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Nissan Pickups Maintenance and Repair



  • williamrwilliamr Posts: 3
    My 98 is not a 4x4, but the fuel filter on mine is in the gas line, in front of the tank, mounted on the right frame rail.
  • williamrwilliamr Posts: 3
    Hi: Hate to give up on my 98 Frontier with 90000 on it. Have had to replace the oxygen sensor (to the tune of a few hundred dollars) and now my "service engine soon" light is on again.

    Have had 2 diagnostics and it seems I need to replace the catalytic converter (to the tune of $800. Dealer seems to be the only place to have it done. The muffler shops say they've never seen a CC like this and can't find a replacement). Last muffler shop said it is not clogged, but underperforming.

    Any ideas? Will trade it before I pump $800 into it.

  • mando_2mando_2 Posts: 8
    The truck got the whole rear differential replaced unfortunately the problems still continues. Here I go again with this junk at least Nissan is aware of the problem. Going to call the dealer to let them know the news.
  • jburginjburgin Posts: 3
    Oh well.... Have a nice life fellow Nissan Pickup owners. As for me, I am a soon-to-be FORMER Nissan pickup owner. I've had it! Never liked cars in the first place! A Rolls Royce is a piece of crap, and it goes downhill from there! The internal combustion engine has not changed substantially since 1890, except for materials, tooling tolerances, and electronics. There's GOT to be a better way. :)
  • coveredicoveredi Posts: 20
    A Horse, maybe? ;)
  • jburginjburgin Posts: 3
    Of course! (sorry):)
  • scnismoscnismo Posts: 3
    I've heard that the 05 seems to have a similar problem, yet less noticeable.(mine doesn't seem 2 have it, so I'm not sure) Nissan claims that this defect does not hurt the engine, so if your "not really a knock" is the same thing, you may have nothing more than a minor annoyance. Hopefully others with more knowledge of this will reply, I'm curious for my own sake 2.
  • ediamiamediamiam Posts: 17
    Curious as to why you've changed out your timing belt twice already, and the engine with only 100k miles. It's not a timing BELT that needs to be done about every 60k. I'm thinging w/ regular oil changes that chain should be good for a minimum of 200k. If you are getting a rattle, my money is on the guides/tensioner not being installed properly. I think you need to take it apart, and review your work.
  • ediamiamediamiam Posts: 17
    I would wait until the truck gets closer to 10k miles. My '00 Frontier didn't really feel broken in till about 8k miles, when I noticed it felt a bit more torquey. I tried Mobil 1 in a 5w30 at 10k and kept it in until 17.5k. I noticed it consumed a bit of oil. I switched back to dino 5w30 w/ intervals of about 4k. No more consumption, no leaks. At 30k, I changed the tranny fluid (manual) and rear differential gear oil. The tranny fluid has to be GF4 rated, I used a Redline product. For the rear differential, I used SWEPCO because I has some lying around and I had enough for the differential. I noticed a couple of things afterwards - the differential got a little quieter, I'm thinking most likely because the level of the gear oil was way below the drain plug level. And the drain plugs on both the differential and tranny had fuzz on the magnet on the plugs. A good case for making sure you change your gear oils early. Mainly no problems overall with the truck unlike many others here. Some build quality issues - the headliner sags a bit in the front/middle and the sway bar bushings was missing a washer, causing the nut to wear into the rubber bushing, introducing more slop into the handling. I changed over to polyurethane bushings on the sway bar links. Recommended tire pressure of 26 lbs, way too low, running at 32 lbs.
  • ok, it seems that nissan has a thing for yellow lights. I have a 02 Frontier xl, just a little 4 cylinder 5 speed truck, with 180,000 miles on it. I use it for deliveries, and i use 93 octane every day. My SES light will come on sometimes for a day (approx 300 miles, city driving) sometimes for a week, and i think the record is it was on for approx 2 months. (roughly 12,000 miles). I change oil, filters, etc... every 3-4k. Gas cap is on tight every day. Any guesses on what causes that light to pop on and off seemingly at random?

    Also, are the ECM's on the Frontiers prone to fail? Can i use a used one? I dont have power locks or anti-theft on it, would i have to get the ECM reprogrammed to work with my truck?I am planning on driving the truck till 500,000 miles, so I am trying to plan ahead. Thanks
  • mando_2mando_2 Posts: 8
    I think I finally found out what is making this clunking feeling in my drive train. A mechanic told me that the slip yoke in my rear deferential has too much play. So, I called my dealer and they are going to take a look to see if it is defective. Nissan is using a different drive shaft system with the 4x2 SE then with the LE XE. This system sucks I should have bought a Toyota. :lemon:
  • marko43marko43 Posts: 3
    Does anyone know how to remove the tail light assembly on a 97 pickup - 2WD. It appears that there are no screws holding it in place. Thanks.
  • evilgrinevilgrin Posts: 1
    Just bought a '05 crew cab automatic and have to say i'm pleased overall, except for the weird [non-permissible content removed] noise coming from underneath. if i start the truck (after sitting 10 min or more) there is a loud 'clank' noise under the truck when it shifts from 1st to 2nd. only happens once tho...after stopping at red lights and such, as long as the truck has been moving, it no longer makes that sound until i stop, park, and eventually go again. took it back to the dealer and they say it's normal, that it's the sounds the truck makes when 'the driveshaft comes under load'. does anyone else with a 2005 get this kind of noisy mess?
  • remove the 2 screws from inside the bed(if you have a bedliner you may have to pull up on the bedliner to see them) once you have those out, it should just pop out, and the lights unscrew from the back of the assembly.
  • pablopepablope Posts: 10
    Just had trouble with my 2001 XE Crew Cab. When the clutch is depressed, there is a high pitch whirring sound. Disappears after a while. Brought it to the dealer to have it diagnosed. I was told the clutch assembly is worn out....cost is about $900.00. My truck has 55k miles and most of my mileage are freeway driving. How could a clutch get worn out so soon? Should have bought a Tacoma instead. This problem is on top of the air conditioning problem I encountered about 6 months ago when all the hoses started leaking all at the same time. Some kind of Nissan quality. I am not buying another nissan. Is there a way to get these problems to Nissan's attention?
  • pablopepablope Posts: 10

    Have a shop check the exhaust system....oxygen sensors, egr etc. it usually is one the components that the SES light comes on.
  • nissan3nissan3 Posts: 5
    This could be caused by clogged EGR ports from carbon buildup.What happens is that the other ports get clogged and all the exhaust gases go to # 4 cyl. causing a misfire.In cases i've seen theres 2 to 3 ports clogged.Look at your intake going to the head and find the EGR passage,you'll see 4 pipe plugs 1 for each cyl.with recessed allen heads.You will have to remove the air cleaner so you can see them.The throttle body will have to be removed to clean out the ports.But first you should be able to acess 1 of the them to pull and look with a flashlight to see if theres a small hole in the middle of the opening.The hole is about the size of a B.B.If its clogged start with a small drill bit and twist it with your fingers until you drill through.Then go up in size until the hole is cleared.If you have compressed air then blow out the passages after you drill'em or spray some brake cleaner down through there as it will clean & evaporate.Good Luck!
  • jmsd1jmsd1 Posts: 20
    mine does it everytime when shifting into reverse. I agree with Mando_ 2, I think it has too much play in the axle.
  • raylaffraylaff Posts: 1
    This is the same problem I've had with my 02 Frontier from about 2 weeks after I picked it up. It was in the shop about every 3 weeks to reset the light and try to find the problem until I finally gave up and got used to seeing the light on. I don't have nearly the mileage you have (only about 41,000). It never caused any problem with the vehicle until I failed my state's emissions test this past weekend. EVERY system test passed including EGR and O2 sensor. The only thing it failed on was the light being on. I wonder how many other people have this problem, but don't have access to this website.
  • Several that I have talked to. I think I am going to just take the instrument cluster out, put a piece of tape over the light, and not worry about it anymore.
  • mrtipstermrtipster Posts: 1
    My 1999 Frontier makes scraping noise in P & N.The driveplate-converter bolts are tight.What else might cause this?
  • rdb40swrdb40sw Posts: 2
    I had the same problem two days later on my new 05 frontier. The problem turned out to be a bad "gas cap". The original one was not locking tight enough.
  • posted this to the general nissan pu forum:

    Heh Folks,

    Front brakes on my '95 are getting very hot, must be dragging a little. Seems to be both sides but maybe worse on Rt. HOT means after 6 miles to work today at 40-60MPH I had "hot brake smell" and some smoke off the Rt. front brake. This truck looks great but is a NH rust bucket underneath, I haven't popped a wheel yet to see what's there.

    Any chronic experience with stuck brakes on these?

    Saturday now, got the truck (SE Kingcab V6-4WD) up on jack stands in the driveway, brake calibers, everything very rusty. Left brake releases pretty much OK but Rt. really drags. It's 95 degrees out, 90% humidity, no shade, don't think I'll tear into this today.

    Considering this Rt. front brake got hot enough to stink and was smoking a little after 6 miles I'm guessing the hub/bearing should be torn down and relubed. I'm not a 4WD person, not sure I want to tear into all that. Any opinions on whether this should all be torn down, and a fair price for a shop to charge?

    ps-about 5 miles into my 6 mile drive to work this great, rock steady on the hiway truck started to vibrate/buzz a little. I pulled over to check tires, thought it could be a carrier bearing on driveshaft going out. Drove it home at under 40 mph with a couple stops along the way (no more brake smoke) and no buzz/vibration, but that's got me thinking the hot rotor/wheel could have a bearing problem now.

    Thanks, NH rustbucket
  • mch59mch59 Posts: 2
    i am looking to buy a basic small truck for commuting and trips to Home Depot. are other owners satisfied with this basic configuration? any problems to report?
    i will get mine with the air bags and air conditioning. thanks.
  • remoremo Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2002 Nissan Frontier for my daugher. The drivers side parking lamp appear to be burned out and for the life of me I cannot figure out how to replace it. I am hoping the whole headlight module doesn't have to be replaced.

    The owners manual isn't much help at all.

    Any help will be appreciated.
  • Hello Everybody :
    PLease read on if you are a Nissan Titan owner or at least interested in knowing more about it.
    I bought the car that I thought was the dream for every guy who likes power, performance and all the bells and whistles in a perfect car, and that was a 2005 Nissan Titan LE trim, loaded with all what a truck can ever have. And I Said : this is the one.
    Couple months after that I started having a problem : the steering wheel started shaking when I need to apply the brakes; an immediate turn-off for me towards my car.
    I took my car to the service advisor and told him in the exact word: " Sir, something weird is happening in my brand-new truck, whenever am applying the brake..." he interrupted me and continued " the stirring wheel starts shaking ? " I answered "yes".
    They performed the recall and the car went back to the normal smooth drive and stop.
    Just recently, I had a "close call" a "narrow escape" a "good luck", you name it.
    I was driving back home on the Free-way at a speed of 50 mph and suddenly the car ahead of me came to a sharp stop which made me react quickly by applying the brakes, although it was a nice sunny dar with dry cement.

    My vehicle started unbelievably shaking, the more I was applying the brakes the more my car was trembling. In less of a second I had to decide to release the brake to stop the shaking car and wheels , but had to choose either to hit the car ahead of me or a better decision is to go offroad and avoid the crash.
    Eventually I did swerve off-road and avoided the crash. It happened so fast that I could NOT remember whether the ABS did kick in or NOT, and IF it did I would NOT be able to feel it because how my car was behaving. After that , all I wanted was to get back home safe and never to drive my car anymore.
    There is no kind of trust in this car from my side anymore .And I hope that none of you ( Titan Owners) will ever experience an incident like this. The brakes problem just came back again suddenly without a prior notice, all of a sudden I felt I am experiencing a 9.00 earthquake, and the more I had to push on the Brake Pedal the more the car was shaking.
    If this would be any concern for anybody then I am sure I would see some kind of reactions .
    More and more, please drive safe and watch out how your vehicle performs and be prepared for the unexpected. My car suprised me in the most negative way, but I am NOT going to give it a second chance.
  • dander1dander1 Posts: 7
    I've read previous posts about a transmission/drivetrain noise when acclerating/decelerating. I have a Nismo 4x4 Crew Cab and noticed an audible "thunk" when shifting from reverse to drive, or vice versa. Is this a normal noise?
  • Had the ses light come on with code 0400, egr system problem. Had all parts of the egr system replaced with new except the egr valve. The light has come on again at 122 miles, question is this? Does our local mechanic or Nissan dealer required to install a repair code to remove the history code? This is the second time for the SES light to come on and now my mechanics is shaking his head and say's this never happened to him since he has been in business. Any suggestion on how to get this light to stay out? Also, has anyone replaced the EGR valve itself, the nissan dealer on Long Island insist that they have never sold on and told my mechanic that they never replaced this particular valve.
  • I have about had it with customer service raping me with service charges...I need to replace the driver side mirror with a new one that I have bought...they wanted to charge me 200!!!!!! dollars for just doing there anyone out there who can tell me how to do it myself? Don't really want to pay the 60 bucks for the up-to-date manual....but I will never use the service dept again...sigh....
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