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Mazda6 Sedan



  • I felt I needed to post because I'm getting sick of hearing that the "employee pricing" is the ONLY way to get a good deal on a car, when in fact one can do BETTER when doing his/her research and haggling for a fair price.

    Is that wrong? :confuse:
  • My local dealer just took delivery of an '06 6S sedan this past week, and I took a look last evening after the dealer closed.

    First of all... Have you ever seen a 6 with a price tag OVER $31K? I just have...

    The car was a 6S Grand Touring model with auto and a ton of add-ons. Black cherry with tan leather. The 18" wheels, as I thought, are ugly in person as well. Tires were Pirelli P Zero Neros, though, A DEFINITE step up from the Pilots. My wife, who hasn't seen an '06 pic yet, likes the wheels and the blacked-out light treatment, as well as the color. I liked the grille, but the foglights underneath the bumper jutted out so much that they look aftermarket, and cheap aftermarket at that. Proportions overall looked okay.

    We couldn't open the doors or sit inside (obviously), but from what we both saw, my wife and I both think the new dash looks too busy with the redesigned console and nav controls. Too many buttons! Everything else looked pretty much the same.

    That's it. Take it as you will...
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    I don't think your wrong....but a better price may depend on the make/model. Some vehicles have never been priced anywhere near the employee price and no amount of haggling would get there....OTOH, some vehicles were priced less before employee it all depends on the carline.

    The MZ6 is pretty much a volume product so decent deals can be had if the consumer follows your advice and does a little homework....Step one of the homework is to find a quality retailer... This can make or break the whole process.
  • Did it have cloth or leather interior? How was the quality?

    My local dealership called me saying that they received a 2006 model. I'll check it out in the next 2 days and report back.
  • If anyone would like my employee discount, I'd be honored to help. I work in the "Body Shop" at AAI, installing the fenders on the 6 and I do metal finish. I can supply a "pin number" for the Mazda or any Ford vehicle.
  • Tan leather interior.

    Looked to be decent quality. I wasn't able to get into the car, since the dealer was closed, but the quality looked slightly better than the '03-'05 model seats. The interior plastics looked pretty good as well.
  • That would be awesome! I'm going to check it out tonight. Depending on if I take a test drive and am impressed, I might pull the trigger in the next few weeks.

    Is there any fear of the 1st year problems, considering that this is a freshening of a current model? Just curious.
  • My local dealer in Chandler, AZ got their first 2006 Mazda6 in, and I went by to check it out. It was a 6s sport model sedan in glacier silver and black interior.

    Most of the other MZ6 boards have been up in arms about the outside revisions. The sport grill slats were wider than the previous grill, with less empty area. The lower grill now resembles the squared-off MZ3 chin, as did the circular fog lights--now popping out of their compartment. The side sills do not flare out on the bottom as on the last edition. The blackened taillights--clear with a black backing--were very sharp and are worth swapping out on the old models. The exterior does look less aggressive than the last versions, but I liked the additions (aside from the grill).

    The interior was similar to the outgoing 6, with a few anticipated additions. The center unit is no longer a single silver faceplate, now covered in flat and piano-finished black. The volume and search knobs are smaller and protrude out more. The quality was a leap ahead in my opinion.

    The cloth was another story. In contrast with the corduroy/mouse fur of old, this was almost the lesser of two evils. The side bolsters, surrounding covering and headrest were solid black. The inner cushion was a checkerboard pattern (as was the door inserts). This material was less like cloth and more like the non-leather gym shoes at Payless Shoe Stores (slightly smooth, but with a little grip). It has the potential to show dirt easily (even in the back lot, there was some surface dirt) and the longevity is questionable--though probably better than the fraying of old. The Mazda 3 cloth is still leagues better, which was disappointing.

    I didn't get to drive it or check out the engine (which is the same, but with revised hp/torque numbers), but I'll do that in a few weeks when a 6i comes in. Overall, the 6 is still a looker--perhaps softer on the eyes, but still sharper than a Camry or Accord. Unfortunately, the cloth versus leather argument is no contest: leather all the way.
  • I forgot one other feature. The car was equipped with the 17" wheels that were on the 2003-2005 models. This was surprising, as there were pictures of a new 17" wheel design floating around.
  • The car was equipped with the 17" wheels that were on the 2003-2005 models. This was surprising, as there were pictures of a new 17" wheel design floating around.

    I think the new style wheels were only the 18" wheels. I've heard the only 17" style they've got is the current '03-'05 style, which are a zillion times better looking, as well as much more practical...

    Interesting observation about the cloth interior. I wonder why they just don't spend a few more bucks and get a better-quality cloth for the seats. I'd gladly pay an extra $50 to get better material than what they're peddling now. I'd stick with the leather...
  • About the cloth, I read a favorable impression on a Mazda6 site that compared the surface to suede. Didn't get that, but I could see the material working as part of the inner cushion.
  • Just finished working with Wawanesa Insurance regarding fair market value on my 2003 Mazda6s, loaded except side air bags, auto, 9600 miles.It was totalled August 28th.

    They used AutoTrader, 25 mile search. They valued the car at 17,845. With tax, license total was 19,511.21, less $500 deductable on my collision coverage, for a paid claim amount of $19,011.21. I owed $14,085 to Mazda American Credit so I will receive a check for roughly $5000.

    There is a strong possibility the claim will shift from collision coverage to uninsured motorist coverage since the police report listed "none available" when police officer asked the other party for insurance information. If that happens I will be refunded my $500 deductable (have deductable waiver coverage on my uninsured motorist coverage).

    The other driver was at fault (ran red light)

    Overall, I am very pleased with Wawanesa's response to my claim but I did receive injuries to my neck and shoulder and am not sure how I will be compensated for pain and suffering. I've read that if uninsured motorist coverage applies then I can receive compensation. Still trying to recover from my injuries (currently going through physical therapy).

    I felt my Mazda6 did a good job protecting me. But the next car I purchase will definately include side air bags. I really like the news regarding improvements to the 2006 Mazda6 and am interested in the hatchback. Also considering the 05 IS300 or 05 G35, although those cars may require a monthly payment higher than what I want to pay. I know Lexus is replacing the IS300 with the IS250/350 so there may be a possibility of getting a good deal. The Infiniti G35 currently has 1.99% financing which I believe I would qualify.

    Unfortunately I suspect Mazda will not have good prices/promotions on the 2006 Mazda6 hatchback until the end of next year. I do own a Lancer Sportback and may hold out. That shows you how much I enjoyed the mazda6 sedan I owned and how I miss it.
  • I went to a local dealership today (in Mesa, AZ) and test drove a 2006 Titanium Gray 6i sedan with sports package. The color of the exterior was understated, and a lot lighter than the outgoing Steel Gray. When I sat in the car, I noticed that the gray cloth seats were very grippy and held you in place. Little things, like padding on the armrests and door sills, were noticeable for the better. The new foldaway key was a little larger than my VW key (think of a chunkier Zippo lighter) and the key didn't fold up as neatly.

    The actual drive was nice, and the car had a bit more pickup--especially on the low end--from a stop. The 5-speed automatic does seem to have made a difference in acceleration and shifting (although you can feel it downshift noticeably when coming to a stop). The car handles bumps and other road blemishes with fewer problems than the older editions. The handling is still the same--including that turning radius--but the steering is still light and sharp as ever, feeling composed through curves and on the straightaways.

    I was impressed with the drive. It made it that much harder to decide between the rebates on the '05's and the '06 models.
  • mazda6smazda6s Posts: 1,901
    I drove a 2006 Mazda6 i MT today in Santa Fe, NM. The 06 seems to have a little less "thumpy" ride than the 05 (could this be the new bushings?). The 2.3L also seemed a little more linear in it's power delivery, but that could just be me. I didn't not hear any suspension noise as has been reported by another poster.

    On the changes for 06, here goes:

    The new black center console looks excellent and is a big improvement! Unfortunately on the AT models there is a rectangular silver piece around the shift lever that will get scratched. One of the ones I saw today was already scratched! When will the auto makers figure this out?

    The cover is gone from the front center console cup holders. Who cares?

    I like the new cloth seat material. The seats look a little different, but they did not make them wider as I feared! The seat bottom looks like it may have better thigh support.

    The new door panel design is nice. :)

    The front and rear fascias, and the side sills on the sport models, are no longer flared out. While this does look less aggressive, I personally don't mind the change. I'm sure accessory body parts and/or after market stuff will be available for those that really need that look. The sport and non-sport models share the exact same front and reat fascias, which means a better look for the non-sport models (and a less sporty look for the sport models). There are now holes on the rear fascia for splash guards on the sport models.

    I like the new sport grille. It’s a cleaner look.

    The surrounding pieces on the new fog lights are black and look cheesy to me. I’d be tempted to paint these to match the body. :shades:

    The lower opening on the front facia is larger vertically, giving the car a “meaner” look IMO.

    I saw the new Bright Island Blue and Tungsten Gray on 5-door cars and they both look look great! The blue is a little lighter than the Lapis Blue and is similar to the Winning Blue on the Mazda3. The Tungsten Gray is considerably lighter than the outgoing Steel Gray. I like them both.

    The outer parts of the tail lights are black on the sport and silver on the non-sport, changed from the red on the earlier. I like the black and the silver is just OK.

    I saw the 18” wheels on a Grand Touring model. While I still don’t like them, they do look better in person. Fortunately these only come on the Grand Touring and Grand Sport models, neither of which interests me. :D

    I’ll have photos later, I gotta get some sleep now ...
  • Anybody have any repair experience with Jeff Haas Mazda in Houston?

    I'm concerned that my daughter may have got the royal flush on a recent repair to her 2000 626 ES. The initial problem was fixed, although it seems that the repair was far more complicated, and costly, than necessary. Two weeks later, I've found several major problems that did not exist before the repair. I don't want to believe they intentionally botched so many different things, but the evidence is mounting.

    The car goes back to them, tomorrow. Just have to wait and see how willing they are to correct the problems.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    2000 626 ES. The initial problem was fixed, although it seems that the repair was far more complicated, and costly, than necessary. Two weeks later, I've found several major problems that did not exist before the repair.

    Could you give some specifics of the initial problem, the complicated repair and what you found as new problems?
  • In the end, it appears that the other problems were not related to the first one. This all started with the transmission shifter linkage failing at approximately 32k. I was first told that a simple bushing replacement (<$100) woud fix it. However, the entire shifter cable assembly was replaced, which required that the center console be removed. Total cost ~$600. To their credit, though, the Service Manager did convince Mazda to pay the $150 parts cost.

    The other issues were:
    1. Shift indicator trim plate mangled during console removal. Dealer replaced at no charge.
    2. Weak AC cooling - Diagnosis and replacement of engine cooling fan relay = $150.
    3. Blinking overdrive indicator light and non-functioning overdrive button. Diagnostic code = tranny overheating condition. Dealer suggested a $350 external tranny cooler. I settled for a $129 fluid flush in hopes that will resolve the problem.
    4. Broken spot welds on muffler hanger bracket. Dealer wanted to replace muffler for $350. I will have the spot welds repaired for ~$20.

    Overall, I can't complain about this service experience. But I AM surprised that all these things happened within a two-week period, and with such low mileage on the car.
  • Got the muffler hanger re-welded today. Cost = $0.00!! And just a quick update - the AC output is still barely adequate . . . guess that $150 cooling fan rely wasn't the culprit after all. Again . . . all this at only 32k miles. :( My daughter is PO'd big-time, and I'm not the happiest camper in the woods, either.
  • baggs32baggs32 Posts: 3,229
    I just received a letter from Mazda yesterday that there's a recall on my 2004 Mazda6 S. Has something to do with an emissions code and the PCM needs a flash. However, I can't find hide nor hair of this recall on the NHTSA's site. What's the deal? :confuse: Anyone else out there get this letter too?
  • Hey all, I just got a 6s, and i was trying to get some information on the phatnoise mp3 system that mazda has for it. The dealer told me that the system is available, but they coundn't find a part number or price. The phatnoise webpage states that the mazda system is comming soon. Anyone know which is the real case? If it is available, whats the price, and does anyone know were i can get a copy of the instructions for it.
  • I took my 2004 Mazda6s in for 35K service last week here in Charlottesville, VA at Flow Motors. They told me the same thing, and performed the recall service at the same time at no charge. They couldn't, however tell me what difference the service made to the car's performance.
  • waydewayde Posts: 198
    dealer had 4 2006 6 GT's - V6. They are loaded cars, only option was automatic and the sticker was 29,950!!!! For a M6. That's more than an EX V6 Accord. "ready" for Sirius. had 18" wheels (didn't like - center caps are BLACK plastic). had HID's standard.
    I like the look of the M6 better than the Accord, but not 2k better :(
  • Hi folks,

    I've been on the hunt for a new car, and the Mazda 6 has a lot going for it -- handling, looks, utility (I'm partial to the 5-door), etc. One thing I'm unsettled on is the powertrain.

    I've test--driven three different 6s models now and a pair of 6i, and while everything I've read and my gut tells me that the V6 engine is the one to have, I've found it wanting in use. The 2.3 V4 seems to have a lot more zing -- it just seems eager to please where I feel like I'm always too low in the power band for the V6 and it just doesn't respond the way I'd expect.

    Has anyone else experienced this? The V6 obviously has more cruising / overtaking power, but I'm finding myself leaning towards the V4 for it's response time and what seems like better mating to the transmission. That's good because it's cheaper, but I kind of wanted the climate control. :[

    Anyway, interested in hearing opinions. Does either engine want premium, btw?

    (Other cars I'm considering are the 3s, the Acura TSX, Acura RSX, Subaru WRX and Subaru Legacy GT. Trying to test-drive them all to knock a few off the list. The 2006 WRX is almost scary-fast -- it's like a tin-wrapped rocket. Feels pretty cheap, but boy does it move. The Legacy GT is a dream in my opinion, but likely out of my price range now that leather is standard.)
  • The V6 is obviously faster overall than the 4, but the 4 is more than adequate. Test numbers I've seen for the 4 are 0-60 in 7.9 for the manual (Motor Trend) and 9.6 for the 4-speed automatic (Consumer Reports). The 5-speed automatic that replaced it for '06 should be quicker. Times are probably on the conservative side in the CR test due to their "non-abusive" testing methods.

    For the V6, 0-60 is 7.5 (Edmunds) and wasn't able to find automatic numbers.

    I'd say go for the 4 if you're wanting a manual. You'll save money on the purchase price, get better fuel economy and have plenty of power. If you want an automatic, the V6 with the new 6-speed automatic is probably the best bet.

    Good luck with your search!
  • mazda6smazda6s Posts: 1,901
    So, why don't you look for a Mazda6 that's not so loaded and costs less than a EX-V6 Accord?
  • Probably should have specified that yes, I'm only interested in a stick.

    The reason I'm hand-wringing a little is that I *want* to like the V6 -- I know I'll appreciate the extra power on the highway and in the mountains (Colorado). I also like the climate controls that come with the s... but I just find the laggy engine feel off-putting. I'm also jsut wondering if I'm not used to it, having driven high and quick-revving 4 bangers the last ten or more years. Might be a matter of getting used to the V6 powerband.
  • waydewayde Posts: 198
    I was simply making an observation and comparison comment, that's all.
  • There is an adjustment to a 6-cylinder after driving 4's for a long time. My first seven cars were all high-revving 4-cylinders with manual transmissions. My driving style was geared toward this type of setup.

    When I bought my first V6 (also happened to be automatic), it was a huge change. My next (and current) is a V6/manual and I love the power and flexibility. My lease is up shorty, though, and I'm seriously thinking about going back to a 4. The Mazda3 s is my top contender, but the 6 i is also in the running.
  • Yeah, I think after driving my Focus ZX3 for the last five years, I'm just really in-tune to zingy little 4-bangers that like to rev and rev. I've heard the 2006 model of the 6s has 5 fewer HP, more 9 more foot-pounds of torque. That might help as well, as it seems to be at low rpms that I find the V6 engine wanting.

    Any other manual V6 drivers out there care to comment? Was there an adjustment period, or is the 6s just not terribly responsive, particularly at the low end?

    Incidentally, I've driven the 3s as well, and that engine and tranny feels like it was bloody *made* for me -- very slick, exactly what I was hoping I'd get in the 6s. Where I feel like the car is fighting me in the 6s, the 3s feels utterly natural. I might look at threes again, even though I really like the size and styling of the 6 better.
  • I say save some bucks and get the 3 s! =) Unless you need a slightly larger car.
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