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It seems whenever it rains or it is moist outside, the belt on my saturn squeaks. Needless to say, it's quite annoying. Any good fixes for this, or should I just replace the belt? Is it best to have the dealer do this? Can the belts on a 97 Saturn SC2 be tightened? Thanks for any input.

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    My fords have always had a problem with noisy serpentine belts.I have to replace them every 2 years.Make sure your pulleys are clean.Some cars have auto tensioners that weaken.I have found that Goodyear and Dayco belts last the longest for me.Also,buy belts from stores that offer a lifetime warranty.When I hear noise I simply return them for a FREE new one.
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    I dont know if my question is confusing or not. But on my Integra I have three belts (A/C, Alt., PS). They arent V belts but look like smaller serpentine belts with about 4 tracks.

    Anyways, how long should I expect these to last. They are still original (over 100k miles) and only squeak alittle when its wet outside. At my last oil change I asked them to check it out, they said the deflection was within spec and they didnt show any cracks or anything.

    Should I be proactive and just have them replaced or just wait until it starts squealing too bad.

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    Yes, change your belts and hoses, absolutely.
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    Replace the belt, if you are slightly mechanically inclined it shouldn't be a problem. If you are unsure about it take it in and have it done, but I suggest getting an aftermarket belt, and having the dealer instal it. I have had the best luck with Goodyear Gatorback belts, they have a "pattern" in them to help resist cracking and to push water out when you run through a puddle. Dayco is another good one if you get the "Top Cog" models. Both Goodyear Gator Back, and Dayco Top Cog belts come with a lifetime warranty that the dealer won't give you, so when you need to replace it again you only have to pay for labor. Try and avoid the ones that look like the original, no extra grooves across the width of the belt, they crack sooner and run noisier than the others.
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    I will only buy either OEM belts/hoses or Dayco belts and Gates hoses. I have really been burned at Pep Boys with their hoses. They may be better in the last 5 or 6 years but I'm not biting.
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    Pep Boys sells Dayco belts, just not the Top Co line, they look like the original belts, no extra groves for water displacement.

    The Goodyear belts and hoses I have used are all top notch as far as quality and durability. I LOVE the Gator Back belts, and Hi-Miler hoses. If you find it hard to find them try http://www.summitracing.com They carry a fairly decent selection, and can get you the one for your application even if they don't stock it.

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    could be it's just a whisper loose, and if you don't have a tensioner needs to be tightened.

    also, I have had idler pulleys on all the Fords I've had get a little dry and squeaky after car washes or in rainy weather. a couple drops light oil at the back of the idler's axle fixes the issue for months.

    I can't ever remember having a Gator Back belt on, but I do swear by Dayco belts, not at 'em.
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    Thanks for the info on the site. I have noticed that the Dayco Belts which have the "ribbing" on the inside (for flexivility/cool running) last really well. You do have to make them a tad tighter than other belts or they will slip.

    Belt squeaking (V-belts): In the good old days if the squeal was not because of being loose but just a general running noise- Don't laugh: You'd take a piece of Ivory Soap and whith the engine running, allow the side of the belt to run against the soap. I'm sure some fingers have been lost in this process. It does work, but really by masking the problem. This noise is a symptom of something not right like worn pully or misalignment, or worn belt. You should also never-never use belt dressing.
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    The serpentine belts also have a cross groove pattern and that is specifically the ones I am referring to. The other possibilities for squeaking on a serpentine system could be either a bad idler pulley or belt tensioner.

    The Dayco V belts do have to be done up a little tighter and re tightened after around the first 100 miles or so or they do start to slip again.

    No matter what belt you have if it comes with a lifetime warranty put the receipt somewhere that you can find it later. Sometimes stores switch brands and will not do an exchange with out it. If that does happen you should get the currently stocked lifetime warranty model, and a new receipt.

    For those interested in Goodyear Belts and Hoses look here, the site was supposed to be up on Monday 10-01-01, but I guess they are working out some glitches. You can bookmark it and check it out at a later time I guess. http://www.goodyearbeltsandhose.com/
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