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Saab 9-3 Sedan



  • nbondnbond Posts: 6
    I owned this car (bought new) and put 120k on it in 4.5 years. I just sold it to by another Saab, the new 9-5 for a crazy good deal. While the maintenance is a little higher than average, it is not too bad. Once I replaced the crappy factory brake pads (rear) at 20k miles, I had nothing other than scheduled maintenance. Oil changes usually ran $85 every 5k miles since it was mobile one synthetic. Premium gas costs a bit more, but the price you pay for the smile that the turbo puts on your face. One of the reasons that I sold was the suspension was getting a little soft and I figured I'd just put money on new car instead. Definitely not so soft that I didn't want to drive it, but riding low with a full load and getting kicked at higher speeds. I really miss my car and wish I had not sold it. I was pretty sure it would have gone another 100k will few problems. Based on the blue book for this car and that the 2007 was one of the 2 best years for reliability, I would say go for it. You get a lot for your money. I would also recommend the Hirsch performance upgrade. I had it done on my car at 90k and it was well worth the money, increased power substantially. Hope this helps!
  • nbondnbond Posts: 6
    Also, make sure they did the 60k service on it and check the condition of the rotors and pads as replacement can be spendy.
  • andyv1andyv1 Posts: 9
    I have a 2007 Saab 9-3, 2.0T. Great car. The only time it was in service was for a battery, replacing tires and general oil change. Great in winter driving. Still drives tight. I have 79,000 miles. I'd go for it. I'd also try to talk him down a bit on the price. I've seen 2012 for 16,000 new.
    Good luck.
  • siciliasicilia Posts: 5
    Got the 2008 9-3, this was the year they redesigned the look of the car and IMO it is much better. I also think you could do as well or better at the $8990 price point with a later model.
    As far as maintenance, SAABs can get pricey- just fact of life. $75 for a synthetic oil change, $28 for a brake light bulb, $600+ for a set of brakes are examples, and no these are not dealer service prices.
  • andyv1andyv1 Posts: 9
    Buy your own light bulbs and replace them yourself. Saves a lot of money. Very easy to do.
  • These cost numbers re unbelievable except oil change. Yet. Syn oil typical $6/qt, fliter PURO $5. Take the offers of 5.1 Q jug with free puro..for $27 29 etc.
    What bulb is that which cost $28..? I just put HID lights on Volvo [two] for $35...[only 35 watt consumption and twice brighter than T-H bulbs. True these were Chinese.
    Get rotors and pads from AutoHaus in AZ..sells most import stuff.

    Whats expensive is the darn TURBO in these use of syn oil and prem gas[min Octane 91]...helps. And the suspension links/joints..4 in F plus labor $ 700 avege.
  • Despite advice from a 'expert in SAABs' from E Europe...[to not to change SAAB Tr oil], I did.
    Used the Mobil 1 synthetic...cost abt $9/qt.
    Trick is to drain...and fill, close lightly the plug, then start the engine[pumps used oil , and some new to the sump], then drain again...u will see the oil color get better after 4 or so iterations as explained. By then possibly u would ve conssumed 6 Qts. Total capcty is 7 I hink.
    OR else u must suck oil outa a pump, but that too maynot ensure that u re taking all out of the T Convrtr.

    the old oil at 108k was greyish..and dinot smell burnt, but did smell 'not good'...the new oil sits well, runs the Tr fine, but level adjustment is to done correct temp, and shifting the gear stick in D, R N etc as suggested in the user manl.

    I don't know what to do abt Volvo's oil change [at 110 k miles]...cannot find the darn plug.
    If need 2001 SAAB 93 parts, contact
  • I am replacing a headgasket for a 2003 Saab 93,2.0 T. Can anybody help me with a link or info about sequence and torque on the head bolts?Really appreciate it.

    Sincerely Claudiu
  • Check The Saab Site, they have lots of information and parts needed.
  • Go to the Townsend SAAB site (repair shop in Greensboro, NC) for excellent instructions for replacing a head gasket, complete with torgue info, etc.
  • saab_07saab_07 Posts: 1
    I must say this location has help me the most to help me decide to buy a used 07 9-3 2.0 T with 53k mile...thx

    Is there a need to buy extended warrantee?? The price for them are running about $3k for 100k miles?

    Please advise..Thx again
  • Thank you so much.
    Even now in 2013...this reply helps me to locate the same darn thing...after giving up...looking under, behind the glove compartment.
  • pauljhn78pauljhn78 Posts: 2
    Hello All,

    I recentely bought Saab 9-3 2005, everything is in order but one of the key was not working (the electronic) part had one piece broken. unfortunately the second key stopped working today and i can not open the car any more(I checked the battery power and is ok).

    Any advice on how I could solve this?
  • andyv1andyv1 Posts: 9
    The key should come apart. Pull the top off and you will have a metal key; this will open the door. Replace the plastic part and use that to start.
  • pauljhn78pauljhn78 Posts: 2
    thanks a lot I will try that right away hopefully it will work.
  • siciliasicilia Posts: 5
    Just turned 75k miles on my 2008 9-3.....tire pressure sensor indicating "failed" status with message for service. Wondering if anybody out there has had this fix and at what cost? Also, driver side power window is not rolls down automatically when it hits the top sill. I can close it by simultaneously depressing the window-lock button but that is clumsy and annoying. Otherwise car has been great over last 6 years and still getting thirtysomething mpg and outrageous highway speed.
  • I usually opt out on the extended warranty because; 1) I can perform most repairs on my own 2) Saab is quite dependable as far as my research goes 3) you may decide to sell before having to use the warranty
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