry which has, as many car mfg have, the CVT transmission. The lag is very noticeable. It's a function of this new technology. I have had field reps test the car and there is nothing that can be done. They reset the settings to when I first purchased the car but that didn't help. The Toyota rep told me that the Hondas have tighter CVT transmissions. The engineers need to go back to the drawing board. I was so annoyed with this problem, I was prepared to sell my car and buy a car with a standard transmission. I was seriously thinking of buying the Sonata but if the lag exists in that car, what's the purpose. Consumers just need to suck it up. Not one Consumer Report rating on any car in the past two years has mentioned this problem. Are they really that unbiased?

  • My wife doesn't have an issue with it. Using her natural driving, she takes her time shifting from Reverse to Drive, etc. So I'm not going to pursue it. I guess I just need to learn to be more patient. :)

  • I'm at a loss here. Sonata's have transmission lag? My 06 doesn't and I haven't read anything here before about it. :confuse:
  • Right there with you Craig! I have over 13K miles on my 07 now and transmission is a dream...smooth as can be :shades:
  • i have a HYUNDAI SONATA (1999) with the same Subframe, Front rust where did you find a replacment part at and what going on the HYUNDAI and there replys have you talke to a lemon law attorney
  • mamamia2mamamia2 ChicagoPosts: 707
    "I was seriously thinking of buying the Sonata but if the lag exists in that car, what's the purpose."


    I suggest you take an hour, go to your nearest Hyundai dealer and test drive the Sonata, and YOU be the judge. Simple.
  • Finally after 4 months Hyundai has called to say they will reinburse my repair expense. I have not recieved it yet.
    My mechanic located a subframe from a local import salvage yard. I have seen alot of entries about this same issue on several web sites.

    I will keep everyone posted when and if they come through with payment. I have maintained a continous flow of info to Hyundai before they finally responded to this obvious defect.
  • As of February 8th 2007 it took almost 3 months of calling with no response, but Hyundai has Mailed a check to my selling Dealer for my repair cost. They are not offering any explanation for why, but I belive they are trying to cut thier losses. I was not willing to let this drop. I still have my parts and will try to help anyone I can in this issue. I do not believe this is an isolated issue, I have found several entries on this and the site about tjis same issue. I hope this info helps and you can contact me at
  • dano13dano13 Posts: 15
    Just took my 06 sonata 17,000 miles in to the dealer because my head lights will go dim ( JUST A SLIGHT FLICKER ) when driving at night it started a few weeks ago and the dealer said they could find nothing wrong .Well it still is doing it about every 2 or 3 minutes they will go only a little dim and it is anoying to say the least, i try to see if the dash lights flicker but is hard to look at the dash when driving, also it will not do this when sitting in my garage in park on nuteral any one have a clue ?
  • -If you have a good digital camera with a short video recording feature try making a clip of it when it happens. Then you can show the service dept, I had problems with my stereo that seemed to only occur when I was alone in the car, a thumping bass noise,there was a minut crack in the cone of a rear speaker.

    Another problem I had was the auto-down feature,for the drivers window ,.. the window would go down if you kept pressing the button. They told me my car was ready, same problem.The one touch auto down feature wasn't fixed.
    :shades: Apparently some service techs don't take the time to read the problem or just want to push the repair invoice through and move onto something else. Luckily the dealer I'm at now is excellant and I haven't had any problems since changing hyundai dealers.
  • mstemmstem Posts: 113
    (also cross-posted on the main Sonata forum...)Last night I backed my '07 Sonata into another vehicle at a local eatery... dang! The good news: no sheet metal or body damage, to either vehicle. But I broke one of the large, curved tail-light lenses, it shattered into a million pieces. Besides a local dealer, anybody have any sources of perhaps an on-line outlet where one could purchase parts like this? Thanks in advance... Mike
  • -Go to any car salvage yard, I bought a full size tire/wheel to replace the donut I got on my 2002, any shop can put it on if you can't do it yourself, check a couple places for the price, you'd be surprised how much differance there is between shops.

    If you belong to triple aaa look for a service center affiliated with them, or you can always check the BBB for any complaints if your concerned about their reliabilty dealing with the public
  • Try e-bay. Lots of parts and things for Sonatas there.
  • mstemmstem Posts: 113
    Thanks for the advice... one more question: does anyone know if the 2006 and 2007 would use the same tail-light assembly? Both year body styles are identical, right? Thanks!
  • Hi Group:
    Posted this ? in meet the members forum, but maybe should
    have done so here. Just purchased slightly used 2006 Sonata,
    not sure what "model" as dealer didn't put it on the sales
    contract. Need to know where i can find it on the vehicle,
    cuz, i want to order custom seat covers for it, and need to
    know model so i order the right set. Thanks to all/any in advance!!
  • nds2nds2 Posts: 4
    First, models vary with country. Answers are for US and will be different for Canada etc.

    To my knowledge there are no badges on the 2006 US models to designate the model. 2007 models (at least the Limited) do have a badge on the back.

    If you have leather seats, it is an LX

    If you have cloth seats and fog lights it is a GLS.

    If you have cloth seats and no fog lights, it is a GL.
  • pekelopdpekelopd Posts: 139
    Very Important!!! Make sure your "Custom Car Seat" covers do not obstruct the Side Air Bags which are mount "IN" in the seat!! I wanted car seat covers for my '06 Sonata since the light interior colors get dirty so easily. I had to settle for a sheepskin "surface only" pad that straps to the seat. Works ok, not as nice as a full seat cover, but it doesn't obstruct the side air bag or the seatback pockets.
  • Very Important!!! Make sure your "Custom Car Seat" covers do not obstruct the Side Air Bags which are mount "IN" in the seat!! I wanted car seat covers for my '06 Sonata since the light interior colors get dirty so easily

    Here's a company you might want to check out:

    Custom covers that work with side air bags

    On another forum I visit, one of the members ordered custom covers for her Tucson and the covers fit fine, look good, and are designed to work with the side air bags. It's worth a look. ;)
  • Hey Danp502

    Do you know what month you 2007 Sonata was built?
  • Hey, thanks for that info. Now i know......GLS. Sure would make it easier just to put a plate(badge) on like they used to. Thanks to you all for your input. As to seat covers, went to a site called "CoverKing"(?), they supposedly make the covers based on your exact make & model because of the airbag system design, that's why i needed the model. Seem
    a bit "pricey", but material and detail seem to be a strong point. Thanks again guys. Bought the car for the wife, but
    admit, the car seems to impress me just a little. Just hope it turns out to be half the car it's touted to be. Time will tell. Geez, almost forgot, one more "important" thing for seat covers. Back seat.....60/40...70/30??? Sorry to be so seemingly uneducated about what we bought, and could ask dealer, but you all seem to be as knowledgeable, or more, and for sure, a whole LOT quicker with your answers.
  • pekelopdpekelopd Posts: 139
    According to the original window sticker, it's label as "60/40 Split-Fold Rear Seat"
  • Hey everyone;

    I don't post much - have only been posting significant updates (good and bad) on my bought-new Sonatas (year 2000, bought two identical cars - GLS V6 with package 13) since I got them.

    I just had a bit of a nerve-wracker.

    One car is pushing 80 thousand miles. Today, my dealer (Fucillo Hyundai in Rochester, NY) charged me $900 to replace that particular car's (1) plugs, (2) plug wires, (3) two oxygen sensors that (3.a) repeatedly fail and (3.b) were replaced at least three times under warranty & recall (before said warranty expired), (4) change oil and filter, (5) air filter, and (6) fuel filter.

    The yammering I got regarding the steep bill (add 35 bucks for the rental so I could get to work, too - total nearly a grand for this job) was that the exhaust manifold has to be removed to access three of the plugs and wires.

    I need feedback - did I just get taken for a bundle? The more I think about it, the more it seems the answer is "yes."

    I would also like some feedback on this "subframe rust" thread I have seen. That thread got my attention and I would very much like to know more given New York winters.

    I hate to say this, but while the Sonatas were pleasant and reliable when new . . . I am growing very suspicious that the cars I bought new in 2000 were comfortable, well-built machines that are, from an engineering perspective, absolute crap.

    Oh - and both cars have electrical problems with the sound system, too. I have never bothered to try to fix those as the cost is just too prohibitive (the sound system warranty was only one lousy year, per the dealership and the paperwork)

    Many thanks,

    Sonatabean - aka Mobeen Shirazi, formerly of Columbus Ohio (now of Rochester, NY)
  • The transmission speed sensors have also failed twice. The last repair cost $500 for the dealer to repair.
    Overall this car has been dependable, however, I find it hard to believe that Hyundai is so willing to tell me that the frame rust is acceptable. I believe this to be a significant safety issue and found several online entries in regards to the same situation.

    I was trying to find more info on the rust issue as I have two year 2000 Sonatas.

    I had a similar failure on the camshaft speed sensor - at just over 3,000 miles in the first year I bought the car.

    In a way, I'm glad I don't have a lemon - that other people have similar complaints.

    After just reading the last few pages of posts, though, I'm sure I will not buy Hyundai again: back to Honda and Toyota I go.


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