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Volvo XC90 SUV



  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    heh...guess that makes more sense.
  • The DC city council has voted to jack up excise taxes on all SUVs over 5,000 lbs next year, just when we'll be getting our new XC90. I took a quick look at the bill online and the limits are defined according to "manufacturer's shipping weight." Anyone know if that's roughly analogous to curb weight? If so, the XC90 slips in under the line, at around 4600 lbs for the 2.5T, though it looks like Touareg and X5 drivers are going to get bit. Another reason to go Volvo, I guess.
  • I'm thinking about purchasing the 2005 XC90 2.5T and would like your opinion on this article posted on Car Talk. I'm concerned on the cost for repairs after 50K miles.


    My previous vehicles were the Civic, Accord, and Camry which were incredibly reliable. I'd appreciate any responses as I plan to keep this for a long time.


    "Of course, like other Volvos, the XC-90 should ultimately prove to be durable over the long run. If you're willing to fork out the dough to replace computer sensors, expensive headlights, turbos and other gadgetry, the XC-90, like other Volvos, could last several hundreds of thousands of miles."

  • I did not experience any increase in the maintenance cost after 50K miles on my Volvo S80 (I also have XC90, but just with 7700 Mi).


    Quite opposite - I've got all the "bugs" out during first couple of years and it all was covered by warranty.
  • In all of Southern Cal only one xc90 has the IASQ and it was a T6 fully loaded going for $50k. My limit is $40k -- they recommend ordering a xc90 if I want it and can expect delivery in March time-frame.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    What a ride!!


    We did a mix of simulated highway and some pretty severe off road driving.


    On the high speed track: Quiet at cruising speed-70 mph. turning 1800 rpm @ 70 mph in 6th.

    Trip comp was reporting well over 20 mpg.

    EPA is 16 city 22 hwy.

    nice and quiet at idle or cruising, but wonderful V8 roar when you stomp on the pedal.

    The 6spd is very smooth, car shifted very well.

    Best of all, no lag in the driveline. The instant AWD works as advertised.


    In the dirt:

    If I hadn't pulled off these manuevers myself I wouldn't have believed it could be done.

    Picture those Land Rover and Jeep commercials where the car is climbing rocks, going across 45 degree slopes running w 1 or 2 wheels 4 ft off the ground. It was truly amazing. No rubbing, no high centering.

    We don't talk about the off road ability of the XC90, but it clearly can go anywhere that you want to go.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I'm going to be test driving the V8 this weekend and looking forward to it.


    However, I did test drive an LR3 last weekend at their rock climbing test track. I will bet you an LR3 against an XC90 that there is no way the XC90 can do what the LR3 can do without losing body parts or sliding downhill. The size of the tires alone is a limiting factor for the XC90, not to mention low clearence, limited suspension travel, hill descent, lack of low gear transfer case, etc. etc.


    Our needs are NOT for an off road vehicle and I think the XC90 V8 will do fine, pending my wife's re-assessment of the third row seat (according to her evaluations, the LR3's is "exceptional", the MDX's is "acceptable", the GX470's is "dysfunctional" and, on first review, the XC90's were "very tight"). I take it the V8 isn't any different than the other models with respect to interior layout?
  • manvomanvo Posts: 9
    I've had my 2004 XC90 2.5T AWD for over a year (16,000+ miles). I rode in an MDX many times too in that period of time. I think the MDX 2nd row seats are slightly wider than the XC90's. But that slight width advantage (just a bit!) made it more comfortable when for three adults in the 2nd row seats.


    The two bucket seats in XC90 2nd row are more comfortable for two adults than the 2nd row bench seats in an MDX for two adults.


    All three of the XC90 second row seats can slide individually - that's a lot more useful than you think they are, especially when you use the 3rd row seats often. You can always slides the front two rows a little to give the extra (and all that important!) inch of leg room to the 3rd row. Besides, IMHO, the third row seats are more comfortable to sit in (with the extra inch of leg room when you slide the middle seats) than in the MDX.


    With the 3rd row up, there is still decent amount of cargo room. I think (from the usage we had in both cars) it's more than in the MDX but I do not have measurements.


    The 3rd row headrests are always in XC90, and you can lower them easily to have better rear view if you prefer - that's a lot more convenient than have to look for them and put them on each and every time as in an MDX.


    In short, you have to use the car/3rd row a lot to appreciate the fact that you can slide the 2nd row seats individually, that you can get to the third row from either side, and that the 3rd row seat headrests are there (attached to seats) all the time.


    IMHO. seat-wise alone, if you plan to have three adults in the second row all the time, get the MDX. If you plan to have two adults in the middle, but use the 3rd row a lot, get the XC90.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    How did the 6spd handle slow speed acceleration changes?


    Going 30mph then accelerating to 40, then back to 30? Did the transmission have to hunt for gears or hesitate to down shift when attempting to accelerate.


    Was the driving dynamics different than the T6? Was it more front heavy; especially when going into corners?


    I actually think the V8 is a bargain...especially when taken with the OSD.


    It may seem like an idiotic comparison, but when you load up an XC90 V8 and compare it to other luxury family haulers (that's what it is to me) such as a Toyota Sienna AWD. The price difference MSRP (with OSD) is only a few thousand. You gain SO much more with a XC90 V8 that it does seem like…a bargain.
  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    I agree with you Manvo, the most we rode in my XC90 is 6 and by moving the first and second row just a bit, everybody gets quite comfortable. Also the major point in my opinion, the third row is much safer in the Volvo than in the Honda-Acura-Toyota.


    Can't speak for the LR3 third row safety, but their reliability in the past have been awful.
  • Drove the 2wd 2.5T yesterday, liked everything about it but the torque you feel in the steering wheel when giving it power. I'm going to wait for the V8. Since I will have kids in the back, rear seat safety is important to me. I read an interview with one of the Volvo execs who said they had to sacrifice rear leg room in order to have a big enough crumple zone. I love the LR3 and it's leg room but believe any third row passenger would be riding in the front seat if the vehicle was rear ended.

    One question, everything I've read on this site leads me to believe a $3,000-3,500 discount off MSRP is going to be the max depending on area (i'm in ATL). Does that seem right?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Well, sorry but I would put the XC90 up against an LR3 anytime.

    If you saw what we did with that vehicle, I really can't think of anything that an LR3 could do in the hands of amateur drivers that the XC90 can't.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Aside from the sound of the V8 there weren't any differences in the driving feel of the V8.

    As for shifting, the 6 speed was very smooth, almost imperceptible at times. downshifting was quick and easy.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    If you are not doing anything over the holidays, come on down to DC and I'll take you up on that bet. You don't even need to bring an XC90 with you. The Manager at Don Beyer Volvo in Falls Chruch said he will be happy to lend you one, as long as I give him our business if we decide to get the XC90 V8. At least they are honest enough to admit that no car based, FWD based SUV is going to out "off road" a vehicle like the LR3 that was specifically designed for the task. He was quick to point out the difference between the two in tires alone - can you??


    The XC90 has plenty of positive attributes. Quiet highway ride, good handling, decent gas mileage out of the V8, exceptional seat comfort, etc. You might want to emphasize those in your sales pitches for the XC90, Most sophisticated buyers aren't going to fall for the "it can do everything better than everybody" pitch. Volvo seems to have figured out their nitch quite well, perhaps they just forgot to tell you.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    You are correct; from my perspective. I don’t consider the XC90 an “off-road” vehicle.


    The most I would want it to do is drive across my lawn and down a dirt road; though I do see the appeal of “real” off-read vehicles like the LR3, 4-runner, Touareg.
  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    So you plan to cross the African continent now? I tought you were just planning to tow your boat?
  • Guy,

    I gave up to figure habitat1 out long time ago. On one side, he seems liking XC90 and is still considering buying it, so I really doubt that he ever will.

    On other side, XC90's off-road capabilities is a big taboo for him

    I have quoted some positive Russian reviews not so long ago ( and believe me, Russians do know what is the mud and what is off-road). And I was immediately invited to the duel (a competition between Lexus GX470 - then-habitat's favorite and XC90), just like Volvomax now.


    Habitat1 seems to be a professional duelist.
  • Edward,


    Just couple of questions - did you ever drive on real unpaved roads during the rain season?


    Was you ever a military driver and drove through the virgin 1 foot deep snow?


    I was, and I was doing it on much less capable cars than XC90.


    If I would have a vehicle as capable as XC90 back in my Soviet past, all the wild nature wonders would be mine...


    Nobody argues, that there are more off-road capable vehicles than XC90, but it does not diminish its capabilities.


    Also, if your friend dealer knows something about cars, he will tell you that FWD is much better on muddy and slippery roads than RWD. It has been proven for ages.
  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    I do sense some frustration in his postings. He was very concerned about the Volvo reliability and now he is considering a Land-Rover??? But anyway....


    I'm the only one on this forum (I think)who actually took his own XC90 on moderate off-road. It was pretty rough but I drove real slow not to damage anything. There's a limit to where you want to take a $45,000. vehicle, I paid almost $60K CDN for mine! But the XC managed very well up a 25% incline with ruts, rolling rocks and deep washboard.


    People who want to do serious off-road buy old Jeeps for less than $10K and beat the hell out of them.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    For the record, I am still considering the XC90 V8, as well as a few others. We will not be doing much off roading and, hopefully, the XC90 would be able to handle the things we throw at it. My hometown in PA got 24" of snow over the last 7-10 days. My inlaws live in Maine and we do some "gentle" off roading when we visit them. I do not think we need a "serious" off road capable vehicle like the LR3, Landcruiser or GX470 to handle those items. And I'd prefer not to pay at the pump every time we fill up.


    On the other hand, I think it's sad that you, volvomax and perhaps others are apparantly either insecure about your choice or so blinded with love, that you want to oversell the XC90 into something that it isn't. In an earlier post, you were driving it like a sports car and endangering your family. Now it's a world class off-roader. To your credit, you did at least acknowledge that there more capable off road vehicles than the XC90. Apparantly volvomax still thinks an XC90 would give an LR3 a run for its money.


    I'm not here to bash the XC90. Hell, I may even buy one. But, for goodness sakes, be rational. It's not your wife or my mother we are evaluating. It's a bloody vehicle that has certain positive attributes and is designed for a certain buyer/user profile. It doesn't need to be promoted as the very best vehicle out there for everybody from Mario Andretti to Admiral Byrd.


    I'll leave it at that, but encourage anyone reading these forums and considering an XC90 to test drive it against the LR3 or GX470 yourself before concluding that small streams and large rocks are not obstacles. Or, for that matter, 12-18" of snow, which is what I hope to do next week.


    P.S. I certainly don't feel any sense of "frustration", in the search for our nest SUV (other than trying to figure out what the new tax law will allow). But I do find it hard to keep quiet when I see what I believe to be misrepresentations being promoted as fact.
  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    So you're not that far from me, I'm in Quebec. We got the same 2 foot of snow over the last 2 weeks, made for great skiing last week end.


    For riding in the snow, I find the XC to be very stable but you do need real winter tires. As I got it last March, I drove trough the last 2 snow falls on the Michelin Synchrone and it was no fun at all. My daughter Santa Fe on Bridgestone Winter Duelers was much better. I got free Pirelli's winter Scorpions from the dealer but I hear the Nokian's are the best.


    With the Pirelli's the advantage in handling came back to the XC. I had the chance to drive trough 1 foot of snow and the XC is doing just fine.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    My last word on the subject is this.

    1 You haven't driven the V8 the way we did.

    If I hadn't done what I did w/ the car I wouldn't have believed it either. But I did.

    Find someone at Don Beyer who went to APG and ask him/her what they thought.

    2 as nice as the LR3 is, no one is going to choose it to drive across the Kalihari. Thats what Defenders are for. For what the amateur offroader is going to do, I'm firmly convinced that the XC90's offroad ability is equal to the LR3. Remember, even Motor Trend was astonished at how well the XC90 did in the off road part of the SUV of the year test. Plus, the Xc90 has won the Northwest MudFest 3 yrs in a row.

    This is not a car for climbing boulders, neither is the LR3,it is however quite competent as an offroader and that is the point I wanted to get across.

    Go find the manager at Don Beyer and see if he did what I did.
  • Edward,

    In your defiance, your are missing the point that we are making.


    I have looked back into all of my postings and I did not find any places where I have said that XC90 is the best off-roader, or even called it a "world class" off-roader. I have never go above of "potent" or "capable". And I believe that XC90's off-road capabilities fit to these adjectives.


    Just as other folks, I can hardly see taking XC90 on a rescue mission in the Amazon jungles, but I can also hardly believe that any of the vehicles that you have mentioned - GX470, LR3 will be very helpful either.


    And i definetily will not take MINE $40 - 50K vehicle with a light carpet, fancy bumpers and painted low body parts to the serious off-road trip.


    But if I will be caught by heavy rain or snow in some remote location on my vacation, I also truly believe that my XC90 will do just fine to get me out there.


    By the way, a Russian quote that I have mentioned before has said (in loose translation) "The XC90 is not a Jeep or a Landcruser, but still is pretty capable handling typical off-road situations. And with its superb on-road behavior XC90 makes one very attractive package".


    I hope it will end this thread.


    And I want to remind you, that it all started with your comment quoting one of your friends that XC90 has an off-road handling of the "soccer mom minivan". You should agree - that was maybe just a bit of overexaggeration Would you?
  • "I don’t consider the XC90 an “off-road” vehicle."


    Explain me, if I would be a 3 years old, how come that the vehicle which rides on almost 30" dia. tires, have a ground clearance of 9", have a full time intelligent AWD (that does not let any wheel to spin), at least 207HP and at least 236 lb-foot of torque available just @1500 RPM), with available matching winter tires - is not an off-road vehicle?


    What else do you need for your fishing, hunting, mushroom and berry - picking, skiing trips?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Darn it, Lev, I was just about to concede to you an agreement that the "soccer mom SUV" comment was a bit of an exageration. And then you go after ivan_99.


    If 30" diameter tires and a 9" ground clearence and 207 hp make an off road vehicle, maybe I should just get a BMW M5. I'll need to jack it up 2", but I'll have an extra 193hp over your XC90 2.5. That should make it fly over the rocks and hydroplane clear across most streams.


    The difference between most SUV's in terms of ground clearance is actually pretty negligable. Almost all are in the 8.5 to 10" range. But the differnce between independent wheel travel is huge. I'm not sure what kind of reinforcement and skid plates the XC90 has, but my guess is less than our Isuzu Trooper. How deep can the XC90 go in water?


    You win on the soccer mom comment. Take it with a smile.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    You are correct.


    I misspoke (wrote)

    "I don’t consider the XC90 an “off-road” vehicle."


    I meant to say that I would not use it as an off-road vehicle, so it would meet all my off-road desires. Deep snow (not where we live now), rain, and the odd gravel road (ouch on the paint) would be it.


    Not that I know what I’m taking about here, and not trying to further the “versus” discussion, but I thought that the Touareg was the “leader” in off-road’n?
  • I can pick up a loaded 2004 T6 with 20k mi, or a 2005 new 2.5tawd for $46 more /month (on a 6 year loan).


    I drive about 22,000mi/yr. of course, the used has a cert. 100kmi warranty on it!


    will i be spending more on gas in the t6, so that will eat the savings?


    is the T6 good in an SUV? somewhere on here it said no (and i am used to seeing twin turbos with 6 speeds- 4?????)

    no, i just drive suburban highways and turnpikes, and sit in traffic on the "expressway", and sometimes transport stuiff home from home depot, etc. no offroading planned.




    going tomorrow
  • manvomanvo Posts: 9
    Yeah I forgot that part - took it for granted. The 3rd row seats are right on top of XC90's rear-axle, make you feel a little better, knowing that are two big pieces of rubber and a big metal bar under the seats.
  • Among the cross-overs - maybe. And just like you, not having much knowledge on subject - maybe Cayenne.

    And in the truck based area - Hammer H1 or a big Rover (I do not know a retail name, Defender?), that is used for safaris with three passenger rows.
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