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Nissan Pickups Maintenance and Repair



  • Hello, This truck has 220,000 miles on it Alot of highway driving and still has the original rear brake shoes REplace front brake pads every 50,000 miles and rotors once I don't think the load compensating valve is working correctly any suggestions
  • About 7 months me and my brother went to look for a new pickup. While looking we came past a 2005 Nissan Titan. Brand new. We asked the dealership for a deal. When I was test driving the truck I noticed how weak the breaks were. So I turned them down. Then I got me a Tacoma PreRunner. Best truck Ive ever owned. :)
  • I'm researching to see if I should buy a 2005 Titan and I've read alot about brake problems. Do the 2006 models have the same problem. I really liked this truck. Should I buy one?
  • mseramsera NJPosts: 24
    I have a 2003 Frontier pickup and need to replace the tail light bulb. I see no screws removing the lens from the side or the rear of the housing. :confuse:
    Has anyone actually done this and can assist I would appreciate it.
  • remove the 2 screws from inside the bed(if you have a bedliner you may have to pull up on the bedliner to see them) once you have those out, it should just pop out, and the lights unscrew from the back of the assembly.
  • I have a 2005 Frontier 4x4 Extended Cab, when I bought the truck the window sticker indicated 17 MPG City and 25 MPG Highway. After putting 13000 miles on the truck I have hit 17 mpg only two times on the highway, my average is about 16.5 and it has dropped to 15.0 mpg. Has anyone got over 17 mpg on the highway?

    By the way I also have the knock in the engine at about 2000 rpm. Wonder if this might have something to do with the bad milage.
  • You should buy one. I have one and I think a lot of people who are hard core chevy and ford lovers would put down any truck that is not domestic. The Titan now comes with Bosch ABS Disc Brakes on all four tires standard and they work very good. Before this, I owned a 2004 Chevy 4X4 Quad Cab and it was nice, but not as powerful, fast, or roomy as my Titan. Nissan is very reliable too. There are a lot of old Nissan cars and trucks on the road with well over 200,000 miles. Nissan also has very good axles, Highest torque and horse power than any domestic and will lose any chevy or dodge or ford in a race.
    It is a truck that a true truck lover can appreciate.
  • :confuse: I can not find a place to remove the taillight assembly to get access to the tail lights. I have taken the bed lined off and removed the screws that hold on the tailgate. Help? Thanks. Brian
  • I am considering the purchase of an older Nissan Frontier (2000 or 2002 model, due in part to financial situation, I can't afford brand new vehicle. I am looking at 4 door model with around 60000 to 85000 miles on them. I have never owned a Nissan, and do not know what to expect, what I mean is what are the normal things to "go out". Also what are some of the miles on "like models" from owners registered in these forums. I drive 30 miles each direction for work so alot of the miles will be highway miles. I just do not know what to expect from a reliability standpoint. I am looking at models with automatic transmissions, but I am scared of potential for problem with these type transmissions. ANY and all information would be of great assistance in making my decision of purchase or not.
  • I own a 2002 Frontier SE, 4X4, 4-door. I bought it used about a year ago, and I love it (my first truck), but:

    The brake caliper, passenger front, seized up the other day. I called NAPA, and they had to order it, but only 1 day to deliver. The guy said quick ship time indicates a common problem (lots of people order calipers for this vehicle).
    Also, I have had a slow coolant leak for a couple of months, and I should really get it tested. Could just be a hose, but could be the water pump.
    Otherwise, no problems. Don't expect a lot of power (I don't have the supercharger), but better than a lot of other light trucks.
  • Thank you for the information, all input is greatly appreciated. Best of luck.
  • Hi, I have tried those bulbs before, honestly i wasnt too impressed, they werent as bright as i expected(for $20ea), and they didnt last too long either, i was extremely careful not to touch the glass and they only lasted about 3 months. I have bought some eurolights that were brighter, but the wattage was too high and they melted my wires.
  • Hi, my 2000 nissan frontier crewcab 4x4 v6 xe randomly died today. it wont start. I had it towed home, and pulled the diagnostic code p0325 knock sensor. My question is, Would a faulty knock sensor kill my truck? Or would something else be killing my truck and setting off the knock sensor? I dont really want to go replacing expensive sensors for no reason.

    any help would be greatly appreciated!
  • I am about to replace the clutch and thrust bearing in my 1997 2WD Nissan XE pickup.
    I do not want to remove thie engine to do this, so am thinking of removing the manual transmission and going in thru the underside of the vehicle.
    Are there any tips or tricks that anyone can pass on or any problems that I may come across that can be avoided.
    Appreciate any advice.
    Also, I haven't worked on a car in nearly 20 years (used to race and service my own Renault Gordini including stripping the motor after every race) so was wondering if anyone knew roughly how many hours this job is estimated to take?
    Thanks in advance
    Andy Capp
  • i also have a 2004 frontier 4 cyl automatic and i have the same problem as you on cold days it will not shift until around 3500-4000 rpm i have been back to the dealer and it has not yet been fixed i find that if i let the truck warm up for around 20 mins it will not have a problem i cant imagine that this is normal as i live in florida could not imagine if i lived north the problems i have if you have any luck with the dealer fixin this problem please let me know as i will do the same if i have any good luck
  • kierkekierke Posts: 1
    Did you get an answer to your question on how to remove the tail light assembly? I've got the same question.
  • irish24irish24 Posts: 43
    We have an 04 frontier. today one of the wipers didn't work or move. Was about 11F here in new england this morning. called nissan service and one guy said this often happens in this kind of first try tightening the bolt which may have come loose. He is talking about a bolt on the wiper arm I think. Anybody tell me exactly where this is located? Is it at the bottom of the arm? Thanx in advance irish
  • liwliw Posts: 1
    Does anyone know where the starter inhibitor relay is on a 1992 4x4 SE Nissan extended cab pickup? The dealer says it's on the inside of the passenger side fender well but it's not there on my 92! There are 3 other relays in this area but not the starter inhibitor.
  • I took my 05 Frontier to Nissan (Hudiburg Nissan) in OKC and they fixed the problem. I downloaded this document off the web:

    Showed the service department manager the doc and he found a TSB on the item and was able to make th e repair. If you have the 2000 rpm engine knock download the doc and take it to Nissan.
  • whiskywhisky Posts: 1
    Hey you have to take the 2 bolts out that hold the bed extender in to remove the rear tailights. Look in your owners manual there is a section that shows this in a picture. That is how it is in my 2001 anyhow. I hope this is some help
  • My son has a 2002 Frontier with approx 70,000 miles. The check engine light came on 4 months ago and he took it to the dealer who did the diagnostic testing and was told that it had a bad knox or knock sensor and it would cost approx $800. to repair. He has continued to drive it but now the repair is going to have to be made because it will not pass emission control testing which must be done before he can purchase his tag. I am wondering how common this problem might be-I have never heard of this part-do all vehicles have one? Seems like a very expensive repair for something that apparently does not affect the operation of the vehicle. I would sure appreciate any info anyone could provide.
  • I have a 1990 Nissan Pickup (4cyl, 2 wheel drive) with a leaky fuel filler hose.
    I have been unable to find a part number for this, anyone know the part number?? Or another solution in replacing this part??

    Thanks in advance,
  • :cry: My frontier 2000 , has been good to me until yesterday my headlights won't go on althought the high beams works and the fog lights work i have no low beams...I checked fuses and relay all is well... anyone had this problem. I have HIGH/LOW bulbs,

    Please help!!
  • Let me know how your gas mileage goes following the repair...I had it done 2 months ago and lost 4 mpg...currently fighting with the dealer/nissan-usa to look into the repair and make sure everything was done properly and/or install brand ne VIAS unit...
  • Hi,I went to pass the state Inspection and I find out that my truck don't pass the test because the knock sensor.I ask for the repair cost and they estimate at about 500.00 to 580.00 which is way too expensive to me.My truck is a 2000 with about less than 48000 miles on it.I wonder how this part got bad,so next time I don't make a mistake;also I would like to know if I can buy the part and replace by I need a special tool or is something that only a mechanic can do it.If I can do it by myself please will somebody tell me where this part is located...I do really appreciate any advise or help....Thanks
  • I'm having the exact same problem with my 2001 Nissan
    Frontier 4cylinder (2.4ltr). About 6 months ago my
    service enginge soon light came on directly after my
    engine hit a rough idle. A couple of weeks went by,
    than I took it to a Mechanic. He put it on his machine
    and read a emissions problem. He told me that my catalitic
    convertor was clogged. Nissan has a 80,000 mile warranty
    on their catalitic convertor. And with all luck I had
    81,100 miles on the truck at the time. So I took matters
    in my own hands and I thought it would be a quick fix.
    The light still shines bright. I had my mechanic friend
    clear its memmory. After 1 day of driving the service
    engine soon light came back on. I've been driving it
    this way for about 6 months now. And it's progressively
    getting worse. Its simptoms are: rought idle, poor gas
    milage, slugish take off. Other than that this truck is
    a keeper. Everything else is machanically sound.
    I read that your truck was needing a knock sensor???
    what is that, and can I repair it myself???
    And maybe I can fix my problem by process of elimantion.
    please respond
  • I have a 2001 frontier 2wd and every morniing when
    I first start it up I can hear a vibration in the front
    of the engine. I have finally found the problem. My
    hood vibrates. I can push down on it and it quits.
    Easy fix.
  • bvcmagicbvcmagic Posts: 2
    I just read a code P0328 off of my 02 Supercharged Nissan Frontier also. P0328 is "Excessively high voltage from the knock sensor". I was planning or replacing the sensor myself, but was just wondering if this could simply be caused by low octane fuel causing this trouble. I was thinking about switching to high-octane for a few weeks to see if the problem disapears. What did you end up doing with your son's nissan?
  • bvcmagicbvcmagic Posts: 2
    I just read the same code on my 02 frontier?
    What ever happened to yours? Was it just the knock sensor or was it more than that?
  • voks7780voks7780 Posts: 1
    Wow, it is a relief to see someone with a same type of problem. I'm currently having that clunking in the front part of the vehicle only when I enter driveways or make turns. It is pissing me off sometimes. I checked the front stabilizer and it seemed to be fine but I did not know that there was another stabilizer in the front rear. I will check this out. thanx
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