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Mazda6 Sedan



  • mpiatekmpiatek Posts: 68
    I also have black cloth in my Mazda 6 and it is fraying on the driver's seat as well. I asked the dealer about it last week when my car was in for service. They didn't give me a time frame, but they put in an order for replacement cloth for the seat. When it comes in, I'll have to take my car in for a day and they will have an apolstry shop recover the seat (for no charge of course).

    They didn't mention anything about waiting for a new type of material. I might call them up and ask about this.

  • The delay has nothing to do with Mazda making extensive changes to the 04 under the hood. It's just another example of Mazda N.America shooting themselves in the foot. The 03 has been a very reliable first year product. I have 6,300 hard miles on my 6s without a single issue, as do the majority of 6 owners. These boards are an extremely small sampling of MZ6 owners. The vast majority are positive. Nothing to indicate in the least that major under hood changes are in the works. Now, if you want to see major changes, look at the 04 MPV. It is one NICE looking vehicle!! : )

    Mark. : )
  • Fowler:

    No major changes. Certainly not under the hood. If you're looking for those kind of changes you will have to wait for either a MazdaSpeed variant or the 3.5L Duratec that Ford has under development that should find its way under the hoods of a bunch of Mazda and Ford products in '06.
  • ambullambull Posts: 255
    Toyota has spent five years developing a system which will allow customers to pick options on models built at any of its 10 North American plants. The custom-ordered cars and trucks will be delivered to the dealer in as little as two weeks rather than the months it would previously have taken.
    If you think ordering a Mazda takes long now, it will seem like forever compared to Toyota.
  • dinu01dinu01 Posts: 2,586
    Mazda Team Wins Cape To Cape Challenge

    "The Mazda6 was the perfect car for the job of coping with the wide diversity of European roads.

    "Superb handling on the twisty Scandinavian mountain roads helped us set the pace and excellent economy through France and Germany minimised fuel stops," said Alyson.

    "The rules stipulate that you have to remain within speed limits so the cruise control was invaluable in ensuring we maintained our momentum but never crept above the legal restrictions and the car was comfortable enough to grab some sleep between driving stints."

    The crew were monitored by sophisticated data logging equipment from the start of the event in sub-zero temperatures on the northern part of Norway through to the searing 42 degree C heat in Spain.

    "We started the event avoiding reindeer and moose in Scandinavia, moved south through Germany and Luxembourg then headed into France before the final 12 hours along the Spanish coast to Cape Tarifa," said Innes.

    "The route has been fabulous," said Iain. "Nordkapp provided a stunning backdrop for the start, Sweden is so long we spent almost 24 hours on the same road and in Germany fast sections on the autobahn enabled us to increase our average speed and arrive at the finish ahead of everyone else."

    The 2.3 litre Mazda6 averaged 68 mph on the run with fuel economy around 44 mpg and a range of more than 400 miles on each tank of petrol." lenge_08_07_03.asp

    OK, so it's not a REAL race, but it won nevertheless.

  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    Because the conditions and rules are differnet doesn't keep it from being a race. That 44mpg seems way too high considering the congestion on European highways and country roads, unless they were going 25mph in overdrive.

    About the 90 day change-over, I didn't mean changes to the engine. The new options packages were what I was thinking about. They may have changed some of the items, deleted others.

  • taddisontaddison Posts: 99
    Remember that 1 U.K gallon = 1.2 U.S. gallons, so the 44mpg figure is 36.7 U.S. mpg - still pretty good for the 2.3L engine.
  • microrepairmicrorepair Eastern MassachusettsPosts: 508

    Gee, I had an 88 MX-6 with the cloth seats and they were the best seats of any car I've ever owned. (about 30 different ones) That fabric was a very short nap so it had more friction than leather but less than velour. It was perfect for zoom-zooming around and after 9 years (and 99K miles) the fabric was in near showroom condition.
  • aromasaromas Posts: 314
    I had a 1990 MX-6 and the seats were great too. I hope they do install velour, had that in my Subaru and felt comfortable and very easy to brush off dirt.

    The Mazda rep stated that there was no way he would give me the same seats and then proceeded to take pictures because he said he would have to make a case to head office to get a new material which he expects to be approved. Funny thing is if H.O. were to refuse does that mean I get the same seats? Would seem counterproductive because I can't see this lousy fabric holding up. I also mentioned to the dealer that if I wanted leather then labor should be free since they have to put new seats in anyway. He said he would get back to me on that one. Geez I hope they run out of Proteges when they give me a loaner and I get a RX-8 instead for the day. I may never bring it back.
  • buggywhipbuggywhip Posts: 188
    The Mazda6 has been in short supply in some areas lately b/c Mazda severely cut production of the car, due to lackluster sales.

    It is as I feared. Mazda can't compete with the Honda/Toyo juggernauts--at least not with their aggressive discountings.
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    Even if Mazda had sold the # of Mazda6s that they wanted to this year in the US, they still wouldn't have been "competing" with Honda or Toyota.
  • timadamstimadams Posts: 294
    >>Even if Mazda had sold the # of Mazda6s that they wanted to this year in the US, they still wouldn't have been "competing" with Honda or Toyota. <<

    Yeah, but they were expecting to sell 75,000 6s per year, but they only sold 18,000 from Jan-May 2003, which would extrapolate to only 44,000 for an entire model year. I got this figure from Does anyone have any other sales figures to compare this to?

    Mazda wasn't exactly expecting to match unit sales with the Accord or Camry, but they are far under their own target. This is not a slam on the quality or worthiness of the 6, by the way. The 6 is still on my shopping list, whereas the Accord and Camry are both crossed off.
  • cookie01cookie01 Posts: 369
    I took the M6 in yesterday for the two recalls. Walking out the back of the lot (to catch the train to work) I saw THREE 8's!! Beautiful! One was Red, the other yellow and one on a side lot with the delivery tape stuff still on it that was a smoky sort of grey. More gunmetal than the grey on my M6. They also had a selection of M6 sports (can't tell if they were s or i, too far away)
    Also on the lot was the new MVP, and yes, I think it's a nice looking minivan, but doesn't even come CLOSE to the new Nissan Quest, now THAT'S a minivan!!!
    Anyway, in Beaverton, seems you can still get a 03 M6 with little problem.
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    "Yeah, but they were expecting to sell 75,000 6s per year, but they only sold 18,000 from Jan-May 2003, which would extrapolate to only 44,000 for an entire model year."

    My point was that it should come as no surpise that Mazda "can't compete with the Honda/Toyo juggernauts" even if they the 6 had sold as planned in the US. 75,000 Mazda6s sold in the US would have been considered a success for Mazda, but would still not even been close to Accord or Camry sales.
  • seafseaf Posts: 339
    I think Mazda6 is getting more from word-of-mouth exposure than any mainstream media attention. People just tune out commercials these days. Whereas forums like this and positive magazine reviews are probably starting to get people to consider the Mazda6 along with their usual Camrys, Accords, and Altimas. A lot of people still misunderstand the 6 as being a updated version of the 626. Just remember that Toyota & Honda didn't get to where they are today overnight, or after only 1 generation. With the introduction of the Mazda6, RX-8, new MPV, and soon Mazda3, it'll bring even more awareness to the Mazda brand.
  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    Even though Toyota sells alot of cars the young people do not want a Toyota. Toyota's average age buyer is 47 which is the highest average age buyer of any of its Japanese Rivals: Honda, Mazda, or Nissan and even throw Hyundai in there. Unless Toyota makes more sportier cars in the future they can be in danger of becoming in 10 years like GM was in the 90's where nobody wanted a GM car.

    Mazda's main compeition for sales is Hyundai, Nissan and even Subaru. Mazda will never match Honda in sales in the US.

    04 MPV: is Mazda coming out with a new redesigned MPV I haven't heard about yet?

    Mazda's hope is to sell 300,000 cars a year not 1 million plus like Honda and Toyota do. Mazda will probably sell like 245,000 cars this year to do the Protege being in its last year of bodysyle. Last year in 02 the 626 was in its last year of bodystyle so Mazda sales did drop from 01 totals.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    since the MZ6 launch...there has only been one month (first month) that the car has not been our best selling mazda model...
  • dinu01dinu01 Posts: 2,586
    Do you have a break-down of sales by model for 2003?

  • the_big_hthe_big_h Posts: 1,583
    *rushes to MPV forum to check it out*
  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    of the new MPV?

  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    "The fin itself isn't ridged at all, so you can't place your hand on it when closing the trunk lid for fear that you might snap it. You have to remain conscious of the fact you could easily damage it and remember to slip your hand between the fin and lid to close it." .html?articleId=100173&editorialpage=page001&tid=edmunds.- e.longterm.content...Mazda*
  • aromasaromas Posts: 314
    Don't use the spoiler to close the trunk if you plan to slam the trunk as hard as you can!

    Is there such a thing as a nice-looking minivan?
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    i dont use the spoiler to shut the trunk, and NO I dont bang any door of my car, ever.

    but what is this "ridge" thing he is talking about. curious.
  • seafseaf Posts: 339
    Anyone know what kind of glass is on the Mazda6? I assume it's laminated front windshield, and tempered & slightly green tinted on the sides and rear. But I'm not exactly sure, the window etchings only show some acronyms and numbers.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    I posted the percentage breakdowns of our mz6 sales apx a month ago, scroll back and take a look....its been running consistant most of the year.

    I have not seen the nationwide breakdown for the year, yet.
  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    "Is there such a thing as a nice-looking minivan?"

    Is there such a thing as a nice looking SUV, one might ask?

    The new Quest strikes me as a van the driver panic stopped in and the back end is pushing forward and upward because the front dived. And those skylights, man, are they going to be HOT in the summer, not to mention higher insurance costs after a hail storm.

  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    with 50 million northerners in the dark. Took only 60 seconds page-to-page. Also fewer posts. :(

  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    in 1977 in the North East, followed 9 months later by a big birth rate.

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