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Toyota Tacoma Prices Paid



  • carolinabobcarolinabob Posts: 576
    Quoted price from dealer has gone up about $1,000 since I first talked with him two weeks ago. I haven't even made a counter offer yet.
    Short supply from Japan, even for trucks made in Texas, dealer owner says we'll sell everything we get anyway, etc., etc.
    Newspapers quote Toyota as saying will not be until Nov/Dec before supplies return to normal. This includes parts made in Japan to go on cars and trucks made in USA.
  • nasincalinasincali Posts: 15
    I would go in and offer what you were at the beginning .Or what you are able to pay . Our Toyota dealer has a ton of Tacomas just lined up and it seems to be the same 20 everyday I drive by there on my way to work.
    They will sale you one !
  • carolinabobcarolinabob Posts: 576
    edited April 2011
    Ended up paying 16,512 plus Tax (300), title (49) and dealer fees of 289. Access cab, man., SR5, 4 cyl. So far, I am liking the truck.
  • brewcrewbrewcrew Posts: 2
    The Fitzmall Toyota dealership in MD will sell me a 2011, double cab, 4x4, long bed, sport edition, jbl,..... for invoice less $229. Per the pricing page, the MSRP would be $32,600 and the invoice is $30,375 putting my price at just over $30k. Good deal or are there other dealers that will go lower? This truck with the options I want would have to ordered as apparently there normally aren't any 4x4 long beds with the JBL option.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,076
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  • kreuzerkreuzer Posts: 131
    a single cab Tacoma asked if the truck can be fitted with a bench seat? Does the automatic gear shift come on the console or the steering column? I would prefer on the steering column to allow more room when carrying 3 people. What do others think? I do not want an access or double cab, but would like a normal bench seat with the shifter on the column. Thanks for any replies or opinions.
  • Hi,
    I have recently become very interested in the Toyota Tacoma's. I remember seeing 0% for Camry's late last year. Have the Tacoma's ever seen finance specials as good? If it matters I am intersted in a Crew Cab, not sure if I4 or V6 at this time. Thank you.
  • Toyota never has good deals on the Tacoma because they sell themselves.
    I went to a credit union and got 1.7 % for the full loan for 60 months.
    Way better than any finance Toyota will offer.
  • Thanks for the feedback. I may also have to take advantage of my credit union. I've seen 2.9 or 3.9% last year. Good to know I should not expect anything from Toyota. Thanks again! :shades:
  • That was a GREAT deal carolinabob ..... in 2012, that same car is now at $20,727 dealer cost based on TrueCar ........ mind telling how you did it? Also, are you still liking the truck?
  • I have just started the search for a 2012 Tacoma, access cab, AT, 4 cyl, SR5, radio upgrade and floor mats in southwest Georgia. Truecar is indicating a MSRP of $23, 640, invoice of $22,858 and an average market actual price of $22,383. Or, about $500 under invoice ..... has this been the experience of you other buyers out there? Just looking for the best deal and I am willing to travel to get it. Thanks in advance for any help in this process.
  • gators4gators4 Posts: 7
    I'm new here. I've never owned a vehicle from the Toyota family before. A couple friends have had Toyota cars & trucks and loved the heck out of them. My Fiance' and I have decided we are going to join the Toyota family. I've always loved the Toyota vehicles, ESPECIALLY Toyota Tacomas, so now it's time to buy one. (FWIW, we are getting my fiance' a Lexus IS350....what a badass car.)

    So here's the deal. The Truck I'm looking at is an 07, but it has 90,000 miles. It's from a Certified Toyota dealer though and has a clean carfax and up to date on maint. & recalls. When it was bought brand new the guy paid mid 30's for it because of all the add-on's he got. It's a sweet truck, I've visited it several times now because I love it that much. It sounds weird but after hours I've went by the dealer just to admire the Truck, that's how much I like her. What keeps me leaving without it is that it's hard to pay $20,000 for a truck with 90,000 matter how nice it is.

    So, what's your opinions of the truck...Would you buy it? Advice on if I should ask for them to do anything to the truck before I buy it?(The tires are pretty bad, btw...would need new ones soon). Also, what should I try to get them down to? I don't want to low-ball where should I start at?(I haven't made an offer yet...just "talked")

    Sorry for all the rambling.

    Here's the truck: in-id-2937700
  • nasincalinasincali Posts: 15
    I would keep searching . These trucks are for sale everywhere and with less miles !
    You can put rims and tires on any truck for a couple grand and you said this one needs tires anyway.Also you said its certified. That means the warranty only has 10000 miles left if its at 90000 already .
    I would look for one with about 50000 miles less for that price or close that wont need tires .
  • galvdudegalvdude Posts: 7
    They seem pretty proud of this truck, but then Tacomas don't seem to depreciate as quickly as many vehicles. Probably a combination of earned reputation and expected reputation. Yes, nearly 93,000 miles is high for a average 2007 and the price takes a hit when using Edmunds to price the vehicle. Can't seem to include all the options listed to price it, so you would have to use your own judgement when adding on for the extras.

    While this truck does have high mileage, you are also buying many options on it that make it worth more than a normal base Tacoma. If you just want a vehicle to go from point A to point B and last for 300,000 miles, I'd say to get new equipped with the minimum options you need. If you need everything this vehicle has, you might look around some for one with lower mileage, but just expect to pay more. The thing to remember on used is you'll never know for sure how it was driven and the variety/options available at any given time will be limited.

    If you are determined to purchase this vehicle, I notice they offer a selection to get their "e-price" on it. Normally that is lower than the advetised price, so that means they have wiggle room. Check out any tips Edmunds has for negotiating a lower price. IMO, any dealership will normally have a minimum $2,000 asking price above what they paid for it. Part of this is to cover reconditioning and advertising. Don't be wowed by the certification they mention. It's not Toyota's certified warranty because the truck has too many miles and/or is too old to qualify. Basically, they sent it through their service department to check it out and fix what they needed to fix (and I'm betting they took into account it needed brakes when they bought it) in order to sell it on their Toyota dealership lot versus it being sold at Honest Joe's used car lot.

    Negotiating points in your favor I can come up with are. 1. It's not snow or hunting season so demand for a 4x4 may be lower and the truck will be sitting on their lot longer if they choose not to sell it to you for the price you are proposing. 2. It has high miles. Anything made by man can break down. Some Toyotas really don't run into the 200,000 mile realm without significant issues (remember it is used and the carfax history shows little maintenance. Maybe they have some other records on it?) 3. Tires are expensive. Yes there's enough tread to drive it off the lot and probably through the summer, but by the time winter gets here, the truck won't be going anywhere much without new tires. Even for "clean" condition, Edmunds states near new tires.

    Your weak point is that you want that truck, and they may know it by your repeated trips to visit it. You will be in a battle for your money. They will want to win, and will try to wear you down. They have plenty of time to try to do that. Do you? Get their e-price. Decide what ypu can live with on price/tires, etc. Then when you make an offer, make it lower than what you'll actually be willing to pay (i'd start about $750 lower). Expect lots of back and forth with the sales manager being "the bad guy". Stick to your price for a while but then be willing to give in some, bit by bit, up to your maximum if needed. But at some point, be willing and able to walk out. Sure, there will never be another used truck exactly like that one. But that doesn't mean you need to spend more than you can afford or think it's worth on it. If the sales people can get even a small victory by getting you up several hundred dollars from where you started and they still make some money (which they are entitled to do), they can feel like they have won, and that is very important to their egos. And expect to have every trick in the book used to convince you to pay their price. Also, the better armed you are with factual information, the better off you will be in negotiations. Like if you can prove to them a statistic that shows something like only 85% of Tacomas are still on the road after 200,000 miles whiile 90% of Ford trucks are. Something like that would be able to shoot holes in their reliabilty argument when you bring up the high mileage on the truck.

    That's the end of my ramblings. Good luck.
  • gators4gators4 Posts: 7
    Thanks for the responses guys. About the e-price. I went ahead and filled it out to see what it would tell me. It came back with $22,000...2 grand more then the "advertised" price. So I called them up today and they did the "$19,999 is the lowest we can go" thing. So I told them I would come in to negotiate. They told me not a penny lower then $19,999 and that they will have a tent sale in 2 weeks and at the tent sale they will ask $23,000 for it, but that the Truck probably will be sold my this Monday anyways because everyone wants it. So I said Later and left.

    I really really really want this Truck. I've made it known. I drool over it every time I see it. I just can't spend the $20,000 on 93,000 miles. Not when I could get a Dodge Ram 1500 with 75,000 miles in Excellent Condition for $12,000. Obviously, i don't want a Ram. I'm just saying. Plus, it's not like my current vehicle is in bad shape.

    I'm going to be moving back to Florida soon. I think I'll hold off and look for something when I get back down there. Plus, no Snow and Salt on the roads. I've heard these Trucks up here have been known to rust pretty easily because of the Winters. I might be able to haggle more in Florida anyways since over 10% of Floridians don't have a job.

    So, you guys think about 50,000 miles is the most I should go for on used vehicles? I've also heard that 2009 and up is the best years to get. Is this true? I think I'm going to have to go used. When I build my Toyota on it comes out to $30,000. That's not something I can afford. At least not right now.
  • I'd pass on that truck. I've seen 2009's available with much lower mileage for about the same money. Heck, my lease is ending this month..... 2009 double cab, V6 auto with TRD and 40,000 miles and I figure it's only worth about $ just buy mine before I hand it back and get a new one :)
  • popsavalonpopsavalon Posts: 231
    Keep looking, I looked for 6 months and finally found a one owner 2006 double cab SR-5, Prerunner V-6, 2 wheel drive, automatic, and all options, 40K miles with a set of new Bridgestone Dueler A/Ts for $17800-. The owner wanted a bigger truck! It's a southern rust free truck to boot.

    I was just driving down a local road one day and there it was with a "for Sale" sign!
  • gators4gators4 Posts: 7
    Yeah I decided to pass on it. I might get a Crewmax Tundra. I drove one and really liked it. The extra cabin room would be nice. But not sure. I've found a couple 08's-09's for 22ish so they aren't much more then the Taco.

    BUT.....Fiance wants the Taco. Women...Ahhh.

    What do you guys think?
  • I am seriously looking at buying a 95 V6 tacoma with the ext cab. It has AC and cruise with 187k miles on it. Buying for $4500. Is this a good buy? Thank you
  • cjdalcjdal Posts: 9
    Looking to buy a 2012 Double Cab 4x4 V6 long bed Tacoma truck. Options we're looking at include:
    display audio (MSRP $1930)
    TRD Sport Upgrade (MSRP $3975)
    Daytime running lights ($40)
    V6 Tow Package ($650)
    carpet mats ($195)

    Total MSRP is $35,685.
    So far we've got a local dealer to go for $32,535 (there is also a $500 incentive bringing us to $32,035.

    Any other price points out there? Better deals?
  • chunt5chunt5 Posts: 3
    edited July 2012
    Just purchased a new 2012 Access Cab 2.7 liter, 4X2, AT, SR5 in Georgia. MSRP was $23,789. Quoted internet price was $22,513 plus $399 Admin fee and tag and title fees plus sales tax.

    Everything went well at the dealership until they tried to add $650 for paint sealant. I just showed the finance guy my internet quote and he took the $650 off.

    Overall I had a great buying experience and I love my new Taco. I could have got the same price without the Admin fee at another dealer but that dealer did not have the color that I wanted and I did not want to wait.
  • bigandybigandy Posts: 70
    Sold my 2005 and I'm in the hunt for an Access Cab or Double Cab TRD Offroad/Tow Package. The inventory is very light and I'm having trouble finding exactly what I want. Anybody know if this is in preparation for the release of the 2013's or is it something else?
  • wiseone2wiseone2 Posts: 15
    Prices for New double cabs SR5 4x4, automatic, loaded:

    Nov. 2005 I purchased an 06 off road package for $26300.
    Oct. 2008 quoted for an 09 sport package, $27657.
    Mar. 2009 quoted for an 09 sport package, $26944.
    Jan. 2010 quoted for a 2010 sport pkg long bed, $29623.

    the upgrades to the Tacoma since 05 have been minimal
  • There is a 97 Tacoma with 220,000 miles down the block from where I live. Five speed , two wheel drive and looks to be in good condition. Asking $ 2,800 for it. The miles on the truck make me wonder if I would be throwing money away . Anyone think this is a good deal ?
  • I would look it over, ask a lot of questions regarding maint. new parts
    if it needs anything, look for leaks burning oil, if you like it low ball him.
    I've seen Toyota's hit 300k miles and I have seen Ford Rangers get up to
    400k miles, you never know what you will find.
  • What is the fair price for toyota Taco Double Cab I4 Automatic with SR5 package for southern AZ?

    Dealer ask for
    Regular Price........................................$26,125.00
    Your Price............................................$24,493.00
    Doc Fee...............................................$ 199.00
    Sales Tax.............................................$ 2,167.63
    Total Licence and Fees........................$ 422.00

    Total Out The Door...............................$27,281.63
  • bonnanobonnano South CarolinaPosts: 9
    edited August 2013
    Just boiught a RAV for the wife..I have been looking for a Tacoma, Is this a good deal for a Southern Truck? Seller is pretty firm. Doesn't seem motivated to sell which makes me think it's really a good truck and he really does not want to sell unless he gets his price. Truck has Platnium ToyoCare Cintract for another two year and a few months. "Seems" like a good deal for a unique TRD OR. I don't like the painted fender flares and this one doesn't have them. Special Edition I guess. - 588&listingType=used&listingTypes=used&sellerType=p&sellerTypes=p&mmt=%5BTOYOTA%- - 5BTACOMA%5B%5D%5D%5B%5D%5D&vehicleStyleCodes=TRUCKS&modelCode1=TACOMA&makeCode1=- - TOYOTA&startYear=2008&showcaseOwnerId=0&searchRadius=25&bodyStyleCodes=TRUCKS&li- - stingId=352366548&listingIndex=1&Log=0
  • Any 2015 buyers have data to share?
  • Just stumbled on a dealer in Santa Rosa, California who is providing some pretty decent deals on 2016 Tacomas. I saw a '16 Sport Double Cab 4x4 for $2300 off. Not bad at all for this close to the release of the new model. Best I've seen anyways.
  • guitarzanguitarzan OhioPosts: 799
    edited May 2016
    After flip-flopping between used, certified, and new I decided on a new Tacoma. Aside from the hassles of my 2000 Celica, I realize I cannot handle the repairs and hassles in the short term of a used vehicle. Also, the 2000s saw the cheapening of many vehicles in order to grow the companies, in this case for Toyota to catch up with GM. Paying hyper-inflated prices for some of the worst vehicles of all time would be a terrible idea. There are my current thoughts.

    Can anyone advise on the best time to buy a new Tacoma? I would want a cash incentive. I am in no hurry to buy. A salesman friend of a friend stated to purchase either Memorial Day weekend or in the fall. I am very particular and want a red one and also one without any extras, and I understand they may run out of particular vehicles by the new model year. So perhaps summer is the best time.

    I will have them add heated seats which seemed to be a reasonable price, something like $250. I will go aftermarket for a remote start. I CAN'T WAIT TO HAVE A REMOTE START! (I have had stick shift vehicles since the 1993 Integra.) This will be my first automatic since my 1980 Delta 88. I look forward to not shifting due to back issues.
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