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Saab 9-3 Sedan



  • Hello again -

    Sorry for the multiple emails, but I went to the dealer and they are 100% useless, when I asked them to check the back windows for one-touch they came back to me and told me that it is working as designed and to look at page 132 in the manual which doesn't tell me anything. Anyway, I was wondering if you can put me in touch with location or person who fixed your car so all your windows work with one-touch both up and down.

  • I had my car worked on at Dorschel Saab in Rochester NY I also have a 2003 so that may make a difference. try rapidly cycling the windows up and down and see if that doesn't activate the one touch feature. Also don't be afraid to email Saab through the US website. I had a question 3 years ago that they answered pretty quickly and it was a feature issue.

    Good Luck
  • I bought an '05 9-3 in June 2005. No problems. Not one. I have about 14k miles on it, and it has been a good car. As good as any I have ever had, and better than several. Its comfortable, stylish, gets decent mpg, and is fast enuf for me. I also paid well under $25k for it, and got good treatment on my trade-in from the dealer. All in all, very good so far.
  • I am getting ready to order a 2007 9-3 with premium package, but can not decide on the 16 or 17 inch wheels and tires.

    What are the advantages of 17 wheels and tires, and are they worth a extra $200.00?

    (1) Are the 17 inch wheels better looking?
    (2) Do the 17 inch wheels and tires have better handling?
    (3) Do the 17 inch wheels and wider tires give a better smoother ride?

    (4) Do the 17 inch Wheels and wider tires have less road noise?
    (5) Do the 17 inch wheels and tires give better milage?
    (6) Do the 17 inch wheels and tires have better tread life?
    (7) Finally, are they worth a extra $200.00?
  • Hello ogr81. Nice to hear good new from you too. I have 03' 9-3 Linear too and running very well since 2002 november. some bad experiences for my car were to hit by Buick, a mid size truck and wolf on the front door. But it only make me feel it's the safest car in the world. because the only bigger damage was from the wolf. cost me a new front door becasue the bodyshope couldn't fix the dang on the door. other car accident suprised me all only damage those front and rear bumper. I know it sad to see CR name 03' 9-3 is the worst car SAAB made. But mine is running very well for almost 60k. I definitely will keep this car until 2008 when the onstar is not working on this car more. :)
  • ukjimukjim Posts: 63
    Hi, just a bit of information I learned the hard way. My 2004 ARC Conv(18K Miles). wouldn't start after having run perfectly. AAA couldn't jump start it, Saab roadside assistance came by to tow car, put jumpers on and it started :confuse:
    Put battery on charge overnight, Sun AM it wont start again. Car got towed to dealer, who gave me a new SportCombi loaner off the lot (enterprise rental all closed). Picked up car Mon with new battery. Dealer explanation, all '03' & 04's shipped with a known cheap "2 year batteries" replaced under warranty if it goes bad. New battery is better quality should go 4-5 years.
    Bottom line, SAAB of South Bay :D bent over backwards for me. GM rolls the dice on batteries :mad: , failure is very strange, battery doesn't get weaker, it just fails completely, no dim lights, or slow cranking. To jump the car requires best quality cables and heavy duty battery and alternator, but battery wont hold any charge at all. Also dont believe the status window on the battery, mine showed it to be OK!
    Sorry for long posting but this type of battery failure came as a surprise to me
  • Hi, I,m new to this so bear with me - I have a 1yr Old 9-3 Vector Sport 150 tid Auto. The car is great apart from when you initially put your foot down especially in situations where you need to go quickly - roundabouts,junctions u-tuns etc. there is a noticeable delay in applying the throttle and anything happening. I have had it back to the dealer three times in the last 3 months and even after it's first sevice there is no difference and the dealer maintains they can't find anything wrong - including updating engine management software etc. Away from a standstill there is no shortage of power or acceleration it's just the initial start - unlike a manual car you can't rev it and slip the clutch a bit - even selecting semi auomatic doesn't make any difference - Anybody else got this problem or any solutions ?
    Thanks :confuse:
  • Will some one PLEASE give me some help.


    Don Luce
  • Go to:

    There may be information to answer your questions about tires and wheels. Hope this helps

  • (1) Maybe
    (2) Yes, greater contact patch
    (3) Maybe
    (4) No, see (2)
    (5) No, more aerodynamic drag
    (6) Maybe
    (7) Yes, if your answer to (1) is yes
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    Unfortunately you aren't going to get much help from us on this side of the pond.That engine is stictly European spec.and not available in the U.S.
  • I have a 2006 9-3 and so far it seems OK. Is the interior as tight as I would like NO..., but the engine, suspension and 5 speed manual make the car fun to drive. Most importantly I like the styling. When you buy a car you take a chance, but you buy it because you "like it". You like the way it looks and like the way it drives. You just hope that you get a good one.

    If you read the message boards you find plenty of unhappy customers of all makes.
  • My SID 2001 SAAB 9-3 SE is missing pixels. new pixels disappear every day. sometimes they reappear and dissapper. i have noticed a similar problem starting on the climate control display too.

    What's up with that? Does anybody have any quick fixes for novice car tinkerer? Is this a known problem that is worth fixing?
  • IF the 17" are wider (99%likely)
    then :
    1-better looking
    2-better handling when dry, same to worse handling in the rain
    3-harsher ride
    4-more road noise
    5-increased fuel consumption
    6-shorter thread life
    7-yes for the look and better dry handling, no for everything else.
  • DonluceDonluce Posts: 41
    What size and make are the tires supplied as standard equiptment on the 2007 Saab 9-3 2.0T sedan, and on the Saab 9-3 Aero. Pirelli P215/55R16 P6 Four Seasons on the 2.0T Sedan? Pirelli P235/45R17 P-Zero on the Aereo?


    Don Luce
  • I have a 2002 9-3 SE Conv. The Check Engine light has been on continuously now. Randomly, the temp gauge shuts off and the A/C goes off with it. I have replaced the Coolant Temp Sender and checked those lines. I have flushed the radiator and have no remedy. Anyone have any other thoughts? :confuse:
  • sidvsidv Posts: 64
    Yes, I had this exact same thing happen to me last summer at around 18-20 months on my '04 9-3 Arc. The worst part was that Saab's so-called "roadside assistance program" would only tow the car to the nearest dealer (even though my dealer was probably no farther than third closest) and would not provide a loaner. Since it was a Sunday and I was out of town that meant the car had to be towed so that it was actually further from my home, compounding the inconvenience factor.

    I was very unimpressed by both the benefits of, and the attitude of, Saab's roadside assistance group in this circumstance. Coupled with an 18 month old, 30K plus car stranding us, numerous electrical/SID/alarm phantoms, defective keys (finally recalled), a glove box that no longer opens, defective window pinch protection, dead sunroof and embarrassingly noisy brakes when backing they can't or won't fix I can say Saab won't be getting any repeat business here-you can't sell someone both the most expensive and least reliable car of their lives and expect them to come back for more.
  • ukjimukjim Posts: 63
    Sorry to hear about your problems. It sounds as though the roadside assistance and loaner program is dependant upon where you live. I am in Southern CA and have nothing but good things to say about South Bay SAAB. I didn't go into all the details but the dealer even opened up the service lot specially for me for the tow truck to drop the car off (the service facility is 3 m from sales office and normally closed on Sunday), and I didn't even buy the car at this dealer! I will admit however to being dissapointed at the electronics in the SAAB, were they made by Smiths of England? I too have had a few false alarms. But having traded in a Mazda RX8 for the ARC, I am still better off.
  • I have a 2005 Saab 9-3 Aero and it is an electrical nightmare! The car is so unreliable that it makes me sick. I have had the same problems over and over again with the windows and cd player. JMK Saab in Springfield, NJ is absolutely worthless. DO NOT BUY OR LEASE FROM THEM THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS. "Joe" in the service department is extremely rude and arrogant and I dont think he knows anything about cars. Saab USA is reviewing my current situation and I have asked for them to buy the car back. Ill keep you all posted as soon as I hear from them
  • sock1sock1 Posts: 2
    I'm currently in the market for a new car. My current vehicle...a Honda CRV...has been great...but now that it has reached 100K, I'm beginning to review other options, especially since my daily commute involves roughly 90 miles each day (I don't really like the design of the new CRV). In sum, I'll looking for a quiet, comfortable, fun to drive car with a few luxury touches, which leads me to consider a Saab. I find the car attractive and the pricing, especially for leftover 2006 models, is very competitive.

    But as the bard might say, there's the rub. I have never seen a car with such a polarized group of drivers. You either love the car or hate it immensely. My cousin, for one, an owner of a 9-5, considers his car a complete piece of junk, and says all Saabs contain a congenital defect that can cause the engine to suddenly seize at any speed. It also appears that the 2003 and 2004 9-3s clearly had its share of "teething" pains, which hopefully have been corrected by now.

    I recognize there is no perfect car (I once owned a Pontiac Sunbird, for instance), but I do need something that is at least reliable. Please share with me your thoughts, good or bad, regarding the 9-3, to help me make my decision (I'm also considering a Volvo S60 and maybe a Subaru Outback).

  • louis6louis6 Posts: 1
    Some observations about Saab from a new owner with no past experience with the brand. I spent much time researching this car and others; I noted the comments, both good and bad, regarding the Saab. Except for a limited number of cars I not sure there is much difference in the reliablity between any of them including Honda and Toyota; they are all very complex. My last two were an Audi and a Volvo. I had all kinds of problems with the Audi until I stopped using a dealer in central California, the quality of their mechanics was questionable, and began using a dealer in Beverly Hills. I'm not trying to impress anyone but they sold and serviced a lot of Audis. I had few problems with the Volvo until 170,000 miles, I think the dealer that I used had an excellent service department, with very good but pricey service..

    It's may opinion, non scientific, that the service department of your dealer, any manufacturer, or independent mechanic, will have more to do with your satisfaction than the any other factor; I know, a very old fashion point of view.

    I purchased my car, 2006 9-3 Areo, in Sherman Oaks (L.A.) and have had no problems.
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    ... but I do need something that is at least reliable.

    Then you should probably look elsewhere. I'm sure the 2006's have improved on the first/second year models, but all that might mean is that it's gone from very unreliable to just unreliable. The track record of the model and the brand doesn't suggest you'd get something that's reliable. Especially after you've owned a CR-V.

    Don't get me wrong -- I mostly enjoyed my 2003 9-3. It was fun, had strong brakes, some nice features, a surprising amount of room for a family (especially in the trunk). But there were plenty of dealer visits to fix one thing or another, as well as "just live with it" resignations to avoid having to go to the dealership. It also didn't help that the local dealership (Barrier Saab in Bellevue, Washington) had weak service. (Barrier has since shut down its Saab dealerships, but I've heard plenty of negative things about the level of service at other Barrier brand dealerships too.)

    I gladly returned the vehicle at lease-end. I would never keep the vehicle past the warranty period, as parts and service seem to be quite pricey -- and will probably be needed more than many other brands.

    If you still want one, I would check opinions of the Saab dealership service departments around you. Your experience will be worse if they aren't good.
  • "The service department of your dealer, any manufacturer, or independent mechanic, will have more to do with your satisfaction than the any other factor".

    I have, fortunately, never owned or leased a real lemon from any manufacturer, but my level of satisfaction has inevitably been directly related to the quality of the dealer. I have owned/leased three Saabs in the last 12 years, the last two receiving excellent warranty and post-warranty attention from competent people. The positive attitude I have to Saabs probably stems from these experiences, and has overcome the somewhat negative impressions left by the first dealer (who subsequently closed). However, the most dedicated and competent service came with my Maserati -- I know, because I did all the work myself!
  • gormerodgormerod Nutley, NJPosts: 19
    I understand what you are saying when you refer to Saab owners as a polarized group. Most of the complaints I read came from 2003 model year 9-3 owners, the first year for the redesign (though a recent negative posting in this forum came from a 2005 9-3 Aero owner.)

    Some are not happy since GM took over because Saab has always been so unique. However, reviews on this web site (last year) said that the new design on the GM platform was a large improvement over the old design.

    I own a 2005 9-3 Arc, 2 litre engine, manual transmission. At this point I have 19,000 miles and no problems. I would say that on average the more recent models will have better reliability. So, I think you would be OK buying a Saab so as long as you go to a dealership with a good track record (which is true of buying any make.) However, I am a little concerned about the V6 engine being built in Australia. You might be better off with the 2.0 litre 4 - it is built in Germany and has been in production long enough to work out any kinks. My 2.0 litre has plenty of power.

    Good luck!
  • Compared to my 2002 9-3 hatchback, the current 9-3 is slightly quieter, more nimble and has less turbo lag (based on my experience with a service loaner). The driving experience is probably more middle-of-the-road, and appeals to a wider range of drivers than did the 2002.

    Interior finish is another matter. My 5-year old "wood" dash and leather seats look new. The interior door panels could be from a luxury model. When I sit in a showroom-new 2006 Saab I am inevitably disappointed with the interior, though I am not really impressed with the interior quality of any current brand in my price range -- VW meets my standards (but you pay more).

    Saturn's new Aura similarly has the potential to be a great seller, but interior quality failings remind us it is a GM product.
  • These cars have good engines and transmissions I have the 5 speed manual. The chasis dynamics are good so the car is fun to drive. They are built to run hard a 6.5 quart crankcase is big for a 2.0 litre motor I have not been happy with the interior build quality; too many plastic noises and buzzy vibrations. It's all a trade off. I guess the interior was where they had to cut costs to give you the engineering of the other components for the price they sell the car. If you want a 9-3 would buy a 2.0 lightly optioned because of the interior build quality.
  • Three years ago I bought an '04 9-3 aero because it was exactly the car I wanted and there was no other. I actually really liked its styling, found it to be fun to drive and even felt there was still some uniqueness to the brand regardless of any GMizing (after all, I don't care what platform a car is sprung from as long as I like the whole package). I was exactly the customer GM was looking for, a first time Saab buyer who really wanted one of their cars. I was so enthused about the car, I ignored it's many malfunctions, tolerated the countless dealer visits, and defended the car on forums.

    In the end after being stranded twice, having the transmission replaced after less than 2 years, and never being able to get dealers to resolve the constant rattles (mechanical sounding rattles- not just interior annoyances)I finally gave up. I realized one day my wife's 6 year old Jeep for all its flaws felt more reliable and solid than my less-than-three year old 30k+ "luxury" car and that I had actually been losing a lot of time and energy on an inanimate object. I finally cut my losses (read huge depreciation) and moved on. I hope others who currently own 9-3s have a better experience, but based on mine (and others I know who have 9-3s) I just had to warn you.

    ps. Be sure to check the quality rankings- I've lived with plenty of cars that'd be considered middle of the pack but next to last means real trouble to me.
  • sidvsidv Posts: 64
    I empathize with you. I was also a first time Saab buyer (04 Arc) who liked the styling and was enthused about the car, at least for the money vs. the competition.

    It sounds like you had a similar experience to me, except yours was much worse. I was stranded once as well and had to deal with numerous electrical glitches and minor problems over the years. When the 04s were new, I recall Saab being middle of the pack-it's our cars that have driven that rating to near the bottom. Just goes to show past results are not a predictor of future performance.
  • what's up everyone...we bought a 2006 93 and so far so good, i didn't care for the svc staff, but went to another in Hunt Valley, MD, where they were outstanding. The only problem we had with our 93 was a software glitch related to the sunroof. Once that was fixed, we have had no issues, 12k in 11 thing I would suggest - change the oil at 7500 not'll have to pay for the in between oil changes b/c saab only covers 3 i think
  • sidvsidv Posts: 64
    Saab dealer would not change our oil the first time until I think 13-14K. That is the point where the oil life indicator indicated 95% (I think) used. It's a lease so I went with it, had I bought it no way. Buyers of used Saabs.
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