Sunroof opening trouble

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    The moonroof on my 2000 SE is not working right (car is 9 months old and has 9,000 miles). The 'tilt' function is fine, but it will no longer retract normally: it goes back a few inches and stops. If you push the switch again it will open a few more inches. Press again, a few more inches. This is true whether you press and hold or click the button for auto-retracting. After doing this twice I closed it and haven't tried opening it again (tilt still works OK). Sometimes when closing the tilt function, it 'overshoots' and starts to retract the glass. I think it's a switch problem or position sensor problem or something like that. Is there a computer involved with the roof?

    I'm hoping someone has experience with this and can give me some advice before I take it to the dealer, because I don't trust them much. I'd especially like to avoid having them rip down the headliner while troubleshooting.
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