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Volvo XC90 SUV



  • It is certainly obvious that your vehicle is the exception.
    Mine is going on 8 months old and the lug nuts are fine. They are galvanized steel in material, and though they are a dull grey color, they are not rusted.
    Volvo will provide (or should) chrome replacements at your request.
  • armdarmd Posts: 33
    I have another letter out to Volvo as well as calls to the district manager. Will let you know how it works out.
  • The science on steel is one of the best-known things to humans. Boron steel for the pillars, eh? And so on. Volvo (Ford) must be buying their parts from some real cheap sources (how about China, which has trouble even making springs -- reference a New York Times article). It is cheapness like that, even where you can SEE it, that bodes bad. What about all the parts you can't see? Suggest only buying autos that have the C.R. red dot -- black dot looks like a rusted lug nut to me.
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    Don't forget that with Ford buying their lug nuts from China that they are supporting the oppressive regime that quashes anything that the Dalai Lama and his peaceful minions in Tibet try to communicate to the World at large. Throw into that that they hold significant uninhabited pieces of Kashmir that was given to them by Pakistan EVEN THOUGH the Hindu maharajah acceded Kashmir and Jammu (predominantly Muslim states) to India after a tribal rebellion backed by Pakistan forces.

    Like you, I think that Ford and Volvo should be severely persecuted for their support of terrorism and oppressive regimes.

    By the way... Still loving my '00 C70 HT (67k) and our '04 XC90 T6. No problems yet. Not even rusting lug nuts.
  • Bravo schuhc! It was getting way too boring.
  • Hi folks.
    Hoping to buy an xc90 in August - want to do the swedish delivery. Any info on this and on when the 05s are due out/ what changes for 05?
  • schuhcschuhc Posts: 333
    Hi ajitpk:

    Talk to your dealership about taking overseas delivery and they will help out. I did it in November with our 04 T6 90 and it was phenomenal.

    Things to note.
    Make sure you have a mobile phone that works on 3 bands. If you need those frequencies let me know and I will give them to you (think it's 800, 900, and 1800). I cracked my windshield on the Autobahn and called the 800 # for Germany. They directed me to the nearest dealer, translated to the mechanic the letter they needed written so Volvo insurance would take care of the windshield and got me back on the road to where I was going. Unbelievable customer service.
    Exchange rate + gas prices = ouch.
    Tell them that you want to fly to Copenhagen and then will take the train to Goteborg. Trust me. Goteborg is nothing special. The rail pass was about 100 euro and spending 2 days in Copenhagen was definitely better than Goteborg.
    If you are going to take the ferry to Germany use TTLines from Trelleborg. ScanLine also runs some routes but TT had more times. There are Ferry's from everywhere if you do decide to go to the main portion of Europe.
    If you do go outside of Sweeden, take advantage of the multiple dropoff points. I dropped off in Brussels which was hard finding the dropoff point but they were very helpful. is phenomenal for plotting to/from directions. I went from Goteborg to Prague to Vienna to Budapest to Koln to Brussels with no issues.(5 days, whirlwind tour).

    Let me know what specific info you want and I should be able to give it to you.

    And, finally, so that heleandrew are happy....
    Watch out for the crafty regime of Gerhard Schroder as he is secretly financing the Kurds in Turkey that wish to have more of a voice in Turkish politics thus overshadowing their bretherin in Iraq that are exploiting the American military so that they may smuggle cheap imitation Llama wool to the small minority christian democrats in Muzaffarabad that are secretly trying to steal Kashmir's wool and combine it with the Llama wool so that they can make fake Cashmere sweaters!!!!

  • ... and fake plastic floor mats for Ford/Volvo SUV's ...
  • Give me the REAL plasitc ones anyday!
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    due in Sept. No major changes planned.
  • armdarmd Posts: 33
    How about this slogan for '05: Quality is Job 1.

    Seriously, I'm hoping that they spend the next model year improving quality.
  • I added XM radio to our XC90 Saturday. Did so using the Delphi Roady. It is working very well. I did not have high expectations for the roady but it has surprised me. I know the topic has come up periodically and this seems to be a useful solution. Installer said they got an email last week to not roll up excess wire but to string it out for better reception. They said my roady installation was the best they have heard.

  • Does anyone know if the 2005 V8 will come in both the 5 and 7 seat models?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    No info on the V8 exists at this time.
    The car isn't due until Jan 05.
  • Is it definitely happening in Jan 05? Its seems that way as it is now mentioned (briefly) in the press.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    The car is supposed to be shown @ the Paris autoshow in Sept.
    US release is supposed to be Jan 05.
  • Finally I have reached the point when I have signed for the account and decided to express my 2 cents on a quality issue.

    Was searching for a car in late 1999, read a lot of complains about S80, found them non-substantial and have the most satisfying experience ever since. Got mine through OSD in March of 2000, saved over $3500. Now, have ordered XC90, 2.5T AWD, Premium, Versatility, 18" wheels and a few options that are only available through OSD.
    People complaining about Volvo quality forget one important factor - you are driving a vehicle with unique styling, most advanced safety features and extremely well engineered. Plus - these cars hit American market first. All the "luxury" Japanese cars are the upscale version of their counterpart, that was already tested and perfected for a few(sometime 2-3)years. And I doubt that Volvo is anything less in quality and durability as any European car maker, if not much more. Look on a road - How many 15 year old Lexus are there (it was introduced in 1989, I think) - close to none, but I bet you that well over 90% of 1989 Volvos are still running.

    My daughter drives 1990 740 - it feels like a tank, everything works...

    I know that a squeaky wheel gets the grease, but I invite more people who have positive experience with Volvo join the discussion.

    The discussion is very unbalanced in my mind. My personal non-scientific survey of Volvo owners shows much higher degree of satisfaction.
  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    I'm taking delivery next week of a 2.5T AWD, with 17" wheels, and the canadian convenience and premium packages; as well as tinted rear windows. This will be our 5th Volvo since a 1988 740 turbo wagon.

    Altough not perfect (no car is) these were very durable and very well suited to our winters and terrible roads.

    My 2 road tests in 2 XC90 were very good; good handling and composure on a particulary damaged stretch of interchange that I drive everyday was impressive. Quiet with good power and the most versatile interior in any SUV. Road tested both the Touareg and the MDX also. Touareg only sit 5 and the 2004 MDX has a loud drone sound at 2100 RPM and the 3rd row is totally useless. Not so on the XC.

    Even the "luxury" Japanese cars are not always perfect on the first year. 2001 MDX had terrible wind noise around the A pillars. An early RX-300 that the local dealer was gracious enough to let me drive a whole week-end had horrible headlights.

    How come we never read of these shortcomings in "professional" reviews???
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    What in the hell am I missing?

    I recently went again to check out the XC90 after checking out the Pilot(MDX clone). Unfortunately, I forgot my tape measure. But either I'm completely missing something, or you guys suggesting the XC90 has a more useable and convenient third seat are full of bunk.

    Here is my test. I set the front passenger seat well back (for maximum comfort for passenger on trips)in both vehicles. I then adjust second row seat for reasonable comfort for adults. I then check out what is left over for third row seat.

    The difference I end up with in leg room is substantial and in favor of the Pilot by a large margin, notwithstanding that the width is also much greater. The Volvo's third row seat uder this set up is almost useless except for small (under 60 lb) kids. The Volvo dealer admitted as much, pointing out the the sales brochure defines the weight limit of third row seat passengers at something like 80 lbs. So what kind of XC90's do they sell in Canada, a "stretch" version?

    And, as far as getting in and out, it might have been a tie with the 2003 version of the Pilot/MDX, but they increased the travel range on the second row by at least 2-3 inches and now, while still no Sequoia, the Pilot/MDX are quite a bit easier for me to get in and out of the third row.

    I'm tempted to go back to the dealership, tape measure in hand, so that I can provide you with actual measurements to back my real world test results.
  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    There is a difference between the Pilot and the MDX. Since the rear windwow of the Pilot is more upright, Honda set the 3rd row about 1" further back than in the MDX. Where in my opinion (and you are perfectly entitled to yours) the 3rd seat of the Volvo is superior, is in the height of the cushion; so you do not end up with your chin between your knees.

    Since I bought this car for myself and my family (what works for me may not work for you, this is why there is so much choice on the market :)and nobody is taller than 5'-8", 160 lbs. we drive with the front row about mid course, the second row all the way forward (the center section will go much more forward (12") than the 2 side sections, leaving much legroom for the 3rd row). Volvo e-brochure states that the 3rd row is for people up to 5'-3". My wife is that height and quite comfortable in the 3rd row.

    For the widht, no contest, the Acura and Honda are wider by quite a margin. If you need widht, this is the way to go.

    In my opinion the Pilot is a better choice than the MDX. It holds more cargo and as far as I know do not have the bloody drone at 2100 RPM.

    It's fun shooping for cars; so keep smiling. :)
  • Continue with my 2 cents.
    I believe that it is not quite right to compare Volvo and Pilot, for instance. I do not think that you can justify Volvo based on economical or practical reasons. The last true practical car from Volvo was 240. Since then, Volvo was producing upscale, if not luxury cars.
    My reasons for the Volvo S80 were:
    1. Projecting status of successful professional (~35 - 40K)
    2. Style
    3. Glamor of the brand name
    4. Drive something different from every second one on a highway.
    Volvo S80 fitted to that mold perfectly, and now I also can add
    5. Interior room
    6. One of the best seats in the world
    7. Totally awesome stability and traction system
    8. Extreme sense of safety
    9. Near perfect cruiser (I drive about 3500 miles per month)
    10. Durability - now, after 4 years and 75K miles, every time when I give a ride to the new friend, I am asked - When did you by your new car? It feels like a brand new car, even leather still smells new.

    The reasons to by XC90 (for my wife, I would not trade my S80 for as long as it lives) are:
    1. My wife likes driving high, she was driving two consecutive Mazda MPV since 1996.
    2. Gorgeous exterior/style. We love Volvo
    3. Unique safety features - Roll prevention system (by the way, we were at El Toro base on Volvo XC90 intro event - the roll prevention demo ride is on a par with any ride at the Disney land, the technology is just amazing), smart AWD, all the airbags, etc.
    4. 6000+ lbs gross weight (can expense this car in one year)

    All the rest we can get in Pilot. But it would not be as "cool" as a new Volvo. And after all, we live in Los Angeles.
    We are honest, when we make our car choices. They are not about money or particular features. You can have much better deal with Pilot, and get most everything that we are getting with Volvo, except the Volvo.

    I do strongly believe that Volvo ownership today is a social status statement, and any comparisons to the "normal" Japanese brands are not quite justified.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282

    You've convinced me that I have to not only take my tape measure, but also my wife & kids, along for another trip to the Volvo dealership. We are of similar family/body size and it obviously works for you. We would probably appreciate the extra width of the Pilot/MDX but I'm not stuck on that. The other vehicle we are considering is the GX470 which is also narrower than the Pilot/MDX.


    I'll grant you that Volvo has some of the best seats in the world and if you are happy with the status boost it gives you, good for you.

    If I were looking at replacing my sedan with another FWD vehicle, I'd probably go for the Acura TL 6-speed. Reasonably sporty, great interior, excellent nav system, etc. I'd still give Volvo a nod on the seats, though. But if I really wanted a driver's car and luxury, I'd go for the 5-series. The new 545i 6-speed not only is significantly more powerful than last years model, it gets better fuel economy.

    The XC90 still catches my eye, but I have to convince myself it's not going to be a maintenance headache. Unfortunately, your good fortune aside, our social/professional network gives their Volvos mixed reviews on that front.
  • In our family Volvo S80 has won against the Acura TL in the areas of style (which is totally subjective) and glamor of the brand name.

    I would imagine that Acura (Honda) might require less maintenance for the first 3-5 years, but would it hold for 10+ years. I really doubt. The reliability is not equal to longevity. And Volvo is famous for the latter.

    XC90 on other side (once again, very subjectively) is considered as the best looking SUV in our family. BMW X5 will do, but it lacks 7 seat option and more expensive, having the same "prestige" rating for us.

    I had my fair share of problems with S80 - sub frame bushings, a few headlight bulbs, front door lock, something else, that I could not even remember. But the service at Calabasas Volvo made it all totally painless, and most of the problems were resolved in conjunction with the scheduled maintenance. So, the overall perception in our family that our Volvo is trouble less car.
  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    While you're at the dealer, measure the distance behind the 3rd row to the rear bumper. Volvo took extra care to develop an adequate crumple zone to protect the 3rd row seaters in case you are rear ended. You might want to download the XC90 brochure in PDF from their site. The largest one (44megs) contains a lot of videos showing how the 3rd row passengers are protected and also the how the XC90 survive a rollover. Very Impressive.

    Lev, agree with you 100%. We are now looking at the new S40 as a second car. T5, AWD, should be fun!

    Guy :)
  • bob_f33abob_f33a Posts: 1
    Although I know that the XC90 and Honda Pilot are in two different price categories, for me, my choice came down to those two. I was having trouble making up my mind, and I almost bought the Pilot because of the price difference until I persuaded my wife to ride in both. (She ordinarily doesn't like to get involved in choosing a car that would be primarily mine). But that was the clincher. The Pilot was so uncomfortable for her, we ruled it out in an instant. From the Honda dealer, we went straight to the Volvo dealer. She loved the XC90, and it made the decision easy for me. The point is that it is important to test drive all of the vehicles in the category one wants to buy and make your own choice. The XC90 may not be what many of the experts rate as #1, but it's what WE rate as #1.
  • I'll weigh in on my main reason for buying the XC90.
    Volvo history and longevity. I've seen numerous Volvos 15 years and older on the road. My neighbor down the street has a Volvo wagon that is a mid-late 80's model that was purchased new and is still in great shape. I usually keep cars for a long time. I had a `96 Mercury Sable that I planned on keeping for 8 to 10 years, but got rid of it just short of 8 years because of reliability issues.
    I plan to keep our XC90 for at least 10 years. I'm comfortable that this vehicle will more than hold up for 10 years or even 15.

    I agree with lev_berkovich comments in post #2845 regarding the XC90 introduction into the U.S. market and the comaprison to japanese makes.

    All one has to do is go to and look at the number of consumer complaints logged for the Lexus RX300 , Acura MDX and others. Compare the first year or so of production to the 3rd year or later. The number of compaints went down with each new model year.
  • There is no comparison value wise...pilot is bigger and certainly will be more reliable based on history of honda and volvo. It seats one more. Volvo certainly has class and sophistication if you need/want the image.

    for me, it was the air curtains in the back for my kids and the other safety features. Couldn't justify saving 20 thousand dollars for a more practical car at the expense of my kids......

  • chuckmdchuckmd Posts: 2
    I did numerous side by side test drives between xc90 and MDX, and agonized over my choice. Certainly,poor ratings from JD Power, and Consumer Report almost swayed me over to MDX. While not perfect, XC90 offers some important advantages over MDX
    1) Much more sporty driving flavor like an European sports sedan. When turbo kicks in, you can really feel it taking off. T5's 238hp of torque is not much affected by Colorado's high altitude while MDX loses about 10 to 20%. In fact XC 90 felt much faster 0 to 40 mph than MDX in Denver. Only problem with XC 90 is that turbo engine is not for a relaxed driver since it is little difficult to modulate, and does not give you a linear acceleration like my V8 Land Crusier.It also handles better than MDX which drives too much like my brother's Honda minivan.
    2) XC90 is the only SUV I feel comfortable putting my children in 3rd row. There is a lot more crumble space than any mid sized SUV. In fact xc90 has more crumble space than my Land Cruiser. This translates into less leg room than MDX. But my young kids so far do not need that much leg room yet.
    3) Interior is much nicer. Very clean Scandanivian look with high quality materials.
    4) Roll over protection system and Boron Roof. I almost flipped Land Cruiser in freeway trying to avoid an accident last month. Emergency maneuver in Xc90 is very good (as also noted by Consumer Report)

    So far we are very pleased with the decision with Xc90,no problem so far. My wife still prefers our V8 engine of Land Cruiser since she likes soft and smooth pleasurable ride. But if you want any sporting flavor with 7 passenger SUV with the best safety features,then Xc90 may be the logical choice.
  • gardencargardencar Posts: 293
    I understand you love Volvo. I am a former Volvo owner myself, used to have a 1986 GLE loaded to the hilt, back in the day when Volvo used to build them like tanks. Loved the car, even though it leaked fluids every day for the last two years I owned it, and until a shot steering rack and leaky tranny persuaded me to unload it in '92. I believe this is one of the cars Lev, you would classify as one of the "last true practical cars." I think I know what you mean and I might even agree, but there are many things you wrote that I just cannot agree with. Are you saying that after the 240, Volvo makes no more "true" practical cars? Is this meant as a reason to buy Volvo or not to buy Volvo if you want a practical car?

    What's with the comment that there are "almost no" fifteen year old Lexuses around, while 90% of fifteen year old Volvos are still running???? Where are you getting this information? On what are you basing this very outrageous statement? Fifteen years ago, Lexus had been turning out cars for only one year, while Volvo had been around for dozens! Of course, there will be many more older Volvos to be seen. But you are wrong here, there are many older Lexuses to be seen. I just sold mine, a 1992 LS400 that had 154,000 miles and as quiet and smooth as the day I bought it. I see plenty of them around. My neighbor has one as well, as does a friend who has a 1990 model. They all look great, with glossy paint and nice interiors. The LS400 engines and transmissions are bullet proof. As my tech, who's been in business for over fifteen years, has never had to rebuild a single one. To tell you the truth, most older Volvos I have seen do not look half as nice as the old Lexuses.

    As for your comment that Acuras and Hondas do not hold up for ten years or more, you are wrong again. Look at your newspaper auto classifieds and count the number of Hondas and Acuras over ten years old. Quite a few more than Volvo's, even though Volvo's been around so long.

    You also said it is "not quite right to compare the Volvo with the Pilot" when it is obvious that the Pilot has the advantage (as in third seat width and leg room). Yet, on the same post, you ignore your own advice and end up comparing them by saying that the Pilot is not as "cool" as the Volvo. And this is because, "After all, we live in Los Angeles??????" What is that supposed to mean? You end your post by saying that "the Pilot is a much better get most everything that you get in the Volvo, except the Volvo." You are actually making a better argument for the Pilot here.

    You also say the Volvo is "a social status statement". You are right if you mean style. Since the S80, S60, and S40 came out, Volvo is definitely no longer boxy and boring. They are beautiful, especially the XC90. However, if you mean success, glamour,or prestige, Volvo falls below Mercedes, Lexus, BMW, and Range Rover, to name some obvious marques. Volvo still has some space to go before it reaches the prestige levels of these makes.

    There are some other comments you made that just confound and amaze, such as saying that the reason Japanese cars are more reliable is because they test their cars in the Japanese market for two or three years first. Unlike Volvo, who tests their new models out on us Americans first. Again, sounds like a good reason to trust the Japanese brands to me! This other statement you made just takes the cake, "Reliability is not equal to longevity." Then what is? What school of logic were you using when you made this statement? Reliability has everything to do with longevity. Following the logic of your statement, a person could then say that health does not factor into enjoying a long life! Not logical at all.

    I can understand that you love Volvo and since you have had good experiences, would like to post them. However, if you are going to defend Volvo, don't do it by putting down other makes and fabricating outrageous statements and statistics that are totally unfounded! Also, you are shooting yourself in the foot, if you make outrageous conjectures and careless statements, in the hope of convincing some one who is undecided between buying Volvo or some other make.
  • Hey Gardencar, give Lev a break.
    You are harsher on him than he is on Hondas and Lexuses. The guy was just expressing his subjective opinion. Did he really make you feel so insecure about your Japanese cars?
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