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Mazda6 Sedan



  • jhtlagjhtlag Posts: 39
    If you come out of retirement I guess you're doing it for the challenge, almost kinda wonder if Mazda didn't have the same attitude that this guy was temporary help in a sense so a "sudden" firing is not all that remarkable.

    What I do find remarkable is just what they mentioned (mentioned before here on Edmunds) they advertise one thing (performance, fully loaded, MT's etc.) then deliver something else to the dealerships. Not just 6s' but 6i's for that matter. Makes me think way back when Ford came out with the Exp to respond to the "wedge" car designs such as Fiat's X1/9. Apparently, half way through design they decide it would be an "economy" car. Really confused concept switch. Did Mazda do the same thing advertising the sports car while providing family haulers to the dealerships? (This may be a common problem, people want to be excited about the car they buy, but when the checkbooks come out they get real practical)

  • bostongiobostongio Posts: 52
    If you do a search at The Detroit News Web site on Mazda, you'll come across two other articles, one stating that sales for Mazda were projected to be up 15% for the year, which, in combination with the other article that notes US auto makers' sales were down by 4% last year.

    Mazda sees US sales rise 15% on new models:

    US automakers' sales fall in 2002:

    Given these kinds of articles, Mazda's CEO's departure seems a little odd.
  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    have been down because its part of Mazda's fault and the market. The Domestic Big 3 have that Buy American Theme going for them and Honda and Toyota cusomers stay loyal. Hyundai and Kia has 10 year powertrain warranty. Mitsubishi has that 0/0/0 thing going for them. Mazda really doesn't fit anywhere. Also Ford is to blame as well. In 1993 they made Mazda rebadge the Ford Ranger as their pick-up. Mazda had previously made their own pick-up truck. The big blow was the Ford Tranny starting in 1994 which was used in the MX-6 and 626 4 cyl auto models which cost Mazda customers because the tranny's were very unreliable. Than Mazda has themselves to blame with the dissapointing sales of the 95-98 Protege than the 95 Millenia had dissapointing sales too. Mazda sales did make a comeback from 1998-2001. 2002 was dissapointing because of the Mazda Tribute's stalling problems. Anybody notice the big decline in Mazda sales from one year to another(1994 to 1995.) That is a drastic decline in sales.
  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    I don't believe Mazda even said that. Thats a tall order for this company.
  • dinu01dinu01 Posts: 2,586

    I'll keep an eye out for you!

    Enjoy the driving!

  • stretchsjestretchsje Posts: 700
    Mazda sent me more stuff in the mail today. It seems like every week I'm getting something new!

    This week I got a blue LED keychain and an RX-8 / Mazda6 review packet of information. The RX-8 looks outstanding! It was sort of like a newsletter- a guy talked of putting 400,000 miles on his Miata before selling it to a good friend. It also talked about the upcoming "RevItUp" promotion. I also received the new warranty booklet as I was told I would- my car came with outdated warranty information, not the new 4 year, 50k mile one.

    My wife said, "I want a Mazda! Toyota never sends me cool stuff!"
  • gee35coupegee35coupe Posts: 3,475
    I get quite a bit too. I guess it's from our Protege purchase and the fact I redeem all my test drive certificates.
  • stretchsjestretchsje Posts: 700
    ...are they 5-spd MANUALS?

    Maple Shade is I think where my '6 came from. My dealer traded them a Miata to get it.
  • it's great that there are so many new 6 owners posting on this board. please keep your personal impressions coming, cuz it's cool to hear from people that actually drive the car daily and know it intimately, esp. for dreamers like me who only fantasize about getting the 6.

    and all of you love your cars, too!
  • just wondering what your impressions are of the look of the 6 with no body cladding and with the lip-spoiler? ever consider getting the sport-grill? any chance of posting any pics? thanks much.
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,329
    W/o the sport kit and with the lip spoiler, that is.

    BMW is marketing their Z4 as a land shark. As if. The 6 equipped as noted above is much more shark-like.
  • cookie01cookie01 Posts: 369
    Okay, I did it!! the Steel Gray M6s w/sport, cloth and Bose is now MINE!
    I flew an hour to Spokane, Wash., on Saturday morning as was picked up at the airport by the internet sales guy in my car. It was foggy and a bit icy, so I had him drive it back to the dealer. Filled out a few papers, wrote a check, went over the features of the car, had them wipe out the insides (it had been snowing and rainy in Spokane the last week and there was some rain splashes on the door sills and dust and foot prints on the door.) and off I went. All together it took about 1 hour, 15 minutes at the dealership. Sweet.
    Got onto the freeways and headed back home for a 5.5 hour drive. All of this was freeway, so I had to vary my speed a lot as to not screw up the engine. I did all sorts of speeds, 60, 65, 80, and even topped 100 a few times. These roads are out in the middle of NO WHERE with no cars around and perfectly flat and level ground. When I topped 100 I did it only for a 1/2 minute and basically only to see what the ride was like and what she'd sound like at that speed.
    Flawless. Really the tach wasn't much over 3000 rpm even at 100 mph. The engine sounds the same and the ride was just as quiet at that high of a speed. The car seemed to be perfect at 80 mph (just like someone said before). Luckily the speed limit was 70 out there, so I felt like I could hover around 80 without getting too much notice.
    The car is very quiet. I have the 17 inch wheels, and the difference is in going over bumpy patches or potholes. Here it's a bit harsh, and a little louder, but on regular pavement they're a dream. My Impala's tires were WAY more noisy and rode rough on groved pavement. (Johncline, you might notice I make a lot of comparisons between the two cars, might only help you... but hey, whatever).
    The Bose is GREAT!! and of course I used it quite a bit on that long drive. The sound is clear and very precise. I picked things out of songs that I'd not EVER heard in my Impala stereo.

    I got the cloth seats. I like cloth better for a lot of reasons, but I noticed when I first drove the car a month ago, that the cloth and the seat material is much more "sport" than my Impala seats. I was afraid they'd be hard and uncomfortable. Well, I'm not a young kid, and as I said before, I've had back problems, but when I stepped out of that car after 5+ hours on the road I didn't have ONE problem. No sore back, no tired buns, no neck issues, nothing! Big surprise.

    Things I would change: I really liked DRLights in my GM. I liked that the lights came on automatically when it got dark enough. I'll miss that.
    The center armrest is sorta small. Basically only my elbow gets to use it. But if it were any bigger you wouldn't be able to use the cup holders, and they're very good cupholders.

    Interiors lights: I love that the car has individual lights for the back seat passengers. It was a selling point for me. Most cars do not. However, in the GM, those lights would go off automatically if you forgot and left them on after leaving the car. I can't tell if the Mazda does this or not. The owners manual says they'll turn off if you leave the door open... but nothing about just turning off if you forget.

    I only got about 17-18 mpg on this first trip of about 440 miles. I'm sure that will pick up once the car is more "aged."
    Sorry this is so long.(not as long as my first drive tho!!)
    like others have said I LOVE THIS CAR!!

    And I'm glad I didn't wait for my "area" dealer to maybe come up with one in a month or three.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    cookie....congrats on the new car...

    and nobody is buying your line about driving at 100mph for half a minute..haha My contacts at NORAD clocked you for much longer.

  • cookie01cookie01 Posts: 369
    Felt like half a minute ;)zzzzzzzzzzzzoom..
  • nice review!!! thanks :)

    happy to see you got through your transaction ok.. flying to buy a car seems a little scary to me. not the flying.. but the added complication of it all.

    Glad to hear that, well, you didn't HEAR much noise on the road, as this is a concern of mine. I find it curious that "official" reviews often site a greater loudness factor as compared to the 6 competitors. Yet, most 6 owners seem to give the 6 much better grade on this point. hmm?

    Please tell, is the wind noise at high speed low too?

    I'm a little concerned about the low highway mileage though.. please update us on your mileage again after a little time has gone by.
  • redkey1redkey1 Posts: 270
    I seem to be getting the old site, not the new one. Is the new site down?
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,329
    I like the level of sound abatement on the 6. Not too much, lets in some road noise to keep you connected. It's definitely hushed, and the engine, exhaust and road noises are nice, if you're into actually hearing what your car is doing. :)

    Camry and Accord have their place, but they're too quiet and disconnected for my taste. However, if I had an operation, I'd like to be taken home in as smooth and compliant a car as possible (apparently, I groaned at every little road imperfection after my knee surgery...hey, I was still groggy on anesthetic...I don't remember a thing about the ride home).
  • 626to6626to6 Posts: 14
    "Hey 626to6 and any other buyers in Houston. Did you get your deal done? Happy with the experience and price?"

    If all goes well I will make my purchase next week. I'll be working on financing with my credit union this week before I go into the dealership. I want to get in and get out with no hassle.

    I will post my results ASAP.

    Wish me luck!
  • mazdamarlamazdamarla Posts: 350
    When I tried earlier today, I got the old website. :-( Hope they fix it soon!
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    because they show auto. as below

    2003 Mazda 6 Auto-Trans, AC, BOSE/Stereo/CD, Power Windows, Power Locks, Keyless Entry, Cruise Control,
    Tilt Wheel, 4 cyl, Auto Off Headlights, Premium Pkg, Comfort Pkg, Leather, Moonroof, Sport Pkg, ABS w/ Traction Control, Side Air Bags w/ Side Air Curtain, Whell Locks, ULEV.
    COLOR - Redfire REF# 35M08856

    2003 Mazda 6 Auto-Trans, AC,Stereo/CD, Power Windows, Power Locks Keyless Entry, Cruise Control,
    Tilt Wheel, 6 cyl, Auto Off Headlights, ULEV, Wheel Locks.
    COLOR - Onyx Black REF# 35M01267
  • skyrayskyray Posts: 156
    Here are some pics of my M6 with lip spoiler only:

    Didn't consider the sport grill -- I actually like the standard version better. If I really wanted to up the "sport" quotient a bit I'd probably paint the silver lip above the Mazda logo in body color, rather than getting the sport grill.

    I really like the look with just the lip spoiler. It's a nice compromise between the too-sedan-ish look of the car without a spoiler and the "boy racer" look of the wing spoiler.
  • skyrayskyray Posts: 156
    As far as complaints about the road noise, I'm surprised. I've never been in a recent Camry, but those things must be using soundproofing from DC-9s if they make the Mazda 6 seem noisy.

    With the 16-inch wheels, at least, I was shocked at how quiet the cockpit of the 6 is as I was cruising home. You get a little road noise, but compared to the Saab 9-3 we drove down in to pick up the 6, the road noise, bumps, etc. were much quieter. Perhaps there's an audible difference between the Accord, Camry, and 6, but I can't see anyone finding the road noise level in the 6 objectionable. (Perhaps it's worse with the 17-inch wheels?)
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,329
    Hope it's just a fluke. Hope the salesperson I pointed it out to did make sure it got fixed, as it was the one in the showroom.

    The plug at one end of the grip was loose. I think they must've broken it on installation, or they had to remove it to get above the headliner and didn't replace it with a new one. Anyway, if the plug doesn't stay in, the fingers on the grip itself can flex inwards and allow the grip to pull out of the car frame.
  • cookie01cookie01 Posts: 369
    I too think the car is extremely quiet. I was out in the middle of no where and no other cars were around me. The day, however, was windy, so of course I could hear the wind when it buffeted my car (but even that was muted).
    I must admit tho.. I was also playing with my new Bose stereo and at times a bomb could have went off and I probably wouldn't have noticed.
    I did notice that the smaller speakers by the sideview mirrors cause the sideviews to shake! That's some bass baby!
    I have the 17 inchers and I thought they seemed very quiet other than when you're going over rough road or potholes.
  • I've found them to be a rather unfriendly lot... I may go the online route but would prefer to save some $ if I can. Has anyone had good experience & good price from any New Jersey Mazda dealers?



    PS: Going for 6s in steel grey, 5spd with Bose, sport, moonroof, MP3, and cloth... May settle for leather if I have to take it.
  • aromasaromas Posts: 314
    In toronto this morning it was like minus 25 celsius(minus 10 Farenheit? I think but it was cold) I went to start the car before I went to work and discovered that the driverside doors wouldn't close. After swearing a few times I slammed them shut really hard and they caught. They were okay when I got to work and when I went home they closed fine then. Never had this problem with other cars when it's that cold. This is my third day with it and the first really cold day so hopefully it was just a one time thing because the car is new(I hope!) I'll mention it to the dealer when I get my lip spoiler put in. Anybody else have this problem?

    Another curious thing is that the clock defaulted back to military time as well and the temperature was back to farenheit instead of celsius. Can't figure out how the cold could affect that. Again it was fine when I left work.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    It makes no sense for stuff in the car to be changing based on temperature. The displays may freeze up a little because of the extreme cold, but not change totally like you described.

    With the door, do you think any moisture got into the door latch mechanism and froze? Do you park the car outside, or in the garage at home? And how about at work?

    Good luck working out the foibles.
  • thanks for the pics. that's a sweet looking ride, the lip spoiler looks great. it's a good alternative to getting the sports package... it still looks athletic but not overdone.

  • pda97pda97 Posts: 91
    Mazda sold only 2720 6s in Feb for a total of 4974 6s for 2003 (so far). An average of 2500/mo. ??? If this figure doesn't improve soon, Mazda may have another tax write-off on its hand.

    What do u Mazda fans have to say ? And don't give me that mumbo jumbo about what a poor job Mazda's North American chief was doing and how people were having a hard time finding V6s (since over 2/3 of buyers choose the 4 cyl). Like I said earlier, the 6 is lacking identity. What is it that sets it apart from the competition ? Oh, spare me that "it's the best handler" argument. It ain't working.
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