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2013 and earlier Nissan Altima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • zwindzwind Posts: 3
    can you share what toyota dealership you get this deal from? I am comparing camry and altima now. thanks
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    Say what? First of all, the SL is a 4 cylinder and the SE is a V6. Not the same car to me! Quite a few other differences the wheels, headlights, XM radio...need I go on?.. :confuse:
  • I just bought this not sure great deal or not

    MSRP : 26,450
    Paid : 23,000
    APR : 6.1% - 5 years
    Location : IL
    Additional options : Leather+heated seats

    Its a great car and smooth driving experience.
  • radtomradtom Posts: 12
    We just purchased a 2008 Altima 2.5 Radiant Silver with automatic
    Only additions were floor/trunk mats, emergency aid package, aluminum kick plate and splash guards

    MSRP $21,825
    Dealer Invoice $20,403
    Edmunds TMV $21,522

    We paid $19,507 plus tax and registration.

    Truth in posting, the price we agreed to was $19,706, and we told them we did not want the VIN etching or any extras. When we came back the next day to take delivery, they had lowered the price on the car to $19,507 and added the VIN etching. We said OK since the actual agreed on cost didn’t change. Bottom line price remained the same but they must have made more profit from the insurance than the additional $200 for the car itself. Confirms what everyone says about the profit from these extras to the dealer.

    Bottom line, we purchased the car for $896 under dealer invoice and $2,015 under Edmunds TMV. No secrets, I used the Edmunds price referral and received three bids via e-mail. I took the lowest of these bids and called the dealer where we did the test drive. They beat the best price, so we sent it back to the three other dealers. One lowered the price again, and I called our test drive dealer who gave us a price none of the others would touch.

    They also gave me $1,750 in trade for a 1997 Altima with 139,000 miles and 1.9 % financing. Hope this is helpful to everyone.
  • greanpea68greanpea68 Posts: 1,996
    Just an FYI - the SE with Premium package is the exact same car as the SL, it just Looks like you're getting something special..

    Have to correct you on that one. They are similar but there are differences. Sl has 16" tires SE has 17" tires. SL has woodtrim, SE has brushed aluminum. SE has a Sport suspension making a stiffer ride and tighter on the turns. You can only get a manual in a SE.

    If the price difference was $4000 than you must have been comparing to a base 3.5SL to fully loaded SE with a tech pkg.
  • I want a 3.5SL w/tech, but I'm confused.

    Edmonds says:
    $28,280 National Base Price
    $2,000 U01 Technology Package
    $900 Vehicle Dynamic Control & Full Size Spare
    $370 R10 Rear Spoiler
    $175 L92 Floor/Trunk Mat Set
    $625 Destination
    $32,350 Total with Options says:
    $28,280 Base MSRP
    $6,200 Technology Package
    $900 Vehicle Dynamic Control & Full Size Spare
    $175 Floor Mats and Trunk Mat with Trunk Floor Hooks
    $625 Destination and Handling
    $36,550 Total with Options

    Obviously the question is whether the technology option is $2k or $6.2k when added to a 3.5TL. You would think Nissanmotors would have it right on their website, but I'm guessing based on reading some prices on this thread that it's Edmonds who has it right? I sure hope so.

    Thanks in advance for any insight.

    Question 2: Why is it that my local dealers have like 50 3.5 SEs but only 2 or 3 3.5 SLs? I would assume it's a demand issue - in which case, why do so many 3.5 drivers prefer the SE? I know "enthusiasts" prefer tighter suspension, but do enthusiasts outnumber fans of a smooth ride on the interstate on the order of 50 to 2? Seems unlikely... Maybe the TLs are moving faster thus fewer in stock?

    Thanks again - love this forum.
  • Go with Edmunds on this one. I had the same experience with the ultra confusing options on the Nissan website. I believe the SL comes with the Premium package std, and needs only a 2k upgrade for tech package. The 6k is for the SE I believe, and includes all of the basic Premium options. I local dealer her in DFW area wants 33k (MSRP)for a 3.5 SE 6MT with technology, and another has about 40k MSRP listed......LOL> Either they added 7K of worthless adds, or they can't do math. Either way, that puts the price up there with a fully loaded G35 or Acura TL-S, cars which it can not compete with. Even 33k is getting pretty close to what I have been offered on a TL-S. I think Nissan needs to re-evaluate the Altima, at least in the looks department. Not that I am concerned with image, but should a basic 23K Altima be nearly identical to a "premium" model that costs 33k? At least give the 4 bangers 1 muffler and wimpy looking rims.
  • It's interesting that you compared it to the Acura because that's where I'm at. I have always bought cars that were 2-4 years old with low milage (going back to my first car, a '77 Ford Maverick - which will give you some insight to my age). Now I am ready to plunge into a brand new one for once. Mid-life crisis? Maybe. In any case, I find that a new car decision is much harder than a used car decision - used cars I have always bought in the past by just keeping a real sharp eye out for an exceptional deal on a low milage 2-4 year old [non-permissible content removed] car. When a hot deal would pop up, it would be a no-brainer - only challenge was to be the first person to get to the listers house with cash in hand.

    So I'm searching for a new sedan to get around town in comfort. Sometimes with wife and two boys, sometimes without. She drives a minivan so doesn't have to be a full size sedan. I work at home, thus no commute. I do drive on business road trips once a month or so, so I want a comfortable quiet highway ride. I am not an "enthusiast" and enjoy a quiet comfortable ride, but have driven Accords for the last 15 years and thus like some handling as opposed to the mushy Camrys. I want a NAV because I just do. If I get a mid-size sedan, I would get a loaded one, which brings the price up close to the entry level luxury sedans such as the Acura TL, as you noted. So it turns out I'm comparing loaded Hondas, Toyotas, Nissans, etc. with baseline the TL (w/NAV) and potentially other entry-luxury vehicles.

    What I've ruled out:
    2008 Accord - too big feeling, hate the new dash config, ugly compared to Altima.
    2008 Camry - never liked Camrys, don't like this one either. Sterile feeling, completely not fun feeling, mushy handling. And very ugly.
    2008 Mazda6 - I like this car. A lot. Unfortunately it lacks a couple of key luxury-type features I want including dual auto climate controls. Also the NAV popping up from the dash I don't like much.
    2008 Passat - haven't even looked at one - something about VW turns me off. I can't see myself driving one.

    That leaves me with the Altima, which I do like a lot. But they way they package options unfortunately puts it at a price point at which I must also include the entry-level luxury sedans as well. The only one of those I have checked out seriously is the Acura TL (don't need the s-type), which is a wonderful car obviously. The TL is really at the extremely high end of my price scale. As such, I haven't looked at similarly equipped 3-series or Infinitys, but perhaps should? My sense is that they're probably at least a couple grand higher than the similarly equipped TLs.

    Comparing MSRPs (assuming Edmonds has the Altima right):

    $28,280 National Base Price
    $2,000 U01 Technology Package
    $900 Vehicle Dynamic Control & Full Size Spare
    $370 R10 Rear Spoiler
    $175 L92 Floor/Trunk Mat Set
    $625 Destination
    $32,350 MSRP total with Options
    $29,768 Invoice
    $31,524 What others are paying (although per this thread maybe I can get one closer to invoice? My sense is that there aren't many SLs with NAV on the lots - makes it tougher to negotiate one near invoice.)

    2008 Acura TL 4dr Sedan w/Navigation (3.2L 6cyl 5A)
    $36,225 MSRP
    $715 Destination
    $36,940 MSRP with options (there are no options on this car)
    N/A Invoice (not sure why Edmonds has no invoice price for TL?)
    $36,684 What others are paying. Unfortunately this seems about right from the TL Prices Paid thread. Various factors including very few TLs made compared to Accord/Camry/Altima/etc. I tend to think the price will come down a good bit (several thousand perhaps) as the newly designed '09 TLs get closer and start arriving next year.

    So basically a $5,000 difference between a loaded Nissan Altima SL w/NAV and a loaded Acura TL w/NAV (they come loaded - no options). Decisions, decisions. $5k is a lot of money.

    Significant pros/cons:
    Altima advantages:
    I love the remote fob start/stop/lock/unlock. I'm sure the 09 TL will have it also. If I go with an 08 TL it means I'll still be using a key in 8 years.
    It's a tad bigger which suits me.
    I like the 3D NAV view better than the 2D view on the TL. Picky? Sure - but again, I'm going to have this car for at least 8 years, hopefully 10 or 12. In 8 years a 2D NAV is going to be really dated looking. So will the 3D in the ALtima probably, but at least it's cooler than the 2D map.

    TL advantages:
    MEMORY SEATS why in the flippin world are the big 3 still behind in this $10 feature?? It's one chip - shouldn't be a luxury item! Grrr.... If the Altima had memory seats I would have driven one home last night and this would all be over.
    It feels sexy as hell
    I like the blue lighting much better than orange/red
    NAV voice response appears superior to the Altima, and you can use it while you're driving. Pulling over to adjust NAV settings seems as dangerous as talking while you're driving if you ask me.

    So there's my delimma. Like anyone cares - lol. It helped me to type it at least :shades:
  • HELP!!! I'm a single female negotiating my first car deal and don't want to feel like I've been taken - Edmunds listed invoice on the '08 Altima 2.5S at $19,298 + $625 destination = $19,923 - I've received a drive-out price of $21,000 - I live in the Texas - sales tax is 6.25% - is this a good deal or not ???
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,642
    Well, if $19,923 is indeed the invoice price, and $21k is the total out-the-door price, then it looks like you are getting the car for at least $1k below invoice (tough to know exactly since i don't know the motor vehicle fees in your area). So, yeah, it seems like an incredible price.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • I am in a similar position as you, I have never bought a new car and I'm ready for my mid-life crisis. I need an enthusiast car though, and that is where I am having a problem. The 07 Accord EX-L w/nav 6MT was a natural winner, but alas....trying to find one was like trying to find a congressman that is not owned by a corporation of some kind.
    The ones I could find were miles away and despite the constant excuse I got of how they don't sell so we don't get them anymore, they wanted premium prices when the auto trans cars were going at $1500-2000 under invoice. This was the same excuse with Acura dealers; and interestingly they always had the TL with manual in the colors nobody wants, then they complain about not selling?


    2008 Accord V-6, ($31-32K) no the list for good.

    2008 Altima SE 3.5 6MT ($33K) great car, great power, lower weight but pricey for a mid-level car. Hard to find with Nav and manual trans.

    2008 Subaru Legacy GT B spec. ($35K) Awesome performance, excellent quality but lean on luxury for a premium price.

    2008 Acura TL-S; Awesome car, has everything STD. Limitations of FWD balanced by everyday/all weather capability and better fuel economy than contenders. I have been offered the car (MSRP $38-39K) for $36,300. The regular TL W/nav is going for $32-33K at the right place!

    2008 G35 Sport 6MT. ($38-39K with Tech pack). Amazing car, amazing performance. Hate the option packages, cost is a tad higher than the Acura but manual availability is easier. RWD performance is great for the purist but less useful in bad weather, WTF is the deal with 6th gear? The thing turns over 3000 RPM at cruising speed when the Acura does 2750, is that why the mileage is 3+ MPG worse than the TL?

    2006 CTS-V ($35K~)Oh yeah. 400 HP manual trans luxury, a true Q ship. Of course it would not be new at under 40K, but it would be fun as heck. Mileage not so good, tires wear out fast. Interesting the car looks to run 2000 RPM or so at cruising speed, nice and relaxed.

    2008 R32. ($35K) SMG trans is not as much fun as a manual, but at least it isn't a "manumatic" auto trans. Awesome performance + AWD, well built and lots of options, but still small (fiancé thinks it's Ugly) and 35K is a lot for a little VW. Although, the previous generation R32's are holding value at close to $30k....amazing.

    2008 Mazdaspeed 3. $(25K)? Neat little car, really fast. Good option list but mileage seems to be poor and it's geared for the younger "boy-racer" crowd whom care more about large tailpipes and wings then they do performance.

    Well, that is my list

    As far as your list, I would say go for the TL. You might even be able to find a 2007 w/nav for under 30K new. It's the best combo of attributes and the most practical car. I talked my friend into getting one for his "mid-life" last year and he loves the heck out of it, he just goes places so he can drive the car. The Acura Service is pretty damn sharp too. In the first week he scratched the window tint hauling a rug, they re-tinted it for free.

    The Altima is a good, solid second place, but only if cost is an issue. Check out the Acura prices forum, and then get some quotes. I have found the Altima to get to about 1k over invoice, while some of the Acuras get below. You can't go wrong with either. One other thing; at $30k the TL looks like a luxury car, at $30K the Altima looks just like the $20k 2.5 with no options. Not that image matters to me, just a thought. ;)
  • I would prefer a manual also but I want my wife to be able to drive it and she won't if it's manual.

    Did you check out the mazda6? If you liked the madzdaspeed3, I'm surprised you didn't check out the 6. Lean on luxury but lean on price too (unlike the subaru).

    I should probably consider a used CTS as well although my wife hates the squared off exterior and the caddy stigma.

    So clearly it's not much of a mid-life crisis if I'm letting my wife have so much input huh. I should pull a Kevin Spacey and just get whatever the f I want. I rule. :shades:
  • Where in Texas did you get that offer?
  • Teach her to drive a manual, how hard can it be???? My fiance prefers a manual.

    I checked out the Mazdaspeed 6, overall lack of refinement. Turbo 4 was powerful but that's too small of an engine to push a car that size. Mileage was poor. Nice looking but it should have been built with a high horsepower V-6. In my driving I notice that even when accelerating hard I rarely go much over 4000 rpm, so I need an engine with torque, and I don't like waiting for turbos. The more torque I have, the :confuse: less I seem to romp on the engine. If I can get ahead of traffic and get to the speed I like to drive, I seem to be happier. I would rather walk on a large engine with torque and barely work it than have to rev the snot out of a smaller engine to do the same thing. It's part of getting old I think. I used to have a Hi-output quad 4, and I constantly revved it to high RPM and hit the redline daily. Currently I have a 98 maxima and I can race away from traffic with part throttle and stay under 4500 rpm. It's just more relaxing overall to be able to do that. Does that make sense?

  • Makes complete sense.

    Wife drives a manual just fine she just doesn't like to.

    I have decided to hold out until summer when the '09 TLs start making some noise and hope that the 08's get discounted a bit more than the 07's did this year.

    Sure wish the altima had memory seats or it would be all over. :cry:
  • Can I have the name of the dealership in CT? I'm looking to buy a similar 2008 or 2007 altima 2.5. Thanks!
  • radtomradtom Posts: 12
    Middletown Nissan in Middletown, CT. Good luck with your purchase!
  • The MSRP was 32,895. Got the car for 29,595 which is 500 UNDER invoice and 3 free services. Got a decent deal on a 2000 maxima se (got 7K for the trade in), and got the financing offer of 2.9% for 48 months. Got a black on black - and def do your pricing online it is so much easier. Just bought the car 2 hrs ago. Its actually my sisters but i did the research. We looked at the tl - its price was 33,900 - which is a 4 k difference. The tl is nicer inside but not by much(has less tech though - no keyless start - and the nav on the altima is supposed to be better graphically), the non-luxury Japanese are catching up with their luxury counterparts. I think that is why the new toyota camrys's interior is a peice of [non-permissible content removed] b/c if they got to close to lexus then the es350 wouldn't sell.

    P.S. Im located in Phiadelphia
  • I am looking at buying a 2008 Altima 2.5 SL.

    Here is what I would like to get it for. Hopefully you can tell if this is feasible.


    The price I'm thinking I will have to pay is $23,923 (not including tax & title)

    I arrive at this figure by:
    $19,923 Invoice for 2.5 S (base model)
    plus $3,501 Invoice for SL package
    minus $386 Dealer Holdback
    plus $186 for fabric protectant (salesman told me this is not negoitable)
    plus $299 for paint sealant (again, salesman told me this is not negoitable)
    plus $400 for the dealer to make some money.

    My first offer would be $23,523 (which doesn't include that $400. That $400 is what I let them talk me up to.)

    Now, is the fabric protectant and paint sealant REALLY mandatory? Should I not let them talk me up that $400? How would you negotiate this deal?

    Thanks a bunch!
  • Now, is the fabric protectant and paint sealant REALLY mandatory?

    That's just the way they want to make more money.

    Usually you cannot ask the dealer to give up holdback unless they really need to sell one more car to meet quota or may be they just want to get rid of that car.

    If you can get the car at invoice or a little bit over (a couple hundreds) + tax and tag, that's a good deal already.
  • I bought a 2007 altima 2.5SL back in march for $23k. I think that was a great deal.
  • radtomradtom Posts: 12
    Fabric protector and paint sealer is a way for the dealer to make additional money. These are like VIN etching, a way for the dealer to make more $$ while not adding a lot of value to your car. Try another Nissan dealer and I bet you'll find one who will sell you this car without the extra padding of the profit.
  • Thanks ya'll. I'm going to try and work a deal in about an hour. I'll post when I get back with the outcome.

    Hopefully I'll have me a new car, considering that I totalled my 2002 Eddie Bauer Expedition last week. Running off the road into a lake is NOT good for a vehicle! LOL
  • I hope someone reads this before I leave for the dealership and can offer insight . . .

    First, yep, I'm a chick. Hope that doesn't work against me.

    OK, I just crunched some numbers, and this is my plan of attack at the dealership:

    2008 Altima 2.5 S with SL and Connection Packages

    I'm going to offer $23,900.
    I'm willing to pay $24,590.

    Think it's doable somewhere in that range of numbers?

  • pop88pop88 Posts: 13
    I've been looking at many altimas over the past year and i definitely love em! One thing that I'm very good at doing is getting the most vehicle for my money, and I know this makes the dealers that I've encountered think I'm crazy. But anyway, If I can find an 07 Altima 3.5 SE thats black with the CVT and Sport Package, i'll take that. But I have found an 08 that fits the criteria, it don't even have the dealer add ons that they try to put on it, the price is around $26780 but $22,000 is going to be the purchase price, which i know for a fact is very reasonable. The sites that give you good target prices are very helpful and once you start from there, you can go lower, 2-4 thousand even! It might take you awhile or so but trust me IT WORKS! We had brought a brand new durango in 2005 and the MSRP was $33,955 and our OTD price was $27,000 even, tags included. I just wanted to take the time out to write this to give you guys some good insight. Thanks and enjoy the Altimas! I will most definitely will when I get mines.
  • if you can please let me know which dealer and did you get the car OTD for $21000
    anty options with car thank you for all your infos.
  • But I have found an 08 that fits the criteria, it don't even have the dealer add ons that they try to put on it, the price is around $26780 but $22,000 is going to be the purchase price, which i know for a fact is very reasonable.

    Good luck and let us know when/where we can get the '08 Altima w/ 5K off.
  • greanpea68greanpea68 Posts: 1,996
    But I have found an 08 that fits the criteria, it don't even have the dealer add ons that they try to put on it, the price is around $26780 but $22,000 is going to be the purchase price,


    Are you sure you are looking at a 3.5 liter and not a 2.5... :confuse:

    The sport pkg gives you the sunroof and a spoiler...

    I am sorry to disagree with you but I do not see any one loosing that much money on a popular vehicle unless it is used.

    There is definatley not $4700 in mark up... :surprise: Try $2500... Anyway good luck to you :blush:

  • greanpea68greanpea68 Posts: 1,996
    let us know when/where we can get the '08 Altima w/ 5K off.

    Sorry but it doesn't exist :cry:
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