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Mazda RX-8



  • duke15duke15 Posts: 161
    Thanks for the update bunnygirl. I have decided to wait on the new model - I want the 6-spd AT and have decided to just go for it and order exactly what I want for once. My local dealer is also quoting $400 over invoice for the Costco program, but isn't ordering cars since they don't know the prices for them yet. He did tell me that the Mazda rep at the Washington DC Autoshow was telling the dealers that Mazda was skipping the 2006 year on the RX-8's and will be coming out with the 2007's early, probably sometime in April or May. I couldn't attend the show, but plan to attend the Motor Trend Auto Show in Baltimore this weekend, so if I learn anything I'll post it.
  • Really??? I went to the one in Portland and they had a book of Mazda's 2006 lineup and there was a 2006 RX-8 listed in there, so I don't know. I know the Shinka has been displayed as an 07 although according to MNAO (Mazda North American Operations) it is supposed to be for the 2006 model year. I'm not sure why your dealer wouldn't do an order without an invoice price or anything. On the other RX-8 forum (the one with "car name" club in its name, which I also belong to) I am aware of several people that have already done special orders through their dealers on them, including me. I can think of four others besides me without actually doing some digging to see. I know one person said their local dealers in Texas would't do an order until the new 06s were out, he thought probably because they still had some 05s around on their lots.

    The Mazda rep may have been referring to the Shinka because the months you quoted are for when they are expected to come out. My car was originally supposed to be here Jan. 27, then pushed back to Feb. 17, then March 1, and now quoted at the end of March. They were behind in production still since they had had that factory fire about a year ago. It had put them over three months behind in building and are still trying to catch up.

    I am hoping there is no further delay and it gets here soon. Although, the longer it takes to get here, the longer I don't have to make a car payment!!!
  • duke15duke15 Posts: 161
    The salesman did say that the RX-8 at the DC auto show was the Shinka, so maybe that was the confusion. That, or the reps just didn't know. I personally had to show two dealers the cut sheet on the new options for the 2006 after they insisted that there wouldn't be any changes to the A/T model for the 2006 year. I plan to ask the rep in the Baltimore show on Friday or Saturday, and then I will probably try to pre-order my car again. There is only one Costco certified dealer in my area and they have about 10 2005's on the lot, so that might be why they weren't ready to order cars last month.

    It sounds like I need to order mine now if I want it this spring. I have the same advantage about not making a car payment, but I am also wanting to sell my current car before I have to replace the timing belt, so I figure I have about 3 months to get my new RX8.
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    There are 22 2005 RX-8 ATs in the Boston area that are going no where fast. I'm thinking about putting a bid down on one just to see if a dealer bites. If there are no 2006 models coming, then they won't take my bid. But if some new models, including 2007s are about to hit North America, I'm guessing the deals will'ah be fly'n.

    Please, please let us all know if some new models are about to hit the dealer show room. I'm gonna wait till then. Thanks much.
  • hmm...starting to sound like they are going to skip '06 altogether! :D

    glad I got an '05. discounted and no wait.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    They are not actually "skipping" 2006. The delays (mostly because of the high orders for Mazda 6s - made on the same line and selling better with better margins than the RX-8) have pushed the 2006 RX-8s into the time frame that they can call them 2007s. They will still be made in 2006, will look like 2006s, but will be labled 2007s. It will make it "safer" for a dealer to put them in stock, as they will have lots of time to move them before they "deteriorate" into one year old cars. Kind of like my 2001 Pathfinder, which I picked up in June 2000.
  • They are definitely coming and they are supposed to be 2006 models (well mine for sure anyway). I have my VIN number and it has just come off the production line to be shipped in the next week or two. The 2006 model year is just going to be a more limited production because of the delays and the fact that they intend to have the 2007s out in late October to early November. I have an invoice for my car order and it says it is a 2006. This is also my VIN confirmation with its production date for February week 1 when they started building it.
  • duke15duke15 Posts: 161
    bunnygirl - Let us know when you get it so that we know at least someone has one! Did they ever tell you how much it will cost?

    trispec - The dealers in this area (Wash DC/ NoVA) were quick to give all of the rebates, but when I offered them $2K less than what they were offering, they weren't interested. I didn't think they would be, but I want the changes that are being made to the 2006 more than I want the 2005, so that was as high as I was willing to go to get less than what I wanted. I'm actually glad now that they didn't take my offer, as now I will order exactly what I want. I did have a blast driving the 2005 - one dealer has a 30 mile test route that really shows off the car.
  • duke15duke15 Posts: 161
    I am looking at getting an RX-8 with the GT package - I am currently trying to make final decisions on my audio options and would appreciate any opinions from others that already have their 8's. How necessary is the 6-disc CD option? I had a 6-disc changer in a car before, but my tastes in music vary so greatly that I was always ejecting the cartridge and changing CDs out, and I have found that a single tray was easier to operate when I drive. Plus, if I get Sirius, I would probably listen to CD less. The follow on question to this is whether or not there is an easy place to store a CD wallet in reach of the driver, I know storage is limited. Plus, does anyone know if the CD player recognizes CD's burned from your PC? Currently my wife's 2002 4Runner can play my CDs, but the 99 Accord that I am replacing cannot.

    Does anyone have an Rx-8 with the factory Sirius option? I tend to not like after market products, I like everything to be stock and work all-together in one unit, so if I don't get it when I order the car, I probably won't ever get it. I have a 3-4 hour drive to my in-laws with horrible radio reception, and I would like to listen to NFL/Sports news/games, and have more music options - both on that drive and when I am stuck in traffic in the DC area.

    Any comments would be appreciated. thanks
  • mdw1000mdw1000 Posts: 171
    More questions about the RX-8...

    I have some health problems that cause me to get fatigued very easily - that is the main reason I'm looking to trade my truck in for something easier to drive. The reasoning for that is that we've noticed I can drive my wife's TL a lot further than my truck - I don't get as tired driving it. I've figured out that the steering is one of the main things that is helping me. The car just tracks so nicely. You don't have to make constant adjustments on the wheel like I do with my truck.

    I was wondering if RX-8 owners have noticed whether the car tracks really well? I would assume that it does, based on everything I've read about how good the handling is. I'm also encouraged because I just read where Mazda did a bunch of ergonomics research when designing the RX-8 seating to help reduce driver fatigue.

    Leaving on a Carribean cruise on Sat for our 10th wedding anniversary, but when I get back I will be shopping in earnest. Hoping that the whole "end of the month" thing may help a bit on price. I'm going to be looking for an AT in the Chicago area - anybody have any idea how available they are?

    First time i've ever looked forward to getting back from vacation... :)
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    If you want efortless driving, then you should look into a
    vehicle that is as luxurious as possible. Something that floats and transmits very little vibration back to you.

    The easiest cars that I've driven aren't cars like the RX-8. I'd actually recommend the higher-end Accuras, BMWs, or Mercedes. Smooth, effortless, and tons of power. As much as I love the RX-8, it's no IS350 or E class, to be sure.

    In any case, RWD is a big key. FWD is prone to torque-steer and tons of vibration, and a truck is, well a truck. Lol. If you are like me, on long trips, your shoulders and back give out first, which is a combination of poor seats and being slowly vibrated to the point where your muscles and joints complain. The RX-8 is fun, but it has pretty stiff suspension.

    Volvo is another good option as well, at least if you get one of the older types that are made in Sweden(2-3 year old S80(RWD model) comes to mind). Effortless to drive and fantastic seats. Cheapest would probably be a Crown Vic, at about 12-15K for a 2 year old one. Great long-trip car.(though hell in town and parking - lol)
  • I was told when I placed by my order by MNAO that at least for the manual version prices were expected to be the same price, since they kept the same price on several of their other models. They didn't have concrete prices in front of them at that time.

    My car specs:
    Winning Blue Metallic
    Black Leather
    6-Speed Manual
    Grand Touring Package
    Appearance Package
    Rotary Accent Package
    Alarm Shock Sensor Upgrade
    6-Disc CD
    Rear Spoiler
    Spare Tire Kit

    MSRP: $36,104
    Invoice: $32,720
    Costco: $33,120

    I am also going to get the fender strakes which cost $250 but that is an optional accessory.

    This is assuming the pricing does not change. Mazda hasn't actually released US Pricing yet since it is still a few weeks off before they are expected to hit the market here.
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    There's "$5,000 off" hand written one of my dealer's Winning Blue 2005 RX-8 parked right in front on their raised display stand outside.

    VIN: JM1FE17NX50160784 for $30,885

    So I'm guessing with 30 RX-8s on their lot, the $5K offer is the just the first wave of discounts. All them 2005 RX-8's still aren't going anywhere just yet, I'm bet'n.

    Are all 2006 RX-8s special order only at this point? If any 2006 RX-8s show up on the lots, that's gonna put some more pressure on that initial discount price above, don't ya think?
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    My RX-8 is the easiest tracking car I've ever owned. Even at high speed, 90MPH+, it's relaxing. There's a nice newly paved section of I95 in Maine where 95MPH is like flying a jet at 45,000 feet. The road surface is glass smooth so road noise disappears, leaving only mild wind noise.

    Of course you can't count on the other drivers at that speed. I recommend 2am-4am for that jet stream driving experience.
  • duke15duke15 Posts: 161
    As of 2 weeks ago, you couldn't even order the 2006 in Fairfax County, VA (outside of DC). They definitely aren't on the lots within 50 miles of my house, according to Internet searches. Bunnygirl seems to be getting in on some of the first deliveries with hers due in soon. My bet will be that the price of the 2005's will go down when the 2006's arrive, but I am interested in the upgrades to the 2006 AT, so I'm waiting for it.
  • duke15duke15 Posts: 161
    That is going to be a beautiful car! I think the strakes are about as necessary as the steering wheel they look so good. Do you know if the dealer offers the clear turn signals, or is that after market only?
  • mdw1000mdw1000 Posts: 171
    Bunnygirl (and others),

    That price seems a few thousand higher than the 05s - is the 06 going to have enough new stuff to justify the higher price?

  • duke15duke15 Posts: 161
    Bunnygirl's MSRP is the exact same thing that Edmunds has listed for 2005's. The difference is the lack of incentives that are only on the 2005's. When you roll any car off of the lot, it becomes a used car and if you buy a 2005 today, next month it will be a one year old used car when the 2006's show up. It will have low mileage, but it will still be one year older. Another reason for ordering a 2006 verses a 2005 is to get exactly what you want - there are any 2005's in my area that are spec'd the way I want the car, and I typically drive my cars for 5-6 years, so I want to get exactly what I want. I've never liked a car as much as my old 1979 RX-7 (due to the fun of the rotary engine), so I am hoping I will drive this car even longer. To get the specifics on the changes, check out the rx8club website and the official Mazda change sheet is posted there. The majority of the changes seem to be to the AT side, upgrading from a 4-spd to a 6-spd. I'm also buying an AT, so that is a big difference to me.
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    The 2007s will be out soon and by then, there still will be 2005s on the lot. A one year old car that's actually two years old marketing-wise is a perfect thing. Buy a nice automatic with only the sport package for $20K out the door.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    The 2007s will be out soon

    They won't be out for 10-12 months. I wouldnt exactly classify that as 'soon'
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    I know some of you have been looking for 2006 pricing...

    Base MSRP 26,435 (auto or 6 speed manual)
    Destination $560
    Shinka pkg $6165 (6 speed)
    shinka pkg $6885 (auto)
  • duke15duke15 Posts: 161
    I just got back from the autoshow, where I spoke with the regional Mazda rep. Here is what he said: The 2006's have started rolling off of the assembly line in Japan. The 2007's won't be out until the late fall. The base price for the manual transmission is the same as 2005, the price for the automatic transmission (now a 6-spd) was increased equal to the MT cost. He showed me the price sheet, and the two transmissions prices matched at what seemed to be the old 2005 price for the manual - I was not positive since I am only familiar with the AT price for the GT with options. He also said that you can contact your local dealer to get them to reserve a car coming off the line for you, or divert one from another dealership to yours. He had no news on any possible new incentives on the 2005's when the 2006's hit the lots in about 4 weeks. They had one black 2005 at the show, but it was a weak show across the board, probably due to the Chicago show taking place at the same time. I went to that one a few years ago and it was great.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Just to give a quick overview:

    The 2006 Manual RX-8 will be almost identical with the 2005. There will be two or three colours deleted and two or three different ones added (I'm too lazy to look up the exact numbers and colours). Some models will come with the keyless entry/start system. Read back - as I recall Bunnygirl reported on what could be had with the keyless system in the US.

    The big change will be the 2006 automatic, which will get the previous manual only "high power" six port engine mated to a six speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters as before. Hence the cost equality between the two 2006 models. Same engine same cost - I think it's a bargin for those ordering the automatic transmission as it's a more expensive unit than a manual. Because the torque converter tends to have a very short life above 7500 RPM the automatic cars will be rev. limited to around 7500 RPM (exact rev. limit yet to be seen - will it be 7500 or 7650 or what?). This is what limits the HP in the automatic below the manual cars rating.

    As I posted before, it will be very interesting to see which car is "faster" - the quicker shifting automatic or the more powerful manual.

    I still find the comments that the car has low torque rather funny - yes it's not a V8 tire shredder. It still has more power off the line than any sane individual needs! When I drive my "slightly modified" 93 RX-7 (300+HP) it scares me. The RX-8 I get to drive does not, yet it handles at least as well and is almost as quick - it just doesn't press you back into the seat as much.
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    In 1987 my RX-7 put a 120HP (per the dyno read out) down to the road, truly cool car, but I thought more torque would be good. Then in 1991 my Mustang 5.0's torque heavy 195HP on the road plus hard as a rock fixed rear axle completely broke me to the so called American muscle car mentality.

    Today, the 164HP that my RX-8 AT 4 speed gets down to the road (per the dyno read out) scares me. When the second set of ports opens up over 3800 RPM it's plenty enough punch for me. It's always a surprise to me how much fun it is to pop to 4000RPM just before entering a typical Boston traffic rotary and then exiting at over 6000RPM with nothing but full power to the peddle to whole way through.
  • Clear corners are after market, or at least have been in the U.S. so far. They are standard on the new models in Australia but I have no idea about here. Most likely not.

    My car has been listed as "in production" since Feb. 1. I have not received my weekly update from my dealer to let me know what has happened since then (busy with some sort of inventory cataloging, said he would let me know on Monday).

    Anyways, the first shipment of 2006 RX-8s shipped out today from Japan!!!! They are on their way here, listed as "on the water." I sent an email to MNAO and my dealer to ask if my status has been upgraded to "on the water" yet or if I have to wait for the next shipment in another week or two.

    The color choices for 2006 are:

    Brilliant Black
    Velocity Red
    Winning Blue
    Sunlight Silver
    Whitewater Pearl (also known as Snowflake)
    Galaxy Gray (new color)
    Phantom Blue (new color)
    Copper Red (new color, Shinka only)
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    It's true, you CAN actually start an RX-8 in very cold weather without flooding it. It was -27 C this morning. By afternoon it was a balmy -21 C (that's just around -5 F for those metrically challenged) ;). When we started the RX-8 in the afternoon it cycled in RPM from about 1000 to about 3000 for a minute or so - about 2-3 sec per cycle. This has been our first real cold spell this winter (a VERY mild year so far), so we had forgotten that the car does this. It's done it each winter since new.

    Just to let you all know, so you don't panic if it happens to you. Don't ask me why it does this. I suspect there are two possibilities. It could be programmed to do it to warm up faster (and keep unburned fuel flowing through the engine). It could also just be an "undocumented feature" of a computer controlled engine with a throttle by wire - a "bug" so to speak. An instability brought on by very cold weather.

    I suspect the latter.
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    It is the computer doing what you should do manually. Kind of nice. I do this with my old Mercedes in the morning, though a bit gentler - maybe a 500-800 rpm rev every 30-45 seconds until it settles in at a nice purr.

    I learned the hard way, and evidently, a rotary works the same - to warm it up in the morning unless you really enjoy stalling and having it run like crap for the first few miles.
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    Excellent. We are getting the same cold blast here in Boston this afternoon according to the weather reports. We should see 0-10F. We dropped to 14F in Maine once. The RX-8 exhibited that same cycle rev up and down in clearly stepped increments so it was definitely the computer controlling things. It was neat.

    I'll do a weather report and an RX-8 cold start report for Saturday morning back here, cause we are going to be starting up early in that really cold morning for the school break trip.
  • Duke -

    My car has the standard single CD unit in the dash, and it only plays standard music CD's. No mp3's. It will recognize music CD's that you burn on your computer, as long as you burn in CDA format.

    I don't store a CD wallet in the car and don't really know where one would fit, 'cept perhaps in the door pocket. That door pocket is actually hard to use.

    I'm an XM person, and have XM in all our other cars. I was bummed that it wasn't an available option in the '8, but really wanted the car. I ended up displacing the ashtray with an XM Commander radio and it works like a champ. I seldom use the CD player, and practically never use the FM radio. I'm in the DC area myself, so I know what the radio market is like here - it sucks.
  • duke15duke15 Posts: 161
    thanks for the info timbmayb. Its good to know that it will play standard CD formats burned from your PC. I have decided to get the sirius sat radio option that they offer. I don't know how it compares to XM, but it is offered by Mazda and they carry the NFL games, so that is good enough for me.
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