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Mazda RX-8



  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    Yep. I think I've found the perfect dealership, small, very light touch, straight up on the pricing, kind of like my Saturn dealership experiences over the years. But I'm just going to need to wait a little bit for Boston Metro area inventory to turn on it's own. I'll watch MazdaUSA online, including the 800# list above and once I see the model I want, I'll jump on the horn with my dealer and work the deal that way. I don't mind some other dealer having the car, I just need to know that it's in the area and available to my dealer. Kind of crazy I know, but hey, I gotta do what I gotta do. :)

    During the break-in period, RPM <4000 up to 1000 miles and RPM <6000 up to 2000 miles?
  • Been reading a lot of questions about purchasing, and since I'm going through that this week (woohoo) I have a few answers perhaps... any actual owners, feel free to dispute! Just thought I'd pitch in with my new info as of this week.

    - I finally decided on a Red with Touring, and there is only ONE from NC to Maine, but luckily its about 50 miles from me. I shoped around and found an honest dealer that is great to work with (esp since I have the S-plan!) My dealer is trading and going to get it for me so I can do business with him and not have to go get it myself. Go for this method if you found a good dealer that lacks your perfect 8 in stock. My dealer also requires a 10% deposit for the trouble and his own loss of inventory to trade and go get mine. He said they don't cash the checks unless I bail out. This is just fair business to me. Won't run the credit card if you choose to do it that way either. Then when I see it and take posession, they can use that check as a down payment or tear it up and move on. Don't hesitate just because of a deposit, this just lets them know you're serious for their troubles.
    - I'm told the break-in is about 700 miles. I was instructed to be sure and red-line once a week after that. :shades: Not sure about RPM limits before then, I think its in the QRG in the glove box.
    - Premium gas is NOT needed, though many reviews reccomend it for the "sports cars". RX8 can do well with mid-grade (though I thought mid-grade was just a marketing scam!) or regular... then treat it to a clean out with premium about once a month.
    - The Mazda friend e-mail wasn't as helpful as I hoped... but my dealer was able to find mine exactly. I found the MazdaUsa site to be tricky in its searching and not as thorough as I hoped with finding cars up to 150 miles out.

    Keep trying for the one you want, but realize with this late in the model year ya may have to settle for one thing or pay slightly more to get the basics of what you want (if it has more options than you wanted, for example).

    Can't WAIT to get mine this week, best of luck! I'll try and post pics next week or so... :shades:
  • astralastral Posts: 41
    whoo whoo! Awesome! Definitely post the pics! :)

    For break-in period, I found these instructions from somewhere on the net:

    Method #1 (from Mazda manual)

    - First 600 miles: Drive at varying speeds road and engine speeds; avoid full throttle, rapid acceleration or kick-down of transmission. Do not use special &#147;break-in&#148; oils.

    Method #2 (from Racing Beat)
    - For the first 1000 miles (1609km) do not accelerate under full throttle, and do not exceed 4000 RPM.
    - For miles 1000-2000 (3218km), expand the RPM upwards - but do not accelerate at full throttle.
    - Over 2000 miles (3218km), full throttle and high RPM is acceptable.

    Method #3 (Mazda manual + Japanese Rotary Mechanic&#146;s Procedure)
    - 0-600 miles (965.4km) Follow the Manual, but keep it under 4000 RPM
    - 600-800 miles (1287.2km) Open it up a bit, vary accelerations and speed RPM < 5000
    - 800-1000 miles Drive the car, enjoy it but still keep RPM < 6000
    - 1000-1250 miles (2011km) Drive it as it's power curve intended it to be RPM < 7000
    - 1250-1500 miles (2413.5km) Test the car frequently from RPM 6000-9000 in every gear
  • astralastral Posts: 41
    A little more detail from Racing Beat on break-in procedures & oil changes.
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    Folks earlier talked about October's production of the RX-8 2006s not arriving at dealers until December. But more specifically, do dealers have a tracking system that tells them which VINs have shipped and when certain VINs will arrive. Can customer track VINs that have shipped. I'd pay money for that actually.

    Do dealers know and do they share with potential customers which models, colors, and configurations have been ordered for stock? How does one ask for this information?

    It's always seemed to me that dealers try to keep all of this information under wraps as a negotiations tactic. Not that that's a bad thing (Seinfeld episode going off in my head).
  • astralastral Posts: 41
    No idea. I think the dealer can check on cars in transit. Ask the dealer, it can't hurt. Call Mazda or e-mail and see if they can help you.

    While the dealers do want to sell cars off the lot, ordering a car isn't such a bad deal either, as it allows them to immediately sell the car and take all of the holdback.
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    I might custom order an RX-8, rather than buy off the lot, if the process was more transparent.

    As far as I can tell, ordering a car is very much like a homesteader on the Great Plains doing a Sears category order back in the 1800's.

    My dream process would be to log in to MazdaUSA, order from a live inventory somewhere in the shipping pipeline or build a custom RX-8 AT at the factory, give a credit card number for some specified percentage that's charged only when the car hits the dealers lot, receive tracking numbers to watch my custom ordered RX-8 go through it's shipping channels and receive highly specific build milestones direct from the factory via e-mail (engine was installed, seats were installed), complete all the legal documents (financing and licensing) online, then at the end choose which dealer takes delivery.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Are there any mainstream manufacturer's who allow this type of order process? My guess is 'no'.
  • astralastral Posts: 41
    BMW Mini allows you to order online and track the building of your car step by step. A rewarding "ownership" experience long before you see the car.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Thanks. I was not aware of that.

    When you order a Mini that way, is the dealer completely sidestepped (dealer providing deliverance service only)? Does one negotiate the selling price with the dealer and then custom order the car or what?
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    In the early days of Saturn (maybe not considered a mainstream car company) when supply was super tight, the dealers would regularly report to customers where their car was in the factory milestone and shipping processes. In 1990-93 the internet really wasn't that widely used. Saturn would even allow customers to send a picture of themselves to place in the cars while their car was being built to help customer feel that factory workers really were connecting with them personally. When the cars arrived at the dealership, factory worker's signatures would be attached to the photograph. Awesome marketing!

    I've owned 4 Saturns since 1993. Loved that company and their little plastic cars. But I'm afraid the GM monster has called Saturn home.

    But I've still missed my RX-7 badly and I'm going to be patient whatever happens, as I wait for my RX-8 AT with VINs greater than 159000 to arrive at any Boston metro area dealerships.
  • astralastral Posts: 41
    Not sure. Perhaps ask in the Mini forum? I don't think that the dealer is *completely* sidestepped.. I think you still have to negotiate the price with the dealer (as the web site advertises MSRP only). But I am not sure of the details of the process.
  • astralastral Posts: 41
    Good luck, may you find one that you really like!

    I have just went out and talked to a dealer yesterday... going to another one today..

    Go to the ZoomZoom Live event on Sept 10th and 11th ( and get a $500 rebate for attending. Apply that towards your RX-8 AT with 159000+ VIN :)
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    Folks, please take the dealer/purchasing conversation to the Mazda RX8: Prices Paid & Buying Experience discussion. They're not just discussing the deals they got, but strategies for finding and dealing with dealers.


    Need help getting around? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

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  • astralastral Posts: 41
    I bought my RX-8 today. Check the pics. No daytime pics yet, as it is the first night that I've had the car.

    I'm really tired now, but really excited! Loving it so far! Winning blue rocks!
  • Hey gang! I purchased mine last night too! Was it a full moon or something? ;)

    Picking it up tonight, they are installing my CD changer! Special "better than wax" coat and spoiler to be added sometime next week, I couldn't wait for it to be ordered! Pics to follow soon.

    Proud owner of a Velocity Red, Touring, 6MT, Navigation RX8. Holy cow!

    Guess I gotta think of a new screenname... LL Bean Jeep is no longer appropriate! :shades:

    Thanks for all the great comments and help on this forum. Now I can add comments as a real owner!

    Happy weekend driving, everyone!
  • I'm new to this forum but I have read the past few months worth of msgs. Had some comments to help prospective buyers and my own questions. First, I'll tell you my experience with my 05 Shinka. It's been mostly great. I had it narrowed to the new Vette, new Mustang, 350Z and the Rx8 when I was looking in April. I drove all of them. You can't beat the vette for acceleration and handling but I figured I'd save the $15,000 for something else. The Mustang is great for the price but I know in about 1-2 years I'll be so tired of seeing them on the road that I would have regretted buying it. The Z while slightly faster than the 8 is too impractical and quite frankly not as comfortable or balanced as the 8. So I ended up with the 8. Since I've owned it, my biggest "complaint" was MPG but that is probably due to recent gas prices. That being said, I have 3500 miles now and my mileage is getting better (now about 19-20 city). My Shinka has not had any flooding problems ever. I've even backed out of the driveway only and it easily restarted. Also, the handling of the Shinka equals the Vette (yes not less than but equal to vette). I even think the handling improvements on the Shinka shows when test driving both. Performance and oil consumption is still improving also.

    Now about the Shinka itself. Personally, I think the color is AWESOME. The interior is even better. The baby bottom leather seats are so soft and the color is striking. Before seeing the Shinka I was tempted by the blue, but in hindsight I made the much better choice. While the price was higher, it had all the options I wanted and would've ended up the same price anyway. Plus, I get that year of Sirius satellite which is addicting.

    Had a couple questions though. First, is it true that they will bring the Shinka back in 06? It was really nice to have such a unique car. I saw that there was a fire at the factory earlier this year. Does that mean that less than 2150 were built? Also, while I am happy with the performance (I used to own a 1986 Buick Grand National), it could be better; so is there any non-warranty violating enhancers?

    Also, on a personal note, does anyone know of a Mazda or an RX-7/RX-8 clubs in the Tampa Bay area?

    Thanks and will talk soon
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    Hello folks

    Is there another way to search for RX-8 VINs? As I'm waiting patiently for RX-8 VIN numbers above 159000 to show up in the Boston metro area online, it would seems likely that these VINs are probably used through out Mazda as a critical inventory management tool. Certainly, VINs can be found elsewhere for customers to use to track RX-8 shipments.

    Sorry, but I was talking to a new Mini Cooper customer today about the extensive e-mail tracking reports that she will be receiving direct from the factory and through out the shipping process from Oxford England. She was promised an VIN number fairly early in the build process. Certainly Mazda has something that at least that approximates the Mini Cooper systems.
  • astralastral Posts: 41
    yes they are releasing more shinkas for 2006, with some different type of leather. believe me, they are still plenty unique.

    for performance enhancement, one of the better thing is canzoomer's stage 1 mod, which pretty much leans out the maps and gives you back the horsepower lost due to emissions compliance.

    you can also do intake and exhaust (racing beat) but those don't do too much.

    nothing violates warranty unless it can be specifically traced to that item (this is the law). so if you put on an exhaust and your rear diff goes, then that is still warrantiable.
  • astralastral Posts: 41
    Well, it's been four days and 550 miles since I bought my RX-8 Thursday night.

    I am really enjoying the car so far. While I am still a jerky manual driver and uphills are still a problem, I'm getting smother and opening up the car a little more. I can't wait until the break-in period is over.

    The car's balance and handling are exceptional. It sticks in corners great, feels tight, yet the ride isn't too bone rattling. The shifting is awesome, and the sound of the engine is wonderful. The non-Bose sound system lacks plenty of things, but it's good enough for now (certainly good enough for everyone who was in my car) and I find myself turning it off to listen to the engine instead.

    The clutch feels nice and light, not unnecessarily heavy. The brakes feel tight and linear, and not heavy at all. So gracious and well-balanced! Mmm!

    Just the feel of this car is really awesome. I love rowing through the gears, I love the steering that I don't notice. Love love love so far :)

    Put on a clear bra today. Expensive, but will be necessary for the winter. Winter tires coming up in a month or so :)
  • Hey astral... since we took the plunge the same day, thought I'd add in here too. I agree with everything! Just a perfect car, all around. My shifting made a dramatic improvement yesterday, it's starting to click for me now! There was an accident on the way to work, so the stop-and-go traffic does wonders for your starting practice. I love everything about mine, especially the hot red color!

    I do have the Bose, and it is fabulous... I'm SO glad I got the sunroof, too. Amazing how the sunroof open and windows down doesn't blow you all over the place like some cars. Just keeps getting better and better!

    I'm up to 400 miles so far. Named mine Roxy. :blush: It has to be a girl since the navigation voice is a female... sigh. Haven't mastered that yet, but I am gonna wait until I have the shifting down before I play with it!

    More soon! :D
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Glad to hear you both got the manual. I think you'll be happier with it than the automatic. Don't be embarassed by miss-shifts or stalls. I've been driving manuals all my life (and I'm OLD ;) and I get lost in the RX-8 transmission sometimes. So many gears, so little time! It's easy to select the wrong gear as they are so close together. Eventually you will get used to the feel of where each pair begins. I'm talking of the 1-2, 3-4,5-6 pairs here. I have selected 4 instead of 6 and 3 instead of 5 several times. It works so well though, that shifting becomes addictive!

    Remember, reverse is selected by pushing down firmly while moving the lever there. One owner couldn't find this (hadn't read the manual yet) and was stuck in a parking lot for 30 min. studying the owners manual. He posted his experience for others enjoyment!

    The right attitude!
  • the_big_hthe_big_h Posts: 1,583
    just a quick update:

    my 04 Titanium Gray base model RX-8 now has almost 17k miles on the car in almost 8 months of ownership, there have been ZERO problems that required me to bring the car in for repair. The only times I have brought the car in for service is for recalls/updated parts/etc. I have been AVERAGING 20mpg overall since I got the car, and this is on 50/50 highway/stop-n-go traffic. The engine is as butter smooth as the first day I got it, as a matter of fact, the engine actually feels even stronger now that it is fully broken in.

    I LOVE THIS CAR. I really have no desire for any other car right now. That said, come winter time the car WILL stay in the garage during wintry weather, and I'll drive the beater during those times.

    that is all for now, I will check back again in a few months.


  • Hi everyone,

    I just went to the Mazda ZoomZoomZoom event this weekend in LA and am now totally convinced that I want to get an RX-8. What do you guys think about the Shinka Manual vs a Manual with the GT package? I realize the Shinka is a bit more, but supposedly has better handling, slightly nicer interior (though I have not seen it in person). And aninventory search seemed to show a lot of Shinkas around here, so I was thinking dealer pricing might be aggressive. Thoughts from the rest of thr group? Thanks!
  • Well epaiuk,
    I myself love the SHINKA and as for there being alot in that area I still wouldnt let that stop you at all since they only made 900 something of them due to a fire in Japan Factory. They were supposed to make 2150 of them. But they are also going to be making 06 SHINKAs how many I have no clue but it will not be the same as the 05s though. More color options I think and different interiors. But the color is what was my CHERRY on top for me. It is a beauitful and elegant sports car in my opinion. Get one if you can! I can tell you that you wont pay what I did in Hawaii for mine. Since Hawaii has a 6000 dollar mark up on the Shinka but only 5 cam to Oahu.
    Good luck,

  • So I've had my new RX8 not even a week, and the check engine light came on this morning. BOO... only 500 miles it, too! Gonna go see the dealer today, hopefully it's just a quick fix. :cry:

    Does this happen a lot?
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Don't get too upset. It's easy to trigger a MIL (the correct term for the events that turn on the light). Let the dealer "deal" with it.:) It's probably minor. Even leaving the gas cap on loose can turn on the light. If you accidentally trigger this light, it's also easy to get rid of it on an RX-8. If you disconnect the battery -ve for a minute or so, it will clear all codes from the computer (called a PCM). Of course, if there is a problem that turned it on in the first place, it will come back on.
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    for 3 clicks to get it closed really good?

    Does the cel eventually go off when you get the cap on correctly or does the dealer have to clear it?
  • Yup, gas cap is on super tight. Had the same issue in my last car, so I'm used to lots of clicks there.

    I'm sure the dealer can figure it out, and it's probably a quick flash fix or something. Just annoying to have the new baby need service already! :(

    Happy weekend driving!
  • Just got my baby back today after taking it in for the PRO COAT anyone else got that yet? She looks beautiful today. :shades:
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