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Volvo XC90 SUV



  • jesstjesst Posts: 8
    The current 2004 brochure lists the rear seat entertainment system being available late 2003 as a retailer installed option. We are continually checking with our local dealer to find out what is going on with the DVD system and they keep saying that Volvo is trying to determine the best way to do this. Due to safety reasons, they are trying to determine the best screen size so they do not obstruct the view of the rear view mirror. We have also heard that the manufacturing facility can not put in the DVD system without holding up production?! The latest news that we have heard is "don't hold your breath" on the availability of the system. Another response is that it will be available in Nov. as a dealer installed option, and this will not be a factory installed option. We questioned the warranty period for a dealer installed option, and were told that it would be 1 year only. (If it were factory installed, it would be the full 4 years.) Surprising, the Volvo web site has recently taken any mention of the Entertainment DVD system out. This was featured before on the web site.

    Also, the XC90 Executive model has mentioned the DVD system will be included in the headrest instead of an overhead screen. Again, our dealership has said "don't hold your breath" on this one coming out anytime soon.
  • jesstjesst Posts: 8
    Since we have either the option of aluminium vs. wood inlays for the center console and a portion of the dash, wondering if anyone has had any problems with the aluminium inlays scratching. I was told the wood inlay wasn't really wood and both are protected by plastic, but concern that the aluminium could be damaged more easily. Thanks.
  • Most `wood' inlays are actually plastic. Some look better than others. I believe (but am not positive) the Lexus RX300 had real birdseye maple(?) inlays, but they could have been simulated as well.
    As to the Aluminum, I can't answer in regards to the XC90 (I don't have the aluminum in mine) but I have noticed on the Nissan Murano site that some owners have had problems with the aluminum console being easily dented, specifically around the cupholders (evidently dented when missing the cupholder while replacing cup or bottle).
  • the lexus es300 has wood inlays.

    There are several kits for simulated wood. One is offered by volvo dealers but also by a guy on ebay. There are some posts on it. I bought it for 120 or so dollars an it looks GREAT. It doesn't look cheap likein the MDX. Again, you can find it if you search the posts.
  • chrism124chrism124 Posts: 134
    I am in the market to upgrade our current family hauler, being a Saab 9-5 SE Wagon, to a SUV. For me the choices are either the MDX or XC90. I noticed that the XC90 has 2 engine/transmission offerings. One being the 2.5T with a 5-speed auto. The other being the 2.9-liter turbo with a 4-speed auto. My question to those owners of the 2.5T does the engine feel underpowered when passing or climbing hills (loaded). To those owners of the T6 engine any issues, aside from fuel economy, that have made you regret not opting for the 2.5T. While I have done any research there seemed to be some concern over the reliability of the 4-speed auto transmission.

    Chris M
  • Chris,
    We own an `04 with the 2.5 5 cylinder turbo. We took a trip to Destin, Florida from Louisville, Ky. Plenty of grade changes along I-65. We had 4 people in the vehicle and was fully loaded. I didn't feel the vehicle was sluggish at all, especially when passing. The 5 speed auto tranny offered with the 2.5 seems to help.
    We have about 3200 miles on her in 2 months time and have been extremely pleased. It will get a test this November when we go to Gatlinburg. I will be curious as to how it handles the mountain grades.

    I don't know what the geography is like in your area, but in my opinion, the 2.5 would be adequate, and you'd appreciate the gas mileage better than in the T6.

  • chrism124chrism124 Posts: 134
    I live in New Hampshire and we have plenty of mountains. However most of our driving will be city & rural with low grades. But we are planning on keeping the vehicle of choice for 5-6 years. This will be a departure for me as we are migrating from leasing (last 6 cars) to buying. I plan on test-driving both models within the next two weeks. But some issues only show after a longer period of time.

  • 7milehi7milehi Posts: 28
    Took my XC90 to the dealer this week to have the clicking noise when you let of the gas checked and the vibration of the entire vehicle and especially in the steering wheel . The vibration would last 2 or 3 minutes then go away , this has happened about 6 or 7 times since delivery .
     This is what the service dept. invoice showed as the fix for each problem . As for the clicking sound , " Found both axles loose / adjusted and torqued w/Locktite per TNN .
    For the vibration problem , "Found spring for the e-brake cable weak , replaced e-brake spring ".
    So far problems seem fixed , but have only driven about 50 miles since service .
  • 7milehi,
    I also have the clicking axle issue in my 2.5T and brought it into to my ever-so-inept dealer. They claim there is no service bulletin from Volvo and will not perform any repair. Please advise what "TNN" you are refering to in message 2140. Thanks.
  • Has anyone tried playing a CD recorded in MP3 format in the premium sound system? I am curious whether it will handle that format due to its increased song capacity on a disc
  • Does anyone hear this news "Volvo will have price increases across the board for all 2004 models"?

    My volvo agent called me this past weekend told me this news and in order to honor my deal, I have to sign a fixed price agreement which saying I have to pay the msrp, no negotiation. I have recently ordered XC90 T5

    I checked other site but no info related to that
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Went into effect Sept 1.
    All orders placed before Aug 26 will be honored at the old price, but only if the price protection paperwork is signed and sent to Volvo by Sept 9.
    Increase is between $300 and $500 on average.
  • We picked up our T6 in April and now have more than 15,000 miles on it, after a full summer of driving coast to coast. My overall impression: wish I'd bought the Lexus. Here are my top level complaints: 1. The 4-speed transmission is terrible. Constant shifting, even slight uphills make the engine roar, lots of pauses (total loss of power for 1/3 second) when you need acceleration. 2. Cabin noise is very high (see 1) for a $50k "luxury" car, much higher than my old 850. 3. The ventilation system can't keep up with the large front window (I have the "security" pkg which for some reason reduced the tinting). We spent most of our vacation either too hot (air not blowing directly on us) or too cold (air blowing on us). 4. The radio and all the center console lights are invisible in daylight, particularly with sunglasses. It's impossible to tell what position all the pushbutton switches are in. 5. The center console around the radio gets so hot you can't touch it. Small children can burn their fingers on the metal. Volvo dealer says that is normal. We do like the mileage (14 mpg pulling a trailer at 80 mph cross country, maybe 17 mpg overall) and passing power on freeways is good. Fit and finish are average, lots of little gaps and wrinkles not seen on other luxury cars. It was annoying to pay $1200 for the trailer hitch, but the standard maintenance has been less than $200. Again, overall, I wish we had purchased the Lexus GX 470. Just one family's opinion....
  • bigeddybigeddy Posts: 181
    Comparing notes... Weren't 1 & 2 addressed by Volvo (software update and turbo part)? Never heard of 3 & 5 before, certainly not my experience. Item 4 is somewhat of a problem in certain light, mostly the radio display; haven't had a problem seeing any switches. Fit and finish seem fine on models I've seen. Trailer hitch & wiring was about $700 installed. You go 80 mph pulling a trailer?! Yikes!!!
  • After posting my 2004 XC90 arrival this August, I can honestly say: I love this car! I never thought I'd EVER buy a Volvo, but I'm very glad I did. I've already broke in 2000miles since August. I think the only problem I did have was getting used to the side-view mirrors. I believe someone did post this issue in the very beginning of this discussion. The side view mirrors are big enough to see from, but when you turn your head to check the blind side, the car is made so much more roomier that the driver side pillar is the first thing you see. However, I think that's just something to get used to, especially from driving a smaller car like my old Toyota Corolla or even a Chevy Blazer. My boyfriend did place these blind spot mirrors on the side-views, which STILL had some getting used to. Or MAYBE I'm just very eager to drive this bad boy! Anyhow, the gas mileage, I can see, is getting better. After taking a trip to Monterey last week, I got almost an average of 24-25mpg on the highway. The stop & go in the city averages 17-18mpg. Not bad. I can't wait to take this car to Tahoe. To comment on the question about uphill driving: Living in the East Bay Hills & driving to work in SF, no problems driving uphill everyday, no lag, substantial power. I DID test drive the T6 before getting my car, AND I still went ahead and purchased the 2.5TAWD. I believe it has almost the same power (driving feel-wise) and you save on gas, of course! I cannot comment on the pull since I don't plan on hitching anything. But I do love the nav system, standard sound system, roomy cargo space (esp. the groceries holder in the back), my heated seats, safety features, and the fact that it's a very unique car/SUV out on the roads right now. So, I guess you can say that I love this car?! Can you tell?
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    I use CD-R's in my C70 and am expecting that they will also work in our XC90 once we get it. I have found that the TDKs tend to be the best ones.

    Though I have not tried it, I understand that CD-RW's do not work in the player.

    Hope that helps.
  • I've burned some tracks off a disc onto CD-R's using Roxio and the discs have played without a hitch in our XC with the Dolby Premium Sound System. Since I'm not into the whole MP3 player & Kazaa deal, I have no clue as to what format the tracks are copied onto the CD-R.

    Hopefully someone out there can tell you for sure. Just don't tell the recording industry I copied some songs ;)

  • bigeddybigeddy Posts: 181
    luv6717: "The side view mirrors are big enough to see from, but when you turn your head to check the blind side, the car is made so much more roomier that the driver side pillar is the first thing you see."

    A few things help me deal with the blind spot and the car's size. I tip my head to the side slightly to give a different angle of view with the mirror and widen my field of vision. I frequently scan the side and rear mirrors to monitor what's going on around me. If necessary, such as at an angled onramp, I tip my head forward to see around the pillar. And for towing I have learned to back up using the mirrors, which makes me more comfortable using the mirrors in everyday situations.

    This is a big car and the location of the corners is not obvious to the driver. Even if you never tow it can't hurt to practice backing with the mirrors in a vacant lot. It will save you many anxious moments and maybe a few repair bills.
  • Sorry, but MP3s will not play on the audio system. You can burn CD-Rs using standard CD format and get 15-20 songs on a CD. It sure would be great to be able to do MP3 or WMA format. I could put nearly my entire audio collection on 6 CDs in that format.
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    I have the top of the line stereo that came with my 2000 c70. We also ordered the top of the line with the XC90 which I assume is the same that I have in the C70. MP3's burned onto my CD-Rs DO play in my C70. I will be interested to see if the XC90 has a different system that won't allow it.

    My mp3's are usually around 3-4k and they are at 128 bits and I can fit around 20 on an 80 minute cd. If you are compressing your mp3's, then I would think that the stereo would not be able to read those.

    Further information.
    Ripped cds on my computer using Music Match Jukebox (free) into mp3 format.
    Downloaded mp3s from kazaa.
    Burned them onto a cd 'as-is' using HP burning software.
    There was an option for me to burn these files onto a cd as either a data cd or an audio cd. So maybe there was something in the software that translated the format.
    If not....mp3's definitely play on my C70 changer.

    You'll have to wait until November for information on my cds and my XC90
  • You may be starting out with MP3 files, but your software program is converting them to another format before you burn them to your CD. If you were putting true MP3 files on the CD you could easily get 120-150 songs on a single CD at 128 bits on an 80 minute CD. In WMA format you could probably get twice that many without too much loss of quality. MP3 is already a compressed format. Your software is converting the MP3 files to standard CD audio format before burning them.
  • bigeddybigeddy Posts: 181
    I'll second what ernest0t said. I'll add that most burners give you a choice of either Audio format (typically AIFF) and MP3 format. The Audio format plays fine in the car although you can fit only about 74 minutes on a 650 MB disc. Burning a disc in this format takes awhile because the files are converted.

    The MP3 format creates a data disc that your computer and special MP3 players can read but not the car system--too bad because you can store over 12 hours of music on a 650 MB disc. Burning a disc in this format is fast because you are just copying the original MP3 files.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I'm sure you mean, for the benefit of the RIAA, that you are grabbing copies of music you already own instead of ripping your own CDs and risking scratching them.

    Steve, Host
  • Thanks, BIGEDDY, for the advice. I'm going to try practicing this more, especially backing out of tight spaces, this weekend! Hopefully, I WILL save myself the anxiety & unneeded repair bills!
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    I put a JVC-SX990 in my Truck. It plays all formats (MP3's, WAV, CD-RW, CD-R, etc). Really great instead of a changer. I can rip about 10 of my disks onto 1 single MP3 disk. Great option for those without a changer option in a car.
  • We have been looking to order a T6 as we have a boat to tow but I'm seeing a lot of problems with the T6 and am wondering if the 2.5 will suffice. I've been trying to research this for some time and would like to hear from someone who's actually tried towing w/ 2.5T.(the specs say it's possible but...)
    Also, we're VERY interested in doing the overseas delivery- comments from personal experience?

    thank you<><, mom of five
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    I have heard on other boards about people shifting into "3" rather than "D" to keep shifting down? I don't know if that will help with the 4 speed volvo but others who tow make that suggestion.
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    Did I say 'ripping cds'?
    My fault..
    I meant to say that I had some "Ripping CD's".
    I would never do anything illicit.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    lol, I though that's what you meant.

    Steve, Host
  • bigeddybigeddy Posts: 181
    The smaller engine tows fine, at least with the under 2000-pound trailers I pull. I've heard at least one owner say a larger boat was no problem.

    Volvo just put 40 XC90's into the OSD program for pickup later this year at a discount. Sounds attractive if you can relate to Sweden in winter. ;) There are many personal accounts of the program, nearly all positive, and tips on the internet.
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