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Nissan Altima Maintenance and Repair



  • gsemikegsemike Long Island, NYPosts: 1,983
    This sounds exactly like a problem I had with my 89 Accord. This problem actually plagued me for over a year because when the weather got cool, it went away and then returned the next summer.

    With my car, it would have trouble starting and then if I tried it enough times, t would miraculously start and run fine. Finally, it was diagnosed as the fuel pump and that did the trick. Problem never happened again.
  • rugmankcrugmankc Posts: 133

    Go to post #216, the procedure is there. Just print it out. I have used it about 3 times since then and it worked everytime. Good Luck!

  • maechlermaechler Posts: 1
    My 95 Altima will stop running while being driven down the road at 60 miles per hour as if the key has been turned off then back on. The dash lights come on like when you turn the key on but not to start. After a few minutes it will start up and run again. This has happened twice with about one weeks time between. I have changed the fuel filter and swapped the injector relays. Has anyone had this problem or know how to fix it.
  • I purchased a 2003 Nissan Altima 2.5s with 22000 miles on it. Since then the front struts have been replaced twice, belt tensioner once, all tires as one was about to detread at any time and cause an accident. Had to have the car aligned twice. Today we are having a radiator put in for god knows what reason. The car has 38000 miles on it. I know this is not indicative of Nissan. I am probably missing some other stuff too many to remember
  • tpowertpower Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 SE 3.5, just picked up at the dealer last week. When I get over 75 MPH there is a metallic rattling coming from somewhere under the hood around the front passenger wheel. Sounds likes something slapping the firewall or a piece of sheet metal under there. Anybody else experience this?
  • First post.

    I'm basically an idiot when it comes to cars. So, here goes...

    I have a 93 Altima, which has a 97 engine in it. Had a major tune-up (don't know what they did exactly) about 1.5 years ago. Haven't done much since then, except for oil change, and replaced starter.

    Biggest problem I have seems to be my transmission? My problem occurs when I move in stop&go traffic, and usually during hot weather. When I get to about 35-40 mph, the RPM increases as I push the gas. It does NOT shift back down and increase my MPH. IE my car stays at 35-50 mph, while RPM climbs to 4,5,6000.

    Along with this, the gear shifts are very jerky. It feels like the car wants to shift badly, but just can't do it.

    Solutions that sometimes work, I pull over and give the car a break, or I can just let go of the gas to let the RPM go down, and punch the gas again.

    I'm lost, having this problem for about a year. Don't know what to do. Can't find a trusted mechanic, etc. HELP ME PLEASE.

    (dashes added to avoid spam bots)
  • update...just spend a few minutes looking inside the engine to see if anything was amiss. found this loose tubing. should it go into that hole right there? that bigger tube w/ the hole in it, leads from the air filter.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    The a/c started acting funny on friday...blowing cold, then warm air. Took it to the mechanic and he said it was a low pressure switch which was $49.95, labor was $50., a/c performance check was $19.99 and shop supplies were $4.20. Came to $131.59 with tax. We put on a new tire on thursday, which was another $77 for a 205/65/60 Dayton tire. So $200. this week alone. So far this year, we've spent almost $800. on our baby and it's getting to be that time folks. A real shame as we both love the car, but it's starting to nickel and dime us and with 78k miles, I really don't want to put anymore $ into it. A shame, as I've finally come to love the car, as it's a sharp looking car in the Titanium Frost color and eventhough we've taken pretty good care of it, it's just not "dependable" now.
    Drove the Corolla and Camry yesterday, but the brakes stil had that "mushy" feeling of our 4 past Toyotas, the Camry even had ABS. So Toyota is off the list.
    I liked the Mazda 3, but the wife liked the 6 better. Saw a new Jetta yesterday...very impressive, but it's still a 1st year model and I'm learey of it. She will go test drive the Jetta and the Volvo S40 today hopefully. Lastly we will look at the Honda Accord and Civic later tonight. She likes the BMW 325i, but I'm adamant against it, but she wants to test drive one, so she will.
    I wish I had Terry's crystal ball to see if the Alty will be trouble free until the '06 models come out, but doubtful he'd lend it to me. And it's funny, whenever we buy a new tire for a high mileage car that we own...we end up trading within the month.
    So that's our dilemma. We both really love our '01 Alty and hate to give it up, but it's not dependable now. And eventhough it would be cheaper to keep it, we're both not risk takers and we need our cars to be dependable and start everyday.
    What to do...? Decisions...decisions...!

    The Sandman :confuse:
  • doyindoyin Posts: 22
    Most likely u need to have either the speed sensor or throttle position sensor replaced.
  • one last update, my engine is a 97 engine in a 93 altima. would that have adverse affects? plus, how can i rule out that i have a major tranmission problem so that i don't even have to bother trying to fix other minor rthings?
  • timbitstimbits Posts: 1
    Hi,2001 atlima 2.5 serpentine belt (for a/c,power steer)suddenly shredded and I lost ++ green fluid(?steering or a/c fluid,I don,t know)Are these known to snap ,or am I looking at something more sinister Tim
  • how do i check my ECM/ECU codes?
  • helmutoehelmutoe Posts: 1
    I just had the motor of my 1996 Altima steam cleaned. When I took it home, a couple of hours later, the engine light on the control panel went on. The performance seems OK. Anybody have any idea as to the cause?
  • doyindoyin Posts: 22
    Fisrt,u'll have trouble reading your codes.97 is OBDII and 93 is not.Cant say for sure about trans problems tho.
  • desibhaidesibhai Posts: 3
    I own a altima 1995, the car would start but would stop after going some distance...I started opening the spark plug wires and checked to see if there were ignition....3 of them were ok , but the 4th one when i pulled the wire, ,there was lot of oil in it. I gues oil has gotton into the spark plug this something i can fix...seems like u had the same probblem...can u advise how i fix this
  • desibhaidesibhai Posts: 3
    Car would turn on ....but stop after some distance....when i pulled one of the spark plug wires, ,there was lot of oil in it...the other 3 wires were fine/.any idea what i shoud do ???. Car keeps stalling. last year they changed the distributor and sparplugs and the wires....

  • ckg7310ckg7310 Posts: 1
    I just had the radiator replaced in my 2002 Altima which only has 45,000 miles on it. I originally took it to the dealership service dept and was just told I needed the radiator replaced. I then took it to my regular mechanic and was told that the epoxy used on the radiator had come loose and had clogged up the radiator and would have to have it replaced. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  • rayfeurrayfeur Posts: 6
    My Nissan Altima 2002 stalls all the time, as soon as it hits 2500 RPM.
    Per the Hudson Nissan the problem is being caused by the DashBoard Circuits..
    (Unified Meter) according to the Service Manager, it controls the RPMS and
    transmission, it sound like BS to me. Can anyone with knowledge of this help
    me out.They want 600.00 plus labor to replace it... 'm leasing ,
    why should I have to pay.

    This is the last Nissan that I buy.

    Year/Make/Model: 2002 NISSAN ALTIMA SE
    Body Style: Sedan 4 DR
    Engine Type: 3.5L V6 DOHC MPFI 24V
  • chillschills Posts: 1
    My gas gage is not ready correctly. When full it reads a 1/8 tank past the "F" mark. The needle seems to stick on the 1/4 full mark also. The only way to get the needle to drop past the 1/4 full mark is to shut the car off and restart and that does not always work either. Last night the needle read a 1/4 tank, I drove 10 miles shut the car off and when I got back in to leave the gas light was on!

    I already took it in and the dealer found no problems. Go figure!
  • k8ttyk8tty Posts: 3
    I have a 98 altima. The airbag light is on. Its not flashing, the light is steady. Will this procedure work as well?
  • k8ttyk8tty Posts: 3
    I have a 98 nissan altima. The antenna is broken. Is it best that I go to a Nissan dealer and replace it? Can I just go to an auto parts store like Pep Boys or Autozone and just get a replacement antenna mast. A friend said that its best to use genuine Nissan parts for the car, but I know its going to so much more expensive. Would I have any problems using a power antenna that I didnt get from NIssan?
  • rugmankcrugmankc Posts: 133
    don't know, try it. there was a recall on the airbag system, at least for my 94. not sure what they did. you may need to do some research.
  • jennkajennka Posts: 3
    Oh my gosh!! This is the same story with my '97, any final solution?!!!
    Please Advise!
  • the noise is in the strut it needs to be replaced
  • it is a normal thing its the cooling fan inside the altenator
  • I have a 94 nissan altima and the left rear and front right speakers don't work. The other two work fine. When i tried conneting a new speaker one of the ones that did not work it also did not work.
  • fizgig36fizgig36 Posts: 4
    My car didn't start again on Tuesday and of course it always happens after 5pm so I can't take it anywhere and than it starts up fine the next day. My mechanic has no clue what the problem is. I will tell him to check out the fuel pump. Thanks for your help!
  • roadmaproadmap Posts: 1
    I live in Tucson Arizona and I have having the same issues exactly for me now that the hot air is here it is happening more and more for extended periods of time. I have yet to be able to find the solution.
  • ddhamiltddhamilt Posts: 2
    The muffler on my Altima 97 has broken off from the exhaust pipe...I bought this Altima '97 used last year and it runs great.

    Need to replace muffler and exhaust pipe both, because the flanges on the muffler and on the exhaust pipe are rusted together. The connection broke just behind the flange on the exhaust pipe. So the muffler is intact, Meineke claims that because it is fused together with the exhaust pipe flange that both pieces need to be replaced. Hmmm...

    Cost of muffler $157
    cost of exhaust pipe $138
    plus gaskets and labor charge of about $50
    TOTAL about $340

    Doesn't $340 seem too much for replacement of a muffler and exchaust pipe? Shouldn't the parts be cheaper? Is there serious markup going on here? Would I be able to order the parts online and have a local mechanic do it? I am in Queens, New York (NYC).

    I appreciate any help. Thanks.
  • dballdball Posts: 15
    I have a 2005 3.5 SL with 1400 miles on it. Since it had 10 miles on it, it has driven and ridden like a piece of junk. I tried to take it back but the dealer refused and said I had to bring it in for service. I called the GM of Reed Nissan in Orlando, FL 3 times only to be ignored. Called service manager, salesman and were ignored by them. Called Nissan NA and told my rep I wanted a new car. She had me take it to another dealer who could only manage to road force balance the tires and then proclaim there was nothing else to do. I had a continental tire dealer put 4 new contis on, then some Michelins. No help whatsoever. You can put a glass of water on the dash and there is a steady ripple vibration the whole time, at 40 and over. I drive a lot of rental cars in my job and these cheap American cars ride much better than this $30000 dollar Altima. I am lemon law-ing the car this week. How sad, I think it's either one or more of the wheels that are not round or the axles. Nissan refuses to stand behind their product and the dealers are a joke. Buyer beware!!!!
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