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Nissan 350Z



  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,163
    equals reality minus expectations.

    Credit to Click & Clack, and apologies to those who have had to endure this from me (many times) before.

    I had this same issue with the car I own now, and I'm told by most that the secret is that lowering of expectations bit.

    Happy hunting.
  • "Happiness equals reality minus expectations"..ROTFL! I most definitely have to use that one to level set any future client's expectations!
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    No, the distance of the seat was fine for me. The cars I've sat in have each had the power seat, and perhaps it slides back further. In fact (I assume y ou're talking about leg space) I often have to slide the seat all the way back but with the Z (two different cars) I had to pull it forward just a bit so that my l eft foot could comfortably reach the floor (for when I get to drive the manual).

    Maybe my legs are short.
    As I recall, did you drive the Enthusiast model? That lacks a power seat, and maybe they're different.

    On the G35 board some are complaining of a "cheap" feel to the car's interior, too. A couple of observations -- I've never heard it brought up on freshalloy (or don't recall it anyway). I've owned some vehicles with luxury interiors, even an XJ for a short period years ago, and I've never felt the Z or the G35s or c were anything but solid and functional. I even went back to look (last weekend) and I guess I just plain disagree ... though please don't think I'm looking for an argument on the issue. Since so many have commented on it on Edwards, maybe I'm looking at something different.

    But I'm confident in my position, because I took my wife in to look at the Z, and believe me she likes lots and lots of really nice things (what the well-to do call taste and what I call expensive), and after she sat in it she was surprised that the car wasn't "in the 70s or 80s"!!! Not an opinion widely experienced with exceptional vehicles, but promising for me as I can play up my eventual purchase as a "bargain."

    Always thinkin' ;-)
  • I guess there's no hope for me at 6'-4" 270. I spent a lot of miles behind the wheel of a 260Z and absolutely loved that car. It was reknown as the car having the most legroom of anything on the market. I distinctly remember comparing that car (inexpensive Japanese) to Cadillac (high-end domestic) for legroom and there was no comparison. The question we were asking then was, how can the Japanese engineer a car with more legroom than the largest, most luxurious domestics? Guess they forgot about that.

    The more time the magazines spend in the car the less they are liking it. The current comparo in C&D (against a very weak field) exposes more warts. Do you really activate the seat heaters with your elbow while shifting? That's just plain embarrassing and evidence this car was rushed to market without adequate review by the American market. They missed the mark on weight, they missed the mark on handling (heavy understeer) and it sounds like the interior is strike three.
  • aftyafty Posts: 499
    It is worthwhile to point out that C/D still rated the 350Z #1 in the group (vs. Mustang Mach 1, Honda S2000, and Audi TT Quattro), warts and all.
  • snaphooksnaphook Posts: 130
    All I can conclude from that is that there are no sportscars available today in the 30-35k range that meet the lofty standards of Edmund's TH posters.
  • Traded a Navigator in for one yesterday. Totally awesome. A lot of head turning and long looks. Didn't know whether it was for the car or how a 6'4", full figured guy could fit in there (had room to spare). What a blast to drive it home from Illinois, cause the clowns in northern Indiana sure don't want to sell them. Touring, auto, black w/black, everything but nav. Now that it's home, the wife takes over, for her 4 mile drive to work everyday. Would have liked an upgraded Bose with satellite radio button, but not out yet. Also would have liked autolamp feature. No other complaints. Take the plunge.
  • Magazine test reports are annoying - I take what those hacks think of a car with a grain of salt. I do my own testing and go to a dealer with a totally open mind - I'm looking forward to my first Z test drive.
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 858

    (1) really liked that expression...

    (2) after sitting in a base #50Z in Redding, I concur BIG TIME

    (3) should the economy continue to decline, the base Z is becoming more and more a "contenda"..ez
  • waydewayde Posts: 198
    who has purchased a Z and it's their only car?
  • I recently picked up a Z and wanted to get some opinions on how I did on my deal.

    I had a 99 Pathfinder which was 23,000 miles over what I was allowed. At 15 cents a mile I owed close to $3500. The dealer bought my truck from the leasing company for $14,000. I was done making all payments on the car.

    I picked up the Z for $3000 down, with tax and all the other costs i paid $3700 at time of purchase. I leased it for 5 years with a warranty covering all 5 years for $485 a month.

    It is an enthusiasts model, chrome silver.

    So how did I do? My buddy is telling me I got hosed.
  • lukymelukyme Posts: 46
    Congrats soupsoupad on a new Z. Your gonna love it.
    Based on some simple figures, your going to pay about the same as MSRP. $ 29,100 lease payments plus $ 3700 down= $ 32,800. However, you will get hosed if you run up the miles like you did on the Pathfinder. And, after 5 years you still don't have the car. You were out about the same cash as if you were to pay the over mileage fee. Even if you were out some, you soon will forget about it with the blissful drive of the Z anyway. Don't worry about it, but watch that mileage.
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    and congrats on your new 350Z! I second luckyme's suggestion to not worry about it at this point.... Just enjoy your new car. We look forward to hearing about your ownership experience. Please keep us posted. Happy motoring!


    Hatchbacks & Wagons Host

  • Thanks for the kind words! It truly is a blissful ride.

    I forgot to mention I was given 17,500 miles per year, so that should help!
  • A word to the wise....let the buyer beware...check that 350Z paint job real close. We first saw our potential 350Z shortly after it was stripped of its protective wrapping and was in the wash bay, adhesive marks and all, having just been delivered off the truck. We had noticed some very light "smear marks" (small 1/8" to 1/2" wide very light smear marks or light stains covering a 14 to 18 inch length) on one of the fenders and was told by the dealer that all that would be gone after it had a bath and was detailed, ready for sale. Sounded reasonable. We look at it again after prep, and it was still there, and would not wipe off. Since the car was going to receive an additional paint sealant protectant application, we were told that the prep process would eliminate any other adhesive or surface markings prior to application. We pointed it out a second time to the sales person, the sales manager, mentioned it to the dealership owner, had the service manager look at, prior to the sealant application, and they all came to the same conclusion, no one knows what it is. Possibly a reaction of the protective plastic material with the standard clearcoat finish, or a flaw in the factory painting process or inadequate prep prior to final application of paint or the clearcoat. After sealant prep and application, you guessed it, it's still there. Needless to say we are not real happy about this, but being a reasonable person I have an expectation that Nissan will make good on their product and their warranty for defects in workmanship. We took the vehicle to our local Nissan dealer service/paint & body experts, and they didn't have a clue, and were more interested in who was going to pay to fix it. We had our name, number and VIN put down on paper numerous times with an explanation that the area Nissan Rep would contact us to check it out and POSSIBLY authorize it to be refinished. We are still waiting for the phone to ring. I would have expected a little more attention to resolving this than what we are presently receiving, and am in the process of getting my ducks in a row to ensure my interests and investment are protected. Outstanding car, but this starting to give a bad taste, and some concern for things to come.

    For those of you that have taken ownership, it would interesting to find out if anyone else is experiencing this, and what has been done to resolve it by Nissan. Our Z is Black and am wondering if it is only on that color line or if it appears in any of the other colors. I must say that in the bright of day, the overall magnificence of the vehicle takes your attention away from the detail, but upon close examination it becomes visible, and very irritating. The casual observer would probably never detect it or chalk it up to some road dirt that needs to be wiped off.
    Will eventually post some pictures of this troubling situation. I'll keep you posted.
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    Sorry to hear about the mess, sabre. I haven't heard of this before on any of the Z boards I frequent, but certainly there are going to be some mistakes in/on a complex machine ....

    Certainly Nissan will fix your car. But it sounds like the paint people are a little bit anal. You might consider getting the SM and owner of the dealer ship involved since you mentioned showing the flaw to them. In any case, be as aggressive as possible in getting the zone mgr to approve.

    You may not want to hear this at the moment, but ... perhaps I have more experience than you but I would have done the following: 1) I wouldn't pay for paint protectant as they can't add anything to clear coat better than wax, which I can do myself; 2)they don't get to deliver the car until it is repaired to my satisfaction; 3) if delivery is accepted, I'd want a letter from the zone mgr., sales mgr., someone with authority, stating that it would be fixed by some deadline I select, to my satisfaction, or my sales price would be redeemend in full.

    Sorry if I'm rubbing salt into a wound ... I don't mean to. But you can file the experience (and the hassle) in your memory banks for future reference the next time you buy anything costing more than a day's salary.

    Good luck. Keep us posted. If you have to play rough, you might list the names of all involved and post it here, print it off to show them the bad publicity and give it to them along with a copy of your attorney's card.

  • Just traded in my 1997 M3 for a new Z, which should arrive by Jan 2003. Since I had a 95 300Zx TT before, I think I probably will not be disappointed with the car. However, after my purchase at MSRP, the dealer took my trade at about 20K and a $1000 deposit. After the purchase, I priced out the car again at home and found the price I paid is $500 more than MSRP. After giving a call to the dealership, I was told that it is a "Marketing Initiative Cost" adding to ALL cars sold by Nissan. Since I was quite busy and the amount was small, I believed him. However, recently, I was curious and called Nissan's Customer service to inquire where this is indeed a standard charge. The rep told me that since the dealers are private they can charge anything the like ?! He was not at all helpful. However, the charge is not a standard for all dealers. But during my negotiation, I was told that the car will be sold to me at MSRP. So is the addition $500 a markup? The catch was the paper I signed did not have the options itemized and I did not catch the $500 extra. I have been used to dealing with BMW and Mercedes dealers in the past couple of years and all of them have been very honest and upfront. I am quite upset and fear that the quality of service from Nissan will be much worst than my experience with BMW. I was thinking of spending the extra 13K now for a M3 knowing that I would not have to deal with poor business practice of the Nissan dealer and customer service. My question is they now have my $1000 deposit plus $19000 of the trade in (since they insisted that I trade the car in on the spot but did not give me the money). Am I obligated to get my money back? The BMW dealer said that Illinois law(I live in Chicago) requires them to give me the entire amount back. The dealer I worked with was in Lisle. They are supposed to be a "CUSTOMER FIRST" dealership, which is a top customer service dealership, but I think otherwise. Sorry for the long post but I am expecting to have a long fight to get my money back :(
  • 759397759397 Posts: 79
    M3 vs. Z. Well if $ isn't an option I think the choice is obvious to me.....opinions may vary. If people are lining up at Nissan Dealers like they claim they shouldn't have any problem selling the Z you ordered.

    Should be interesting....keep us posted on this one.
  • Mpower338,
    Sorry to hear about your dilemma. I've had a few really bad experiences with auto purchases. In '98, I discovered I was paying $2k above MSRP on our first leased auto, a Pathfinder. Welcome to money factor and all that lease jargon. They fixed that the next day when I made a lot of noise. The SM blamed the salesguy and cited that they want to keep customers with excellent credit so that they can lower the money factor.

    Two years ago, I drove by a Honda dealer and saw two still-hot Odysseys. After sticking by my MSRP-only rule for the Navi EX model, they relented and we proceeded to the Finance guy. He then promptly went about pulling the fudge over our eyes, all tired now on top of the ad-hoc situation and my wife and kids who I summoned over. He told us about how banks like to reward people like us with super credit with freebies. Bottomline, he snowed us for an extra $1k which I discovered as soon as I got home and pulled out my HP calculator. Again fixed tomorrow after threatening with complaints to BBB, owner e.g. I looked at the Finance guy eye to eye who had, the night before, talked about his kids and ours, and blatantly told us that these figures are correct and that I don't need to do my own calcs since I don't have my PV/FV table. Moreover, as part of the credit app, he knows I have an MBA and that I will do my homework albeit late. Again he blamed the 'discrepancy' on the SM since they normally sell the Odyssey above MSRP.

    You are right in that BMW don't play these tricks except that they may not give you the best rate which you need to check with BMW Financing. Buying our 540ai SP was hassle-free and subsequently our x5 4.4 SP was smooth.
    I was recently reminded of the sales tactics when I had to bring in my daily driver, a '01 Maxima for its service. The sales guys as well as the SM pounced on me for just sitting in the 350z. Instead of getting a brochure and info on accessories, I end up having to give them my info so that they can hassle me in the future. Very disappointing since I need a sportier daily runner. If only the M3 is not overpriced and more available.

  • eblumeblum Posts: 52
    Good luck getting BMW customer service at a Nissan dealership. It's not going to happen.

    Makes me wonder why Volkswagon is going to try to sell $40,000+ cars at their dealership with the same schmucks that sell $20,000 cars daily...the quality of sales and service will not match the cars. If that was true, Toyota dealers would sell Lexus and Honda would sell Acura.
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