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Mazda6 Sedan



  • Go ahead and share what pricing you can, please. We know the base MSRP starts at about 19k. Have base invoice? Price of stand-alone options? Whatever you can share....
  • mazda6smazda6s Posts: 1,901
    "guess that means that Mazda isn't interested in offering a Accord DX fighter."

    You are right in that respect. There will be no "stripper" Mazda 6. Look at the equipment on the base 6i, they're comparable to the Accord LX, not the DX.

    This reminds me of the base model 2002 Altima with no AC or radio, only offered so they could advertise a really low starting price. haha
  • mazda6s-

    "This reminds me of the base model 2002 Altima with no AC or radio, only offered so they could advertise a really low starting price. haha"

    Yeah, they did that again for 2003. Not only does it come with no A/C or radio, but they cannot even be ordered as options. That really should be outlawed as a deceptive advertising practice. What's next, $10K for one with no wheels and the doors welded shut? I bet they have not built one single "base model" 02-03 Altima yet. Ridiculous.

    -Andrew L
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    At least the Accord DX has ABS, not bad for 16k. Get the dealer installed A/C and you are good to go. Wish ABS was a stand alone option on the 6, or even better standard.
  • Well, the Build-Your-Own option is now available at!!!

    Base MSRPs:

    MAZDA6 i $19,050
    Key features include:
    2.3L DOHC 4-cylinder engine with variable valve timing (VVT)
    4-wheel disc brakes
    AM/FM/CD audio system with six speakers

    MAZDA6 s $21,620
    Key features include:
    3.0L DOHC V6 engine with variable valve timing (VVT)
    Anti-lock brake system (ABS)
    16-inch alloy wheels
    Fully automatic climate control system

    Look into the link for more!
  • tomcat630tomcat630 Posts: 854
    "I do see plenty of Tauruses (Tauri?) broken down on the road though. I know that's vague data, but still makes you think."

    Considering the car dates back to 1986 and was #1 for a while, the chances of seeing one broke down are high. BTW, the Duratec dates to 1996, so any pre 1996 would not have a Duratec and the comparison to the 6 motor is moot.
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    A fully loaded Mazda 6 s cost $24,800 which includes the leather pkg., comfort pkg., sunroof, BOSE pkg., wheel locks, and rear mudguards. Beats the Accord EXV6, Camry SE and ALtima 3.5SE. Looks like my decision just got that much harder, and with a new Galant coming soon, I am gonna have a tough time deciding. I don't consider the i model because to get a fully loaded one, you have to get that stupid Sport Pkg., which is not worth it to me. I don't like body kits.
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    I had a used hand-me-down Taurus for a first car and that thing ran for an additional 2 years in my hands as I literally tried to break it down so my parents could get me a new car.
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    2003 MAZDA6


    MAZDA6 s


    5-Speed Manual


    3.0L DOHC 24-valve 6- cylinder engine with Variable Valve Timing (VVT)

    Premium Package, Comfort Package, BOSE® Audio Package, Sport Package, Anti-Lock Brakes/Traction Control, Power Moonroof, Leather-Trimmed Upholstery, Side Air Bags/Side Air Curtains, All-Weather Floor Mats, Aluminum Fuel Filler Door (Bright Chrome), Cargo Net, Cargo Organizer and Tray, In-Dash 6-Disc CD Changer, Wheel Locks, Rear Mudguards, Alarm Shock Sensor Upgrade, Chrome Appearance Package, Cassette Player, Compass/AutoDim Mirror with Homelink
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    with the price I listed, I can no longer get these combos. What in the world is WRONG with Mazda. Seems like they got a lesson from Nissan. I do not want the Sports pkg., but if I want side airbags I have to get it. That's stupid IMO. Still want one though.
  • mazda6smazda6s Posts: 1,901
    are really dumb, and I think will cost them some sales. Now I have to decide between the better handling (reported) of the 6 and getting exactly the options I want on an Altima. Bummer.
  • Your calculation include TWO 6-disk changers. What are you going to do with the second one? :-)

    I agree, this packaging sucks. I guess we were warned :-/
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    Mazda has done it again. To get ABS on the four, the way I see it, a moonroof comes along (not in MY driveway, it doesn't).

    Plus, a four equipped even REMOTELY the way I want it ends up costing me more than TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS more than the six.

    The six exists, according to the configurator, exactly as I want it equipped. Now I bet you anything from a dollar to a toupee that when I go to the dealer, Mazda will be unable to build the car as I want it (standard ABS, optional Side airbags, but: NO leather, NO sunroof, and preferably no Bose but I can live with the Bose if I have to).

    And if that's the case, Mazda and Ford can wonder where at least one sale went while I tool around in a 2004 Grand Prix GTP or an 2004 Impala SS (both due in the next six months) for significantly more money, but equipped just as any reasonable person would equip them.

    Why can't Mazda realise that for some people sunroofs and leather are each dealbreakers? I don't want either. I don't care if you pay me to take them, I do NOT want them. Every single day I owned the car, I would resent their presence. I once owned a car with leather and I hated the thing every single day I drove it. All it took was sitting in that seat and knowing it COULD have been cloth (actually, it couldn't have been. A pseudo-luxury car, leather was standard. The next year, GM allowed buyers to substitute cloth as a no cost option).

    Therefore, I will NOT buy a car with leather or a sunroof. Period. It is not a matter for negotiation. I would sooner drive a five year old car with 100,000 miles on it than a new car with options I despise. And I am NOT alone.

    Mazda lost a 1992 626 sale to me in just this way. I am NOT forfeiting ABS or available side airbags to not get a sunroof or leather I will not accept. Instead, I will walk away. Ten years later, they are STILL packaging cars the same. You shouldn't have to take options that are unacceptable to a substantial portion of buyers in order to get what was in 1992 cutting edge safety (ABS) or in 2002 the same (side airbags).

    But Mazda DOES have the wrong-headed notion that they can extort buyers to accept options they do NOT want in order to get options they feel they must have, safety options at that. Perhaps this is one reason their sales are lower than the big Japanese companies. (Not to even mention the dread with which many of you approach a Mazda containing major Ford parts and assemblies, say, for instance, transmissions or Duratec engines)

    When will Mazda "get" it?
  • capitanocapitano Posts: 509
    and may make me want to look elsewhere. OTOH, was it not already theorized that the packaging rules would loosen up later in the model year? I'm more interested in the wagon than the sedan anyway. Maybe they will make it easier when the wagon arrives.
  • dinu01dinu01 Posts: 2,586
    I tried to build a 6i 5spd. I only wanted:

    Alloy wheels

    I am willing to forget about the alloys or sunroof, but ABS and the spoiler MUST stay.

    Apparently I MUST chose the BOSE package, then select Leather, then the heated seats package, then I'll get 16" alloys. But to get ABS, the sunroof or a spoiler, I MUST add the Sport package too.

    I hope I'm making a mistake when selecting options. Otherwise the 4cyl 5spd cannot be built at all, unless you don't want anything extra, not even ABS. I got pop-ups asking me that ABS requires all 3 packages to be added. Hope it's just a mistake...

    Can anyone clarify this for me?

    I mean on the Protege, it's pretty clear:

    You can get ABS or a spoiler as a stand-alone options.

  • It's not a mistake, what you are seeing matches the configuration options that I posted on behalf of audi8q a few weeks back.

    However, if you are in Canada then you may well have a different set of configuration choices than the USA. I seem to remember someone posting that ABS is standard in Canada.

    I agree that the choices for the 5 speeds suck. Automatic versions are much more flexible. I am waiting for the hatch or maybe the wagon so hopefully they will unbundle some of the options as they have now done for the P5. If not, the P5 is what I'll end up buying...
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777

    6s with Sport Pkg., BOSE Pkg., Comfort Pkg., automatic, side airbags, leather, power roof, cassette player, wheel locks, and alarm shock sensor upgrade.

    Almost $28K for a family sedan? That's the reason I didn't like the Altima. At least the 6 looks the part inside though.

    Prices are just about in Passat territory, and VW doesn't make you buy anything you don't want.
  • azstanazstan Posts: 74
    In earlier information about the 6...I thought that a DVD based navigation system would be available. This does not seem to be the least in the configuration options availble at their WEB site.

    Anyone have any information about availablity of navigation?

    I also agree concerning configuration options...they suck!
  • dinu01dinu01 Posts: 2,586
    Yes, ABS is std in Canada, but we are not getting this car until late January, so in the meantime I played with the US site. I can't believe these choices. It's ridiculous: why do I need a BOSE stereo to get ABS or a spoiler? Where's the connection? I don't get it. I never had a car w/ABS, but I will definitely look for one w/this option for my next car - I find it helpful in rain not to lock up. Looks like another Altima to me: if you want anything, it's going to be at the higher end of the Accord V6 territory: not what I'm ready to pay.

    Well, on the bright side, I still have my PRO :)

  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    navigation is expected to appear next year.

    and to some others...stop your whining about the packages...but i'm glad thats all you can whine about at this point. haha.
    I guess it makes sense to buy a whole different car because of one or two options you must take. sheeeeezzz.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I don't think it's fair for a manufacturer to push something down a consumer's throat. And some people will go to another brand if they can't get exactly what they want. I don't blame them, I would as well.

    And this business of having to buy a handful of options to get safety features is total CRAP. I could see having to get BOSE to get the leather, but not having to get a worthless (to some people) feature to get a safety feature. That's messed up.
  • I can see that limiting the option combinations would simplify production, which makes sense when they are trying to churn out a whole bunch of cars to stock dealers for a launch. Hopefully, once the initial rush is done they can relax the rules.

    Also, when people say that VW's and other European makes can be ordered any way you like, that's because almost all new cars in Europe are special ordered and the factories are designed to handle that. Dealers generally don't carry much stock other than demos.

    On the other hand, I don't think Mazda has chosen the initial combinations very well. In particular, I think that tying the purchase of safety options to the purchase of luxury options is very bad policy.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    You would think Mazda would be more flexible with option packages considering that they are the underdog, and are trying to bring in new customers. Flexibility would be one more way to distance themselves (in a good way) from Accord and Camry.

    Given that Mazda is pushing the sporty nature of this car, and that many consider the manual 4-cyl model to be the most sporty (after all you are steering every minute that you are driving the car, but only occasionally accelerating) you would think they would not be so stubborn in letting customers option that model.

    This has been done before by VW. They were dead in the water and considering leaving the US market. They then came out with a car that handled better than the competition, and had a soul. Sound familiar? They also let you build it exactly how you want it (that did take a few years though, so maybe Mazda will see the light)

    We all know Mazda can do it. I am sure that in Europe you can get a 6 exactly how you want it, then why not here?
  • dinu01dinu01 Posts: 2,586
    "I am sure that in Europe you can get a 6 exactly how you want it, then why not here?"

    We are forgeting "zee rulez" far to quickly. Bringing an attractive good handling car for a good price to market might seem logical to us, but the car gods... now they have other plans (So I'll put you down for the BOSE pkg, leather pkg, Sport pkg, then you may add am ashtray to store your change, for the limited time offer of only $235!).

    AUDIA8Q: I still like the 6 and for once, just once, ABS is standard in Canada, so I will (hopefully) have no problems, but what about the US market that is 10x larger?

  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    must have been some Wharton grad driving a Lexus....and thinking in the air....feet off the ground....and how to make the most money with the least effort :(
  • stragerstrager Posts: 308
    I've said this before: All these different packages and options would have been OK if Mazda was going to sell 400K sedans every year like the Accord or Camry.

    Mazda should offer a true build-to-order system, like they do in Japan. If that's not possible, I think they would be better off adopting the simpler Honda plan (DX,LX, and EX without any options). If the options are configured to meet the REAL wants of 80% of 6 customers, it might help sell more cars by making a particular configuration easier to find, while lowering manufacturing costs. But of course that would mean less busy work for the MBAs at Mazda NA who are devising these packages.

    It sounds like Mazda is trying to emulate Toyota. Toyota's strategy always has been: Let's see, how many options can we screw and confuse the customer with?
  • In order to get a 6i with the sports package (17" wheels), you have to get the Premium Package with 16" wheels, comfort package, moonroof, and leather. Now what the hell am I going to do spending an additinal $800 for 16" wheel if I'm also spending $860 for 17" wheels?
  • zeongzeong Posts: 31
    I'm sure Mazda is going to get busy today with all the e-mails they get regarding the bundle package ordering system. For those who complains about the package, please e-mail to and let them know how screw up it is.
  • Just got off the phone with Mazda. I brought this to heir attention and they are looking into the blunder. Their products and marketing group will be reviewing the package options. We may see some changes!!!!!!!
    Keep your fingers crossed.

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