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Nissan Altima Maintenance and Repair



  • ilim78ilim78 Posts: 1
    I need help in finding out what size lugz i have on my tires. I have '97 Altima GXE, and i'm sure it has 15" wheels as standard. The previous owner misplaced the tire-iron for wheel replacing kit that came with the car (original ones from Nissan). Do you guys know what size tire-iron i should get, which will work with the lug size AND the jack.

    Thanks a bunch,
  • necrosisnecrosis Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Altima 3.5SE with 10,500mi. I bought the car in February of 04 with 114mi and the right front strut already needs to be replaced. I've been waiting for 4 weeks because the part is on backorder from the dealership and I'm one of four people waiting for this part. Does anyone know if this is a common problem with the Altima?
  • jobou_jpjobou_jp Posts: 1

    It happens time to time (sometime separate by weeks sometime two days in a row) that at a red light (so in drive mode) the idling is getting erratic and then if I try to start at the light or sometime even if I don’t accelerate the car end by stopping. When I restart it again it generally runs quite fine. I noticed that sometime, its seams it’s going to stop but make it to continue but then latter the same day it stops. I don’t know if it has something to do with it and maybe it’s normal, but when I turn on the fan of the ventilation in the car, the idling rate goes down.

    Any suggestion is welcome!


  • rich_westrich_west Posts: 1
    Hi everyone. 2 days ago I was driving my car, when all of a sudden it just stopped, when I try and start it, it starts up fine but it now shakes badly, and if I try to give it any gas it stops all together, I was thinking that maybe it had to do with this problem it's had since I bought it 7 months ago where I turn the key, and it does nothing it won't even fire until it feels like it, but eventually it starts. So I figured my fuel filter was clogged but I changed it, and still nothing. I could really use some help, and would greatly appreciate any suggestions..... Thank you

    Rich. :confuse:
  • mvandykemvandyke Posts: 1
    Did you ever get the issue with the dashboard light solved? i have a 2002 Altima and it just started doing this also.
  • skipwondahskipwondah Posts: 1
    I have a 95 Altima GXE, it has 114,000mi. When I got off work one day I tried to start my car and nothing happened. Didn't even try to turn over, wasn't the battery because my headlights and everything else was working. The tow truck driver tapped something and then it started. Ran and started fine for the next 2 days, then the same thing happened again. Could this be the starter?
  • sjv1944sjv1944 Posts: 6
    I have a 94 Nissan Altima GLE which I bought new. It has 132,000+ miles on it and had been relatively trouble free until about two years ago. Since then, I've had the speedometer with HUD replaced, a new radiator installed (the plastic top on the old one broke}, oil leaks resealed on the oil pan and timing gear cover (now the valve cover is leaking} and most recently, a new distributor installed (old one failed when oil leaked into it). Are these oil leaks common on 11 year old Altimas? Now I am having problems with the battery going dead. The car will sit for a week sometimes without being driven and the battery will always be dead. If it only sits 2 or 3 days it is OK. Charging system checks out and I've tried several new batteries with no luck. I think lit may be the alarm system but it may be something else electrical as both the radio and cruise control have stopped working. I now have to disconnect the negative battery cable to prevent the battery from going dead. Any ideas?
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    We had many leaks on our '01 and I know my mechanic said that among other leaks, the O rings had to be replaced. All I know is he found every leak on the Alty and after spending about $350., no more leaks.
    Have your mechanic check it out or find a good Nissan mechanic.
    Good luck.

    The Sandman :)
  • sean_sean_ Posts: 2
    Hi, people

    My car was recently broken into and the only good that came out of it was that the thieves decided to break the small window in the back rather than any of the power windows. Having said that, I am wondering if anyone has any experience replacing this window. Does the door have to come off in order to replace it, or what is the procedure?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks much!

    - Sean
  • mojojmojoj Posts: 1
    I had the same problem, over time car would had problems starting. I found that the car would only have problems in hot weather, I guess this may have somthing to do with thermal expansion of components within the ignition switch. The real problem is that the contacts in the ignition wore down, so I had to turn the key with greater force over time to start the engine. You can solve the problem by replacing the ignition switch. The nature of the failure on the switch is that the electrical arcing that occurs in the switch when contact is made and eventually eroded a hole in the contact, so there was a blackened dimpled crater on the contact surface. I was able to sand down and level the contact, so it works fine now. I am sure that a new switch is inexpensive to buy as well. just remove the plastic cowling from the steering collumn (2 screws if I remember correctly) and the ignition switch is located on the left side(oppisite side of the ignition key lock) it can be removed by using a stubby phillips screwdriver. If you want to clean and level the contacts, or just replace the switch.
  • splcustomsplcustom Posts: 2
    If the problem only happens when the engine is cold ( not up to operating temperature), and happens when the car is stopped as well as driving, then it is not going to be the wheel bearings. the bearings ensure a smooth ride, and have nothing to do with the engine speed, but will get progressively worse as your vehicle speed increases. Don't rule out the belt or belts that the service technician checked, as a visual inspection won't really diagnose a slipping problem, which is what it sounds like to me. If the belt is slipping, the chances of the problem being directly caused by an old, worn belt are high. The problem could be a loose pulley, like the tensioner, which is spring loaded, or adjustable by screws. Check the pulleys on the top of the motor that are mounted on adjustable brackets for signs of previous movement. Look at the bolts holding on the alternator, tensioner, etc, for shinier or cleaner spots on the metal RIGHT next to the bolt. It might be a very little mark, but if you see a "ghost" image of the bolt, or even a spot the is being eclipsed by the bolt itself, then that pully or accessory is causing the slip. this visaul inspection should take less than two minutes, including raising the hood. If everything looks like it is where it is supposed to be, then replace the belt or belts, which are probably the culprit in this case.
  • splcustomsplcustom Posts: 2
    If the tow truck driver tapped something, it probably wasn't the starter. Find out if the starter solenoid is connected to the starter. the solenoid is what sends the little gear out of the starter to the flywheel to start the car. Usually its connected to the starter, but in some cases, its an the fender or firewall of the car.
  • doyindoyin Posts: 22
    It's definitely your belt.Had the exact problem on my 97.The tech said the belt had slackened and a replacement did the trick.
  • fizgig36fizgig36 Posts: 4
    I have a 2001 Altima that in the last two months has not started twice. The first time was on an unuaually warm day. I took it to the mechanic and when they tried it the next day it started, but later that day it would not start. They ended up reprogramming the keys (because I just had one made) thinking that it might be a problem with the computer. Ten days later I got out of work at 5pm and tried to start my car and it would not start. It was another unusually warm day. I left the car overnight and the next morning it did start. That day I brought it to the mechanics and they said it started later that day and it started the next day as well. I am afraid to take the car home because I think it will happen again. I also feel like the weather might have something to do with my problem. :confuse:
  • fizgig36fizgig36 Posts: 4
    For the last two months my car has been making a high pitched whistling noise. It only seems to happen after I have driven the car for awhile, never when I first drive the car. I can only hear it if I am driving under 40 miles per hour. The noise stops when I hit the breaks and then returns when I accelerate. It can get very loud and it drives me crazy! :confuse:
  • posnerposner Posts: 2
    :mad: Hey all...I'm new to the board. I have a 03 2.5 sl and my brakes have been really really screechy. Has anyone else encountered this problem? and if so is it problematic? have you fixed it? is it really a problem. I don't know a whole lot about cars, so any help is greatly appreciated. THANKS
  • gino45gino45 Posts: 52
    To remove the window you have to remove the inside door panel. Once done, you'll see a screw that holds the window divider in place. The divider is what separates the quarter window from the large passenger window. Lower the large window and undo the screw. Move the divider towards the front so you'll be able to move the quarter window out.
  • sean_sean_ Posts: 2
    Thanks very much for the help there, gino! Much appreciated.


  • wojo0624wojo0624 Posts: 2
    What is the best way to remove the front corner lights and tail lights on a 1998 altima? I am having trouble taking them out. If anyone has a solution please email me. Thank you.
  • djustusdjustus Posts: 1
    93 altima ---- just replaced blown radiator. Now the water begins to bubble in the overflow and eventually begins to boil and steam. The thermostat is good and the fans work correctly. There is a noise from the serpentine belt that drives the water pump, but cannot figure why the water does not circulate properly. Any help would be appreciated.
  • ronroronro Posts: 1
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Please use lower case when you type. It's like shouting and a bit difficult to read!

    The Sandman :)
  • fizgig36fizgig36 Posts: 4
    I took my car in because it kept randomly not starting and my mechanic said that he didn't see anything wrong with it and it started for them. He also said something about the computer codes which I did not understand. Has anyone encountered this before? I also had my mechanic tighten the belts because I thought it would fix the screeching noise but it just made it worse. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! :confuse:
  • harper7harper7 Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Altima. Today when I turned my headlights on, the dashboard light and cd player/radio stopped working. When I turned the headlights off, they came back on. My sister has a 1999 Altima that had the same problem. I called the dealership, and they said they'd never heard of this, but it appears by looking on various forums this is a problem many people have experienced. I haven't been able to find out what's causing it, though. Any help would be appreciated!!
  • doyindoyin Posts: 22
    Saw smthn about a TSB on solenoids (U13) on the nissan tech info website.Can anyone get a printout of these?Got a problem with my auto shift(97gxe) from 1-2.It shifts harshly with a jerk.Can anyone with a 97 gxe pls tell me what kind of Trans control unit comes with this car?i.e serial number.Recently acquired the car and i'm starting to think the TCU has been changed and might not be the correct one.This one is ETC-N400/A1/6607.It's situated underneath the glove compartment on the sidewall.Thanks :confuse:
  • arssa2020arssa2020 Posts: 5
    98 altiam gxe, 136k...
    this car was fine, started shaking upon start up 2 month ago..
    it shakes when u start the car for like 10-15 seconds.. happens when car ir hot/cold.. weather hot/cold....
    today it also stopped when i was driving it on FWY (scarry).. i started it and it started just fine...
    i change oil , spark plugs, filters. belts on timely basis....
    what can be the case?
    is engine/electric related?
    sometimes my dash board lights would go away, and then they will come back after 3-5 seconds when they disappear..

    please help me.? when i go to mechanic, what should i look for?
    how much fix cost should i expect?
  • nels52nels52 Posts: 1
    I have 2000 Altima GLE and the instrument panel, i.e. speedometer, tach, and temp gage, will quit working every once in a while. Sometimes they freeze, sometimes they go to zero, and once in a while they'll even peg to high values. They usually come back in 5 to minutes and definitely if I stop and restart the engine. It happens more frequently when I have the speed control engaged (yes, that quits too). Any suggestions? I'm hesitant to take it to the dealer because when I called he mentioned 3 to 5 things it could be and seems to be just guessing.
  • genergener Posts: 1

    I'm having a similar problem with my 96' Altima. What was your resolution to this?


  • cherrypiecherrypie Posts: 1
    Well recently I've been hearing a grinding noise coming from the passenger brake. I really don't know alot about cars either. I'm going to get it checked out though. :sick:
  • xdrtypopxxdrtypopx Posts: 1
    I have an '01 GLE and what you have described matches my symptoms to a T. Everything is right on from the gauges sticking or droping to redlining. Also, it will usually reset after a few minutes or a restart. Cruise control definatley makes it more common. It has been hapening for almost a year and a half but the dealer said they coudlnt do anything unless it happened while they had it (which would never hapen since it was so random). Now that it is out of waranty im sure they can find a solution. I have searched many times for this problem and your response is the only one i have ever scene. I did notice it went away in the winter (i live in NH) so maybe the cold dry air had something to do with it. But now that the rain and warmer air is returning i am having the same problems all over again. Also my if cruise control is set and the gauges drop my "Set" light turns off and the "Cruise" light blinks and will not let me use cruise until the car is reset. Additiaonly, the first few times it has happened the car starts to sputter and get real laggy. If i put it in Neutral and rev the engine go back in drive i can keep moving but this happens 50% of the time when the needles die.
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